Susan Boyle's Interview After Her Loss on 'Britain's Got Talent' Final

Susan Boyle's Interview After Her Loss on 'Britain's Got Talent' Final

Few moments before she was taken to a clinic due to exhaustion, Susan Boyle managed to talk about her fame, the pressure as well as what she really wanted.

Susan Boyle spared a minute to talk about her loss on "Britain's Got Talent" on Saturday, May 30 night. In a video interview a day after the final, the 47-year-old said with a laugh that she was "feeling good" despite the unexpected result. Under the layer, Susan admitted that there were problems before the final, one of them was having a cold. But she told herself to "better pick it up and keep going. ...and after that it just got better."

On the amount of pressure that she felt during the final, Susan compared it to the audition in Glasgow where there were only 4,000 people and the fact that it was shot in the studio. "The Sunday night was entirely different and the pressure was really on me. But you tend to ignore that other people are watching and just concentrate on what's happening," she said.

Susan also talked about the pleasure of having fans, how she has no clue about the YouTube phenomenon and what she felt before the final. "Not 100 percent sure that we get through because anything can happen. But (I) do really the best I can, because I really want this moment to be a good moment. I want to fulfill this dream."

Just moments after the interview and the media coverage on her that Sunday, Susan was taken to a Priory clinic due to exhaustion. Without naming the person, a spokesman for London's Scotland Yard police said, "Police were called at approximately 6pm (1700 GMT) to a central London hotel to doctors assessing a woman under the Mental Health Act. Police and ambulance attended. The woman was taken voluntarily by ambulance to a clinic. At the request of doctors, police accompanied the ambulance."

Susan was reportedly emotionally drained out and was coping with the fact that she's a runner up. Show aides contacted the police after noticing that she was acting strangely at her London hotel. A source elaborated, "She'd been at the hotel for a few days, but since Saturday's final had been acting strangely, causing a bit of a stir. The staff were concerned - something wasn't right."




    missy bright
    Jun 05, 2009

    Susan you are a bright and shiny star please relax take care of yourself and let your wonderful self allow you to just be

    Jun 02, 2009

    I really wished Susan Boyle win! it is not fare compare dance category with sing category

    Jun 01, 2009

    BEFORE THE FINAL--this interview was after the semi-final. Susan came in first there. She meant to stay semi-final not finl

    Jun 01, 2009

    1) That interview occurred BEFORE the final, not after. 2) That interview was doctored to make Susan appear crazy. I saw the original interview on another website BEFORE the final WITHOUT doctoring.

    Jun 01, 2009

    That fake cut audio over Susan in the yellow dress is immoral, misrepresentative and the reason why not to trust internet media. I'm appalled at the "trash" who put it together. Susan Boyle deserves support, kindness and all the praise she's attracted through her talent, courage and strength of character. Decent people will be hoping only for her return to good health and ongoing success in her career as a professional singer - as good as Elaine Paige!!! You go GIRL!!

    Jun 01, 2009

    what's happening to Susan is very strange. I've read hundreds of press articles in the wake of her defeat and I honestly believe that the media is again regrouping for a second round of Boyle Backlash. What the hell is going on?!! Every pictures seems selected to portray her as sore-loser. I believe there's an engineered evil plan to bring this woman down.

    Jun 01, 2009

    I don't think Susan want to win BGT. it shows in her face coz seconds before the result there was fear all over her face but once Diversity was pronounced winner there's splash of relief all over her. Diversity also admitted that behind stage Susan was hugging / dancing in true joy with them. For Susan it's friends she wants most as emphasized in her post performance speech. But she keeps receiving hate-calls and snipping from certain individuals trying to harm her. Please send her back home where she'll be surrounded by longtime friends and neighbors. The doctors in Priory or the media in London is not what she need, she need her home, her cat, to visit her parents graves and to attend her daily church mass. The more time she spend in London, the worse they'll make out of her.

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