Adam Lambert Accused of Acting Like Diva

June 05, 2009 07:25:55 GMT

Some unnamed sources have testified that Adam Lambert has been acting like a diva despite his newfound fame through hit singing competition "American Idol."

Adam Lambert
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Runner-up of "American Idol" season 8, Adam Lambert has been reported acting like a diva. Some people claiming to have worked with him on his publicity tour post the singing competition give their testimony to MSNBC, strengthening the claim of the singer's bad behavior.

"He is such a diva. Rude to everyone - from fans right down to the lighting folks," an unnamed individual who has worked with Adam testifies. Another source who once teamed up with him in New York chimes in, "A-list celebrities have come through here and been infinitely more polite".

And adding fuel to the issue, one music producer has been quoted as advising Adam to change his attitude. "No one sells that many records these days to be able to get away with that kind of behavior. To be a success you need literally everyone in your corner," the producer says.

Personally, Adam Lambert has placed himself under increased media spot light when he stepped out with his alleged gay partner, interior designer Drake LaBry, hand-in-hand when visiting West Hollywood hot spot Guys & Dolls on Monday, June 1.


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posted by april wilson on Jul 02, 2010
Furthermore, did you know that Adam won the award for Best Inernational Video in Canada at our Much Music video Awards and his new single IF I HAD YOU is climbing up the charts faster in Canada than it is in the United States. So there! As I said, we love him.
posted by april wilson on Jul 02, 2010
Oh, come on. Give Adam a break. We love him. There isn't a set of vocal chords in pop/rock today that can match him. Does the word "gay" make you feel uncomfortable. Get your head out of the sand, it's 2010. Obviously we Canadians and Europeans are much more tolerant and don't judge people on their race, religion or sexuality.
posted by musicpeace17 on Jul 28, 2009
This is such a lie...people lie about everything nowadays its so stupid. I've met adam and he was so nice to me and all his fans!!
posted by adamlambert♥ on Jul 16, 2009
When I read this article... I laughed out loud. I think its very sad that "reporters" these days make up crazy rumors, especially rumors that have already been proven wrong. Funny that theres no sources to say that adams a diva, yet there are im sure hundreds of sources, videos, and interviews proving that adam is a sweet, nice, caring guy. And what was even the point about that last paragraph??? about him and Drake??? it has nothing to do with the article even. stupid homopobics. we all love you adam, and dont worry, NO ONE beleives this piece of crappp(:
posted by Catttt on Jun 17, 2009
This is a ridiculous lie. Everyone else can't say enough about how nice and unspoiled Adam his. Who are you people to post such garbage? No one believes this nonsense.
posted by LambertsLabelle on Jun 08, 2009
Who believes "unnamed"individuals?Too sad that you people can t make up better lies.And Adam s if you meet Kriss hand in hand with his wife ..thats sooooo cute...and Adam dont has the same right to live a normal,daily life with his partner??Still looooong way to go,America!!!
posted by Mae in SA on Jun 08, 2009
"...unnamed individual who has worked with Adam testifies..." Phuleeez, your unnamed sources are too chicken to show themselves nxa! Jealous pple on Adam's case again. We love Adam period!
posted by Frankie on Jun 07, 2009
Please tell me how can unnamed sources testify?
posted by Canela on Jun 07, 2009
John Paulus, who posted on his blog that this was the work of Clay's fans is notorious Clay hater who will do or say anything to smear Clay so the report about Clay's fans is no better than the report about Adam. Courtney Hazlett has been challenged to name her "sources", seeing as they contradict everything ever said by anyone else who has worked with Adam, before AI, in the past six months during AI and in the past few weeks since AI. Still she hasn’t. I mean, surely, what would these people have to fear from linking their names to any criticisms of Adam? Oh, yeah, that’s right ……………….. they can’t be named because they don’t actually exist. COURTNEY HAZLETT NEEDS TO BE FIRED. SHE IS A LIABILITY. I do wish so-called journalists would stop embarrassing themselves and their profession by simply copying and pasting a "report" made up by an MSNBC hack who was merely annoyed by Adam's people telling her that he was too busy to give her an interview. The silly mare took umbrage because she was made to feel less important than the other people who Adam had to see. Guess what? She is less important and her constant sailing close to the libellous wind in order to try to make herself a name does her no favours. As for being rude to fans, do you think that in this day and age of blogs, posts and videophones, if Adam had been rude to any fans, they would have been backwards in coming forwards on numerous websites or would have shyed away from putting up photographic evidence or footage of any incident? I take it this “diva” is the same guy who was accosted by paparazzi during a visit to his doctor the other day. Now, I don't know about you but I don't visit my doctor when I am feeling my best so if ever there was an excuse for Adam to be less than cordial, it may have been then, but still he managed to stay calm and pleasant with them and let them take photographs, and still they wouldn’t let him get back to his car without chasing him up and down the stairs a couple of times. Diva? Rude? Give me strength!
posted by dianne on Jun 07, 2009
Why are you posting this story???? It´s an exact copy from that of that female so called reporter. This is far form being an "Ace"in entertainment industry. I LOOOOVE your article with unnamed sources. Very professional...
posted by silastomaso on Jun 06, 2009
Yeah, he's jealous and he has a lot to be jealous about, should keep his nasty comments on his blog to himself, so morons like Hazlett can't pass them on
posted by Dude on Jun 06, 2009
dam is so sweet...everyone around LA who meets him says the same thing....he's a great dude.
posted by julie on Jun 06, 2009
Adam a diva? Give me a fucking break.
posted by ravengril on Jun 06, 2009
Why continue to spread the lies that have already been debunked and essentially destroyed the career of the idiot Courtney Hazlett? You are no better than she and her so-called unnamed sources are.
posted by Seriously on Jun 06, 2009
I agree, Aiken has nothing to be jealous about. He's got a great career, love in his life, a beautiful child. So he didn't like Adam's ROF, so what? Neither did millions of people. Now the Glamberts have vowed to destroy Clay & blame every bad thing said about their glam god on Clay & his fans. Do you people realize how ridiculous you look to the world of the normal?? LOL!
posted by SRG on Jun 06, 2009
If this is true, Adam should win actor of the year award because every minute I've seen him on tv he has bee friendly and easygoing. I think this report is total B.S. Hey the guy is the hottest peron happening right now, so it must be the time to start tearing him down with rumors, Hollywood syle.
posted by Kid on Jun 06, 2009
Courtney Hazlett is such a liar. She makes up stories.
posted by Liars on Jun 06, 2009
The article is a lie. There is no confirmed source.
posted by FlyingAlien on Jun 06, 2009
It is not so hard to understand Earthlings. Although I am having great difficulty understanding all of your pertubations around Adam Lambert's sexual proclivity. I do not know what that has to do with Singing! On my Home Planet, USP, our civilization is rather androgenous. When we are attracted to each other in that "special way", we stalk our prey and show lots of intimate interest in the Being. Carefully, we endeavor to pierce the personal shell. We create lots of images, do a media RSS feed and let the photons and electrons do their work.. Procreation is stirring... electrifing! Yes, this is our way, invade personal space and set the charge that will ignite the orgastic experience.. That is not so different from YOU, just more that we admit that the chase is a libidinous drive. You must feel that way about Adam Lambert. Yes? I See, we have much in common.... Intimate interest is interesting and sex is quarkable.
posted by Kasey on Jun 05, 2009
Courtney Hazlett is a jerk who never liked Adam Lambert. She is a Kris Allen fan.
posted by shame on you on Jun 05, 2009
Be responsible, get some real sources and print some real news. Real sources all agree unanimously that Adam is polite, humble and a genuine nice guy. And, that is all any of us, YOU INCLUDED (since you didn't get this information from any source at all) have seen from Adam's interviews and heard from anyone who has had contact with him. Shame on you. Get real information and get a life. Unless you are a sixth grader gossipping in the bathroom, you should be embarrassed and ashamed.
posted by Ciao on Jun 05, 2009
RUBBISH!!! From what I saw all season on Idol, this is totally out of character and is nothing but slander by someone out to discredit him. HOGWASH I say!
posted by DeeDee on Jun 05, 2009
This is not journalism, this is gossip and negative, cruel gossip at that. Shame on you!
posted by Dee on Jun 05, 2009
Please stop repeating stories with questionable unnamed sources! Either check the facts, or write your own material. Adam is a genuine gentlemen. Quit slandering him!
posted by snooky on Jun 05, 2009
Do you always print items from sources too chicken to be named? Good job spreading false rumors! In the meantime, those who actually worked with him (and have names) and said they had exactly the opposite experience working with Adam, including the personal handler who shepherded him around to the NY talk shows. All he ever asked for was WATER.
posted by Kerry Kolsch on Jun 05, 2009
This is a pathetic attempt to disparage an amazing talent who has displayed nothing but class and humility. Shame on the writer of this article. Let her hear from Adam's fans!
posted by scoot on Jun 05, 2009
ok,so adam's a rude diva,brad and angelina are splitting up,pam anderson's a guy, courtney love's a saint,clay aiken is straight, kirsty allen is skinny and oprah is caucasian. all truth,i swear!
posted by Jon on Jun 05, 2009
Lies, all lies, Adam is so the opposite of what this liar wrote.
posted by Becky on Jun 05, 2009
I just don't believe it. It does not mesh with anything else I've ever seen or read anywhere else and I read everything I can about Adam.
posted by Lolita on Jun 05, 2009
Maybe Courtney forgot to ask Beyonce what DIVA really means. Anyhoo, she's contributing towards Adam's hustle in the end.. HA!
posted by *Beenie* on Jun 05, 2009
Dirt, dirt, dirt! You'd think for someone who has a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University that Courtney Hazlett would have written an "article" with more class. Instead, she resorted to tabloid trash and desperate lies to get her one minute of fame. Shame on her and shame on MSNBC for releasing that "article" and keeping her employed. The name of her gossip column should be changed from "The Scoop" to "The Poop". I am a HUGE Adam Lambert fan. And, having spent HOURS watching interviews upon interviews with Adam, time after time after time, he has consistently and genuinely been the ultimate gentleman - intelligent, kind, funny, articulate, and honest. After singing on Regis & Kelly, you can hear him in the background thanking them and telling them how much he appreciated being on their show. Adam is a multi-talented, creative/artistic genius. I LOVE what I hear, I LOVE what I see, and I LOVE how Adam's voice makes me feel. I can't wait to get those front row seats to HIS (not American Idol's) first (of many) concerts!
posted by freebird on Jun 05, 2009
Adam is good looking , talented , charismatic and on the way up . As his fans we need to remember that there are professional defamers who live to bring down those on top of the world . They will pose as Cookie , Clay or Kris fans , they will tell " I was there when he was an ass " stories and then sit back laughing as we get upset . These idiots have no lives but to spread bs . They sit behind keyboards spewing hate . We just need to support our guy and ignore the scum . Let's buy his cds , attend his concerts , spread the word about magazine coverage and tv appearances . He is going to be a big star . Let's enjoy every minute of the ride . Ignore the trolls .
posted by kim on Jun 05, 2009
So stupid!!! Adam is so sweet...everyone around LA who meets him says the same thing....he's a great dude
posted by sabrina on Jun 05, 2009
This story is pure bullshit.. I suggest we all write or email MSNBC where it originated and complain about Courtney Hazlett..Every website I have examined that is printing this trash about Adam.... There are going to be the losers in the end.. DONT YOU PEOPLE GET IT.. ADAMS FANS ARE LOYAL.. HE IS UNTOUCHABLE.. "RUDENESS" IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN THINK OF.....LOL
posted by peters on Jun 05, 2009
Honestly....the true test will be his staying power (music, not sex you freaks)
posted by Snubbies on Jun 05, 2009
Even the beginning statement is poorly written. "Dispite" should be "because of". He didn't become a diva "even though he won" - he became a dive "because he won". - "Some unnamed sources have testified that Adam Lambert has been acting like a diva despite his newfound fame through hit singing competition "American Idol."
posted by One on Jun 05, 2009
LOL Welcome to the media world Adam Lambert fans. They will take an honest interview and slice it and dice it to their liking till the truth no longer exists. They will pit artist against artist by twisting the truth then sit back and watch fans go at each other. They don't care! To call them journalists is a joke. It seems that the only perquisite for landing this job is being able to copy and past then throw in a demeaning insult to make the piece "their own". My advice to you is do not get sucked into this crap! The more attention you give these bottom feeders the more they will suck the joy right out of you. I honestly believe that no diabolical plan has been cooked up by the Claymates. And if you believe anything John Paulus has to says … LOL think twice. This should be a happy time for Adam fans. The artists are not the enemy. They are here to entertain us. Let them! It's just that simple.
posted by adam on Jun 05, 2009
i'm a straight guy and for petes sake this artivle is TOTAL BS. you think people are gonna believe this? do they assume this will keep adam's fans from loving him? my god, people are so desperate these days. i for one dont care if hes gay, bi or homo, etc...he is an amazing person. and whoever wrote this crap, please apologize. this is slander.
posted by Dee on Jun 05, 2009
Hold tight fellow Lambert fans. This 2 paragraph article is flawed in so many ways. Did you read "...their sources are the guys behind Mr. Lambert's successful concert tours."? Did I fast forward in time and miss something? Adam has been having concert tours? Though I am sure Adam's concert tours will be successful, the American Idol tours have not started yet, let alone the solo career of Adam. And isn't the process usually Idol tour through September, then make an album, and finally go on tour as a solo artist???? Sounds like there wasn't even a source!!!! Just a news reporter that isn't in the least bit knowledgeable of how the AI process works. Just someone that doesn't find Adam to be their cup of tea and is "manufacturing" some headlines to get a news article published. I can understand not naming a source when a life and death situation is at hand, but this is what allows people in the news to makeup headlines at others expense. Shame on MSNBC! Dee
posted by MERY on Jun 05, 2009
posted by GFTSDFSDF on Jun 05, 2009
posted by Joann Harrah on Jun 05, 2009
Oh God forbid should a man be confident and comfortable with his sexuality... now we got to start calling him names. Sheesh.
posted by alfan on Jun 05, 2009
Courtney Hazlett is obviously an idiotic gossip columnist, aka fiction writer. She’s not to be taken seriously. Adam rules and is nothing but sweet and genuine. Anyone who can’t see that through his Idol experience, TV appearances, even paparazzi encounters, seriously needs their head checked and clearly has issues themselves. Adam has way more class than that and deserves to be treated better, enough said. So, just ignore bad press, stay true to your ideals and buy his CDs, go to his concerts… support him like the true star he is. He’s the real deal - enjoy the “Adamazing” journey.
posted by Rebecca on Jun 05, 2009
Uh huh so Clay fans are trying to get more dirt on Adam and try to sway folks into believing Adam isn't as nice of a guy. Well here is my response. Clay who? Because I will no longer buy anything Clay Aikens. Anyone who attacks Adam Lambert is dead to me. The guy has great character. You can tell in interviews. You can tell by the personal comments he gets from friends, family, folks he works with, people he was in plays with, people from the Caberet. If Adam wasn't that nice guy next door with some edge folks would be saying he was a DIVA a lonnnnnnnnng time ago. It isn't true. My vote is Adam Lambert.
posted by Laura on Jun 05, 2009
Funny in as many interviews and performances that I've seen of Adam in these last few months I've yet to see anything that resembles that behavior. Diva? Please! I love Adam - he shows to be nothing but a kind and sweet human being and I admire him for putting up with all the bs from the paparazzi and others who want nothing but to put him down. Not to mention Clay Aiken and his stupid jealous ass. Adam shows nothing but class and it's pathetic to see people go to these extremes to hurt someone. Adam is better than that and he knows it and I know it. Love ya Adam!!
posted by Mark on Jun 05, 2009
This is total Bull *hit! I am a 40 year old straight man and I know this kid is not the crap you are printing about him. He is a gifted artist and I expect to hear him on the radio for a really long time. You should fire the reporters who print this crap. Isn't this called slander?!
posted by Andrea P on Jun 05, 2009
You know my sister stood in line to get Adam's autograph where he and Kris Allen performed. She said Adam signed autographs and answered questions from what's your favorite ice cream to what sun glasses do you wear. He also commented so nicely on all of the other Top 10 Idols who weren't there but were going to be on tour with him. He praised Anoop and Matt Giraud and said we should listen to them on ITunes that their studio versions of songs were brilliant. So I don't believe a word of this article or anything ugly they are going to write about him. I just wonder if the other Idols will come to his aid when he needs their support. I mean I didn't hear Kris saying anything about the other Idols but Adam was constantly getting the You Should Have Won comments and he said, awe thanks but Kris and I are both winners. That is just class act folks. There is no Diva in Adam Lambert. He makes all the other Idols look great.
posted by Marian on Jun 05, 2009
This is pure garbage about Adam. No one believes this crap and if they do then they are ignorance personified...
posted by One of Adam\'s Army on Jun 05, 2009
Oh I get it since Adam is under contract by AI and can't even confirm if he is gay or bi or whatever until AI says he can you have to try to get something else on him. Nice try though. Because one - we his fans do not care if he is gay; we love him for who he is. Two you can't even try to erase a life time of excellent behavior by conjuring up a fictious story like Adam is a Diva because no one believes you. This Courtney is an ugly reporter. Her claims aren't backed by fact. How she got any story published is beyond me. She wrote in her story that Adam didn't even pay his dues before becoming a star. She OBVIOUSLY has no idea who Adam Lambert is. This kid has been working and struggling in this art since high school. He has definately paid his dues. What a freaking air head! Go Adam, keep rocking!
posted by Juan on Jun 05, 2009
Whatever. This article is so ignorant I'm not even wasting anymore time writing a YOU SUCK response. No one believes this crap. Adam rocks
posted by GI Jane on Jun 05, 2009
You'd better cut away from this story because you are burning up any credibility you might have had. I'll never believe anything you write from now on. Also watching this kid on talk shows, interviews, performances his street cred is so high no one is even going to give you a second to slander him. It isn't even worth a rebuttal from Adam Lambert's people. I hope they don't give you the time of day.
posted by Tracy on Jun 05, 2009
finally got to PhDude's comment...too funny
posted by Jen on Jun 05, 2009
This story is crap. Anyone who has watched even one Adam Lambert interview knows that Adam Lambert is no DIVA. Adam is the poster boy for nice manners and good conduct. Adam was raised right. A DIVA would never acknowledge a band or talk about how RICKY MINOR is a musical genius! Adam did that practically each and every performance on AI. Adam stood up for Kara for Pete's sake. Kara week after week had people questioning what the heck she got hired for and no one this season seemed to back her except for Simon and Adam Lambert. I had written that girl off until I heard Adam Lambert give her props on Larry King LIVE! Then I decided to give her a second chance. What she did with it? She tried to out Adam Lambert as being gay. Not her call to make and certainly none of her business. So...I still don't like her. But to say crap like this on Adam is just wrong.
posted by Bullalert on Jun 05, 2009
Get real!!!!!!!!!! Adam Lambert IS NOT A DIVA! How can anyone call or even try to call Adam Lambert a DIVA when he is constantly saying I'm no one I'm the new kid on the block. When people compare him to rock legends he is extremely humble and says no way. Robert Plant for instance and Adam Lambert said no one can replace Robert Plant. Also a DIVA would never back up or stand up for another singer and that is exactly what Adam Lambert does for the other IDOLS! Folks at an autograph session start making fun of Michael Sarver making comments that he was a "not so smart hick" and Adam Lambert said he was a big man with a huge heart in the right place and that he can SING his face off. He went on to say Sarver with the right country record would hit it big. That was the end of that Sarver bashing. And folks were messing on Megan Joy about her weird exit and Adam Lambert said it was so cool. Went on to say none of the Idols take themselves so serious that they can't laugh about stuff but that Megan Joy has this unique and original sound and she will be great. A DIVA doesn't do that. A DIVA doesn't say that anyone of the IDOLS could have been the final IDOL had they had enough votes. He told the crowd to watch the top 10 they all could be great. So forgive me if I don't believe a word of this story. Next you will say that Adam Lambert is a drunk or a drug addict. You guys stink. Get a real story. Talk about his music.
posted by kelly on Jun 05, 2009
Garbage, and nothing else.
posted by NLfann on Jun 05, 2009
Now that the gay or not issue has run out of steam, the gossip mongers are trying to manufacture another controversy in order to prolong their ride on Adam's coat-tails. Too bad for them that most people (excluding them) have a brain and know how to use it. We've seen, heard and read the evidence that this is crap. Truly pathetic!
posted by leileea on Jun 05, 2009
posted by Catmando on Jun 05, 2009
Found this article today "So I learn today that Claymates were behind a story that was online at MSNBC regarding Adam Lambert. False stories like these will not win the Claymates nor Clay Aiken any fans. I should not be, but I am shocked and appalled at the lengths that Claymates will go in an attempt to "get even" with someone for something they have said about Clay Aiken that the Claymates deem disrespectful. For those unaware of the story here it is: While much of the chatter surrounding “American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert has to do with speculation about his sexuality, the behind-the-scenes talk at many of the stops along Lambert’s publicity tour is how difficult he is to work with. “He is such a diva. Rude to everyone — from fans right down to the lighting folks,” said one person who worked with Lambert. “A-list celebrities have come through here and been infinitely more polite,” said another person who worked with Lambert during a stop in New York. Lambert should change his attitude quickly, according to one music producer. “No one sells that many records these days to be able to get away with that kind of behavior. To be a success you need literally everyone in your corner."
posted by wildflower on Jun 05, 2009
You're a little late and no one believes this crap anyway. Everyone who's worked with him or knows him disputes this. Why are you blindly reporting it as fact?
posted by SUYU on Jun 05, 2009
posted by ADAM GAY! on Jun 05, 2009
posted by reg on Jun 05, 2009
This is a load of bull and not reliable. Hmmm…. from an unnamed source, sure that's believable. I love Adam and I pray that through Jesus that people will stop hating on him. We should all love each other and stop the hate by being more like Adam because that’s all he really wants is for everyone to get along and to love each other.
posted by Pam on Jun 05, 2009
A diva does not refer to himself as "weird" or "kind of ridiculous". For me, even without the volumes of evidence on YouTube and his behavior on Idol and since, that tells me what a bunch of BS these allegations are. Shame on you for giving them any space on your site!!!
posted by MiMi on Jun 05, 2009
Some people will do anything to cause trouble.
posted by Lior on Jun 05, 2009
I don't believe that for a second!
posted by wtdp on Jun 05, 2009
No sources no story. Period.
posted by les on Jun 05, 2009
the author of that garbage is an idiot. & adam looks totally gorgeous in that pic. ---->
posted by janie on Jun 05, 2009
I love how everyone here seems to KNOW Adam...he was a contestant on a SCRIPTED TV show.Unless you are a family member or a close friend, what you know about him is only what they wanted you to believe. Sure, he could possibly be the nicest guy going....BUT in the real world he could also be the complete opposite. The same goes for Public side forward, so to speak. Time will reveal the actual person.
posted by Diane on Jun 05, 2009
To me this article was an attention tactic by the writer to get just this kind of reaction and it won't bother Adam as he is well aware of what happens in the press and gossip media once you become a "Celebrity" and I am sure it won't bother Adam or his fans in the least, and I quote "I know who I am and am comfortable with it". Go Adam!
posted by keith on Jun 05, 2009
he always thanks his fans...the judges...he never fails to say thank you. so i dont believe this. BS
posted by ShameOnYou! on Jun 05, 2009
Idol contestants lived with him for months emphasized what a great person he is! He never was impolite to judges whatever their comments were! What you are talking about does not make sense! What is your problem!
posted by Ellen on Jun 05, 2009
Total garbage. Everyone says Adam is polite, humble, nice, etc. And this article pops up. Ha, nice try. Too bad no one's buying it.
posted by Fran on Jun 05, 2009
Sounds like what we call it in Australia "tall poppy syndrome"..when you are popular and on top, there are always people who want to bring you down! Lies, lies, lies!
posted by rona on Jun 05, 2009
Obviously fake. Seriously, people...if you make up stories, make them more believable. Whoever wrote this can't even name sources. Sheesh. Calling Adam a diva is the most stupidest thing I ever heard.
posted by linda on Jun 05, 2009
chicken shits wouldn't post my comments yesterday about their long tongue sinful lies on Adam. Good thing that people like me don't know where the person who wrote this crap about Adam lives because if I did, look out!
posted by Patti on Jun 05, 2009
Wow! I guess his coming out of the closet wasn't good enough. Now, people want to destroy his character. All I can say is Adam speaks for himself when he sits in an interview and has the camera in his face. He is nothing but humble, loveable and professional. I think are going to be a lot of haters because Adam is a total package that has not been seen like this in years. Just have to keep praying for this young man. Although, something tells me he is very strong within and much of the small talk will not hurt him.
posted by Wow on Jun 05, 2009
Chris Isaacson,Shane Scheel, Ryan Seacrest,Brian Mayfield (USA Today Idol Chatter), Michelle Collins, Extra, Michael Slezak (EW), Lindsay Parker (LA Times) all contradict Ms. Courtney Hazlett's (msnbc) claims --she offers no names, just rumors.
posted by Wow. on Jun 05, 2009
Chris Isaacson, Shane Scheel, Ryan Seacrest, Brian Mayfield (USA Today Idol Chatter), Michelle Collins, Extra, Michael Slezak (EW), Lindsay Parker (LA Times) all contradict Ms. Courtney Hazlett's (msnbc) claims --she offers no names, just rumors.
posted by Terrie on Jun 05, 2009
posted by Beth on Jun 05, 2009
Oh my goodness, could people get anymore pathetic? Whoever wrote this must be really desperate for attention. No one's gonna buy this crap. Adam is heck of a nice guy and bringing him down makes it seem that obviously, people are jealous.
posted by Bruce on Jun 05, 2009
Number one top sign that you have become a major superstar? Hack reporters write fake "news" about you!
posted by Sarah on Jun 05, 2009
Adam is a class-act all the way! This is completely made up or whoever wrote this (and had no credibility for he/she didn't even site their source) is lowly and must have perceived Adam wrong.
posted by BlueAngel on Jun 05, 2009
Adam is the BEST......Never believe these lies. I cannot wait to get Adam's CD's and a copy of the Rolling Stone. He will be the most successful idol EVER. I wish him all the best. I LOVE him.
posted by sylverine on Jun 05, 2009
posted by Cindy on Jun 05, 2009
Please tell us who is this insider. Recently a columnist in California told me that it could not have happened to a nicer guy. Every show he has been interviewed on has only good things to say about him. Stop this nonsense and report something worth reporting.
posted by b24 on Jun 05, 2009
A sad peice of journalism. Time to review your own career....30 minutes in the rain in NYC says your wrong!
posted by lizie on Jun 05, 2009
Good Day New York said he was so sweet and humble that they couldn't believe it! this is just jealousy speeking.
posted by bully on Jun 05, 2009
can we call this article plagiarism lol
posted by Rivergirl on Jun 05, 2009
Of course this is slander; someone riding on Adam's coattails. Adam, I miss you; when can we see you on Ellen or Oprah?
posted by Me on Jun 05, 2009
Put this phrase into google and you will see he is getting an award on Sunday ;o) Young Hollywood Awards! Full List of Winners! Young Hollywood Artist of the Year: Adam Lambert
posted by Amanda on Jun 05, 2009
This is NOT true. Everyone who has been interviewed (for real) has said the nicest things about Adam - and now someone they can't even name has a bad word? Um, if they even heard this from somewhere it was probably someone who was jealous. It is not true people, come on, you've seen Adam - he is not like that. He's worked many,many years in Holllywood, he knows you'll never get anywhere if you behave like a diva. And he was even nice to a f-ing TMZ paparazzi!! Please don't spread this around, it is far from the truth.
posted by penny on Jun 05, 2009
I think blaming another fan group of starting stories is a little ridiculous. This rumour may be as stupid as the rumour itself. think about it? We don't believe Adam is a diva so why should we believe that Clay fans started the story? Are either story really based on any concrete evidence, I doubt it. Just let it go people! You energy is much better served going to concerts and enjoying the show!
posted by staiegirlie17 on Jun 05, 2009
Uh Oh, Did Adam piss off the powers that be by walking hand and hand w/Labry? I guess us fans will just have to finance his record now and he can go the indie route. Screw you whoever talking crap about Adam.
posted by lynnk on Jun 05, 2009
I have come to learn that many stories printed are baseless about the American Idol contestants, Kelly, Ruben, Fantasia and yes Clay. He has been the brunt of many ridiculous stories but he has held his head high through it all. But as a fan of Adam or any of the other contestants you must be careful how far you take your defense of them. You will get people really tired of reading your rants and raves and turn them off to the actual performer. None of them are perfect, they have their good days and bad days. I believe them all to be good, decent people. And I would never criticize any of them. Yes some make mistakes but they are all human. Again, don't bash any of them or pit them against each other by quoting their record sales or successes. Let each of them perform and enjoy it. It only makes us the fans look petty and ridiculous. Dial it down a little and realize those stories are going to come and go. A positive reaction to stories gets the bad journalists nothing to go on. And you know what? I bet in the future even Adam and Clay will find their middle ground and the only people still fighting will be the fans! They will probably have a good laugh at the ridculousness of all this anger!
posted by CAT on Jun 05, 2009
Are you happy now Courtney?!! Now this bull has spread all over the internet. If you think for one minute that we believe this you are sadly mistaken. We won't let you take Adam down with these lies. Shame on you and all news sites that repeat these lies. If any of you Idol contestants are reading this...stand up for Adam. Let these so called news sites know we are not going to put up with it. Go Adam...we've got your back babe!!!
posted by nowayman on Jun 05, 2009
That's "bunk" and you know it. Get a life negative media! We're not buying it.
posted by Ess on Jun 05, 2009
Oh, right. It was *so* rude of him to stay 30 minutes past his scheduled time to sign autographs for us in the cold & the wind in NYC last week. How dare he oblige fans! Next thing you know he'll be *talking* to them or something.
posted by Ashley on Jun 05, 2009
Clearly everyone know these are all rumours and sadly the journalist just don't hava a life. I don't find it rude or whatever shit when Adam is just being himself. "Adam Lambert has placed himself under increased media spot light." Shouldn't we thank the journalist for this too?
posted by Amanda on Jun 05, 2009
Kris Allen SUCKS!!!
posted by Susan on Jun 05, 2009
Courtney Hazlett--you are making Fox News look good.
posted by anya on Jun 05, 2009
You know...Adam has a palpable sweetness that comes across the TV screen. The fact that you reported this story (and btw the original on MSNBC said "source" not "sources" - see how it goes?) lessens Your credibility.
posted by Musikfreak19 on Jun 05, 2009
I highly doubt that this is true. What annoys me the most is that he's being called a "diva." Why is he a diva when any other rockstar-type guy would just be being a typical rockstar if he were acting this way, which I don't think Adam is? But, because Adam is a gay man, they call him a "diva," that's bullsh**!!
posted by BSx2 on Jun 05, 2009
This is just BS! We know our Adam and he is not like that! Duh!
posted by 408cheryl on Jun 05, 2009
nice try...we know our WORLD IDOL too well (thanks to youTube).
posted by jennifer on Jun 05, 2009
Junk journalism! Desperate to get an internet hit. but this writer comes across as flaky - you need to use your sense a bit more. Not good for your rep mate!
posted by Valerie Robinon on Jun 05, 2009
South Africa loves him they play every day songs of him on radio on request from the public, because he is different do not criticizes him. !!!!!!!He uplifted the standard for Idols in the world which will be challenge to mach.!!!
posted by netmeg99 on Jun 05, 2009
and for the record Entertainmet Weekly's Slezak tweeted today that Adam couldn't have been any nicer when they did their interview, and that everyone loved him!!
posted by BS on Jun 05, 2009
What's your deal you liar? Adam is awesome and you need to make better use of your time.
posted by netmeg99 on Jun 05, 2009
reply to phdude LMAO...that post was great!!
posted by T on Jun 05, 2009
Umm...this is the guy who when asked what he told his hairstylist to do each week on Idol responded: I don't TELL her anything...I ASK her what she thinks.
posted by ida on Jun 05, 2009
What a bullshit
posted by netmeg99 on Jun 05, 2009
So your job is to read other journalist post's and repeat them...humm I guess I should be a journalist if that's all it takes. what happened to integrity and facts. There are no facts to back this insane lie. Adam has proved himself over and over again and received praise from everyone he has worked with. Even the other Idol contestant couldn't say enough about how sweet and kind he was always helpful when they had a problem and that he was a blast to work with. Adam always thanked the band and mentors after each performance and was gracious and appreciated any critisisim so your credibility just went down the toilet...Maybe you should get a job with the National Inquirer. Moron!!
posted by Gokey Fan 4 Life on Jun 05, 2009
WOW.. I am a Danny Gokey fan and do not believe this for a second. Adam does not come off that way and what kind of journalist uses an unnamed source to try and gain hits for their website. The media is going to ruin Adam before he has a chance to become successful. This is an outrage, that he is being accused of this. I highly doubt anyone believes this. Danny and Adam are total opposites and Danny says in a interview that Adam is misunderstood, that people do not realize he is genuinely a great and nice guy. GIVE IT UP. Noone is buying this crap.
posted by Ryan on Jun 05, 2009
How creative copying someone elses made up article. Even us straight guys can appreciate a real talent. Are you scared now!!!
posted by PhDude on Jun 05, 2009
An unnamed source told me recently that Kris Allen spit on and killed an American Eagle with his bare hands before throwing the limp carcass at President Obama on a recent trip to D.C. This is as reliable and newsworthy as the piece of crap journalism from the gossip columnist at MSNBCs gossip section.
posted by Jolene on Jun 05, 2009
Okay so you're upset that we still love Adam even if he is gay? You guys are pathetic having to make up stories to make yourselves feel better.
posted by Keri on Jun 05, 2009
This has already been discounted by multiple sources. The guy has been around a long time and is a class act behind the scenes.
posted by Sarah on Jun 05, 2009
Adam rocks. Who are these crazy worthless wannabees!!!!!
posted by Michael on Jun 05, 2009
MSNBC is desperate for attention. This guy is the real deal. (Coming from a heterosexual 30 year old male), This guy rocks !!!!!!
posted by AdamMediaProtest on Jun 05, 2009
Attention Adam Fans: Everyone must contact and lambast Entertainment Editor Denise Hazlick who published the original false article. It was irresponsible of her and we must let them all know they can't keep getting away with this crap.
posted by OoPiNkIsHoO on Jun 05, 2009
What is it with you people?!! One dumb, idiot person started a flame and you all are following it blindly? Not even noticing how STUPID that piece of garbage was? Only a dunce would believe that bs. Such nonsense. Unauthentic piece of sh*t. Get a life, people!!
posted by Sharon on Jun 05, 2009
Sorry, old news. No one is buying it, Adam is HOT!!!!!
posted by Noresponse on Jun 05, 2009
TO ALL ADAM FANS: I think the best thing we can do is NOT comment on these made up worthless articles. It's done to piss us off and keep attention off the vote disaster. Don't give these idiots the satisfaction of your reasonable logical replies and maybe they'll go away.
posted by Selena on Jun 05, 2009
Adam is one of the nicest celebrities I have ever met.
posted by suec on Jun 05, 2009
adam is a wonderfully talented gentleman, that's so clear! that article which you repeated here is just crap! not true! made up so someone could sell a names, huh? just "sources".....this is a planted story to try to discredit adam.....won't work! adam rocks!!!!!!!!!
posted by stam on Jun 05, 2009
Well Adam fans I understand. I like Adam. Also thanks for taking the heat off other idol's fans. You are a force to be reckoned with all right. :-)
posted by alyssha on Jun 05, 2009
The credibility of the writer on this particular article is tainted by speculative and prejudiced views. It's one sided, without providing any solid proof of such evidence. It may be a marketing tactic to stimulate emotions from their readers to write in.
posted by Lolita on Jun 05, 2009
I can do better: It has come to our notice that the recent spate of attacks against Mr. Lambert by MSNBC reporter Courtney Hazlette is a result of unrequited love. An unnamed source at the media company reported that Ms. Hazlette has been extremely bitter and resentful towards Mr. Lambert soon after pictures of him in the company of a gentleman "friend" surfaced on the Internet. According to the source, "Courtney has been obsessing about Adam all day long. She devours every bit of information about him and watches his American Idol rendition of 'I can't get no satisfaction' 50 times a day". In light of this news, one psychologist strongly suggests that Ms. Hazlette change her behavior. "Understandably, it must be devastating that he will never be attracted to her. But she should change her attitude lest her career as a journalist suffers dire consequences".
posted by Doro on Jun 05, 2009
Oh please, It's beyond feeble to publish such rumors. Who would care if he is a diva or not anyway, if you enjoy his music? Blaming this stupidity on fans of other performers is ridiculous also. I'm at amazed at what crazy leaps of logic people are willing to take to place blame.
posted by cheesehead on Jun 05, 2009
Come on. Clay Aiken is not jealous of Adam what's his face. With the records he's sold and Spamelot and a beautiful little boy - why would he want (or anyone else for the matter) to be the jerk that this other guy is. I'm not a real Clay fan - I'm just realistic - he has nothing to be jealous about.

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