Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin Said Developing Chemistry Off Screen

June 22, 2009 03:59:28 GMT

A source says, the "Remember Me" on-screen lovers have been seen getting cozy in Manhattan, where they've been filming the movie for a week.

Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin Said Developing Chemistry Off Screen
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Playing lovers in the upcoming drama romance movie "Remember Me," Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin are reported embarking on a love relationship off screen. They, according to unnamed source, have been spotted getting cozy at the super exclusive Soho House in Manhattan, after a week of filming in Queens, NY.

"More than once, they left the others and retired to a private 'smoking room'," the source tells Radar Online. "There's real chemistry between the two - in front of the camera and off."

Rumored dating his co-stars isn't something new for Robert Pattinson. He's been believed dating his "Twilight" on-screen girlfriend Kristen Stewart. Some other female actresses who have been romantically linked to him include Natalie Portman, Camilla Belle, and Megan Fox.

As for Emilie de Ravin, she had her representative announcing earlier this month that she and actor husband Josh Janowicz are divorcing. The pair had been married since June 2006.

Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin's "Remember Me" will arrive in U.S. theaters on February 12, 2010.


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posted by kristin on May 18, 2010
hmm let see who would he pick. a 19 year old? or a i think a 24 25 year old. hmmmm. maybe emilie cuz she is is closer to his age. or maybe he wont pick them at all.
posted by beebea on Mar 12, 2010
no dont go for him that is kristans man NOT YOURS GET IT STRAIGHT Kristan +robert= love forever emilie+ robert=no love
posted by e.p. on Feb 01, 2010
I wish it were me but... :) Go for it Emilie! Robert Pattinson is so talented and incrediably attractive.
posted by Jamie. on Sep 17, 2009
If I hear one more thing involving Twilight I'm going to puke. I liked Rob before Twilight and now that stupid series is making me sick of him. I hope he can make himself a career outside of that. And by the way, I love Emilie. She's a sweetheart. xD
posted by chloe on Aug 11, 2009
agree with 'face reality peeplz' XD like you i also watched some interviews with rob and kristen nd i must say i cnt really c them together in real life but thats just imo both rob and kristen have their own lives so whether they choose to spend it together or with whoever, its their choice and the media/papz shld really lay off esp with the rumours that have no proof behind it
posted by A Twilighter on Jul 05, 2009
i dont know if its true but rob falls for women all the time. we all knew it was going to happen someday. i still hope he marries kristen, though. :)
posted by stormy on Jul 01, 2009
OMG!!!! To hear the media tell it, Rob is one of the biggest whores in the movie industry right now. Every time I turn around, he's "DEVELOPING CHEMISTRY"
posted by twilight rocks! on Jun 30, 2009
i agree with Lisa!
posted by miosac24 on Jun 29, 2009
What's what now?? Is it Rob & Kristen OR Rob- Emilie?? Anyway i think everything are just GOSSIP. Leave all of them alone ok. It's their private life anyway.
posted by belinda on Jun 28, 2009
i agree robs 23 kristens 19 she dont know what she wants i think it would be foolish braking up with her bf for 5 years her and rob are just friends shoot i have guy friends doesnt mean im goin out with them leave rob alone if he says hes single leave at that quit tryin to color coat life and style i feel sorry for rob
posted by PEACHES on Jun 28, 2009
posted by daina on Jun 27, 2009
I don't think De Ravin is that great looking. She looks like a horse! Kristin is much prettier and doesn't have to try as hard as that De Ravin, who looks like a conniving Biotch :P
posted by Lily on Jun 27, 2009
hasn't anyone noticed yet that, outside of onscreen pictures of Rob and Emilie, there is absolutely NO other pictures of them together??! C'mon, he literally has paparazzi chasing him around 24/7 in addition to the his crazy adoring fans with cameras and camera phones up the wazoo, wouldn't they have captured just one pic of the two of them together, if they were together? Nope not a single pic. So, I don't believe there is anything going on between Rob and Emilie at all! And Rob would be a dumbass if he tries to hook up with a newly divorced woman...he would just be some rebound guy. And if he is with Kristen, that would be so over in the moment again, Rob and Emilie - doubtful!
posted by margaret on Jun 27, 2009
we read all your blogs, and we think that rob needs to keep looking..not kristen, not emilie he has a lot to offer and he needs to find a nice tall beauty with whom he would like to have kids!
posted by face reality peeplz on Jun 26, 2009
whats with everyone sayin that kristen and rob r meant 4 each other? i dont think kristen likes rob that way! remember at MTV awards when they did the nearly kiss? well i watched an interview and kristen said it was all her idea because she didnt want to kiss rob. if she liked him, im sure she would have no problem kissing him! everyone needs to face reality... robsten is not real! soz to burst ur bubble:)
posted by lethe on Jun 26, 2009
Hey, "snack", ha ha love your screen name.
posted by Lethe on Jun 26, 2009
So Rob and Emilie "retired to a private smoking room?" YIKES! What could they have been doing in there? Could they have been.....SMOKING? Quick, call a press conference. Oh, I guess you already did.
posted by snack on Jun 25, 2009
OME! Let the poor boy be. The only one who knows is Robert! If he wants us to know he will. Let him do his job and leave him alone!!!
posted by Mimi on Jun 25, 2009
omg stop with all the BS summit. we all no this is fake and if u keep it up i will never watch another twilight film in my life. but im still watchin remember me b/c this is his career on the line. and i think hes a good actor but stop with all the rumors already.
posted by Lisa on Jun 25, 2009
Rob and Emile don't have chemistry at all. Plus it's obvious that there is something going on between rob and kristen because you simply can't fake so much chemistry. ROBSTEN=TRUE LOVE.
posted by \"aa\" baby on Jun 24, 2009
Robert isn't into Emile he is so into kristen his always taking to her there is no chemistry between rob and emile he belongs with kristen and everybody knows it
posted by evie on Jun 23, 2009
No kidding! Body language says it all. Emilie looks like she's imposing on Rob's personal space. And he barely touches her in the kissing scene that's been published. I say 'No Way'.
posted by barbie on Jun 23, 2009
I agree... he just met this woman on a film shoot where you are pretending to be lovers. Leave Rob alone. At this rate, he will never date anyone with all this monitoring of his every move. I am surprised no one has followed him into the washroom!
posted by alejandra on Jun 23, 2009
well i don´t believe nothing because all is lair, they aren´t togheter
posted by robstenadvocates on Jun 23, 2009
in the kissing scene, emilie looks like she is trying too hard to spark it up with Rob.
posted by js on Jun 23, 2009
Omg bla bla bla bla, same bullshit different day!! Rob is frickin hot!! Let him b!!
posted by ObsessiveCullenDisor on Jun 22, 2009
haha... No one, and I do mean no one is falling for this bull. The chemistry doesn't seem to be there, and during the kissing scene - Rob seemed awkward. I have heard no other rumors of him out with anyone... and the papz are all over him where ever he may go, so please, get some truths to talk about because this crap you're trying to feed us is boring.
posted by His & Her on Jun 22, 2009
Yeahh..that's right. Look at his hands went he's holding and grabing KS waist in New Moon. so tight.
posted by WR on Jun 22, 2009
BTW, Robert's a nice guy and will talk to people. If they are mutual smokers, what makes you think they wouldn't talk while smoking. Wouldn't it be rude? Oh, one more thing, did you see the picture of them sitting together. He was just sitting there looking. Not even smiling. You have too many picture of him just doing his job, then they said cut and he's just sitting or standing there listening. Not talking to her. So quit the dumb stuff. He's calling and texting Kristen. He's not into this chick. The pictures show it. They are just doing their jobs and that's it. It's nothing like when he and Kristen are together. That much is clear.
posted by WR on Jun 22, 2009
Oh stop it. That's BS. She's not even his type. He's always been into Kristen. Even in the pictures of her attacking him with a kiss, he wasn't even holding her. Look at his hand. So stop it with the false unidentified sources. They're lying.
posted by fb on Jun 22, 2009
ya..i think this is total BS,it's just acting between actor and actress, i did'nt see something special between rob and her, nothing special.
posted by lol on Jun 22, 2009
LOL you guys are really streching. When have you seen them photographed hanging out/looking romantic off camera? You guys should be ashamed of yourself. You loose mouth gossip mongrels. Picking up tips from Life and Syle aka Lies and Trash? Thought so. He's with Kristen and EVERYONE knows it. Cut your bullshit.
posted by carolyn on Jun 22, 2009
I know Rob and Emilie will do a great job - I am personally hoping for he & Kristen - they're just right for each other.
posted by Adrianna on Jun 22, 2009
This is totally bullshit. That's pretty obvious, RPattz into KStew. Their chemistry getting great since the romour hook up heating up. Look at NW shooting in italy(kissing scene). When the director said cut, they was still kissing!!! Drown too much into the scene,eh ? or there was something going on ? Only they knew the answer . LOL
posted by Brenda on Jun 22, 2009
Comparing the chemistry between Rob & Kris to Rob & Emilie is like comparing an atom bomb explosion to the spark from a slightly wet match.
posted by Ang on Jun 22, 2009
I don't think they have anything going. They are just friends. Why is it so hard to believe they can't be just that. Rob is a loveable guy and gets along well with others(he is a 'people' person). I have seen the videos and the relationship they have is a working one. I have no doubt that Emilie maybe making a play for him, but he is not showing any interest. I have seen more chemistry between Robsten than him and Emilie. Besides, who cares if there is. The poor guy has a right to a social life that is not always being scrutinized all of the time, and who he dates is his business. I will be waiting impatiently to see this movie. Good luck Rob.
posted by HappySue on Jun 22, 2009
What a load of crap!!! You Pap. that are making up that stuff to sell something is just plain stupid. We can tell by looking at Robsten and the Remember Me kiss that RM is low on the totum pole. Lousy. He hardly touches her. Emilie is having to work to hard. Rob is crazy about Kristen not Emilie!!
posted by Fishhy on Jun 22, 2009
There is no chemistry there. I mean fans should decide that. And there is definetely NONE. The whole kissing scene they were shooting looked as awkward as it can get. That is BS. Seriously, tell me something i dont know...
posted by Mary Blo on Jun 22, 2009
OMG!! People like to talk, so let's this gossip mag talking.Rob is crazy for Kristen, everybody can see that. Kristen can't deny when she look for him. So...sorry Emily go back to your husband!!! Go Robsten !!
posted by fedup on Jun 22, 2009
Summit all this crap is going to back fire and bite you. We aren't stupid and we can see right through this line of crap. All you are doing is ruining your chances of a good box office profit. We don't care about Rob and Emile on stage or off. I can guarantee you this movie will flop. The so called twihards as we are often referred to can get our fill of Rob in the twilight series. We can pass on remember me. So if I were you I would think twice about lying to try and cause trouble between Rob and Kristen and to try and make chemistry between Rob and Emile when there is no chemistry. She looks like his older sister, or his aunt. She was totally miscast for this part. I guess next week you will leak that Rob is having an affair with the cab driver who hit him. After all they did make contact. According to you Rob has an affair with anyone he comes near. It usually happens within a couple of minutes. Wow he must be one tired stud.
posted by rebeca_510 on Jun 22, 2009
im really hoping for Rob and Kristen.
posted by ange on Jun 22, 2009
LOL. By spreading fake off-screen hook-up rumors of them will not turn their awkward non-existence on-screen chemistry on. Summit, get a life!! Better yet, shut the eff up!
posted by NO B.S. Please on Jun 22, 2009
What the heck! Who is de Ravin anyway? I mean are the paps and/or studio execs gunna make a mountain everytime Robert talks to anybody for more than 5mins.
posted by WHATEVER!! on Jun 22, 2009
OMG!!Don't you people ever get tired of spreading this crap?Summit is like STD's,they just keep infesting what ever they can,whenever they can.When RK wipe their hands with Summit so does alot of their fans.I personally CAN NOT wait for RK to say SHOVE IT!!
posted by ash on Jun 22, 2009
WTF!!! Dont u guyz get tired of spreadin these rumours...i mean they r co-stars...they can hang out 2gether but dat doesnt mean dat they r EMBARKING ON A LOVE RELATIONSHIP...n Rob has been waiting 4 Kristen 4 a long tym n has been texting 4m NYC...i dont think he'll leave Kristen 4 dis chick...i dont c da chemistry in them...shez 2 old 4 him...
posted by anallbr on Jun 22, 2009
I agree with pixie.... it is ridiculous to constantly pair him with his co-stars. Besides, this whole thing b/w Rob and Kristen... I wouldn't be surprised if they were sleeping together but seriously... I get really sick and tired of people not accepting the fact that a guy and girl cannot be "just friends" I have plenty of guy friends and hang out with them quite frequently but there is NO ROMANCE. If he is sleeping with her.. fine but if not, leave the poor guy alone. BTW, there has still be NO evidence of Kristen and Rob being romantically involved. Okay so the bungalow I get but isn't it strange how all these apparent kisses and shit have NEVER EVER been caught by the paps or even these supposed sources!!!! DON'T BE NIEVE PEOPLE!
posted by bebe on Jun 22, 2009
just get over it suckmit. this is total BS.and if you ever crash kristen name again like this, i will never watcg remember me, not even my entire family clan. suckmit.
posted by pixie on Jun 22, 2009
OMG!!! why do you people always scrutinize.. every little thing the poor oak does.. please people, he cannot have a relationship with every co-star he has.. soon we will be hearing he has got an affair with the actor playing alongside him en little ashes.. get a life and leave him alone!!! and no i don't think he is that into kristen.. she is 19 years old still a freakin child.. she can't even go out to puds.. under age!! hahahaha.. poor kiddie!!

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