'Jon and Kate Plus 8' Production Halted Mid Family Turmoil

'Jon and Kate Plus 8' Production Halted Mid Family Turmoil

The show will go on but TLC refuses to cash in on the family's marital problem and gives them time to 'regroup'.

Like the marriage, "Jon & Kate Plus 8" is taking a break. Immediately after Jon and Kate Gosselin announced their separation on the June 22 episode, TLC released a statement that it will halt the production of the reality series and that the decision came from the network, not the couple.

"TLC continues to support the Gosselin family and will work closely with them to determine the best way to continue to tell their story as they navigate through this difficult time," the channel said in a statement. The measures are taken in order to give the family "time off to regroup" during the hiatus. Then "a modified schedule will be in place to support the family's transition."

The "Big Announcement" episode on Monday drew a record of 10.6 million viewers. Next week's episode will be a montage of clips on the couple's first 10 years of marriage. An all-new episode will be aired starting August 3 and viewers may expect some changes. The children will be staying in the family's $1.1 million house with the parents taking turns to stay with them.

Prior to the divorce announcement, TLC has ordered 40 episodes for the fifth season and so far only 6 have aired.

On a related news, The Associated Press has acquired the divorce paper filed by Kate who states that her marriage is "irretrievably broken." On Tuesday, June 23 the couple has started negotiating the terms of divorce and Kate is willing to "negotiate a fair and reasonable" settlement with Jon.

In his own statement, Jon reacted to the divorce petition. He stated, "To be honest, I was hurt by Kate's statement about the divorce. I have always done everything I can to protect our family. This weekend, I was home with the kids for four days, just being a dad. No nannies, just the kids and me."

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    Aug 11, 2009

    Well I beleive that the media has definately made it hard for them to live _ BUT they jumped in the pool so now they have to swim. As for him being a wimp and Kate being vile WELL maybe if he put on his BIGBOY pants and stood up maybe the outcome would be different. SO THIS IS REALLY SAD AND IT SEEMS THAT JON IS BEING CAUGHT ALL AROUND WITH DIFFERENT GIRL.

    Jul 31, 2009

    I think seperation is always harder for a woman than a man. Kate I am so sorry for you! Keep up your head!!! Love Jessy

    Jul 17, 2009

    In Australia Jon & Kate Plus Eight is running 11 months behind. We have just viewed the wedding vow renewal in August, 08. How very sad that this family has broken up. Everyone appeared to be so happy just last August. I hope the children's welfare is always of the utmost importance to the parents

    Jul 17, 2009

    I am sad that Jon and Kate is over. As much as they were both wrong on each ends there were times which were great! That is what I keep to heart! Best of luck!

    Jul 07, 2009

    We will never really know the truth regarding the split,however,Kate's 'poor me'attitude is disgusting to see. Although Jon did seem very wimpy at times, I truly believe he acted this a lot of the time just to shut Kate up.She mocked him, belittled him and treated him abominably most of the time. A vile person.......

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