TV Ad for Jonas Brothers' New Album

June 05, 2009 04:53:20 GMT

Jonas Brothers have started promoting their new album 'Lines, Vines and Trying Times' on TV.

Jonas Brothers
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Photo credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos

A TV advertisement aimed to promote Jonas Brothers' new album "Lines, Vines and Trying Times" has been outed. It shows scenes from their "Paranoid" music video with a narrator's voice being featured on the background and telling about what fans can expect from the new effort.

"Lines, Vines and Trying Times" is set for worldwide release on June 16. In addition to listing "Paranoid", it will include "Fly With Me", a song heard at the title credit of movie "Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian". Also, it will have rapper Common as a featured guest.

Both "Paranoid" and "Fly With Me" have been released to radios across United States. While a music video for the former song has been premiered, a video for the latter is still in the middle of shooting. Most recently, a footage from its shooting location has arrived.

TV ad for Jonas Brothers' new album:

Jonas Brothers on the set of "Fly With Me" music video:


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posted by satrlight on Jun 30, 2009
omg they are so great and cute they are the best love them
posted by Nick Fan Forever on Jun 07, 2009
They rock! I've seen everything about the movie and I'm patiently waiting to watch it. I am also writing my literature writing about it. AWWW! IT ROX!
posted by JoBrosRox on Jun 07, 2009
Jonas brothers are awesome! they are so talented. Why do you people consist on slagging them off!? OK I could maybe get my head round it if it was true but its not!!! They play and write their own music AND sing live. Their concerts are brilliant as they put a lot of work and energy into what they do. Plus they are very good people who set a great example and are inspirational. Seriously some of you guys are just very jelous, stop being jelous and slagging them off to make yourselfs feel better. How can you hate someone you dont even know, who are you to judge? Get a life seriously
posted by jonasluv705 on Jun 07, 2009
if you hate them so much why do you spend your time commenting on them???? seriously you guys ar ejust as obsessed with them as we are. they are great talented guys. and dont say well they sucked on this tv performance becasue until youve seen them live in concertyou have no idea how talented they really are. and are they fake???is it becauseyou think they dont siong or play thier insturments???? well you need to check your facts because theyll go out in the parking lot before a show and play and acoutsitic show with nothing but thier voices and guitars. yinz are all dumb if you think they have no talent...but hey more for us then :-)
posted by US Charts! on Jun 06, 2009
I haven't seen a TV commercial for a CD in so long (except Kidz Bop lol) Awesome!
posted by Samantha on Jun 06, 2009
I'm with Johnny and nora13. I like the Jonas Brothers, I think their show is great and their film is great. People who aren't fans can't shouldn't come onto posts like this and comment, believing that their opinions are completely true. I like the Jonas Brothers, but I don't try to inflict my opinion on others like Haley, Lol at Johnny and ahahha are trying to on this post. Basically, if you don't like something, DON'T COMMENT ON IT. Leave it for the people who do like it to enjoy.
posted by misty on Jun 06, 2009
cool =P
posted by Haley on Jun 05, 2009
How bad these guys are, in the end? All their trash is WAY too pimped. But still, they are fake and talentless. Their movie was busted off, their series is doing bad (what a satisfaction) their paranoid crap is... as crap as all they have so far done and I see with pleasure many are more than growin up tired with these fakeness constantly marketed on and on. Disney... they stink. People aren't THAT brainwashed (in their majority) to buy JoBrothers crap all the way, you know.
posted by ahahha on Jun 05, 2009
Johnny, what a naive creature you are. GRAMMY? Disney execs bought their nomination for Best Artist (the only nominees that is selected in different way and has a different voting view, check your fact straight, if you can) and naturally lost to Adele (they could have to all the rest nominated, as it was a joke they were in that list anyway). Disney paid to have them up, face it. Donation at Grammy Museum, anyone? Grammy made them perform (AWFULLY) so ordals of stupid kids like you apparently would have turn tv on to watch that shame, and think it was worthy. Grammy had a low down in credibility by even just mentioning these sick fake guys. But as the guy before me stated, we can't expect people praising garbage to have any decent acknowledge of reality. Jo Brothers are just a promotional machine gun. And they're running out of fire, quick. And BLESSFULLY.
posted by Lol at Johnny on Jun 05, 2009
Wake up Johnny dude! Are you 12 years old or just blind and dumb? Jonas Brother SUCK and fact is all their results lately are HUGELY disappointing for something so heavily promoted, with so many money spent to make them fullfill every possible mediatic space. Revenue so far is just way below expectations. Not that we can hope brainless and tasteless JoSuck fans can have the brain to realize the obvious... Lol. They're a waste, period.
posted by nora13 on Jun 05, 2009
Yeah, I am definitely with Johnny. I was going to say exactly what she said. If you thought all that about the Jonas Brothers, then why did you have to "waste" your time looking at the post and commenting? Have you ever heard the phrase " If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything?" Well that applies here.

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