Lady GaGa Dreams of Having Foursome Sex With Jonas Brothers

June 03, 2009 08:37:55 GMT

"I love the Jonas Brothers, they're very talented. I met them once. I'd like to have a foursome with them," says singer Lady GaGa.

Lady GaGa
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No stranger to talking about her sex life publicly, Lady GaGa has expressed her desire to have sex with music trio Jonas Brothers. "I love the Jonas Brothers, they're very talented. I met them once. I'd like to have a foursome with them," she is quoted as telling Britain's Daily Star newspaper.

In another Lady GaGa news, she recently was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine's annual Hot List issue. The shot witnessed her wearing nothing but see-through and figure-hugging outfit that shows off her curvy body. The costume she wears, apparently, is made of plastic and has transparent bubbles on its front part that cover both of her nipples as well as her private part.

In an interview with the magazine, she openly admitted her bisexuality, saying her interest in women often makes the boys "uncomfortable." She revealed further, "The fact that I'm into women, they're all intimidated by it ..... They're like, 'I don't need to have a threesome. I'm happy with just you.'"


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posted by LOVE SEX on May 14, 2012
posted by TRC on May 14, 2012
posted by ms.pretty 2x pink on Sep 02, 2011
lady gaga songs so amazing^_^ but sad to say she's not a role model to our teens:( dont like the dirty costume and so dull slut :( peace im just trying to be honest^_^ no offense
posted by Patricia on Mar 16, 2011
Is that all she thinks about? Her mind must be so messed up!!!
posted by jerry on Feb 14, 2011
are you all retarted? this is obviously fake
posted by GagaIsGagly on Dec 04, 2010
. Listen. Lady Gaga is simply UGLY !!! There. I've stated what everybody else has been thinking for years (and you know it's true). She looks like a combination of BOTH Courtney Love (who everyone knows had Curt Cobain killed) AND like that ugly little kid who was the star of that moronic one show called 'Blossom'. Why won't they all just get a nose job and have their jaw/chins fixed already? Just because they are rich does not mean that they also have a right to go around traumatizing society with their unattractive faces. How dare they?!?! Why can't they all just do society a favor and call a plastic surgeon already? And as things stand so far .... 'Dude looks like a Lady...Gaga' (except the dude is much prettier) LOL. .
posted by aida on Oct 16, 2010
lady gaga i like your fucking songs
posted by brainwashed on Sep 13, 2010
leave gaga alone!!!! hahahaah
posted by topanga on Sep 12, 2010
i hate you
posted by hftidnkkmh on Jul 18, 2010
posted by gaga\'s monster on Jun 27, 2010
she clearly said that she wanted a foursome, meaning that she wants to compose a song with them. she said nothing about sex. you people just want to make her sound like a slut. plus, what's the big deal about her being bisexual. so what. heck, i'm a bisexual 12-year-old and you don't see the paparrazi after me. all i'm sayin' is leave her alone. and plus, don't you people have anything else to do besides taking her down? honestly, GET A LIFE!
posted by gaga\'s monster on Jun 26, 2010
I agree with bff sexychick on this one. just LEAVE HER ALONE! plus, if you're trying to hurt her reputation, you failed. she doesn't give a FUCK what people think bout her!so happy i could die, take a bite of my bad girl meat and SUCK IT!
posted by sexychick on Jun 26, 2010
posted by gaga\'s monster on Jun 26, 2010
i think she has her own style and that people should just LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!so what she's bisexual, what if i was too? so what you don't see me on the news! i fall down all the time, do you see me on the internet!so what i'm sayin' is LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE!!!! Cherry Cherry Boom Boom Bitch!!
posted by hottie 2 on Jun 19, 2010
hey can you do that with me hot thang you are so sexy
posted by Peter on Jun 06, 2010
Gaga is amazing. A bit weird and unusual, but that's OK! I'm a straight man with a massive crush on the girl. The gays can't have her all to themselves! Keep rocking Gaga, hubba, hubba!
posted by Jimmy on Jun 02, 2010
Id love to fuck Lady Gaga she has an incredible ass!
posted by Ilubali on May 11, 2010
Wat the fuck she thinkin u gon way 2 far you fuckin ass joe n nick is mine so go fuck off with kevin n any way how u ganna haue a 4some
posted by Ilubali on May 10, 2010
How do i get a guy 2 like me?(im hot)
posted by Ilubali on May 10, 2010
She/he is a sick fuckin twised shankey
posted by corinne on Apr 04, 2010
this is way too far. first of all, joe is mine and second of all, lady gaga is too old for nick. kevin is already married and he can have sex with her not lady gaga.
posted by b rock on Feb 12, 2010
so who is the fourth person?
posted by gaga\'s supporter on Feb 06, 2010
Lady gaga is so fucking hot. Jonas bro can actually go fuck off k. They dont even deserve do have a fucking foursome sex with gaga.
posted by Max on Jan 18, 2010
Bunch a teenaged brats with there heads up there ass. "uh no nick joney is like so mine!" shut the hell up.. you worthless peice a trash. none of Jonas kids wants you.. and there a bunch of losers anyway.. So girls grow up. I have spoken.
posted by dickspitz on Jan 01, 2010
So she wants a JoBro in every hole. Lady gaga is just another "artist" using sexuality in place of actual musical talent. And that's okay with me and most guys, we just think they're hot and want to fuck them. Yeah Lady Gaga has a big, beautiful whore ass that would be heaven to sodomize.
posted by ~YouandMe~ on Dec 29, 2009
JB sucks!!! Lady GaGa rules!!!! :D I don't give a crap what people say about her they can go fuck thereselfs for all I care! Hey guess what Lady GaGa, I'm bisexual too! :D now where equal! Wooooooo! :3
posted by Gagas little Monster on Dec 28, 2009
all i gotta say is who the fuck cares!!!! i am a huge lady gaga fan.. but i hate the jb band !!!! Evrybody likes and wants something diffrent!! i myself want to this and this but i cant!!! lady gaga is just expressing her MINDAND BESIDES NO ONE IN THIS FUCKIN WEBSITE HAS PROOF THAT THIS IS WHAT LADY GAGA SAID SO FUCK OFF AND LET THE SEXIEST ARTIST HAVE HER SPACE !!! PS I WANNA TASTE LADY GAGA AND I DONT THINK ILL EVER GET 2 DO DAT!!!! SEE EXPRESSING FEELINGS ISNT BAD!!!! OH IM A BISEXUAL 13 yr old CHAU!!
posted by Jammy.... on Dec 15, 2009
Whoo hoo Go girl! YOU BI-SEXUAL BABE! i love you and your craziness!
posted by Niki on Dec 15, 2009
Lady gaga rocks and well maybe the jb team might we never know do we i mean she is one pretty lady and over sexual in my opinion which is awesome YOU GO GIRL (LADY GAGA)
posted by Jammy.... on Dec 15, 2009
If u ask me, this is amazing! Id love...1 to lick her out...then the other 2 bros 2 suck each other off...then they all alternate..MMMMM LURVEEE IT :D
posted by Joe\'s Girl on Dec 02, 2009
Bicth!! The Jonas brothers have the ring of purity...!! and Joe is Mine!!! Biiiicth!!!
posted by roxxan on Oct 24, 2009
dont dowg er joke only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by jonas brothers !SUCK on Oct 24, 2009
i love lady gaga.but i hate the jonas brothers!!their music makes my ears pop! poker face is my favorite song from lady gaga. but having foursome is just groooooooooos . i feel bad for the jonas brothers though. who would want sex with them?!?!?!?!?
posted by boobs on Oct 16, 2009
you are a bicth you ass boobs mash
posted by no.1ladygagafan on Oct 10, 2009
i think lady g is stunning, but she can b weirrd-kinda like me! her music rox, and i would luv 2 record a song w/th her cuz she rox! i hate the jb's though, but its her opinion-like i said, she's a bit weird, thats k. lady g 4eva!
posted by lgf on Oct 07, 2009
lady gaga is awesome. maybe she meant she wants to do a song with them. she was probably just joking. she has the type of sense of humor.
posted by JasonJ on Oct 06, 2009
lady gaga is nasty hermaph and a dirty skank. oh and im hot ask anyone,
posted by Passerby on Sep 14, 2009
Maybe she meant singing a song with the Jonas Brothers? ^^; I like Lady Gaga's music, but her personality is really strange...
posted by harvy on Sep 13, 2009
she is dam sexy she what it it i will take it
posted by tom on Aug 12, 2009
"Im gonna bet 90% of the peple leaving hater comments on here or either fat or ugly, or both, or just get no booty. Lady Gaga is slammin, and her party ass lifestyle is just as attractive. Get the fuck outta the 1950's ya geeks." fuck you, asswipe. people can hate whomever they want. and you defending her makes you look like a sad, fat fuck. i dont hate her, though i'd love to fuck her and treat her like the fugly whore she is.
posted by Chris on Aug 11, 2009
Im gonna bet 90% of the peple leaving hater comments on here or either fat or ugly, or both, or just get no booty. Lady Gaga is slammin, and her party ass lifestyle is just as attractive. Get the fuck outta the 1950's ya geeks.
posted by aziledyckman207 on Aug 01, 2009
so what! thats what she wants damn u ppl need 2 back da fuck off and stop hatin!!!!!! LADY GAGA 4 LIFE!!!! WOOT! WOOT!
posted by wow on Jul 10, 2009
i'd have a trio wit jb too!!!
posted by KillerKenz on Jul 09, 2009
Lady Gaga is beautiful!! I'd fuck her on the spot. And i dont blame her, id like a foursome with the jonas brothers too! Cherry Cherry Boom Boom Bitch!
posted by Truth on Jun 28, 2009
"Lady GaGa Dreams of Having Foursome Sex With Jonas Brothers" Well keep dreaming you skank.
posted by MadMad<3 Joe!! on Jun 23, 2009
Lady GaGa is a comment above, im pretty sure the boys wont do this...lady gaga needs help!!!!!!!!
posted by nikkiii on Jun 22, 2009
just joken she's not my aunt wish she was though
posted by nikkiiii on Jun 22, 2009
every one who hates lady gaga has something very wrong with them cause she is the coolest person ever nomader what she is like i love her cuase she is my aunt
posted by $Fuck Lady Gaga$ on Jun 21, 2009
Replying to wat DONT H8 I luv jonas It is true who would like that if it was not true she could sue them
posted by mimi on Jun 16, 2009
WOW lady gaga i luv you bt dud im in luv wit the jo bros so back ") thats gross ewwwwwwwwhhhhhhh!!!!!!! "/
posted by DONT H8 I luv jonas on Jun 15, 2009
ITS NOT TRUE PEOPLE OKAY !! WHOEVER WROTE THIS SHIT IS LYING LADY GAGA SAID YEAH SHES A BISEXUAL BUT SHE DOESNT WANT FOURSUM SEX WITH THE JONAS BROTHERS SHE WANTS TO GET TOGETHER WITH THEM AND WRITE A SONG FOR THE JO BROZ AND MAYBE SING A SONG WITH THEM IN THE FUTURE i ama MAJOUR jonas brothers and lady gaga fan, MOSTY JONAS BROTHERS LOL and it is all SHIT AND LIES people i swear to god im telling you all the truth lady gaga DOES NOT want sex with the JONAS BROTHERS she wants to get with them and make some music and songs Lady gaga is a little strange shes different with her style and all and everyone has there own opinions u either like her or u dont buh making a fukin website then spreading crap like this is blimmin unreal!!! whoever made this website and the sh*t on it should go get there facts straight!!! not make rumours or spread things theyve heard from weirdos that hav nothin betta to do than spread LIEZ please dont diss me for this okay as a christian im swearing to GOD that what im saying is the truth...! please believe me people and dont hate on lady gaga she not a creep aye shes allgood. just dont believe the crap from this web page. JONAS BROTHERS ARE SOOOO HOT NICK ILOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART kevin and joe u 2 are awesome aswell and lady gaga is kwl 2.
posted by stronghold on Jun 15, 2009
jonas brothers? those gays.. X_X feelers and everything.. lady gaga's kinda humorous.. u think she is this and that, mind u people juz let her do her stuff coz it's her life and not yours.. im a gaga fan but for her pokerface only.. ughh.. just b real for ur world.. she got guts being like that and it's her thing.. jonas brothers? hmm.. kiddo's.. just hate them.. feelers.. getting crowd from the looks.. hell.. sick people... nick jonas? caught in the act of nose picking?
posted by Sarya....X on Jun 15, 2009
Okaay huevaar wrotee dis shit can go stik it up their fuckiing asses cuz it is BULL SHIT !!!! im am the BIGGEST jonas brothers fan and im for suree this aint true so hu evaar wrote dis GO FUCKIING STIK IT UP UR ASSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by poppy on Jun 14, 2009
she is anit she heather
posted by heather on Jun 14, 2009
she is realy sick
posted by JonasCrazy! on Jun 14, 2009
I Have Hated Lady GaGa From The Start, Now I Have More Reason To Do So. I Love The Jonas Brothers! Lady GaGa Should Leave Them Alone! I Mean, Seriously, The Brothers Wear Purity Rings, She Has No Chance To Get In Bed With Them. She/He Is A Slut. A Ugly, Wig-Wearing, Perverted, Slut Who Is A Disgrace To The World :|
posted by cake on Jun 13, 2009
all i can say is lol
posted by nike. on Jun 09, 2009
arrrrrrrghhhhh wooof wof
posted by niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikee on Jun 09, 2009
she is a sick freak but seeeeexyyyy
posted by Jonas.Lover.xo on Jun 09, 2009
I think that Lady Gaga has got a lack of respect for such great lads who don't have a care in the world about negative things people say about them. Lady Gaga just hides behind her fashion sense because she is too scared to show the world who she truly is. I truly think that the Jonas brothers have got guts to wear the purity rings and it is a personal thing and at least they can't get some girl pregnant or anything. Joe had major guts doing the Single Ladies dance and making a fool out of himself and tbh, i didn't think he would do it, but he made a promise to us, his fans that he would do it, just like he has made a promise to God that they won't have sex before marriage. I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS AND I COULDN'T GIVE A TOSS WHAT ANYONE SAYS ABOUT THEM! <3
posted by helena on Jun 06, 2009
Hey! this is nothing to do with england if she said it dont blame us! americans >:(
posted by JB fan on Jun 06, 2009
ewwwwwwww! is that woman CRAZY or something?!?! the jonas brothers are amazing and for crying out loud, don't people get that they wear purity rings? what is up with her? and i'm 100000000000000000000% sure that the jonas brothers would NEVER EVER do a thing like THAT! ewwww how disgusting can she get?! poor nick, joe and kevin. i love them and their music so so so so much. they're amazing boys :)
posted by agirl on Jun 06, 2009
Poor Jonas Brothers! this lady needs shame in therapy!
posted by agirl on Jun 06, 2009
poor jonas brothers! this lady needs help!
posted by tonio on Jun 05, 2009
she represents all the whores in the world, and its disgusting. yeah, she's spreading her music, as well her disease.
posted by BB on Jun 05, 2009
ya'll didn't have to dog her like that.
posted by em on Jun 05, 2009
she's mad.
posted by ashley on Jun 05, 2009
this is a site for sick journalist
posted by budaphly on Jun 05, 2009
Isn't this the same lady who confirmed she's not promiscuous?? And isn't one of the jonas' underage?? hmmmmmm... celebs are getting more hypocritical and sluttier
posted by elli=p on Jun 05, 2009
ewww wait let me refrase that, perverted whore
posted by nora13 on Jun 05, 2009
I think the whole thing was taken a little bit out of proportion, but you just don't say those kind of things about the Jonas Brothers or anyone with the amazing amount of fans that they have. You will definitely be back-fired!
posted by Jbfan on Jun 04, 2009
one word WHORE
posted by kinda sad on Jun 04, 2009
All news from this site is clearly written by people in another country... keep the jobs in america people. we're hurting bad enough here
posted by belle on Jun 04, 2009
oh whatever. i bet she said this as a flippant joke and it has been taken out of context.
posted by shantelle little tri on Jun 04, 2009
hi leyla hi amy
posted by little tripper on Jun 04, 2009
hi leyla mg
posted by Helena on Jun 04, 2009
Who wouldnt like a foursome with them ;) :D
posted by sophie! on Jun 04, 2009
lady gaga is amazing. there's no one quite like her! people that post stupid comments about her are pathetic- you probably expect everybody to act and be the same. "oh nooo, someone's different from everyone else, what are we to do?!" hahaaa get over yourselves, there's a new queen of pop on the rise.
posted by jonas fan#1 on Jun 04, 2009
you nasty whore that is very creepy and disgusting and i still like you but that is just weird and wrong in so many ways. girlfreind the slightest chance of you sleeping with them is a million to one and you are the one part.
posted by jonas fan#1 on Jun 04, 2009
that is really sick yo. if you wanna do that you should probably do that with kevin he is 21yrs old,not with the rest of them they are to young for you they could charge you for sexual harasment or put an restraining order against you.ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that is very gross you freeak me outttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
posted by yummo on Jun 04, 2009
mind fucked
posted by jonasfan on Jun 04, 2009
whore...she has to respect the boys 4 theur purity she is a sexual freak....
posted by I AM SO HOT! on Jun 04, 2009
ewwwwwww like no one wants to have sex with u! so piss .... off u ugly skank! oh and by the way u can so tell in most pics of u ur a man ...!
posted by Celinky! on Jun 04, 2009
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww the jonas brothers do NOT deserve this skank! Lady Gaga is a freaking man for Christ sake! I don't know why lady gaga bothers to were that stupid wig! she as brown hair underneath! And walking around for show with a see through plastic thingie! GROSSS YOUR ARE A ABSOLUTE SHAME TO THE WORLD! YOUR UGLY DO U HEAR ME, GO BACK TO BEING A POOR ASS YOU CANT SING OR DANCE ..... AND U SUCK! JUST GO AWAY! and plus Jonas brothers plz next time u see lady Gaga run away! I warn u she is evil! FOR EVERYONE'S SAKE GO AWAY! THANK YOU ....LOL !!!!!!!!!
posted by ew on Jun 03, 2009
ew lady gaga. thats gross and slutty
posted by ashley on Jun 03, 2009
wow disgusting, i bet they wouldnt want to have sex with her >.<
posted by brittney &&jaszmin on Jun 03, 2009
omgg dats like soo crazy she sounds like a true whore! i love her music and all but omgosh she cant be saying that their just kids seriously like the youngest one is 16... she 23..
posted by toricruz on Jun 03, 2009
i hope the jb dont even think about that .theres a 16 year old i have no respect for lagy gaga sorry its true
posted by tori cruz on Jun 03, 2009
she is dum and she is stupid im mean why would she say that . thats just nasty
posted by maky on Jun 03, 2009
wooooow? no comment
posted by sophie on Jun 03, 2009
that was to ell or ella baugha
posted by sophie on Jun 03, 2009
she isnt a man she had both parts when she was little and had the male part removed and hu are you to jugde her you dont know what she is like as a person leave her alone
posted by vicktureyah on Jun 03, 2009
WOW i cant believe it, she so pretty, but she looks so old doh but i love her but she will not sleep with the jonas brothers nick specifically
posted by ella baugha on Jun 03, 2009
she is a sick man!
posted by ell] on Jun 03, 2009
she is a sick man!
posted by ell] on Jun 03, 2009
she is a sick man!
posted by BabiieeBella on Jun 03, 2009
no comment. >.>
posted by rick ross on Jun 03, 2009
what the ella ella ella
posted by liam on Jun 03, 2009
hi babe :P

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