Adam Lambert and Alleged Boyfriend Stepping Out Hand-in-Hand

June 03, 2009 02:17:26 GMT

"American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert has been spotted holding hands with his rumored boyfriend, Drake LaBry, during a night outing in West Hollywood on Monday, June 1.

Adam Lambert
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Photo credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos

Letting the many speculations of his sexuality continue, Adam Lambert has been photographed stepping out with his alleged boyfriend in West Hollywood on Monday, June 1, holding hands, only to add fuel to the rumors that he indeed is gay. The man, who is widely believed to be his same-sex partner, was identified as interior designer Drake LaBry.

Both of them arrived together at West Hollywood hot spot Guys & Dolls, where they were said to be acting very affectionate toward each other. "They were dancing very closely together, very flirtatious inside," a source in the know told US Weekly. "They were sipping Grey Goose."

The source claimed to have also spotted Ryan Phillippe and girlfriend Abbie Cornish at the venue. "It was cute to see two couples -- one gay and one straight -- acting the same and nobody caring!" said the source. Adam and Drake were snapped leaving Guys & Dolls a little after 2 A.M. Some photos of the twosome's togetherness can be seen on Celebrity Mania.

Earlier that day, Adam and Drake were also spotted putting a united front around town. The rumored gay lovers went shopping at Kitson Men, where the singer reportedly bought Drake a Marc Jacobs blazer said to be worth $358. "They were having fun shopping," an eyewitness testified.

While Adam Lambert has yet verbally confirmed that Drake LaBry is his lover, Drake himself is reported to have been a frequent visitor to the "American Idol" set and was often seen sitting with Adam's family during the live shows. Meanwhile, rumors on the street say Adam will confirm if he is gay or not in the next issue of Rolling Stone magazine, the issue of which has not yet been confirmed by either the "Idol" runner-up or the publication.


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posted by lopez on Jun 09, 2009
its not any of your buisness and what,its not like you are going to met him dont make a fifrence if he is or not he wont like you anyways!
posted by ??? on Jun 08, 2009
Wouldn't it be a great joke on all of us if he's not gay at all?
posted by angel on Jun 08, 2009
HATERS can hate it only show YOU ARE insecure of ADAM.. gay or not he is very talented which most of us is not that is why we love to talk about him and I LOVE HIM!!
posted by LambertsLabelle on Jun 08, 2009
So if Kriss would run around hand in hand its cuuuute and if Adam does the same with his lifepartner ist a scandal??? Good for you,baby!!Don t be skeeerd..I know you re not!!
posted by LambertsLabelle on Jun 08, 2009
So.He s gay.Can you settle down now?Theres nothing else to confirm what he didn t openly confirmed since we met him.His business,his life,his boyfriend-let it go now,we are soooooo boooooooored!!!
posted by ADAM GAY! on Jun 05, 2009
posted by ashley on Jun 05, 2009
adam is so awesome! so what if he's a gay. that doesn't bother anyone and it's his life anyway.
posted by amy on Jun 05, 2009
i love adam!!!! and his personal life is none of our business. gay or not, hes an amazing vocalist, artist, performer and entertainer.and to 'gross', if you hate him then why are you reading up on him? and using your precious time and energy to post here?!
posted by cutie on Jun 04, 2009
posted by Gross!!! on Jun 03, 2009
Omg I hate him. Why does everyone keep talking about him. If he wants to be gay let him it just give's me even more reasson to hate him.
posted by Banks Woman on Jun 03, 2009
who cares?
posted by Selena on Jun 03, 2009
Love Adam. His private life is nobodys business.
posted by Electra on Jun 03, 2009
so what!! Its not are bussiness!!!
posted by Electra on Jun 03, 2009
so what!! Its are bussiness!!!
posted by Randy on Jun 03, 2009
seriously y would u go after a guy when ur gonna be spendin the summer with a hot girl whos really into u!?!?!??
posted by Amy on Jun 03, 2009
if hes not with allison i dont care who he dates.
posted by valerieknox on Jun 03, 2009
Wow- if you hate him then why waste your time posting comments about his sexuality? Ur LAME! Anyway, Adam rules and he's my Idol all the way!
posted by nat on Jun 03, 2009
oh god, i can't stand that guy
posted by valerieknox on Jun 03, 2009
I love Adam! He is so talented and he deserves to be happy:)
posted by iloveadam on Jun 03, 2009
thats soo rude. leave him alone. theres nothing wrong with being gay. dont be a homophobe, like seriously. the guys got tons of hes unbelievable. im a huge fan.
posted by Hana on Jun 03, 2009
Just leave them alone! Adam is just a man.
posted by Rachael on Jun 03, 2009
hes not gay, hes just a fun lovin guy, who like to be around other guys... that doesnt mean hes gay... whoever thinks he is gay, r friggin crazy!!!!

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