FOX's Promo for 'House M.D.' Season 6

June 17, 2009 07:37:29 GMT

In a bid to encourage fans of the show not to miss the re-run this summer, the network teases on what will happen in the next season.

FOX's Promo for 'House M.D.' Season 6
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Aired on FOX this week is a promo of "House M.D." which partly recaps last season and teases on what happens next in the sixth season. The footage begins with scenes about the incredible medical mysteries as well as House's romantic moment with Cuddy. Then it moves on to where the series will pick up after House experienced hallucinations on the season finale.

Without giving much, FOX says "The only we can tell you is: you won't want to miss it." House chimes in, "Shocking. Discuss." In case fans miss the fifth season, FOX is re-running it this summer every Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c.

EW's Michael Ausiello previously let go some casting scoops for the new season. "Tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda has been cast as House's psych hospital roomie, sources confirm to me exclusively," so the columnist wrote, adding that Miranda will appear in at least 2 episodes. The new blood is added to correlate with House's new residence, the mental institution.

FOX has released the premiere dates of its Fall schedule, giving the benefit of two-hour season premieres to "House". On Monday, September 21, the show starring Hugh Laurie will air for two hours starting at 8/7c and resume to its regular one-hour slot on Mondays the next week.


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posted by SUSAN on Nov 12, 2009
posted by Thai fan on Sep 24, 2009
House...House...House... In Thailand season 5 has just finished.So how long that I can see season 6...? boohoo..boohoo
posted by msjilly1 on Sep 13, 2009
promo song is grounds for divorce by elbow. I love it too
posted by yanarus on Aug 24, 2009
i am in love with this buster !!
posted by houseadict-15 on Aug 21, 2009
NEED HOUSE NOW!!! Can't wait for season 6... hope this show lasts forever!!!!
posted by fifty8vt on Aug 06, 2009
music is "grounds for divorce" by Elbow
posted by vera on Aug 06, 2009
what music is playing in the tv promo....I love it
posted by night on Jul 31, 2009
house... NOW!!!
posted by hush on Jul 28, 2009
I cant wait 4 season 6
posted by FlashHopper on Jul 27, 2009
The video has been removed due to terms of use violation? Can't they put again there lol, wanted to view this :(
posted by alinaheartshouse on Jul 26, 2009
gimmie house now!!!!!!
posted by mint18_angel on Jul 19, 2009
i cant wait for season 6!!! please air it asap....
posted by Malin on Jul 19, 2009
Best show ever.... It is good that promo didn't reveal anything... We are expecting great stuff in September... fans from Serbia
posted by Electrojinks on Jul 15, 2009
I saw some interviews, and it looks like Amber will still be around, and there is another one coming out with FOOTAGE of house trying to escape the mental institution (he's as bad as my gmom xD)
posted by moganza on Jul 15, 2009
Isnt that kutner at 0:25
posted by Bige on Jul 05, 2009
What a shame comments are posted before the Lame promo video=(
posted by Jenn on Jul 03, 2009
Please air it sooner, we can't wait any longer!!!!
posted by Bryttani on Jun 29, 2009
O.M.G.!!! The sixth season couldn't come fast enough. House is so cute. Although, the promo didn't really reveal anything.
posted by anonim on Jun 27, 2009
this promo is crap! Do not waste your time.
posted by elodie on Jun 24, 2009
i want it sooner i want it now!!! give me something more... one scene one view pleas xD so i can wait until september
posted by mikeFLA on Jun 22, 2009
its not a promo of anything...and we all know that the love scene in 5.23 was another house hallucination...
posted by kewty on Jun 20, 2009
i cant wait 4 house season 6!! they should air it sooner!

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