'True Blood' Season Finale to Feature Author Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris

The novelist who inspired HBO's 'True Blood' will make a cameo in the second season finale said Alan Ball who went blank on the role details.

Though not consulting Charlaine Harris much about the direction of his "True Blood" series, Alan Ball announced that he will indeed include the author in the season finale. In a press conference held Wednesday, May 3, Ball told reporters that Harris will make a cameo before the second season ends.

"She actually is going to come out and do a cameo probably in the last episode of the season," said Ball. "But I do think it's best to just respect that boundary. Maybe I'm just being chicken because I don't want to hear that she hates this or she hates that."

"True Blood" is based on the books written by Harris about the Sookie Stackhouse saga. The second season, which will premiere June 14 on HBO is adapting much on the second novel which is titled "Living Dead in Dallas". Sookie and Bill will travel to Dallas upon request to investigate the disappearance of a vampire.

Previously in an interview with SCI FI Wire, Ball explained how it worked between him and the novels. He said, "The challenges for me are to remain very true to the spirit of Charlaine's books and the world and the characters. To not just go, like, 'Oh, it's supernatural, so we can do this. Wouldn't it be fun?' without keeping it rooted in the characters' emotional lives."

During the press conference, Alan Ball also spared his vision regarding fellow Vampire phenomenon, "Twilight", admitting that he is not a fan. "I can't really talk that much about 'Twilight' because I haven't read any of the books or seen the movie, but I personally don't really understand why you would have vampires in something that's basically about abstinence," he said.

"I guess it makes it safe for young girls to fantasize about vampires in a way that isn't really threatening. ... But as long as people love vampires and it helps bring them to our show, I'm happy."

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