Jon and Kate Gosselin Release Statement After Season Premiere

May 27, 2009 03:05:16 GMT

The parents admitted on going through a difficult time which was addressed for the first time on the fifth season premiere of 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'.

Jon and Kate Gosselin Release Statement After Season Premiere
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The tension that was apparent on the season premiere of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" translates to an off-air statement from the couple, Jon and Kate Gosselin. After dropping the "divorce" hint, the mother of sixtuplets and twin girls said in a joint statement with Jon that they are indeed "navigating a very difficult time".

"Our current situation brings us together around the children and some times sets us apart," the statement goes on. "We keep our faith that we will make the right decisions for our family." Both Jon and Kate have been criticized for continuing the show and valuing money and fame more than their family.

On the Monday, May 26 episode, the couple was interviewed separately on the status of their marriage after the cheating scandal that has been surrounding the family in the past few months. "Parents of multiples have triple the divorce rate, and (we were) thinking we were gonna beat that," Kate said in solo. "But I don't know if I can say that anymore." Jon came with an apologetic statement, saying "I'd like to apologize to my family for my actions."

According to USA Today, the season 5 premiere set a record as the most-watched episode on TLC. It absorbed 9.8 million viewers, more than a double of the season 4 finale which drew 4.6 million. A TV movie is reportedly being developed.


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posted by sdggh on Jun 18, 2010
posted by Interesting... on Jun 02, 2009
Wow,This subject seems to have drawn a lot of the same people as the abortion issue!Anyone who couldn't see that this was a disfuntional marriage that the children will pay an emotional price for has missed the point.The entertainment industry has always left behind it's disgarded and damaged children and there have always been parents willing to participate for whatever benifits they might receive.These two claim it's all for the children but their latest digs seem to betray whatever credibility that might have remained. I think the courts should insure that the children's trust accounts are intact and where children are involved,the entertainment industry should move on to something other than satisfying the voyeristic interests of the "Twitter generation" matter how much they pray.
posted by Interesting... on Jun 02, 2009
Wow,This subject seems to have drawn a lot of the same people as the abortion issue!Anyone who couldn't see that this was a disfuntional marriage that the children will pay an emotional price for has missed the point.The entertainment industry has always left behind it's disgarded and damaged children and there have always been parents willing to participate for whatever benifits they might receive.These two claim it's all for the children but their latest digs seem to betray whatever credibility that might have remained. I think the courts should insure that the children's trust accounts are intact and where children are involved,the entertainment industry should move on to something other than satisfying the voyeristic interests of the "Twitter generation" matter how much they pray.
posted by miracle on Jun 01, 2009
All couples have issues. In these trying times there are a lot of pressures on families that's why it is so important to put the children first. I really enjoyed their show, but now I'm feeling very sorry for all the children. They now seem disconnected to the very thing they say they care about the most. The children. I say shut down production for awhile, to continue would appear to be exploitation of the entire family.
posted by GODISGOOD on May 31, 2009
posted by concerned 4 u all on May 31, 2009
Jon, You have an opportunity to either be the husband and Father God intended for you to be or let money and fame take your family down. My advice to you is to surround yourself with Godly men who can help put your feet back on solid ground! Where are those men who are willing to step up and help? Be accountable to them. You are too young both in years and in the Lord to think you can do it by yourself. Kate needs help, and your children hang in the ballance. Praying for you!
posted by NPC on May 29, 2009
TEAR :*(
posted by wings4love on May 29, 2009
I do feel especially bad for them all. I do think Kate could pull back a little bit, however if I had 8 kids I think I would be a little neurotic. I am sure you all know how much it costs to raise children, in some ways I understand. I wish they would stop the cameras and i think now they have become use to the lifestyle they lead and it would be hard for them to stop the program. They need to stop and regroup, and Jon needs to grow up, he had and has just as big of part in bringing those children into this world. If they are not happy, they need to pray and get counseling, and get back on track. I know there has been times that, I act like Kate, and yes I feel like they focus on her outbursts. Jon sits there like a bump on a log, he needs to learn to communicate. It is apparent that he is not comfortable communicating with anyone, even his children. I think they both need to grow up, ditch the cameras and just do specials every once in a while, or perhaps go hang out with the Duggars.
posted by go jon on May 29, 2009
Kate is a superstitious cunt who constantly berates Jon for no reason. What wonder that he would seek emotional validation from another woman? Everything is about Kate. She will do whatever it takes to meet her needs including whoring out her children.
posted by douglas on May 28, 2009
kate is selfish she abuse john on nation wide television. she said it her self without apologizing to john. she is feeding off the attention of television. she is anal. kate thinks that she is right about every thing. she cut john off when he is talking during interviews. she is not friendly.kate is a hypocryt she is self righteous. she thinks that she is smarter than john. kate sits at the dinner take on her high stool watching over the kids and john sibliminally treating john like one of the kids. i enjoyed watching john and kate plus eight in the beginning but after a while it became abusive. did you see the episode when john was trying to cook a cultiral mera l for his kids and kate mess up the onions. john told kate that the onions waas wrong and instead od apologizing kate insisted that nothing was wrong. kate stayed in the kitchen hollering at john to get out of the kitchen. she constantly treats john like a fool. everyone that watches john and kate plus 8 see's how she abuses john. apologize to john in front of the world kate. he deserves that. don't hunch your shoulders kate. kate on the premiere of john and kate plus 9 ypu said john done something wrong the world did not see what john did.but we all seen what you did to john. kate you are a hypocryt. family is first kate. isn't john your family kate. kate we all see you.
posted by me 4 on May 28, 2009
I feel so bad for Jon
posted by Annoyed on May 28, 2009
I think this is all a scandel to get more ratings for the show. I don't believe either one of them and I could care less. When they decided to exploit their family to this degree is when I decided to stop watching.
posted by Jane on May 28, 2009
Kate needs to shut up and let Jon talk. She is so mean to him and acts like she has done nothing wrong!!
posted by mississippimiss on May 28, 2009
I use to watch the show fairly frequently, and did watch Monday night because I thought they would dispell the rumors. The fact that they are continuing the show under the circumstances is appalling! Neither of them are putting their children first. If I wanted to watch one more disfunctional family on TV I'd watch Jerry Springer!
posted by mikaerin on May 27, 2009
They need to get into therapy now Right Now They are like two ships flaying in the ocean They have no idea about there own psychological problems that got them here Some therapist should reach out now Dr Phil where are you ??? And those kids They need Nanny 911 Cara is a brat
posted by paloe on May 27, 2009
The children are all so cute, but they yell and have fits, because that is what they see all the time. Jon needs to tell Kate to be quiet, he looks like he is beat down. She acted like she enjoyed ignoreing him, or putting him down on the show Monday night. They should be an example to other parents and kids, but I don't see that happening.I do hope they can work things out, money is not worth it when it's kids lives you are dealing with. The twins act awful, but they act and talk just like they are treated.
posted by truemami on May 27, 2009
I feel so sorry for everyone in this family. We outsiders don't really know the truth. Everyone keeps on saying it's all about the money but think about, isn't everyone doing something for money??? The tabloids are even makeing money out of all this. It's like Kate said, you never really think about the person(s) you are reading about in these tabloids. How does anyone really know whats true or whats not?? And it's funny even if you hate them or love them you watch the show and that gives them rateings, so if you truely don't care for them then why give them that. And just to think like Jon said, one day there kids are going to Google there parents and see all this thats going on and that in no way is right. What everyone writes and says is going to hurt and damage these kids more then anything. So again how do we, outsiders, know what's real and whats not?? Befor we judge anyone, we need to look at our own lifes and figure out what we are doing wrong or right. I pray for this family to pull together and to stay true to each other. GOD Bless you all.
posted by reality check on May 27, 2009
F4, you made some great points... if these two really cared about their family, they would lose the cameras and focus on their loved ones, but it seems the only loved ones are themselves.
posted by Concerned on May 27, 2009
No matter what kind of a person everyone is saying Kate is, loyalty in a family is very important. I wish Jodi had not said anything as the children will read her comments one day. I hope Jon and Kate work things out they are a family and those children deserve both mom and dad. If Jon has not cheated and Kate really wants this marriage to work she needs to let him take more of a lead she needs to listen to his feelings and work with him. I think they do love one another they have just forgotten who they really are. This is what I think but I don't know them only what we see every week. You are both people of faith in God remember he hates divorce and will help you if both of you turn to him.
posted by F4 on May 27, 2009
It is incredible that no one sees this for what it is - This is all about ratings and money - The show needs to have at least 7 million viewers to be successful - Getting an new house did not improve the ratings enough - getting a pair of puppies did not help the ratings - renewing vows did not help the ratings - so the latest thing to do is invent a “new story” to build up ratings - This situation is pathetic - Both parents are making their living off of publicizing their children’s lives! Look at some of the facts finally reveled - Jon quit his job 2 years ago (he does not work from home) - Kate has plenty of helpers (all hidden from the camera - a chef, a nutritionist, baby sitters, cleaning personnel and so on) - now add to that how Kate has eliminated “family” from the show (remember Aunt Jodie? and Kate is estranged from her parents and siblings) - the idea is to eliminate any “leaks” to the truth - To continue to make a living off of their kids - an illusion must be created! what happens when some one tries to undo the illusion? Just look at what happened with Kate's sister-in-law - Jodi: Do you know why Jodi is no longer on the show? The real reason comes down to the fact that TLC wanted to involve Jodi a little more, they wanted to compensate her for her time and bring her into the show as a family member to dispell the idea that kate has shut out all family from their lives and has been using access to the kids as a weapon against her parents and brothers and sisters - when Kate found out that the TLC producers offered to compensate Jodi - she threw a fit and told them that the only people on the show that will be paid are John and herself! - she immediately forbade Jodi from having any contact with the children! That is why Jodi is no longer on the show - the show is really “Kate and Kate plus Kate” now - the children are just “inventory”, as well as Jon is now just “inventory” - The show is just one big scripted lie that is always in search of a new angle for ratings - think about the “puppies”, or “going green” or the “new house” or the “renewed vows” - everything is being done for ratings and income - and to build Kate as a brand - greed - plain and simple! - an interesting back story to all of this is how Kate became estranged from her parents - her Father is a minister with a small congregation - when the congregation found out about kate’s pregnancy with the 6 babies, they pulled together and arranged for donations to help out Jon and Kate - Kate rejected much of the donations, with comments like “the cribs don’t match and I would never dress her children in those clothes” and told her father she would only accept cash!!! - that really embarrassed her father and insulted his congregation - When her wishes were not met, she eliminated her parents from her life and denies them access to the children - this is the type of person she is!
posted by rosebud on May 27, 2009
I won't watch again. This is no longer a country that gets a thrill watching a car wreck.I'm out of jon and kate's marriage woes -- ick.
posted by NA on May 27, 2009
Someone tried to break this family apart by getting in the middle. They are getting famous. Hey, thing about it?
posted by vmh3111 on May 27, 2009
This "mariage" was over a long time ago, but not the money-making machine the show has become for the Gosselins and TLC - so, like any seasoned 'performers', the show must go on. Kate told Jon 6 months ago that it was over and that all he had to do was show up for filming - she presented him with a contract stating such - no wonder he has had it with her. Anyone who has been around Kate for any length of time sees the unfortunate reality of her motives and is revolted. This, "I'm doing EVERYTHING for the children.." spin is a poor tactic to disguise the sad truth of what she has become. She has traded her Christian values and upbringing, her family relationships, the privacy and well-being of her children, and of course her marriage for fame, money, material things, and a shot at a TV hosting job. She is in fact a pampered and selfish woman - not the over-worked, frazzled mother of multiples she would like us to believe. She farms out her motherly duties as easily as she can write the checks. I have great empathy for her parents and the embarassment and heartbreak she has brought them. She has used their grandchildren as weapons against them, denying the children the rich heritage that could be affored them from relationship with them and the rest of the family she has shut out. Jon is not blameless - just not as smart and calculating as his wife. He is no match for her and her driven, controlling nature. He got drug along on this monster machine that is Kate's greed and now finds himself looking like a deer in the headlights, wondering why his life is so unsatisfying. One day, Kate will look back a realize that none of this has brought her the deep satisfaction that she longs for - because all that she aquires and acheives has been brought about by deception and selling out to what she knows is right before God. It will be a shallow end and regret will pour like a deluge someday - someday
posted by roro55 on May 27, 2009
Both Jon and Kate did have jobs. I don't think this is being done for ratings.They would not inflict this on theirselves or their kids. I don't know if Jon did anything and neither does anyone really. If he had an affair or was just out drinking and had pictures taken with girls Kate would have the right to have the feelings she is having because it casts doubt on him and embarrased her. I think the wedding last season was an attempt to help them remember the love they have for each other. I think for what ever reason last year is when they started having problems. Yes Kate can be bossy and yell at Jon but I think it is just so she can be heard in some situations when there is alot of comotion going on. I think Kate means well and loves her kids and is probably hurting alot right now. I wonder where the other person who wrote on here got the information about Kates parents. Was it a good source Do we beleive everything we read.I think the kids are going to be ok no matter what happens. Remember that we only see a glimpse into their lives and it is only a half hour a week. I like the show alot because the kids are so cute and I feel like we have watched them grow up. I hope all works out for them and I wish them well and hope all works out for them.
posted by jenmom on May 27, 2009
I think is is just a ploy to increase ratings. What a screwed up life for those 8 beautiful children. Someone in the family should jerk a knot in their tails.
posted by Praypray on May 27, 2009
Pray for their family..
posted by kaekae on May 27, 2009
I am praying for this family. Everyone has been tempted, everyone has sinned, but God does forgive. God also hates divorce. none of us will ever be able to live a perfect life, we all need to be understanding and practice forgiveness. The Devil trys to kill, steal, and destroy. Pray for their family...God can and will rebuild it...
posted by JUST on May 27, 2009
Ok! I don't understand how some of you same people can defend Kate in all her self-righteous glory but completely not try to understand "octomom" at all or give her a break.Both of them brought children into the world they could not afford to take care of by fertility drugs.I guess it's because Kate's a white woman who pretends to be religious(but has yet to show it)so she gets a pass.Kate nor Jon had a job when the 6 were born.Therefore that means they freeloaded the government and freeloaded advertisers to get money.My grandmother had 13 kids(one of them died at 9 months) and she never asked for hand outs or felt entitled to nice things and money or govt. help just because she had a boatload of kids.That's a real woman-not Kate Gosselin.She doesn't even have a real job she just makes tons of money off her children.How respectable.
posted by GrowUp Kate on May 27, 2009
I believe that Kate brought this upon herself. She needs to back off and let up on Jon. She is so anal. It was good to see Jon be himself without Kate in the Season Premiere. He did not have to worry about saying something that Kate cut him down for. Kate definitely needs to get a new hairdo!!!
posted by easy on May 27, 2009
Jon and Kate must still love each other....and their faith and kids should pull them through this.......I pray they stay together and work this thing out.
posted by praying on May 26, 2009
My heart goes out to both Jon and Kate - I pray that they will remember that their family came prior to any of this other "stuff". Stop and put it all in perspective - maybe they just need to put it all back in true perspctive. God would not want them to be apart since He brought them together. PLEASE try!
posted by gatormom on May 26, 2009
Kate needs to remember something:Pride cometh before a fall.The way she treats Jon is reprehensible. Fame has gone to her head and I am afraid she is going to fall flat on her face judging by the responses from people on her blog. A huge majority think she needs to stop focusing on Kate and focus on saving her marriage and family.
posted by Raven on May 26, 2009
OMG those people chose to have a reality show and are boo hooing because now there are paprazzi and tabloids airing there dirty laundry. But it was all good when they were getting money, house, new hair plugs & cuts, losing weight, new clothes, etc... makes me so sick I want to puke. And Kate acts like she is stalked like Angelina Jolie or something...I never watched that stupid show and I am glad I didn't. You always get what you ask for, and now they don't like what they got, so BOOO F'IN HOOO
posted by Mamacita on May 26, 2009
Puke. Grow up. Children are involved. A lot of them. By your choice.
posted by praying4em on May 26, 2009
Set aside the anger and remember your vows to each other...for better or worse. What a great platform to show the world and especially the children that marriage is important and a lifetime commitment.

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