Adam Lambert Says Clay Aiken Criticizes Him for Publicity Stunt

May 29, 2009 02:36:57 GMT

Responding to Clay Aiken's negative comment toward him, Adam Lambert says he is glad that Clay can earn more headlines after story of the matter was made public last week.

Adam Lambert
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It takes few days for Adam Lambert to finally break his silence regarding Clay Aiken's harsh words addressed to him, telling Access Hollywood on Thursday morning, May 28 after performing on the "Today Show" that he thought Clay was in need for publicity. "I don't know Clay", said the "American Idol" season 8 runner-up, adding, "I'm glad he's getting headlines now though, because he wasn't before."

Last Thursday, May 21, Clay posted a message on his official fan site, criticizing Adam's vocal quality and slammed people who supported him during the "American Idol". He wrote, "Now that it's all over, and for the record ... I couldn't be happier about the way AI ended this year. I only turn the show on once a season, and only to see what the set looks like each year. This year, I happened to turn it during the minute that Adam Lambert was singing 'Ring of Fire' and, at that moment, thought my ears would bleed. Contrived, awful, and slightly frightening!"

"I wasn't really a fan and found myself surprised whenever folks told me that they liked him," Clay continued. "Granted, I never saw another performance (and many folks who I trust said that he was great) but I can't imagine I would have enjoyed it. Just not my cup of tea at all." However, the runner-up of "American Idol" season 2 was quick to apologize for his comment, blogging on the next day, "I do apologize to Adam for my colorful (and negative) choice of words. I hope he can forgive me. I imagine he doesn't give a damn! :-) God knows he shouldn't."

Adam, in fact, wasn't bothered by Clay's negative comment. He told Access Hollywood, "If he wants to ride my coattails about it, good for him," before then giving Clay a thumbs-up sign.


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posted by whatever on Sep 15, 2009
Adam's fans are so insulted by Clay's comment, and they don't care Glambert called them "smelly and sweaty" after all the nasty language that he uses when he talks about women. Yaaak! ?Adam looks so fat and ugly and his screams are horrible!
posted by YWT2004 on Aug 11, 2009
CORRECTION: That was supposed to be riding, not righting!!
posted by YWT2004 on Aug 11, 2009
Well, Adam was right about one thing ...HE DOES NOT KNOW CLAY AIKEN!! And as far as Clay right Adam's coattails .....YA YOU WISH!
posted by A Gree on Jul 12, 2009
I agree with Aaron. This stupid Pepper person should just keep her trap shut when it concerns intelligent remarks. Obviously, she doesn't know how to make them and rants about things she knows little about. Personally, I don't think she knows what a drag queen is, or she would not have inferred that Adam looks like one. It seems apparent as well that her husband has no clue as to how to rate talent as the sound of Adam's voice makes his small head hurt. Both Pepper and her husband are blind and inept at making accurate judgements, so Aaron is right. You, Pepper, should stick your head in the sand and leave it there. Something tells me you'd appear much better looking that way.
posted by aaron on Jun 29, 2009
peppy, do you even know what a drag queen is? the only makeup adam wears is the stage makeup that EVERY CONTESTANT is required to wear, to bring out there features against the bright stage. the only extra thing adam wears is the eyeliner, and eyeliner dosen't make you a drag queen, genius. i've personally heard clay aiken sing, and he dosen't hold a candle to adam. no one can hit the same notes as adam lambert and do it as well as him. there's a nice way to post you're opinion, so until you find me someone who is so much better than adam lambert, keep you're mouth shut.
posted by pepper on Jun 23, 2009
Adam looks like a bloated liza Minneli and wears more makeup than boy George. Ny husband turns the sound down when Adam sings because Adam makes his head hurt. Why women would find a drag queen attractive is beyond real.You all probably like boy George too.
posted by sherry on Jun 14, 2009
Adam Lambert is like rain after a drout. We want him. i think clay spoke without really hearing what the man could do with his voice.Adam sends chills up your spine and make u want to have sex with who ever you are with.His looks and sound are erotic/ differnt and we want it like a drug.
posted by Adam Fan on Jun 01, 2009
Clay Aiken should not say anything negative about Adam, even if it's on his private fan club board. Who does he think he is putting down Adam or the way he alters his song. Adam is creative, hot looking, has marvellous stage presence, and he has tremendous vocal range. People like Clay, who has none of these things, should just keep his stupid trap shut and retire. After all, people will now be buying Adam's CD's more than that ugly has been's.
posted by Phoenix on May 31, 2009
Clay Aiken is a no talent idiot who is jealous not only of Adam's good looks and style, but jealous of his incredible voice as well. Personally, I thought his interpretation of Ring of Fire was a real killer. Adam will go far in the music industry, much further than this Clay person.
posted by iv on May 30, 2009
Clay: was going to buy your record until you injured another talent who is bigger & better than you are. So long, scum! Adam Fan Forever.
posted by It\'s over! on May 30, 2009
Clay Aiken is a wonderful human being with flaws like all of us. He's a wonderful man and talent. Adam has great talent also, with a style of his own. Let it die!!
posted by Jean on May 29, 2009
Adam, smart response!! Clay deserved every word, and yet Adam was wording gently, not using Clay's dirty language. Adam, I'm proud of you. You clever guy! LOVE ADAM!!
posted by Nonosi on May 29, 2009
Clay shd have just shut his big mouth! If you have nothing nice to say then shut the hell up. 1st impressions last, I'd never heard of Clay till now & think he's a real jack-ass :(
posted by Hamida SA on May 29, 2009
Clay thinks he's better than other idols competitors, sad for him that's so not the case. He shd just focus on being a better singer maybe we'll give his music a chance or rather stick to talking crap with his '5 fans' on his stupid pvt fan club board. Adam rocks & Clay jealousy makes you nasty.
posted by Chick fr SA on May 29, 2009
Ally phuleez stop protecting that idiot called Clay or are you Clay & trying 2 disguise it? Clay is the one who needs Adam not the other way around. We've never heard of that fool called Clay & after his mean sprit, we never wanna know him!
posted by pm on May 29, 2009
This is so stupid! I wish the media would get over it and quit trying to start trouble. Clay NEVER "slammed" Adam as a person, only the way he sang Ring of Fire. There are many people who would agree, including Simon who said, "What in the hell was that?" Get over it people.
posted by Rasanga on May 29, 2009
Glad I didn't have to wait too long to find out Adam Lambert's true colours. Let's see where you are in 6 years time JERK!
posted by Mae in South Africa on May 29, 2009
Who the hell's Clay anyway? We don't know him here in SA. Well said Adam that Clay dude is getting headlines now coz he wasn't before, what a loser! We love you Adam mwaaah!
posted by Nickie on May 29, 2009
To fanbelt - I love, love, love Adam's clothes and style. He should have his own clothing line. What kind of underwear do you think he wears? If he was to model I bet he'd sell a lot even in a recession. Oh and he can sing his socks off too! Wonder what kind of socks he wears? Hee, hee!
posted by Andrea P on May 29, 2009
I really like Adam. Clay not so much. I don't think it was nice of Clay to be so rude to other Idols. This is like Branden Rogers slamming on Adam during the Idol Wrap show in front of Adam Fans. Branden Rogers was making gay bashing remarks about Adam and Guarini had to step in and censor him. I thought it showed great class by Justin Guarini to do that and a lot of courage because it is Justin's job as a co-host to run his show, Idol Wrap. I'm sure he knew Branden was out of line. There is no place for gay bashing. But what is sad is here is one Idol (Branden) slamming another Idol. Kim just sat there with her mouth open looking like a deer in the headlights when Branden made the off-comment. I think she was shocked. But to then hear Clay Aiken slam on Adam and Kris...tsk, tsk. Why are the Idols slamming on one another? Isn't there enough money out there for all of them or is it just pick on Adam Lambert because he is gay or bi or straight? I don't know much about Clay Aiken but why is he slamming Adam's singing?
posted by Jasmin on May 29, 2009
Clay shmay..... I'm from Israel and I didn't listen to Clay's music yet, but now, after his ignorant remarks about fabulous ADAM, Clay has just lost the chance I will ever listen to his music (and I'm only one example, there are plenty more people who just feel the same). Clay has only managed to make me be aware of him, but it ends with that. Being aware of somebody, doesn't make you rich. Clay shmay has just lost his chance to real success. POOR CLAY!
posted by YESYESYES on May 29, 2009
Now, who's the winner in "SLAMMING DOWN" ...ADAM, Yehey!!! Clay, you challenged Adam?, now you got what you want...HAHAHA
posted by Fanbelt on May 29, 2009
Did you guys see the outfit Adam wore on this interview? Smoking hot! This guy is sexy! Does anyone know where I can get the jeans he is wearing?
posted by ally on May 29, 2009
So Clay made a mistake. he's human, he's allowed to give his own opinion. Harsh or not, worse things have been said about BOTH of them. It took adam THREE DAYS to respond- i'm sure he gave it careful thought. Clay, without careful consideration of the press blow-up that inevitably follows him, bluntly stated his opinion. AND THEN APOLOGIZED. most celebrities would NEVER have bothered to even re-think their statement, let alone formulate an apology. he wins MAJOR kudos for that. He wasn't thinking when he said what he said and he apologized, anyway.. why is this STILL in the press?? report on something people actually care about. this "scandal" is OVER.
posted by LoveyouAdam on May 29, 2009
NICE ADAM! Thats our boy! He's a nice guy but you cannot insult or embarrased him like that because he knows how to defend himself. You want to get a piece of him? Try it. He'll not turn his back on you...I love ADAM
posted by Hikerchic on May 29, 2009
Man the reporters are really trying to put words in Adam's mouth. Adam did not say it was a publicity stunt. How do these reporters get away with these made up headlines?
posted by Dupont on May 29, 2009
Hmmm, funny how this keeps being brought up in the media. It is like the media is trying to goad Adam into a response back to what Clay wrote about Kris Allen and Adam. The thing is Adam Lambert is very protective when it comes to the other Idols and his friend Kris. He tells everyone Kris is a very talented artist and he is happy with the way things turned out. When he was asked about Clay's comment he turned the other cheek. That shows class. Not what Clay did. I think Adam will go really far in this business because he all ready knows how to deflect the negative critiques of others. Bravo Adam, well done.
posted by Dogwalker on May 29, 2009
Clay looks bad. Where is his manager? He needs to get in there and clean up this mess.
posted by wtf? on May 29, 2009
adam is a nasty man whore.
posted by Bart on May 29, 2009
I like Adam's response. He didn't respond directly to Clay he instead said he didn't know him. That should show Clay and any of your Clay supporters out there that Adam doesn't care about Clay's slam. I think Clay was reaching and came up short. Clay looks like a bully to me now.
posted by all4clay on May 29, 2009
clay was "quick to judge" but everyone else isn't by slamming him? definition of irony.
posted by Greenthumb on May 29, 2009
Clay looks really bad and should forget this folks. He keeps opening the cut on his blog and if you read the blogs posted on his member's only he is loosing fans. I guess he has learned a valuable lesson that his fans do not like ugly people. Poor Clay!
posted by Cottagedecorator on May 29, 2009
Adam did not slam on Clay he even said to the reporters he doesn't know Clay. How are you able to say Adam didn't take the high road? You are trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Adam said whatever to all of this Clay business. To me Adam was very "COOL" in his response. He dismissed it by showing he had no hard feelings and gave the camera a thumbs up. The only one looking bad in this is Clay.
posted by ally on May 29, 2009
Clay has been and will be getting publicity LONG after Adam's popularity expires. Clay does not need Adam- it seems as though perhaps Adam needs Clay...
posted by glowball on May 29, 2009
Kris Allen told reporters that he has had just as much exposure and experience to the audience singing and performing as Adam has. In fact Kris has performed in front of crowds since he was 8 years old and has been to 8 different countries as a missionary while performing on stage. He told reporters the only difference between him and Adam was he wasn't in wicked. Now then, how is Kris anymore unseasoned than Adam? Clay dropped the bag big time on these two with his ignorant comments. What he said about both Kris and Adam was just mean spirited and I for one was not pleased with Clay. Kris is more than just a nice guy. Kris is a musician and a singer with a gift. Adam has mad crazy style and his voice is amazing. Adam's ability to sing crazy levels and notes most can't even dream of hitting is beyond talent. Clay readdressing this just digs him deeper. Read the blogs he is loosing fans. Let is go Clay.
posted by carol in canada on May 29, 2009
This is Hollywood people. Adam understands that and Clay did what he did to get people talking about him again. Simple as that. Move on.
posted by wizardgirl on May 29, 2009
I really like Adam Lambert and I thought he took the Clay comments with a grain of salt. I love the way he is able to brush off sludge thrown his way. I probably would have tried to sling mud his way but Adam is showing that there is no drama between him and Clay as he doesn't even know Clay. It was a nice response and handled with tact and grace. Good job Adam. The media is just trying to build this up to something more - as I think Clay is. In fact I haven't heard much of Clay in months aside from him having a baby. Has his music been selling? So I believe the media is trying to generate conversation on Clay and maybe boost his sells over your current status. However for me it is a turn off and when I hear other artist slamming or making bad comments on others it does the opposite to me. I in turn do not want to buy any of Clay's records or sounds. Because Adam outshinned Clay in this controversy he wins out in my book.
posted by Sharon on May 29, 2009
seance = sense of course.
posted by Sharon on May 29, 2009
Susan, nice try. After reading your comment, it's obvious you are not one of Adam's fans. You're just trying to make everybody think you are or were. Anyway, that way or another, Adam is the nicest person on earth, believe me; but at the same time, he's not stupid. BTW, you missed his amazing seance of hummer. You are too serious with this issue. Even Adam isn't.
posted by Clayfan on May 29, 2009
Adam Lambert is the sexiest American Idol since the start of the season. Everything about him is current and happening and his voice is amazing. The fact that Clay is trying to ridicule him is very bothersome to me. During Clay's year he got hit with a lot of hateful comments and many aimed at his gay lifestyle. Why would he in turn throw daggers at anyone especially knowing that he is getting ugly and ignorant critiques not on his talent but because of his lifestyle? I was truly upset by Clay's lack of compassion. It was like Clay decided he was better than another person and wanted to belittle them. So quick to judge Clay? You said Adam's singing made your ears bleed after a couple of notes heard and then you didn't bother to listen anymore. You are not as good of an artist as I thought you were. I'm glad Adam Lambert is nicer and more diplomatic in dealing with people who are harsh to him. He could have said something negative back to you. Instead he was very neutral and said he didn't know you. I might have to join Adam's fan club instead of yours from now on.
posted by Dowers on May 29, 2009
That's bull folks. Clay was my favorite American Idol but the fact that he was so quick to judge another person, not to mention Idol is rude and I am seriously disappointed in Clay. I even pulled my membership from Clay. My Idol this year was Kris Allen but I feel Adam Lambert did rise above on this situation. Adam could have slammed back but he said straight out "I don't know Clay", "If he wants to ride my coattails about it, good for him" and then he gave a thumbs up sign. Adam did not say anything further. So anyone who is adding remarks to those two liners is fishing. Adam did NOT SAY it was a publicity stunt. Adam did not slam Clay back he was very nice in his simple reply. And my gosh Clay how you can turn around and bash on anyone after all the crap you took trying to make it to the top.... Just sad Clay.
posted by Susan on May 29, 2009
This is a sad situation for me. I thought Adam was a nice classy guy, and I supported him during the show. But now I am so disappointed in him. Clay has had horrible things said about him for years, and he has graciously taken it as "part of the job." I don't see how Clay personally dissed Adam. He was making a point about how the Idol judges showed blatant bias toward a contestant who is obviously not an unseasoned performer. Then, after realizing that his remarks were poorly stated, he apologized. I don't think he needed to, but doing so was a good thing. Adam should not have answered back. To say that a man of Clay's experience and caliber would need his non-existent coattails to get publicity is about the stupidist statement I can imagine. I was wrong about Adam, and I'm glad I didn't have to wait very long to find out what an ungracious, classless jerk he really is. Makes me very sad.
posted by AdamLuvsAdam on May 29, 2009
Lambert knows that there are no repercussions to bashing Clay Aiken because he has seen for 6 years that it's considered cool to bash Clay Aiken. Being considered cool is very important to Adam Lambert. This is why he didn't take the high road (as his fans insisted he would) & accept Clay's apology. Interesting that no one has ever demanded an apology from anyone who has ever bashed Clay over the years (& they are legion).
posted by Sarah on May 29, 2009
Clay has just proved to the whole world how jerk, idiot and stupid he was. Good work Clay, you were just being defeated by Glambert smartness!! Ahahahaha... Idiot
posted by tadigrammy on May 29, 2009
Clay should apologize. He showed very poor taste and little class by making derogatory comments about a fellow idol contestant. Adam Lambert is head and shoulders above any other American Idol contestant. Other than a handful, most of them are a bunch of wannabes. Just watch where Adam goes comparatively over the next couple of years. As one of the AI judges put it, he will be iconic.
posted by nicnic on May 29, 2009
a dirty CLAY inserted at aiken's ear,wash up ur shit!and shut up ur big mouth1
posted by Really? on May 29, 2009
Clay should've kept his mouth shut to begin with. He didn't even really know what he was talking about. Adam is one of the classiest, honest people to hit Hollywood in a long long time. And it's true! I haven't seen Clay's name around in a while; guess he does get a little ride on Adam's coattails for a few days. He's fortunate his backhanded apology didn't bring on a little more sarcasm, but Adam does not seem to roll that way. Keep rockin' on Adam! You have worldwide appeal that Clay Aiken can only dream about.
posted by What? on May 29, 2009
What coattails. Lets see what Lamebert is doing in six years. What an ARROGANT JERK!!!
posted by Puleeeze on May 28, 2009
So Clay did it in private? Well that makes it soo much classier. Fact is that his is a bitter queen that no one cares about anymore. He saw Adam getting all the press so he slammed him only after watching him once. Clay knew exactly what he was doing. If you dish it out, you better be able to take it. And no his so called apology wasn't classy and he didn't take the high road. Guess getting cockblocked from seeing Adam during AI crawled up Clay's ass.
posted by RUKiddingsux on May 28, 2009
Hey rukidding? lmao ARE YOU KIDDING? Clay said it on his "PRIVATE" pay only because i need the money blog, but someone it was leaked? by who his 10's of fans? Give me a break will you? Adam had the proper answer to Clay. If someone told you that you were ugly and then apologized saying that even people told them you weren't you didn't believe them, would you be happy? Adam has a gift and at least he's not a liar like Clay. BTW, I hear Clay's fans are suing him so I guess you better up your subscription to his board, lol
posted by Are you serious? on May 28, 2009
Clay riding your coattails-you would have to have coattails for that to happen. Clay gave an apology which was a classy thing to do. Too bad Adam did not take the high road from it.
posted by ConCernCitizens on May 28, 2009
Yeah! who listen to pathetic Clay Aiken anyways?LOL... Rite on Adam! he need a ride with your sucess that's why he is making a noise. Goooooooo Adam.. you are incredible Ever.. all of your songs are Extremely AWESOME in AI... you are one of a Brilliant singer, great great entertainer... we enjoy watching you and not sure if we will be back watching the IDOL next season since they rigged the vote all the time, and they are proud of it too. WE will watch the IDOL only if you have an appearance as a guest.
posted by WiiRock on May 28, 2009
Adam Lambert you are one Gracious kid.. I luv u even more for that. Yeah let's them keep speculating.. U don't need to answer any of your orientations is non of anybody's business. You are awesome and amazing guy..Don't go down to their leve... All you need to concentrate is that Hit song and get them rocketing...just prove yourself that you are the True American Idol, and a Mega star qith quality.
posted by U *R* Kidding on May 28, 2009
Clay Aiken knew full well his comments about Adam Lambert would be made public - and if you dish it out, you'd best be prepared to take it. Adam's had a lot of garbage written about him during his time on "American Idol" but couldn't respond to it. Now he can. Slam him at your peril. :-) Go Adam!
posted by R U Kidding? on May 28, 2009
Clay doesn't need Lamebert for anything, including publicity. He was answering a question on his PRIVATE fan club board. If he wanted to diss Adam publicly he would have done it in PUBLIC. I sewar the media are either stupid or just vindictive.

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