Disney Rumored Forcing Selena Gomez to Keep Taylor Lautner's Romance Secret

June 19, 2009 08:21:55 GMT

A new story has just been brought forth by Star Magazine that Disney execs have ordered Selena Gomez to deny reports she's dating Taylor Lautner in order to maintain her good girl image.

Selena Gomez
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Star Magazine has reported that Selena Gomez is forced by Disney to keep her romance with Taylor Lautner under the radar in an attempt to prevent her career from decreasing. In a report run on the June 29 edition of the publication, it is claimed that Disney execs have asked Selena to deny reports she is dating the "Twilight" actor over concern that their relationship might ruin her good girl image.

"The network doesn't want parents to get the wrong idea and stop their kids from watching Selena's show," reports Star when referring to Selena's hit TV series "Wizards of Waverly Place". Selena, thus, has been "forced to downplay the relationship even though she's crazy about" Taylor, reveals a Disney turncoat.

"Disney wants all its stars to be wholesome and execs told Selena to deny she's dating Taylor because that might taint her squeaky clean image. She can be 'friends' with him, but nothing more than that," Star quotes its insider.

Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, both Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner have repeatedly denied they are embarking on a love relationship. They insist they are just friends. Rumors of them dating first emerged in April this year after they were photographed enjoying some quality time together during break from shooting their films in Vancouver, Canada.


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posted by lol selena! on Nov 27, 2010
that is not fair to Selena because she is the best!!! :( :)hope you good luck selena gomez !!!!!!
posted by Selena on Oct 19, 2010
I wanna hold her down and fuck her up the ass until she screams.
posted by Bigg Dogg on Jul 30, 2010
A'ight fellas ... I gonna go gangsta on dat nice tight Hott Tamale ass ... Pump it all up into dat tight Mexicali hole, then make her taste what she have for dinner last night ..,
posted by shanell musachi on Feb 05, 2010
i love a lot of people in hollwood like every one even the once i dot know i love yo guy have a nice day ps who is your love.
posted by shante hart on Dec 18, 2009
i know that she can date whoever she want's don't come with me with all that mess!
posted by shante hart on Dec 18, 2009
kokk i am not gonna leave miley alone. you leave me alone and they not hoes you so what i don't nedd help you need some help so what you makes me sick!
posted by shante hart on Dec 18, 2009
kokk i know they not hoes me and i meant you need some help!
posted by kokk on Nov 29, 2009
shante hart should go fuck themself and leave miley alone, selena can date who she want and this article is bullshit so its not unfair that miley get to date a guy 21 and selena cant even get to date taylor lautner. and 'fuck disney' you need some help miley cyrus and selena are not hoes you pathetic:L go fuck yourself sad bitchs, miley cyrus is amazing <3
posted by salvador makkons on Sep 30, 2009
sorry guys i meant selena.
posted by salvador makkons on Sep 08, 2009
selna don't fell bad. what that girl shante hart said about you was rude and mean. i think your beautiful and smart and everything you could name luv ya!
posted by salvador makkons on Aug 19, 2009
hi selena. justin j posted a poem for you. he told me last month and i had forgot 2. cause i've been busy. and i would like 2 tell you so there you go!
posted by maranda255 on Jul 20, 2009
posted by Justin J. on Jul 14, 2009
Salvador if You know Selena would you please tell Her i posted a poem 4 Her on that article about Her going to attend college? if You could tell Her i would REALLY appreciate it. THANKS
posted by salvador makkons on Jul 11, 2009
hi guys salvador makkons here i just like to say thank you for all your support and the fans i love you guys so much for voting for me on the disney channel games and i would like to say to livelaughlove249 thank you for everything i love you so much and if you want to know about me just text a comment and my new album is the beauty in stores july 21 so i hope you guys get it and the smash hit single get out and boy in me so luv you guys so much i got to go bye!
posted by LiveLaughLove249 on Jul 11, 2009
I personally think Disney should get a grip. What about miley and vanessa and zac and the jonas brothers?! its so stupid. love you taylor ad selena. xx
posted by salvador makkons on Jul 10, 2009
if you want to know about me im not a virgin im 25years old
posted by salvador makkons on Jul 10, 2009
hi everybody salvador makkons here you guys might know me from the suite life on deck i play demi but anyway taLor launter is a great guy and selena gomez is beautiful from the inside and outside i love selena gomez so much and working with her on set any comments just text them to me !
posted by shante hart on Jul 09, 2009
i just want to say im a christian my father is a preacher and im a virgin im 21 years old and i were a puirty ring and i love miley cyrus demi lovato and selena gomez i got to go bye.
posted by shante hart on Jul 09, 2009
miley cyrus is not a virgin she's not a christian plus she took naked pictures so miley jesus is coming back real soon so you better get your soul save or your gonna have to burn in hell peace!
posted by erica on Jul 09, 2009
posted by ...whatever... on Jul 08, 2009
Why would disney force Selena to lie about her romance with Taylor because of parents and a bad rep?? What about Miley Cyrus and those pics. and her boyfriend older than her?? Does that help disney viewers or something??
posted by Justin J. on Jul 06, 2009
Although I kinda want a chance to go out with Selena ( by the way i posted a poem for you on the article here on you wantin to take a break 4 college ) I do think she should be allowed to date who she wants.
posted by Justin J. on Jul 06, 2009
SHUT UP F.D. (not the former pres.) I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR THAT KIND OF TALK HERE!!!!!!!
posted by fuck disney on Jun 28, 2009
posted by fuck disney on Jun 28, 2009
only disney stars are the sneakyest n miley cyrus and selena gomez are both hoes exspecially miley with her nasty ass and all these lil girls wanna be like them and there actin like hoes SO REALLI DISNEY PEPZ AINT DOIN SHIT AND TAYLOR LAUTNER AND NICK JONAS BOTH CAN DO WAAAAAAAAAAY BETTER THAN SELENA GOMEZ AND MILEY CYRUS
posted by spudmuffin on Jun 27, 2009
tht fuckin lassie is ginkin oot her nut mahn taylor kan do sooo much betta mahn
posted by ryane.c. on Jun 23, 2009
this so not fair like miley gets to date a 21 year old but selena can't date taylor and he's only 17 like seriously it's non of disney's buisness and so there saying it's okay to lie thats just wrong
posted by mann on Jun 23, 2009
"Good girl image"! Are you serious? This "good girl" has been getting fucked all over the internet in explicit stories. What's Disney gonna do, tell their viewers to stop googling Selena Gomez anal!
posted by nn on Jun 23, 2009
miley can date hu she wantss coz disney gets more money 4rm her
posted by Rachelle on Jun 22, 2009
WHAT?? that's totally dumb and hypocritical. how come Miley can date a 20+ old? that is so dumb.
posted by torres89013 on Jun 20, 2009
wait, so they can have miley cyrus get with whoever she wants, but selena has a problem....i really dont think so...
posted by little miss goddy to on Jun 20, 2009
That is not nice
posted by meee on Jun 19, 2009
i think thats not right...they should do wat they want cuz its there life and nun of Disney's buissness......
posted by Ms RiGhTfUl on Jun 19, 2009
whatever i see them nice together..
posted by Kelsi on Jun 19, 2009
But their pictures are all around,if she denies,she is lying.Disney wants to tell the children that telling lies is correct?
posted by JxOxNxAxS on Jun 19, 2009
aww they luk so cute togethr they really do suit each other n y shud she b forced 2 keep her romance secret her life she can do wat she wants
posted by lushtuka on Jun 19, 2009
do what you want it has nothing to do with any one else but you!!!!
posted by katedagreat on Jun 19, 2009
its up to the parents to tell there kids that her show is fictional and that she is only playing a "13 year old" or how ever old they are on that show, but that the actors are not usually the age they protray, that they are adults and adults date. i agree w/ kelsi, What part of Disney promoting lying is ok?

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