Lindsay Lohan Tweets Topless Photograph of Herself

June 16, 2009 07:18:47 GMT

On Monday, June 15, Lindsay Lohan posted a topless photo of herself on her Twitter account, writing "Fornarina. OLD PHOTOS. I'm THAT bored."

Lindsay Lohan
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Photo credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos

No stranger to baring her skin in front of the camera, Lindsay Lohan has posted a topless photograph of herself on her Twitter account. The shot, which she made public on her social networking site on Monday, June 15, showcases her exposing her pierced belly button. She is seen snapping herself with her Blackberry.

The shot, moreover, sees Lindsay donning a long blonde hair that is placed strategically to cover her nude breasts. She is also spotted sporting jeans. The photo reportedly was snapped in early 2009 during a photo shoot session the actress-singer did for Italian design house Fornarina's television commercial.

"Fornarina. OLD PHOTOS. I'm THAT bored," Lindsay wrote on her Twitter account in companion to the photo. She was said tweeting from the company of her lawyer Mike Heller, which location wasn't disclosed.


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posted by k8iris on Jun 18, 2009
Hey Peter B---does that stand for peter beater you have to dream about a NO TALENT like Paris again and that scares the hell out of you
posted by k8iris on Jun 18, 2009
all you people insulting LL are just mad because she chose a woman (an ugly one though)over a predictable guy. you guys are just mad. Let her do what she wants, and start dreaming about someone else who would never date you either lol
posted by Ewwwwey! on Jun 18, 2009
How could u say wats the big deal!!
posted by Ewwww lol! on Jun 18, 2009
Like look at u in that photo! ewwww gross! anyway how could u pose naked after all u have done! U sicko .... u are addicted to drugs lezo ugly and a freaking skank! Year go cry now.... sucker!
posted by Haaaaa suck! on Jun 18, 2009
OMG i cant believe it no-one has commented on ur part! haaaaa i like u soooooo much u were my number #1 fan! But then u went on drugs went all crazy! and now u are freaking getting married to a girl! Lezo ..... and ur hell ugly! u always looked hot before u went nuts! Get a life ugly retard .... go to rehab! just get want u want in life and stop being famous..... I hate u! bye sucker....!
posted by Peter B on Jun 16, 2009
what's the big deal about a topless dyke?

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