Honesty Keeps Camilla Belle and Joe Jonas' Romance On

June 19, 2009 08:51:39 GMT

Sharing the key to make her love relationship with singer boyfriend Joe Jonas working, Camilla Belle mentions one secret, that is honesty.

Camilla Belle
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Asked by In Touch Weekly to spill the bean on the thing that makes her relationship with current boyfriend Joe Jonas works, Camilla Belle says the secret to keep their romance hot and heavy is honesty. "I think in any relationship, honesty is key. Honesty is the number 1," said the actress while attending the Whitney Art Party in New York on Wednesday, June 17.

On the same occasion, Camilla also played down persistent rumors of her having an affair with Robert Pattinson. "We've been friends for a long time," she insisted. Addressing on the fact that she was seen hanging out with the actor in the Big Apple's Bowery Hotel prior to the fashion affair, she said their relationship is "platonic."

On screen, Camilla Belle can next be seen starring in drama movie "After the Wedding." The film, which teams her up with Tom Wilkinson, hasn't had a release date just yet. Most recently, Camilla was seen starring in "Push".


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posted by jonas lover on Sep 09, 2010
posted by ronald on Jun 10, 2010
camilla belle is such a trash whore, i just cant wait to her dead!
posted by hannah humaira naila on Nov 22, 2009
hello i no like the you psh camilla what a joke. nao gosto de ti es ma voce tem 22 anos e o joe tem 19 anos inves de o joe ser mais velho que voce mais e aucontrario porque inves de joe tar com a taylor foi ficar com uma velha que nem voce odeio-te es feia ja nao gosto de ti porque fizes-te joe dixar a taylor. parabens kevin e daniella estou muita feliz muitas felisidades pra voces todos ate para demi miley taylor danielle kevin selena nick e joe bjx
posted by tahyra, hannah, huma on Nov 21, 2009
nos as 4 tambem somos como os jonas brothers. nos ficariamos contete se o joe continoase com a demi lovato ou taylor. nos nao gostamos nem pouco de camila belle. gostamos mais de demi lovato e taylor. joe com a demi lovato fazem um bom par. joe com a taylor fazem um bom par. agora ja nao estamos a gostar do joe. eu que era a melhor fa de joe jonas passei a ser fa de nick jonas e kevin estou feliz com nick jonas e kevin jonas. e ai vai um grande abraço e beijos para os jonas brothers e o seu irmao frankie. parabens para kevin jonas e danielle
posted by HANNAH on Nov 21, 2009
posted by no name on Jul 28, 2009
i hate ashton costello that tenn girl joe would never be happy with her she is very ugly i think joes blind if he thinks shes pretty.
posted by watsup on Jul 26, 2009
I have to admit that camilla is pretty but i just don't like what i've been hearing. i mean her and joe just don't seem right for each other. im not trying to judge but i think that just because joe really likes her doesn't mean that they are good together. i mean, in every picture you see of them, joe looks happy. camilla doesn't. i don't hate her but i honestly think that she isn't happy with joe but is staying with him because she gets some of the limelight. i don't know thats what i think but im not hating on her or anything
posted by kelly on Jul 25, 2009
look I am friends with the both of them joe and ashton and they love each other leave them alone he has loved her in forever and the same with her so look up her pic's she is beautiful tenn girl and is very sweet and honest and try's to stay out of the headlines for joe and herself so quit bitching on the girl you don't know her !!
posted by mol on Jul 23, 2009
"haven't ur parents teached you anything?" hey. ash. yeah. have your parents taught you how to fucking speak english? anddd, youre a fucking idiot. just like camilla belle. and you're both cunts, so go fuck each other.
posted by weeufhiwuf on Jul 23, 2009
camilla belle is seriously the biggest fucking cunt. ever.
posted by DramaQRocker on Jul 22, 2009
I AGREE FUCK CAMILLA YOUR HORRIBLE pluck your eyebrows for god sakes!!!! Joe hates you because you cheated him and taylor btw GET OVER YOURSELF HE HATES YOU TO COngratulations to Kevin
posted by Anonymous on Jul 22, 2009
Stop hating on her! Give her a chance. I think she's gorgeous and I do like her. Joe really likes her and thats that.
posted by ikasu on Jul 20, 2009
Camilla Belle is so wrong for him. She's using him to get into the spotlight, she's not a faithful girlfriend, and she's too old for him. He needs a girlfriend who would be supportive, because I know Camilla's gonna break his heart. Poor Joe.
posted by lola on Jul 20, 2009
i really like camilla! she seems soo nice people don't have a reason to hate her, she is sooo pretty i have to admit
posted by mrs.joejonas on Jul 15, 2009
camilla belle is a whore. period. she looks about 87 when shes reallyy 22. shes a terrible actress. shes in like 2 movies in which she gets eaten by a dinosaur :) or is a cave woman (suits her with her huge eyebrows) she is using joe jonas to get into the spotlight. the jonas brothers are incredibly talented and gorgeous and she wants it. screw off camilla belle.all the jb fans hate you, you're a shit actress,and you need to pluck your eyebrows and get some damn botox. oh and according to their jb fans are much better than you ;) PONED.
posted by ash on Jul 14, 2009
OMG u guys are all fucking idiots! u don't even know this girl. u guys talk as if u know her. wtf geez u guys need to fucking get a life. she's PRETTY! and i think she's nice. why would joe and his family like her? she comes from a religious family. u guys are treated her so unfair. gosh u guys are jealous bitches. leave camilla alone geez she didn't do anything to you guys. all these stupid rumors about her being mean to the jonas brothers fans are 100% fake. and u guys belive this kinda bullshit. im freaking tired how almost every comment i see about this girl is calling her a whore or something. you guys can't get over the fact that she's with joe. they have been together for like 7 months now. w/e u guys saying aren't gonna break them up! there freaking grown ups! his almost 20 and she's 22 so what if she's 3 years older wtf why are u judgeing someone u never even met? haven't ur parents teached you anything? i bet you guys are all freaking 11 or 12 year olds who don't know shit about anything. let JOE AND CAMILLA LIVE THERE LIFE! HE LOVES HER. AND NOT YOU GET OVER IT GEEZ! HIS HAPPY! SHE'S HAPPY. WTF IS YA'LL PROBLEM?
posted by jonas lover on Jul 09, 2009
WHAT i know joe jons have new him for a long time we are friends and yes ashton costello isthe love of his life that tenn girl is pretty nice i met her in person and she is really down to earth and a sweet girl joe needs to stay with her shes a cool girl not to mention gor,but i heard nick jonas loves her too is there any truth in it you tell me but for as camilia belle she is a slut jumping to one guy to the oother one ewwww slut i hope joe sees that before she roones his life.
posted by candy on Jul 09, 2009
i think joe jonas is trying to get over tenngirl ashton costello which is very stunning at 18 she is a singer and actress and joe and ashton have new each other for a long time but david henries of waverly place is in love with the tenn beauty i think joe jonas missed his boat let him thow his life away with that slut camilia belle who cares and the only reason kevin is really saying he;s marring that girl is because people thinks he;s gay it will never last that will never hit the alter
posted by Jennifer on Jul 06, 2009
U guys need 2 stop hating on them because they r happy and if u were really a fan u wouldn't care who they go out with!!!!! i think she is gorgeous!!!!! so leave them alone people!!!!!!!
posted by dana on Jun 23, 2009
i think camilla's beautiful and talented. and if you guys were really jonas fans you'd stop speaking of one of their member's girlfriend in such a derogatory manner.
posted by bb on Jun 21, 2009
i think camilla is a gorgeuos girl, has a great personality, i have nothing against her and yes her and rob have been friends for a long time. shes beautiful, joe likes her. leave it at that.
posted by ashley on Jun 20, 2009
Camilla is such a LYING BITCH! If Joe really did break up with Taylor for her, then he IS a cheater and Camilla is a SLUT. Camilla, just admit that you're a lying cheating WHORE cause that's how Jonas brothers fans SEE YOU! First you're hanging out with Robert and you Claim that you're just friends? BULLSHIT! you're such a whore
posted by ew on Jun 20, 2009
ew camilla is such a fake she hangs out with different gus everyday and is so using joe to be more famous.
posted by blah on Jun 20, 2009
psh camilla what a joke.
posted by jonas lvr on Jun 20, 2009
ya right she is honest . . . that is a lie right there . . . she is hoochie that needs to get a life outside of joe . .. she is probably just using him to get in the spotlight . . . . i for sure will NOT b cing her movie . . . she is a terrible actor
posted by b.s on Jun 19, 2009
I thought they broke up? honest is no. 1? pshh, bull crap. I think it would be treat each other nicely as no. 1. but why should I know about honesty in their relationship, right? maybe they have secrets of their own, well duh!

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