Sneak Peek of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Season 2

June 24, 2009 04:05:50 GMT

Meet the new fifth member of the show who is a friend of Lisa Wu Hartwell and a successful singer/songwriter.

Sneak Peek of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Season 2
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"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" will be back for a second round with a brand new addition. Replacing DeShawn Snow who was not invited back by the producers because she is "too human for a circus show", is former Xscape member Kandi Burruss.

The fresh blood is a single mom who is engaged to A.J. Jewell. She is in the middle of preparing her wedding and on the verge of launching a solo career by releasing an album. As a singer and songwriter, she has worked with Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey and more. This fact will be one of the highlighted issues in the show, whether or not the other wives will be jealous with her thriving career.

Aspiring country singer Kim Zolciak, entrepreneur Lisa Wu Hartwell, the outspoken NeNe Leakes and budding fashion designer Sheree Whitfield remain intact as the second season line-up. The camera will follow them as Sheree launches her fashion line Whitfield's She, Kim recuperates from her split to "Big Poppa" and NeNe releases a self-help book for women.

All new episodes will start July 30 at 10/9c on Bravo TV.


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posted by trini07060 on Oct 03, 2009
Some of these ladies are not really ghetto; they are just plain country. There are so many real "housewives,well educated and self made women in ATL so it is a shame that this is all that is shown. This show is all about entertainment and, let's face it, they are all making money! Don't get it twisted.
posted by Wisconsin Housewife on Aug 20, 2009
My life is just as extravagant as the ATL housewives and sometimes you have to outspoken or otherwise you can be walked on like the sidewalk. Sheree needs to get a life and stop taking her finacial problems and frustration out on everybody.....The money will post sooner or later boo. Keep your head up ladies.
posted by Illini Lady on Aug 20, 2009
ATL Love them and big props for saying true things and GHETTO is nowhere in the equation.
posted by CMW on Jul 12, 2009
Ghetto has nothing to do with speaking your mind. These women are supposed to show class. There are so many young african american girls watching. I think they should be setting an example. The only classy women on there were Deshawn and Lisa. There other women were acting like school girls.
posted by E on Jul 06, 2009
Out of all the black women in Atlanta, why did they chose only those who are married to basketball players, football players, etc... There are sooo many black women in ATL that have worked hard and established themselves being successful on their own and not only by thier husbands money...Why didn't they chose any of those women, prob because they wanted people with drama...This shows the young black people that the only way you can establish yourself is to be with some type of ball player..NeNe is the only one who is not and look how she acts...
posted by doublestandard on Jul 03, 2009
People let's not forget that these women are living in GEORGIA. I have lived here all my life and in defense of Ne-Ne, I don't think she is ghetto at all, and for her to have to downplay her personality to satisfy people who may not be use to hearing people talk like her is just wrong. Its not her southern charm that keeps people watching, its her southern attitude.
posted by doublestandard on Jul 03, 2009
Congrats to the success of the real housewives of atl show. I love watching but I am having trouble understanding why so many people are calling the women ghetto for trying to keep it real. It makes me wonder if anyone will ever be satisfied with the behavior of African American women. If each one of the women had got on the show acting like snobs and felt like everyone was beneath them, then we all would be calling them "stuck up witches" instead. I will admit that some of there personalities are a bit questionable but I feel like there will always be someone there to bring you down. I have watched all the real housewives and I think that all of the women act the same but it seems to be so much easier to talk down to the African American women of atlanta.
posted by missmemphis on Jul 02, 2009
i just want to say how do atl housewives act ghetto they are no diffrent from the other housewives oh i forgot there black so them speaking there minds are ghetto so sorry you feel that way you are who you are my suggestion to you is if you are not used to real people then go watch something in la la land because i see poeple like them everyday some who have alot of money and others who dont
posted by presley on Jul 02, 2009
who is a.j. jewell that Kandi is marrying?
posted by keke on Jun 28, 2009
were is lisa is she in the picture if so she look she comming back. holla if she is
posted by VA2NY on Jun 26, 2009
NMG, I agree with you, however the housewives of NJ is crazy. Alot of drama and issues @ least ATL had more fun. As far as Orange County and New York there was no comparisson.
posted by NMG on Jun 26, 2009
HOTATL, I don't think they have ghetto attitudes. Why us Afican Americans have to call each other "ghetto" when we try and keep it real or have a little fun. It saddens me to see comments from people like you. And furthermore what did you think the other housewives act like????Hmmmm guess they can not be called "GHETTO" because they are not African American. We can keep it going if you like, I have alot of comparrison. Good luck on the next season Housewives of the ATL...
posted by Dimples on Jun 24, 2009
I am excited about the second season of Atlanta Housewives. NeNe girl, keep it real, Lisa, I love your career mind. On the other hand Kim and Sheree very two faced. Those are the ones that are messy. Sheree talks about NeNe, and she really didn't find them two important enough to keep the drama going. Kim is definitely NOT TO BE TRUSTED. But, I must say you don't have anything on my New Jersey girls. They are off the chain. I love New York housewives also, but I am also prejudice cause I am a Cali girl, so I must say O.C. housewives are one of my favorite, but they need to pick up their step too if I might add.
posted by Poohbearlover on Jun 24, 2009
I am so excited for this season. I hope Nene and Kim become friends because thwy were perfect BFFs. I will miss Deshawn , but the show must go on.
posted by Rachel on Jun 24, 2009
I hope they have step it up because "Housewives of New Jersey" will be hard to compare.
posted by aregina on Jun 24, 2009
Um HOTATL, how were the Atlanta cast ghetto & the table flipping NJ cast now. Lisa was right about double standards & I'm saddened when that double standard is done by African Americans.
posted by HOTATL on Jun 24, 2009
Atlanta Divas, I hope you have step up your game. And you have dropped the ghetto fabulous attitudes. The housewives of Orange County, New York, and New Jersery aired a better show. As an African American,it sadden me to see southern beautiful ladies acting ghetto. I am looking forward to a better show this season.
posted by JRS on Jun 24, 2009
I cant wait to see the second season of Atlanta housewives. They must bring their "A game" because New Jersey housewives was hot.without Danielle they don't have a show. They need her like you need NeNe.

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