Adam Lambert and More Attend 2009 Young Hollywood Awards

June 08, 2009 07:34:45 GMT

Adam Lambert has come to the star-studded show of 11th Annual Young Hollywood Awards, scooping a prize for Young Hollywood Artist of the Year.

Adam Lambert and More Attend 2009 Young Hollywood Awards
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Adam Lambert was spotted hitting the red carpet of Hollywood Life's 11th Annual Young Hollywood Awards on June 7. The runner up of "American Idol" season eight appeared wearing eyeliner, fingernail polish and tight pants which have become his trademark look.

Other than Adam Lambert, actresses Evan Rachel Wood, AnnaLynne McCord, Patricia Clarkson, Rumer Willis and Nina Dobrev were also seen coming to the award. "Twilight" actor Kellan Lutz, "Gossip Girl" hunk Ed Westwick and the Idol alum Katharine McPhee were in attendance as well along with model Bar Refaeli and "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke.

The Young Hollywood Awards was conducted at The Eli and Edythe Broad Stage in Santa Monica, California. This ceremony is aimed to honor young performers who have outstanding accomplishments in Hollywood's film, television and music industries.

The event was lightened up with a live performance from Naturi Naughton who sang a song from her upcoming remake of 1980 musical "Fame". On top of that, guests were also entertained with tune spun by acclaimed disc jokey DJ AM. As for the awards' winners, Adam Lambert won Young Hollywood Artist of the Year which was presented by the Idol judge Kara DioGuardi.

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posted by Buff on Jun 12, 2009
Adam is the best thing to come along in music in YEARS! He is perfect in everyway. I too am having withdrawal from the weekly Adam fix!!!
posted by Dana Martin on Jun 09, 2009
posted by AussieFan on Jun 09, 2009
Let those awards roll on in baby. You deserve every single one. Love ya.
posted by shelby on Jun 08, 2009
He looks awesome! Love him! Let the awards start flowing!
posted by Betty on Jun 08, 2009
OMG(usually don't use this phrase, but I had to), he looks hot!!!! Congrats, you deserve it. Can't wait for your album.
posted by on Jun 08, 2009
I want to see him more everytime i see him. He is such a real and handsome young man. we love him... LOVE HIM. u don't need a lot of make-up adam. God did his job on u :)
posted by slZ on Jun 08, 2009
This guy sings like nobody i evr heard but an acting gig would be great! WE WANT MORE ADAM PLEASE.
posted by Deedle on Jun 08, 2009
I'm surprised no one commended on how short he cut the sides of his hair. Of course, he's still hot, hot, hot!
posted by sherryzumo on Jun 08, 2009
Adam looked like a lot of stress is off of him. Good to see. A Hot little vamp.
posted by Selena on Jun 08, 2009
Love Adam
posted by AYELLOWROSE03 on Jun 08, 2009
Adam Lambert looked great. I was so happy to see him being awarded for all of his years of hard work.
posted by purplegrl on Jun 08, 2009
Love him, addicted to him, his face, his voice, I need more ADAM, he's so freakin hot. Agreed this look is not his best but he does not need to lose weight he is adorable as is!!!!
posted by DeeDee on Jun 08, 2009
You look great! Always on top of your game. Congratulations! More to come, I'm sure!
posted by Lee on Jun 08, 2009
I love the guy, but he doesn't look great here.
posted by Lee on Jun 08, 2009
As I've written on other sites, Lambert is an extremely handsome man, but veers, too often, in presenting himself in guises that are not flattering. This is one of them. Lambert needs to lose 20 pounds and return to the "lean and hungry" look of two years ago when he was at his most beautiful.
posted by ebonyandivory on Jun 08, 2009
Love you, Adam. You're on your way!
posted by kat on Jun 08, 2009
Congratulations Adam! This is your first of many awards. Looking mighty FINE as always!
posted by SK on Jun 08, 2009
So great that you received this recognition Adam! Also, love the look...any look...hey, I just love to look! Well done.
posted by mari on Jun 08, 2009
flove him adam!!!
posted by Boo on Jun 08, 2009
Very cool. Thanks for posting!
posted by LambertsLabelle on Jun 08, 2009
THATs my boy!!!His mom (almost)could nt be prouder!!!
posted by Lee on Jun 08, 2009
He's a very handsome man, but I prefer the "fallen angel" look - 15 or 20 pounds lighter in his "Citizen Vein" band days - about two years ago. Look at "Turning On" on YouTube and fall in love with a vision which is something magical.
posted by Denise on Jun 08, 2009
Love You ADAM !!!
posted by Annie on Jun 08, 2009
Just the 1st of many, many awards coming your way Adam. Congratulations!
posted by Dao Tu Thao on Jun 08, 2009
Adam! You deserve it! I love you! And it's sure that everyone loves you too!
posted by Dao Tu Thao on Jun 08, 2009
Cogratulations Adam! You deserves it!
posted by jeremy on Jun 08, 2009
Adam is still the best that has ever happened to American Idol. Be great, Adam!
posted by abby on Jun 08, 2009
Love you, Adam! Cant wait to buy your cd.
posted by iris on Jun 08, 2009
Ya, i prefer the other hair styles of Adam. But still, he looks great. He looks great with everything..
posted by rebecca on Jun 08, 2009
Way to go, Adam! Philippines loves you!!!
posted by Linda on Jun 08, 2009
Love the outfit, the hair, not so much! I love the hair in the face rocker look much better. The updo makes him look old. Still, I love every picture I can get of Adam. The guy looks so comfortable on the Red Carpet. He was meant to be there. Congrats on the award Adam. Way to go.
posted by maryann on Jun 08, 2009
Adam looks great! Congratulations for the award. He really deserves it!
posted by Paula on Jun 08, 2009
Wow, Adam looks fabulous!! Can't wait to hear and see more. Best of everything to this amazing young man.
posted by artlesslass on Jun 08, 2009
How did everyone know that this was on television? how did I miss this? I would sit through (or record) two hours to see two minutes of Adam Lambert.
posted by elw on Jun 08, 2009
Love you Adam! Congrats!!!
posted by AdamzApple on Jun 08, 2009
This year the Young Hollywood Award, next year an armful of Grammys! Love you Adam & can't wait for your album and everything else you do!!
posted by Nellie4 on Jun 08, 2009
Tx Mae!! Agree!! SAffers luuuuvs Adam. All the best AL xxx Please add SA on your tour list one day, Adam! Mwah! SA-fan
posted by Grace27 on Jun 08, 2009
adam totally deserves...hmmmm, let me guess what's next...THE GRAMMY'S!!!
posted by Mae-South Africa on Jun 08, 2009
OMG 'Young Hollywood Artist of the Year' award & this is only the beginning! Well done Adam & well deserved. I also cannot wait for the rolling stones issue. South Africans just love you Adam!
posted by giselle on Jun 08, 2009
The Rollings Stone thing?Can't wait to read,but no matter what you gonna say Adam,your "girlfriends"all around this globe gonna dwell in "conscious denial"(we know but we newer gonna believe it %100)for the rest of our days!!Therefore we gonna listen,watch,buy,research and drool over everything what you gonna do!!!Congrats,I never gonna be ashamed to confess my "sweetest sin"Luv you Adam!!
posted by giselle on Jun 08, 2009
I am in separation anxiety,I want more Adam,my addiction did not ended at may 20.Can't get enough,here we go first award !!!!First album?First music vid?First movie?Where is it?I NEED IT!BADLY!!!!
posted by sara on Jun 08, 2009
omg adam is hot! cant wait for the rolling stones issue and his album to drop! meanwhile ill get my fix catching him on tour!
posted by Dawn on Jun 08, 2009
Adam IS amazing.... Congratulations on the first of many awards to come....I am going through withdrawal from not seeing Adam perform each week, hurry up and get that CD out!
posted by mathlde on Jun 08, 2009
He looks stunning
posted by virginia on Jun 08, 2009
Adam looked great.So glad for him.He's so talented.Can't get enough of him, though, so please give me more.Can't wait for his cd, etc.
posted by on Jun 08, 2009
Buy the house adam. u r gonna need space in your life to stretch out. your the king so u will be o k.

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