Danny Gokey Wants to Go 'Dancing with the Stars'

May 28, 2009 03:51:36 GMT

Stepping out of 'American Idol', Danny Gokey would like to try on another reality show if it means an awareness to his foundation.

Danny Gokey Wants to Go 'Dancing with the Stars'
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Criticized for his lack of stage presence, Danny Gokey wants to prove to the world that he indeed could conquer the stage. The second runner-up of "American Idol" this season has mentioned he would like to try on "Dancing with the Stars" after being told by the judges of the talent show that his movement is awkward.

The 29-year-old said he is willing to try on reality show if it would increase people's awareness of Sophia's Heart Foundation, a charity established in honor of his late wife who died after surgery of congenital heart disease. "I don't know if that will fall into line with the vision of where I am going right now," he said. "I think it's very important not to be sidetracked with anything else but to accomplish this one thing and maybe try a few things later."

In tow with the intention that he uttered on Tuesday, May 26, Gokey said that he has another priority in mind, making an album. In fact, he has signed a contract with 19Entertainment and wished his album to be in stores before "Idol" begins the ninth season. "I don't want to ever be recognized as just an entertainer, singer or just ... the president of Sophia's Heart Foundation," he said. "I see a future where music is the message and the foundation is the action behind the message. Music is the talk, the foundation is the walk."

Just recently, Howard Benson who produced albums for Kelly Clarkson and DAUGHTRY, said that it is "very tough to make a record with him" because he "dresses like some guy that's in a bar somewhere". However, Howard also said that Danny's voice is great and soulful.

Along with the rest of the top 10, Danny Gokey will hit the road in the annual "American Idol" tour starting this July. The jaunt will wind down in September.


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posted by ByTheWay on May 31, 2009
BTW. There is a picture right on MTV of Danny, Kris and Adam rehersing for the disco night number, and it clearly shows that Danny CAN dance and is the sexiest best dancer of all three. But of course they won't let me post that link here.
posted by Unbelievable on May 31, 2009
What Benson meant to say is: " I am little more than a one trick pony, second rate hack; and just like people who use templates to build website pages, I can only work with artists that I can fit into my cookie cutter idea of what will sell.. They have to be limited in what they do, so I know where to fit them. And if they do rock, all the better. And if they have boobs all the better still. Danny is multi-talented, can sing just about any genre, (given the time to learn a song and put it together ) and he thinks for himself and is not prone to A K ing to get ahead. This is something I am not used to and can't work with. As far as my going out of my way to discredit him and encourage others to bash/hurt him too. I can only admit that my biggest fantasy is to drag the little Christian through down Fordham Road, through the streets of the Bronx and throw him into the Lion's cage at the Bronx Zoo, (Since the Coliseum is not a viable choice at this point in time). This way, I can curry favor with anyone who has had a parent, or priest, make them feel "less than", and wants to take it all out on good old scapegoat Danny. "
posted by Kathy on May 28, 2009
He dresses like he is in a bar somewhere? Look how some of the others dressed! How they dress has nothing to do with how or if they can sing.
posted by Diamond on May 28, 2009
How a person dresses in no way reflects his/her ability as a singer. I cannot remember the last time I read such a crass comment. I'll use this as an example: People used to blast Adam Lambert on AI because he's gay. That did not, under any circumstance, affect his ability to sing. I love Danny and I look forward to buying his album.
posted by GokeyGal on May 28, 2009
Yes indeedy, Danny Gokey has a sexy soulful set uf pipes on him and he knows how to use it!! Who cares about the way he dresses, btw what's wrong with the way he dresses anyhow? Can we say Kris Allen. Danny is fine just the way he is... all man!! Of course haters will never have anything remotely positive to speak of when it comes to Danny Gokey. He could find the cure for cancer and bring about world peace and the haters would rather die than give him any credit. Go figure!! bunch of a**es!!
posted by kay kay on May 28, 2009
I think the comment from Howard Benson is unbelievably stupid.... Buy the dude some clothes if you don't like his style. To say he can't make an album because of the way he dresses is just idiotic. He goes on to say 'his voice is great and soulful'. He sounds like a rather crappy producer. Make an album, Danny. I don't care if you wear your underwear and a bathrobe... I'll buy it.
posted by notlovinggokey on May 28, 2009
Danny is not a great singer..I will listen to jonny lang any day..and dancing with the stars?? Please..he soooo uses his wife's death...why not do a concert for her...he is such a wannabeKradam. Soulful?? Pleeeeease he cannot do much with his voice and it gets annoying...I have no respect for him it would be tough to listen to his music and even if I did it would probably be a one hit wonder. He couldn't even sing Stand by do u ruin that song?? Talk about destroying a classic sheesh...I have more respect for Alison even if she already did Mexicos version on Idol and won 50 grand
posted by Bets on May 28, 2009
Check out that article about Benson blasting Danny. There is a link there to a picture of Danny dancing with Kris and Adam. You tell ME which of the three knows how to dance? This guy is just naturally multi talented. Shows signs of sheer genius. From his handwriting he could even be an artist. Go Gokey !

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