Tila Tequila Pregnant With a Famous Rap Star's Baby

May 28, 2009 02:19:05 GMT

Speculation has been mounting among people that Tila Tequila is pregnant after she posted a message on her Twitter, announcing "I am pregnant!"

Tila Tequila
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Reality TV star Tila Tequila is pregnant. Breaking the news was she herself through a message posted on Twitter last Tuesday, May 19, in which she wrote she is carrying the baby of a famous rap star who, unfortunately, won't acknowledge the infant.

"I'm gonna tell y'all something REAL FAST, then delete it ok?" she began her post. "Since nobody is awake ... reason why I've been feeling sick on and off lately is because yes, I am pregnant!"

Tila also tweeted about the baby's father, claiming the man was in the hip-hop industry and was refusing to take responsibility for the baby. "You should at least step up to the plate or I'm gonna have to put you on blast in the media ... and I'M SURE that's not what you want do you?" so she described the unidentified man. "I'm talking about someone very very very very very fucking famous! He is like A-list famous and you follow him on Twitter too."

The message was deleted by Tila shortly after she posted it. No official comment has been made just yet by either Tila herself or her people regarding her much speculated pregnancy.


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posted by Lgmjw on Oct 03, 2010
posted by M/V] TAEYANG - WHERE on Aug 26, 2010
posted by M/V] TAEYANG - WHERE on Aug 26, 2010
posted by M/V] TAEYANG - WHERE on Aug 26, 2010
posted by johnny j on Aug 16, 2010
she claimed it was games baby
posted by love$4life! on Jan 11, 2010
posted by fuck_all gosip on Jan 05, 2010
who cares if she is having a baby
posted by MrNutters on Dec 07, 2009
Tila is so hot. I hope I'm the father.
posted by b hsgqjru yeh2i ie e on Dec 06, 2009
nguery harrlly
posted by LMFAO on Dec 02, 2009
If she has the kid... it will be born on probation already.
posted by ??? on Nov 29, 2009
(add) I know, its some fake rumors about her coming baby, but better look to normal baby, not to a half young black brotha
posted by ??? on Nov 29, 2009
How short is Tila? 8) From Philippines or somewhere & out of a rice plantation? 8) Sorry, (?)black rapper isnt for you, know what I mean? 8)
posted by DirtyWhore on Nov 26, 2009
She's just another dirty gutter tramp. She makes herself look bad. Thank god most asian girls are better than that. She's scum.
posted by what freaking everrr on Nov 17, 2009
oh shut up tila, you make viet girls look like filthy sluts, ur so ugly with ur alien eyes now this? Preggers? Oh please u slut bag whore. Bitches like you shouldnt even open there moyths ffs =='
posted by Randy on Nov 01, 2009
Everything shes been doing is cause she fell off and nobody cares much about her anymore..a baby by a "famous famous famous rapper..then god talks to her and says shes needed in heaven???lol..i doubt shed been the one god needs and why would god tell someone to commit suicide when its a sin..i like tila but u had your fifteen minutes of fame now be happy and dont act crazy to get attention your lucky u got everything u did..
posted by somkititties on Sep 28, 2009
i think that when they had sex the bed was bummpin up and down like a trampolin
posted by ali on May 31, 2009
tilas a fox btw damn sad shes preg. if i were that guy id step up
posted by ali on May 31, 2009
haha yup she put it up then deleted it after...yeah right
posted by deez on May 29, 2009
It's ray-j. She just says very very very famous and a-list to make herself feel good. We all know he aint nothing but a washed up has-been d-lister!!!
posted by Dee on May 29, 2009
How much you wanna bet it's Diddy?!?!?
posted by twitralerts on May 28, 2009
I would be proud to be you daddy's baby
posted by ashleyisphat on May 28, 2009
posted by lady ga ga on May 28, 2009
omg rhianna i am so happy for you... now tell me who is that baby daddy of yours?
posted by rg on May 28, 2009
I think it's Chris Brown
posted by Dogged25 on May 28, 2009
Why is this just now news? She announced it almost two weeks ago?? I only care for her cause she fights for gay rights. But still...even sporty spice Melanie c getting knocked up was news the day she announced it, not 2 weeks later.
posted by dumIZthanewsmart on May 28, 2009
i always knew she was just another skanky, trashy slut, but she is more stupid and disgusting than i realized. too bad she is apart of a growing glut of human garbage that is increasingly glamorized, celebrated and sold to the youth MTV networks is a BIG purveyor. shameful.
posted by jimmy on May 28, 2009
say goodbye to that sexy body of yours tila.
posted by everyoneisgay on May 28, 2009
tila can get a hot bod again, jimmy, you ahole. but you will always have a teeny weenie!!!!
posted by dumbitch on May 28, 2009
wow im not a hater or nothing i actually like tila but wow are u serious on twitter? then u take it back as soon as u say it....
posted by LOL on May 28, 2009
its obv ray j its been talked about alrdy
posted by whatev on May 28, 2009
what an idiot! who "puts someone on blast" over twitter?! are we 12 again? stop hinting around- if ur gonna tell us then tell us. the only reason shes dong that is to keep our attention. without her shameless self promotion she knows this story wouldve been dropped as soon as it was picked up

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