Kanye West's 'Paranoid' Music Video Feat. Rihanna Arrives in High Quality

Kanye West's 'Paranoid' Music Video Feat. Rihanna Arrives in High Quality

As Kanye West's 'Paranoid' music video arrives in high quality, it is clearly seen that the leading lady, played by Rihanna, dances provocatively to the song.

Rihanna-featuring music video aimed to support Kanye West's single "Paranoid" has finally come out in high quality after its bootleg version was posted last week. It mostly highlights on the "Umbrella" singer when she moves her curvy body to follow the mid-tempo beat of the song, and when she drives her car in a dark narrow street with Kanye's face haunting her from behind.

This music video was originally premiered during Island Def Jam Spring Collection party at Stephen Weiss Studio in New York City on May 20. It was shot in Hawaii back to back with Kanye's "Amazing" music video.

"Paranoid" is a song where Kanye West joins forces with Mr. Hudson. The track appears in the rapper's latest studio album "808's & Heartbreak".

Kanye West's "Paranoid" music video

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    connor lee
    Jul 31, 2009

    Pastry m8, you are very true lol. kanye west u are absoulutely awesome,plz bring out a song with my name on it lol.

    May 29, 2009

    i love your music and i want to meet u some day <3

    May 29, 2009

    HQ or not HQ, she is just a talentless skank. Bring in a stripper pole and she'll work that out well, Yeezy. Workin out sexy outfits, getting naked and fu***ng for tracks is the only talent she has. My cat meowiing has a more valuable voice than she offers. This no matter how many computers producers will use to make her catch notes. She's useless, but hyped up. Shame.

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