Young Musicians Respond to Jay-Z's 'Death of Auto-Tune' Song

June 09, 2009 06:50:40 GMT

DJ Webstar and Jim Jones are the two musicians who disagree with Jay-Z's idea in song 'D.O.A.' about getting rid of Auto-Tune from rap music.

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Jay-Z's new song "D.O.A." which stands for Death of Auto-Tune has been dissed by DJ Webstar and Jim Jones. The two young musicians reached out to their Twitters to share what they have in mind regarding the anti Auto-Tune song.

Webstar tweeted, "Who heard old ass Jay Z hating?" Meanwhile, Jones wrote, "A old sucka lol we back and if he kilt outotune then we must be easter the resurection lol shouts to soldier boy tellem he ripped."

The negative response toward Jay-Z's new song does not only come from the young performers but also comes from stand-up comedian Loni Love. "Imma be real about it, Jay-Z really need to keep auto-tune if he want his wife [Beyonce Knowles] to keep workin'!" so she stated.

On the other hand, T-Pain who is well known for his use of Auto-Tune in his songs apparently has no hard feeling despite Jay-Z's lyrics which calls for Auto-Tune death. The Nappy Boy artist recently joined Jay-Z at Summer Jam in New Jersey when the husband of Beyonce raps the new song.

"It was a little awkward, but it was cool," Jay-Z recalled the day he and T-Pain shared stage. "He didn't mean any harm. He's just embracing the record. You shouldn't be confused by the message. I'm not saying Auto-Tune is wack. But leave that for them [T-Pain, Lil Wayne and Kanye West, the artists Jay said used it artistically]; it's not for everybody. That's how you stagnate hip-hop. You listen to the radio, and every single has Auto-Tune. So we have to get rid of that part."

"D.O.A. " is a street single recorded for Jay-Z's new album "Blueprint III". Debuted by Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97 on June 5, this song comes from production hands of No I.D. and Kanye West.


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posted by Big Dannk on Jul 07, 2009
Do yo thang J let them fools h8.That's just like h8ers,can't come up wit nothin new,so they h8 on the TOP DOGG.Autotune isn't 4 evry1.Shouts out 2 Haterproof rec. on da move, da ROC fam & da ROC Nation. ROC 4 Life
posted by blingblaze on Jul 06, 2009
Jim Jones fell right the fuck off he is not the same jim i knew since the whole he and cam shit he look like a dirty nigga. me i still lisen the old mix tapes fom jimmi the real jimi
posted by youngboi158 on Jun 27, 2009
i haerd jim jones collab wit webstar dancin on me n dat shit is hot thrashed din'd hov kill jim jones already dat it's why he's beefing a lil' bit
posted by Larry on Jun 22, 2009
Auto tune did nt only kill hip-hop bt rather it buried it so jim jones nids some clarity instead of bcomin a beef thug
posted by Realsim on Jun 22, 2009
Who is Webstar? You not big enough nor smart enough to even comment. I say this because to call what Jay said hatin is just dumb! Why would you want to make a song doing what some body else is doing? Be original you f*ckin follower but when you lack talent I guess the only thing you can do is bite other people's sh*t. Listen to the lyrics (but then again most dumb asses don't listen to lyrics)and for Jim Jones to call Jay old when he looks Jay age. That's not good chief. wit'cha one hit song out of yo whole career ass. Stick to making beats and keep yo f*ckn mouth close. If any body hatin it's you.
posted by milo on Jun 19, 2009
yo autotune is alright for some rap artise but not for jay. buy the way kane is that guy. yo jay please bring him back.
posted by Cosgraves on Jun 17, 2009
Jay said all he needs to in the song man if someone does not like what he said it's becuase it hits too close to home
posted by hank on Jun 10, 2009
jay is doing his thing. i dont like autotune it is not for real hip hop. yo it would be a good idea to bring back big daddy kane the game needs him. he could still spit ill rmyes the god still got it.
posted by rob on Jun 10, 2009
jay z is right no more autotune in hip hop. yo hov please go hard on your new album. autotune and whack rappers are killing hip hop.
posted by romell on Jun 10, 2009
tell jim jones to grow up and stop hating on the god jay z. i would love see jay bring back big daddy kane.

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