Adam Lambert Denies Collecting 'Twilight' DVD

June 24, 2009 06:25:35 GMT

Contrary to earlier reports, Adam Lambert denies he is mad about "Twilight", collecting multiple copies of its DVD, and reciting lines from the film.

Adam Lambert
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Reports of him becoming a huge fan of "Twilight" that then leads him to collect multiple copies of its DVD have been surfacing for weeks, but Adam Lambert has just poured cold water on the story. In a short message on his Twitter account, he wrote, "more rumor mill control: i dont own even one dvd copy of twilight. i dont recite lines from the film. i liked the book better."

Earlier this month, Star Magazine ran a story claiming the runner-up of "American Idol" season 8 was the die-hard fan of the hit vampire drama movie. The publication cited Adam's friend as confirming, he "owns multiple copies of the Twilight DVD. He keeps one at home, one with his laptop, and one at his parents' house." The unnamed source also claimed, "Adam and his boyfriend Drake LaBry, were overheard reciting lines from the film to each other while vacationing at the Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara."

Adam himself has previously made public his love for "Twilight" during his time on "American Idol." Greater than that, he was snapped licking "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke's neck as if he was a vampire when meeting her at Hollywood Life's 11th Annual Young Hollywood Awards which was held at The Eli and Edythe Broad Stage in Santa Monica recently.


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posted by lame ass posters on Jun 27, 2009
duh, if you look at all the other AI contestants they are all following each other. also, most of the posers have been banned. <eyeroll> the yahoo interview predates the real glambert twitter startup. further, another contestant announced the twitter initially. the sarver guy.
posted by media bias on Jun 27, 2009
WTF is up with these idiot blogs? and wgf is "ace show biz". As if anybody gives a rat's ass about Adam Lambert's dvds. You people are so envious and petty. Adam Lambert has The Gift and you creeps can't take it away no matter how much stupid bs you try and write about him.
posted by antpant on Jun 26, 2009
my twitter was broke into. it happens. twilight could do good placeing the hottest man in the world in a isn't like he he isn't talented.he reaks SEX isn't that what vampires do.
posted by cameron on Jun 26, 2009
I hope you are in good hands. it sounds like it. sock it to us adam. be like black eyed pea and push the norm and still be able to boogie to it.add a woman to a video/ sink women into a swooze spin and watch how much music we buy sugar. take care with the real gay stuff only because that is under ground still and kids want to see u as well.U do not want to be a perez hilton or clay A. Make the people wonder and hope and gay men will know. fact is we have kids that love u.I would like to play your music and video in my music class.think it through.
posted by pammi ross on Jun 26, 2009
The right movie will come to you baby and we will be in line to see it.the music is so hot and the video to your music singles shouled be short movies. so so hot. your a sex pistol and we want to die by the GUN.Stay classy guy it's you edge.
posted by AdoringAdam on Jun 25, 2009
The poor guy can't make a move without someone starting some insane gossip about him. Leave him alone so he can make his album.
posted by kently on Jun 24, 2009
he is hot, just saw his profile on site of "interracialsingleonline Com"
posted by ** on Jun 24, 2009
THAT IS HIS twitter account. There was a press release statement that is is his account. Has been proven by him as well to be his. The other accounts are posers.
posted by lindajean139 on Jun 24, 2009
TheRealGlambert is Adam's twitter account. He confirmed it in an interview with Comacast. Google the interview yourself. Star magazine and The Enquirer constantly make up stories. I never read those magazines myself they seem like a waste of perfectly good paper. I say I love icecream but that doesn't mean that if you open up my freezer you'll find 20 cartons of it or that I talk about it with my friends all the time. It is amazing how when someone in passing says I love Twilight - which is just an expression - a writer will make up a whole story around it. That writer loses all credibilty because come on now as if Adam and Drake sit there and rehearse lines. That was the silliest statement I have ever heard.
posted by Mayangel on Jun 24, 2009
Means, Adam, you've to be more careful with what you do, what you say. Cruel? But that's this the entertainment world
posted by Amanda on Jun 24, 2009
that is Adam's real Twitter. That story about Twilight was so random, kinda funny that he wanted to clear that one up. How did they even think about writing that? Just proof that magazines make up any kind of story!
posted by CC7 on Jun 24, 2009
his manager/publicist has confirmed this is Adam and not another fake.
posted by Shirley on Jun 24, 2009
Adam has verifed that he is @therealglambert.
posted by Tagrid on Jun 24, 2009
Fine. But there's still some question whether TheRealGlambert is actually the real Adam's twitter account, which means that tweet can't be verified. Whatever. It's all good.
posted by adamsmadam on Jun 24, 2009
Adam said in an interview that he IS "therealglambert" on twitter. I saw him say it with my own eyes lol
posted by Babs on Jun 24, 2009
Check out the Yahoo interview. Adam says that he is not twittering and that there are numerous posers. he looks into the camera and makes the statement. Check out the Yahoo interview. Jeez...this is almost as bad as Elvis sightings...

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