Adam Lambert: 'All Your Questions Will Be Answered'

Adam Lambert

The first runner-up of 'American Idol' this season confirms that people will know 'everything' including about his sexuality on the next cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

While attending the 11th Annual Young Hollywood Awards on Sunday, June 7, Adam Lambert told reporters that all questions circling his sexuality will indeed be answered on the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone magazine. "All your questions will be answered...once and for all," the runner-up of "American Idol" this season teased.

Adam was in attendance to receive Young Hollywood Artist of the Year which was presented by the Idol judge Kara DioGuardi. Prior to the event, he was photographed stepping out hand in hand with his alleged boyfriend, identified as interior designer Drake LaBry, in West Hollywood. But when questioned by MTV about this relationship, Adam said, "I'll take the Fifth on that one."

Although he is being secretive this time around, Adam promised that he will be bold on the Rolling Stone article. "At this point, I think everybody knows everything, but once the Rolling Stone article comes out, people will know everything," he told E! Online on the red carpet. Regarding what subject will be highlighted on the magazine's article, Adam played it coy, saying "I'm excited. I want people to know what's up. It's words coming out of my mouth!"

Also when asked about his ultimate goal "in all this" by reporter Ted Casablanca, Adam stated, "To challenge people's preconceived notions about things. It's important." He added that it will be nice if "we can all move forward and look forward to the album together."

Meanwhile, over in Los Angeles, Kris Allen came up with his opinion about Adam Lambert, saying "I think he's happier that he can be himself and it's nice. Adam is who he is and he's not afraid. I support him in whatever he does."



    Jun 14, 2009

    it does not matter if he is gay cause when he sings i feel musssssshhhhish sexy inside and i go grab my husband. wink then my guy say thanks adam your cool

    Jun 10, 2009

    I knew Adam was gay from day one and it makes absolutely no difference to me whatsoever. He's still the most gorgeous man I've seen in a long time with a brilliant voice. I feel exactly the same. Nothing has changed. He's such an inspiration to people. I admire his confidence and great character.

    South African Chick
    Jun 09, 2009

    I bet u this is all abt whether he's gay or not (sigh).. So what if heís gay? Iím straight, does Adam care? It's NOBODY'S bloody business what his sexual orientation is. The boy is an excellent musician & thatís what he should be judged on. Sir Elton John, George Michael & many other great artists are openly gay & yes we love them. Pple this is not the stone age where it was a big deal to be gay so shame on the media for making a big deal of it. Adam, we South Africans loooove you mwaaah!!!

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