Paramore's New Album Is Finished, New Songs to Be Played on Tour


Paramore have finished recording their new album and they will perform two new songs from the effort during their opening set for No Doubt's summer tour.

Paramore's new album is confirmed to have been finished, and the band are now looking forward to showcase two of its new songs during their opening set for No Doubt's summer tour. "You're excited about [the album] 'cause it's done and you just want to go out and play those songs," drummer Zac Farro tells Billboard.

However, Zac admits that "there's a lot that has to be done" before they bring out the songs to public. He adds, "So it doesn't come out for awhile and you're just going back and playing your other two records when you just want to play all the new stuff."

Speaking further about the band's new effort, Zac is pleased that people recognize mature sounds in the album. "A lot of people have told us that (the album) is a very mature sound," he states. "I don't think we were aiming to be just more mature or whatever, but that's really cool to hear."

"I think there's a lot of new directions on the record. It sounds more like our live show to me, and the songs are just a lot deeper and have a lot more going on and everybody's parts are really special."

On whether or not they are interested to make music for any "Twilight" next installments, Zac says they are done with the movie. He explains, "We don't want to be, like, the vampire house band, It was really fun to be a part of that, and great exposure, but I think 'Twilight' was it for us. We don't want to seem like we're trying to get in every single movie they put out." His statement is in line with lead singer Hayley Williams' which previously claimed the same thing.

Paramore's forthcoming third studio album is yet to have any working title, but it is confirmed to be dropped sometime in September.

Paramore themselves hit the road as No Doubt's opening act, starting on June 2 at Ford Amphitheatre in Tampa, FL. They will support the Gwen Stefani-fronted band through August 12.



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