Video Premiere: Jonas Brothers' 'Fly With Me'

June 08, 2009 01:42:56 GMT

Jonas Brothers give a look at their tour rehearsal in the music video for their new single 'Fly With Me'.

Video Premiere: Jonas Brothers' 'Fly With Me'
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A music video in support of Jonas Brothers' new single "Fly With Me" has been debuted. This newly-outed music video mainly captures the three brothers, Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas, when they are doing rehearsal for their summer tour.

"Fly With Me" is the love song written by Jonas Brothers along with their bassist Greg Garbowsky for the band's forthcoming third studio album "Lines, Vines and Trying Times". It is featured during the title credit of Ben Stiller-starring movie "Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian".

"Lines, Vines and Trying Times" itself is set for worldwide release on June 16. On the meaning of its title, Nick said, "Lines are something that someone feeds you, whether it's good or bad. Vines are the things that get in the way of the path that you're on, and trying times - well, obviously we're younger guys, but we're aware of what's going on in the world and we're trying to bring some light to it."

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posted by mohamed albrashi on Aug 29, 2009
texme back
posted by yung slick on Aug 29, 2009
yo i love your new song Fly with me
posted by jordan on Aug 09, 2009
it was totally filmed at the hp pavilion in san jose the stage is the exact same even on the rising platform i should know i was at the concert
posted by susie on Jun 28, 2009
joe nick and kevin are totally HOT.
posted by susie on Jun 28, 2009
i think fly with me was filmed in portland cuz it looks like the rose garden cuz i was there like yesterday 6/27/09 and it was AWSEWOME I LUV THEM!!!!!!!!
posted by rihanna on Jun 21, 2009
N hey don't talk about kevin being ugly he is cute to....he doesn't have to be handsome n sexy.....they all look alike.....I love them...
posted by rihanna on Jun 21, 2009
Hey today was jonas brothers concert but I didn't have the ticket to go to it cuz it was sold out......I really wanted to see them in person I mean in real life....I think I might have them perform 4 my sweet 16.....then I can spend sometime with them :)...I can't wait till my sweet 16
posted by iloveuguys28 on Jun 15, 2009
k u guys are all wrong there singing and making music beause they wont other ppl to know who they are all nice and i love nick jonas ans joe jonas but not kevin hes just ugly not my tipe but ya and i dont know what are all of ur guys probs but they dont bugg me so ya anyway love u guys
posted by brittyy887 on Jun 11, 2009
they are still nice and good people! they still do it for the music and not for attention! they are probably just enjoying having all the attention! and i havent heard them brag once about how many people are at their concerts. So if you dont like them just keep it to yourself!
posted by Melissa on Jun 10, 2009
I like their MUSIC but they are kinda getting annoying as PEOPLE they are way to over exposed and publicized that they have LITERARILY become ATTENTION and PUBLICITY WHORES! They just think their all that now. They used to be so humble and didn't care about what they made or how many ppl came to their concerts and now they just brag on how many fans they have and PRACTICALLY DEMAND ppl to buy their album or merchandise. For those who don't believe LOOK AT HOW THEY ACT/TALK NOW AND GO BACK 2/3 YRS AND YOU'LL SEE A MAJOR DIFFERENCE back then they did it for the MUSIC and now they do it for the MONEY AND PUBLICITY
posted by Celeste N on Jun 10, 2009
I LOVE this song "Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine. So won't you fly with me."
posted by Iwannaeatjoesediblef on Jun 10, 2009
Wow they are so amazing, i love fly wit me and paranoid, i havent heard any of their other songs on there new album but i love all there older ones and i love how they do so much for their fans! They are all so amazing and talented and i think they will be around for many years to come (well i hope so :)) ooh and just to rub it in everyones faces i am going to see them when they come to manchester in england, in november :) long time off but oh well, time flies! :) i love you guys soo much xxx
posted by hayymadd21 on Jun 10, 2009
i think i am in love with nick jonas. (:
posted by Mariana on Jun 10, 2009
Joe Y Love You Boy S2
posted by Mariana on Jun 10, 2009
Perfect!Jonas y love so much boys..JONAS IN BRAZIL AGAIN!!!!!!♥... Joe S2
posted by madiiieee on Jun 10, 2009
i fricken love the jonas brothers!!!!!! (: especially nick!!!!!! <3<3<3
posted by pc on Jun 09, 2009
it was filmed in dallas at the AAC and im in the video!! it's the scene where they are playing wiffle ball outside =)
posted by Bretagne on Jun 08, 2009
One of my favorites so far! Cool video, wondering if it was taped in Dallas.
posted by George on Jun 08, 2009
It's AMAZING!!!!!!
posted by isa on Jun 08, 2009
OMG!!! It was nice I love that song!I love JoNaS BrOtHeRs !!!
posted by Brit on Jun 08, 2009
It is absolutely pants. How can normal people like Jonas Brothers? They make me wanna cut my ears off. Dwarves, and annoying.

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