Video Premiere: Jeremih's 'Birthday Sex'

May 30, 2009 04:08:03 GMT

Jeremih tapes his intimate moment with his love interest in the just-debuted music video for debut single 'Birthday Sex'.

Video Premiere: Jeremih's 'Birthday Sex'
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New R&B singer Jeremih has put out a music video to support his debut single titled "Birthday Sex". He is shown making out with his love interest with a handycam being turned on to capture their intimate moment.

"Birthday Sex" is a self-written song set to be listed in Jeremih's upcoming first studio effort "Jeremih". It recently peaked at number 9 on Billboard Hot 100 and sat at the top spot on Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Jeremih simply said, "It was just a song I wrote. I wish I had a backstory to it like somebody's birthday came around and I didn't have any money so that's what I gave her, but no, it's just a song."

Jeremih's "Birthday Sex" music video


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posted by brazilian06 on Dec 31, 2010
who cares of she is brazilian..she is bad point blank
posted by bob on Apr 17, 2010
hi my name is bob aka bobert.... just wanted people to know
posted by nicky on Apr 16, 2010
she's brazilian by the way. but anyways, who cares about it? she's pretty, period. stop hatin on each other, at last we're still all the same. an eye for an eye leads to nothin but blindness ;)
posted by mohammed on Apr 07, 2010
Anna Faris teacher brave knights like the good to all people and love beauty in everything
posted by kroolk on Dec 27, 2009
Model = Alessandra Cardoso
posted by ashely on Dec 17, 2009
do you like sex
posted by insert name here on Dec 06, 2009 one put any more racist comments...this might seem crazy but....what if the girl is black?...or shes extremely light skin black? ok? so if ur white you can say what ever u want about her being black (im not white) just this could be true all of you are calling a black woman dumb and white all yall are color blind
posted by insert name here on Dec 06, 2009
this page is about the music...not the video so all you can say is comments on the song
posted by insert name here on Dec 06, 2009
just to say i was just joking about that...but no one put rracist comments if your racist youll die old and alone.
posted by will on Sep 03, 2009
ok..........da girl in da video is just IN DA ViDEO meanin its just a video so y is any 1 complanin
posted by will on Sep 03, 2009
ok..........da girl in da video is just IN DA ViDEO meanin its just a video so y is any 1 complanin
posted by face on Aug 13, 2009
some of you need to head back to elementary school and re-learn grammar and spelling. dont talk shit about people when you can't even use words. you are all stupid
posted by Fvdvccv on Aug 12, 2009
posted by ercan on Aug 06, 2009
lan serefsizler türkce yazın
posted by Chi Town on Aug 01, 2009
This Nigga Heard "Do It Like My BirthDay" A song by SoundMaster "T" Why Can"t niggas Give Props when props are due
posted by Jer\'s girl. on Jul 24, 2009
All of ya stop bein racist please. My mann is cool. (:
posted by Brooke on Jul 11, 2009
Oh ma Gosh!lol you guys are seriously ridiculous!really now?!? really?ur gonna sit around watchin videos just waiting for a black woman to show up?!?WTH does it really matter?!?the girl in the video is beautiful.and the song btw is great :). but honestly as a black woman myself i dont feel the least bit angry about it!It's little black girls like you who argue, fight, yell, get bitchy, and make everything out to be a contest just because you too insecure about yourself. It's not hard being a black woman, but its DEGRADING to hear or read women like yall be this way! All women should love all women for what WE'VE been through. We shouldn't allow men to disrespect US! Like the boy a few comments down with his "hoe" and "Skank". The problem isn't her being Brazilian, it's yall being so negative. So send new comments callin me whatever but I know i'm right. And yall are just jealous, cuz i don't feel less beautiful.
posted by this site sucks on Jul 11, 2009
Does anybody moderate this site? There are a lot of racist & vulgar comments that should have been taking down.
posted by kristina408 on Jul 09, 2009
ok first of all most brazilians are portuguese. Portuguese is like Spanish, Italian, and French, and some are even mixed with Arab. It's Mediterranean and considered to be Luso. Similar to How Spanish speaking people are called Hispanics, Portuguese Speaking are Lusitanians. It doesn't matter what her skin color is she's a pretty girl and guess what...obviously she was chosen to be in the video. Stop hating and give love to Jeremih
posted by ROBERT JOHN on Jul 08, 2009
posted by grtyyyyy on Jul 08, 2009
its just a song yall all gettin mad for nothin stop hatin the girl is pretty and jeremih is sexy. get a life ya dumb asses
posted by MM on Jul 07, 2009
The song rocks, the video rocks.. It's all about the music, everything besides that is just BS.
posted by Bean on Jul 07, 2009
Y do people give a shit about the race of a VIDEO HOE!!!! who gives a damn whether she's brown white black or yellow, she is a VIDEO HOE, model, dancer, actress, its ALL VIDEO HOE...I wanna know who was the asshole that watched the video just to notive that there were no black women in it....If this nigga want Brazilian Skanks then so be it...who cares, wasn't none of our asses trying out for the video so y are black women so upset, let the VIDEO HOES fight it out...
posted by SaBinh on Jul 02, 2009
my birthday sex video link below go chech it out
posted by SaBinh on Jul 02, 2009
here's my birthday sex video at youtube watch?v=Vyqu7nJujOM
posted by JustinPGH on Jun 30, 2009
They blogged about the girl in the video (Brazilian model) at I Saw It In A Rap Video[com]
posted by juggler on Jun 26, 2009
What's her name thank you
posted by da mrs.jeremih on Jun 24, 2009
yo ass is so sexy
posted by heyy on Jun 24, 2009
who gives a fuck if the girl is not black like wow .. shes hot!
posted by kattie aka kim on Jun 20, 2009
i love and i like this song
posted by Krazy diva on Jun 19, 2009
This is my jam fuck all haters love u homie. esteban anica is my bby fuck ruby brito lopez
posted by BABY GURL on Jun 19, 2009
posted by Gorgeouz on Jun 19, 2009
I LoVe hAvInG B_DaY SeX WiTh mII BbY ...I lOvE MiI BbY BrIaN <3 FucK AlL OuR HaTtErZzZzZ
posted by babygurl on Jun 19, 2009
this song is so hot i dedicate this to my friend mireya and her boyfriend brian.Love u. Peeps dont hate fuck all haters
posted by rtes5467346 on Jun 18, 2009
this is my jam
posted by Benita on Jun 14, 2009
If dark colored women want to be represented in the media more and talk about how light skinned women are slutty and shit then why do they all wanna be in a BIRTHDAY SEX video. Shouldn't they feel good they're NOT in a media production such as BIRTHDAY SEX? All jealous of lighter skinned women and shit. Hella obvious.
posted by krazycee07 on Jun 14, 2009
first of all the girl is brazilian, not white. and secondly the artist doesnt pick the video models, thats the job of the casting director, and thirdly this is nothing new, they been doing this for yrs, so get over it, even if the lady was blk but light skin u would still complain, accept the fact that the entertainment industry doesnt view darker skin woman as beautiful, sry but its tru, sad yes, but tru!!
posted by D on Jun 14, 2009
The girl is brazilian
posted by Shae on Jun 13, 2009
Im mad that there is so sexual tension in the video...nothing relates AT ALL. its so bad that i actually watched trading places on mute while listening to the song, and it worked better than this doo doo video. There is no hint towards whether or not its her birthday and thats fine i guess but girl is beautiful yes, and she did not play up the sex appeal and neither did he. When she was into it, he was looking at the camera and when he was feeling it she was flicking her hair..WELL disappointing. PLUS her skin tone has nothing to do with the sexiness of the video.
posted by Hotstreak on Jun 12, 2009
The gal in the video is ssssssuper fine damn! I wouldnt mind making her my wife haha
posted by vikki on Jun 11, 2009
i think black girls are under represented but thats no excuse for taking it out on this model she's beautiful..must be south american carribbean or italian or something along those lines..which is my category..that's so obnoxious to complain about her!! LOOK TO THE MEN OF UR OWN RACE AND WHO THEY CAST fuckin hate them rather than the innocent girl..fuckin stupid people i swear
posted by chy29 on Jun 11, 2009
diz song is so sexy
posted by ewraah on Jun 11, 2009
posted by sweet heart on Jun 11, 2009
i love this song
posted by offical gurl on Jun 11, 2009
i luv dis song its lky dah best song eva
posted by esther on Jun 11, 2009
Jane I was gonna write somethin all peaceful about who cares about the girls color and whatnot but I read your comment and all I gotta say now is... thanks a lot for fuckin it up.
posted by shanece mason on Jun 10, 2009
man all i no is that this song is the s.....
posted by loverofsex(lol) on Jun 10, 2009
this song is the ish. haha.jeremih is so f-ing sexy and i love this song. it'll never get old.
posted by shay on Jun 10, 2009
i love your song how did you come up with it
posted by birchissaud on Jun 10, 2009
all I gotta say is... niggaz and wiggaz.... song is shit too...
posted by marta on Jun 10, 2009
posted by makeyshi on Jun 10, 2009
ok i love the song it was good so was the vido but i sould have din the girl
posted by pRiiNcEsZ ViiCkii on Jun 08, 2009
well i think dhat itz not a biqq deal ii like dha video nd dha sonq and jeremih isz soo adorable 2.!
posted by kina on Jun 08, 2009
wats her name! the video girl is HOT. lol wow...ignorance much down there? anyways ya i want those shoes and why does Jeremih look like kanye west. lol <33
posted by Mick on Jun 07, 2009
The girl in the video is a pretty well known model and she is from South America. I recall her being from Brazil.
posted by jc on Jun 07, 2009
the girl is hella fine
posted by jj on Jun 07, 2009
the girl looks good
posted by Sweetcakez on Jun 05, 2009
Tthis man in this video is mad sexi and this song is nice
posted by jjfreak on Jun 05, 2009
this song is hot man check it out
posted by DEE DEE on Jun 03, 2009
posted by DEE DEE on Jun 03, 2009
posted by shaha on Jun 02, 2009
posted by niki123 on Jun 01, 2009
ayyy nikkuhs this ya qurl nikki well let meh start bii sayinq i love the video and da qurl is aa cutiie {no homo] so i dnt kno why all ya ppl trippinq damm he decided to put ha in der well to bad so STOP!!!!! tripiinq iiqhtz!!!! NikI {&#9829;]
posted by loved123 on Jun 01, 2009
damm all ya pplz fiqhtinq if it is a white so fuckinq wat they put that qurl in the fuckinq video deal wiff it iiqhtz !! thatz so fuckinq stupid well love the video and sonq !!!
posted by she on Jun 01, 2009
O yeah, the girl is BRAZILIAN!!
posted by tweez on Jun 01, 2009
Clearly, peple don't know how is real girlfriend looks so whatever girl he puts in his videos doesn't matter. Its a hot song and a hot video. Why people always have to come to the discussion of race doesn't make any type of sense. Oh and btw, his REAL girlfriend is BLACK and WHITE, so obviously race doesn't matter! Ignorance will get society nowhere.
posted by evelyn on Jun 01, 2009
damm bitches get a life u guys swear who gives a fuk if a blkack or white girl is in de vidoe its all about the mexican beautilul ladies
posted by lol on Jun 01, 2009
@ niki123 go back to school and learn how to write. You idiot.
posted by nolabelle on May 31, 2009
that chick is CLEARLY not white..just a light skinned sister, or perhaps mixed..but definitely not white..we come in all shades..*yes it's typcial casting* but she's not white
posted by mariolopez on May 31, 2009
posted by this girl on May 31, 2009
dumb bitches are fighting over a video and a girl ... LAAAAAME!!!
posted by Angeleyez. on May 31, 2009
by the way,in the song he says "kisses tasting like hersheys" Lol.Funny how he's not going to get that from a black girl.
posted by Angeleyez. on May 31, 2009
I love this song & was not surprised the girl was not black.If anyone hasn't realized,black girls are never in videos.99% of videos have females of other races(very light-skin races),so it was not a surprise.I'm black & i'm not hating on the girl in the video because she is pretty.But this is just an example of how the industry thinks you have to be as CLOSET to white as possible with out actually being white to be accepted in a black music video.People keep talking about how black women are "hating" but please.someone name ONE video where they had the majority of chocolate girls in it??Basically none.Even though this is messed up we as black women should not be angered by this,the industy is not important nor black men who think only "light skinned" girls are beautiful.We will do just fine with out them.
posted by mm on May 31, 2009
wad up wit ever1 talkin about tha white chick? She is hella sexy wit da blue sexy bed eyes and that pretty smile. I think she is mixed. who even care if she's not black. all u black women are just jealous, get over it.
posted by J-Royal08 on May 30, 2009
Women yall are taking this to far. The girl in the video is beautiful...Black women are in alot of video's... So why does this even matter? Womeny all should just support each other for doing big things and stuff because hating on each other likes this is immature...
posted by Sarah on May 30, 2009
I agree.i dont understand why she's talking about ignorant black girls, when the KKK is based on ignorant white people..honestly if you were in the position of a black women you would jane your comment was unneccesary. Lets just keep this forum based on the video..and stop further discussion on teh topic of race
posted by Caroline on May 30, 2009
hun your probably shut the hell up. It aint our fault yall are easy skanks, and thats where black man know to get a quick girls are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more classier than yall are and im sure thats why shes in this video. SO YOU CAN GO STRAIGHT TO HELL W. THAT KKK SHIT..
posted by jane on May 30, 2009
y r all the black girls always hating and being so racist the girl is very pretty and probably was way hotter than all the black girls who tried out no wonder the kkk still exist because their are a lot of racist ignorant black girls
posted by kymmyj on May 30, 2009
i agree with her the song is called BIRTHDAY SEX and it wasnt even sexual...and he looked kinda scared and should have been way more intense like TRADING PLACES..but i love the song :)
posted by Aimee904 on May 30, 2009
First of all the girl is white!! Where the sistas at??? Second i think you look way better when you aint all up in the camera. Third its a sex song for gods sake yall aint do nothing in the video. I'm highly disappointed!!!!:'(

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