Video: Eminem Helps Jimmy Kimmel Writing His First Song

June 05, 2009 07:14:39 GMT

Eminem hits the studio, becoming Jimmy Kimmel's rap mentor as seen in the footage from 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' primetime specials.

Video: Eminem Helps Jimmy Kimmel Writing His First Song
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A video footage from "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" primetime specials on June 4 has hit the web, featuring Jimmy Kimmel's studio session with Eminem. It starts with a scene where the TV personality and the rapper sit next to each other on a couch, talking about what has to be done to start the rap thing.

Wearing similar clothes, white t-shirts and grey hoodies, they are involved in a conversation, which topics include story of Jimmy's first day in junior high school that reveals he used to be called Briefcase Joe by his friends. "You can use that as your rap name, that Briefcase Joe," Eminem responds to his story. "Turn your negative into positive."

Next hilarious scene captured on the footage is when Eminem and Jimmy write lyrics for Jimmy's first song behind the mixing table. Jimmy writes, "They call me Briefcase Joe/I got a body made of pizza dough/You know/" and Eminem adds lines "I got testicles in my [mumbles]."

Eminem teaching Jimmy Kimmel how to rap:


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posted by lol on Jun 05, 2009
em and jim are the best great friends aswell
posted by saba on Jun 05, 2009
hahha funny :D Em for life
posted by zzzzzzzz on Jun 05, 2009
just lol!!!!!

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