DAUGHTRY's Producer Blasts 'American Idol' Outcast Danny Gokey

May 27, 2009 03:04:32 GMT

Howard Benson, who previously worked on DAUGHTRY's albums, thinks that working with 'American Idol' outcast Danny Gokey will be tough.

Danny Gokey
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Howard Benson, who has produced DAUGHTRY's albums, recently slammed Danny Gokey, sharing to MTV that making a record with the "American Idol" outcast will be hard. "The hardest record to make is Gokey's record, which is why I don't think he's going to make one," Howard states.

"It would be very tough to make a record with him," the producer, who has also worked with Kelly Clarkson, continued. "I don't think he established who he was at all. He has this great, soulful voice. But he dresses like some guy that's in a bar somewhere. He doesn't look the part."

Beside opening up his opinion about Danny Gokey, Howard Benson also commented on Allison Iraheta and Megan Joy. While frankly admitting that he is pessimistic about Danny making an album, Howard said he would love to work with Allison and considered Megan has some potential.

Despite Howard's harsh words, Danny previously revealed his desire "to do a soulful album." He explained, "I want to mix it with nice beats, like nice R&B beats, beats that get people's heads moving, and mix it with a hint of a Latin vibe. I was with my wife for 12 years, she was Puerto Rican, and I'm so into salsa and merengue, and I want to mix it in one arena."


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posted by Ashton on Aug 01, 2010
Well, lets see, it is going on 6mos. since Gokeys *cough* "molten hot album" has been released. It has not sold even 175k units yet! (others have surpassed that their first week) So why aren't the MILLIONS of fans buying his record? Some parts of his voice to sound really nice, but he does sound karaoke mostly. And he looks like a chicken with his head cut off running around on stage attempting to dance. He is really green but trying to come off as a natural. I don't think the majority of the country outside of the AI bubble are truly taking him too serious.
posted by Flex Kavana on Jul 29, 2009
Howard knows more about music than any of you guys. He's right. Danny didn't establish his genre as a performer. Proof of that is in Danny's own inability to describe what he wants in an album!! LOL. Stop dissing Howard; he's the successful producer. You aren't.
posted by GM on Jun 29, 2009
Whoever said they'll be waiting in line to buy his CD, your probably 1 in each city hahaha good luck tho, cuz nobody wants to touch an even worse taylor hicks with gross range and he kept falling apart especially with Dream On OMG what a doosh LOL Im glad the real talents got the deals they deserved!
posted by LovinDannyMore&More on Jun 15, 2009
Danny is a class act and topnotch performer. He needs a class act and topnotch producer like David Foster. Nuff said !
posted by Reva on Jun 11, 2009
Danny's voice isn't so bad. What I thought was unpleasant was his blantent attempt to immitate Adam and his overall dorkyness. There's a video somewhere showing this, but I saw it early on. He has no identity as a performer. Plus I didn't like his comments about Adam and the "my way is the only way" attitude. Just my opinion, but I wouldn't buy anything from him. It all sounds the same. Maybe he will eventually develop his own distinctive style, but right now, it's not there. As far as his dressing style is concerned, I thought I read that he was rigid and didn't want to go along with anything AI recommended. Also, he needed to lose those horrible glasses. He's no Buddy Holly.
posted by Matt on Jun 10, 2009
I'm sure Danny would sell some records... I mean, Kevin federline sold 6,000... lolz
posted by TranslatorPerson on May 31, 2009
What Benson meant to say is: " I am little more than a one trick pony, second rate hack, and just like people who use templates to build website pages, I can only work with artists that I can fit into my cookie cutter idea of what will sell.. They have to be limited in what they do, so I know where to fit them. And if they do rock, all the better. Danny is multi-talented, can sing just about any genre, (given the time to put learn a song and put it together ) and he thinks for himself and is not prone to a k ing to get ahead. This is something I am not used to and can't work with. As far as my going out of my way to discredit him and encourage others to bash him too. I can only admit that my biggest fantasy is to drag the little Christian through the streets of the Bronx and throw him into the Lion's cage at the Bronx Zoo, since the Coliseum is not a viable choice at this point in time. This way I can earn favor with anyone who has had a parent, or priest, make them feel "less than", and wants to take it all out on Danny.
posted by OneofThosePosters on May 31, 2009
LOL, What a joke. Can't figure out if Benson is a prop 8 sore loser, or a zeitgiest fanatic, or just a one watt in a 150wtt pack? Hopefully it is just that there is a reverse psychology fishing experiment going on here. HMMMMMMMMMM... let me see, if I were a producer would I try to get wardrobe to put something hip on an amazing talent, with a 'natural' gift, that can only get better with experience and mentoring: whose life experience and genetic refinement has given him a voice that reaches deep into the souls of people to make them feel energized, or good, or sexually stimulate or even calm, as Gokey's does. Or would I choose someone who might not have those same attributes, but knows how to dress to fit the current fads? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmm let me 'thunk' about that.
posted by WANNAKNOW on May 31, 2009
I want to know just why MTV took away all of the comments from the original article, where some very interesting things were being said? There are still links to that article, but all comments were taken away and the ability to comment was taken away. Who is running the show here?
posted by Kim on May 28, 2009
To Cindy, the heart sign had nothing to do with eyeglasses. It a sign for the Sophia's Heart Foundation. It just kills me to see folks bash someone who's trying to help those less fortunate. I totaly think he should have at least been in the top two. He has an amazing voice and will certainly go far. I will also be one of the first in line to buy his CD.
posted by cindy on May 28, 2009
I used to love Danny. I thought he was one of the ones to watch. Then I really started noticing Adam. Danny suddenly became average compared to Adam. Danny did not have the showmanship or stage presence that Lambert did. Then there was all of the talk about Danny secretly giving hand signals so that he could get free eyeglasses for life, right in front of our eyes on AI. And if you really look at Danny's reactions on the show and all of his interviews t.v., web and print, he acts like a jealous baby over the coverage and favortism that Adam received. I'm sure he will do fine, but Adam is still the one to watch.
posted by Amy on May 28, 2009
Danny is Awesome that is why he was in the top 3!!!He has a great voice and I think he will do great given the chance. The man can sing point blank.
posted by Fan of Danny on May 28, 2009
I am still disappointed in America for voting Danny off. Regardless of what any of you say, including Mr. Howard Benson (you really should not assume) I think Danny has lots going for him. Not only does he have a fabulous, sexy voice, but he is soulful and "real". Overall good person. Good things should come to him. Unlike those who bad mouth him. Lets see your talent. I am sure you don't compare. Images come with comfort. I say if you can sing, then do it and blow us away. Screw image, I don't see it when i am listening while driving down the highway. I only hear the vocals (what really matters).
posted by Egan on May 27, 2009
I'm in the phils yet waiting for Danny's album to come.Maybe this producer is deafc",) Go.go.go.Danny!
posted by whaledancer on May 27, 2009
Danny has a great voice, yet unfortunately this business is also about image.. sad, yet true. However, I am sure someone will work with him, and like many others will probably get a makeover.. Daughtry is awesome though, and has the package look... that is the way this business is.
posted by hambone on May 27, 2009
Daughtry's Producer is full of Sh.. Gokey sings better than Daughtry any day of the week.
posted by JusB on May 27, 2009
I'll be first in line to purchase Danny's CD - for years to come. What you see is what you get and with Danny it is soul - like none other.
posted by Trisha on May 27, 2009
He is Daughtry's Producer and Daughtry is making Millions, this guy knows the music business,
posted by on May 27, 2009
Hello, Danny will b a star and i am waiting to buy it...
posted by Danny\'sgirl on May 27, 2009
Just more SHITE in the cyberworld. Danny's moving on and doing his thing and I'm there loving him and supporting him All THE WAY!
posted by Don\'t Believe Every on May 27, 2009
You can always find people who will say whatever you want them to say for a kickback or just to get their name in print. I'm sure there are all kinds of producers who would say the same thing about any of the top 13, and be just as wrong,
posted by Karl T. on May 27, 2009
If this guy is such hot shit, why is he the EX producer of Daughtry? Just another Danny hater who is jealous of Danny's talent.
posted by Margarite on May 27, 2009
Danny showed a lot of versatility and range in his stupendous weekly performances on idol, especially soulful in "PYT", "WHAT HURTS THE MOST", "COMED RAIN OR SHINE", "HERO", "JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL", etc. His singing grabs you up inside and lets you feel something amazing. Maybe rock producers can only hear howling and yowling?? It seems to be the case with Howeird Benson.
posted by Debs on May 27, 2009
Howard is a no brained shit head. Danny has GREAT voice and a lot of star quality.
posted by galaxy on May 27, 2009
What a jerk. Concedes Danny has "a great soulful voice" but thinks Danny's not gonna make a great album because he doesn't "dress the part"??? What, are you LOCO man? Very lame comment. Danny cleans up real nice. Put him in some designer duds if you think that's what he needs. But the voice is really all that's required and millions will agree that Danny's got a MAGNIFICENT SET OF PIPES. That boy can BLOW! WOW! Can't wait to get my hands on his cd when it comes out.
posted by teasle22 on May 27, 2009
The truth hurts - doesn't it? This producer does know of which he speaks. Gokey is a opportunist that only wants a 'record deal' second to his real goal: an eyewear deal with him as a model. He has a karaoke voice - but if you like that sort of thing - by all means go ahead and buy his CD because it will be the only one he ever does.
posted by Garrett on May 27, 2009
That producer must be tone deaf. Check it out. Gokey is amazing. dude's gonna knock em dead with his album.
posted by Linda on May 27, 2009
I just LOVED DANNY GOKEY. He's the real deal. Super cute, wicked HOTTTT voice. Sweet guy. I don't think he should listen to a has-been rock producer for a second. Just go and do your crazycool thang, Danny! You are muy loved!
posted by greenrodeo on May 27, 2009
Howard Benson will be proven wrong a hundred times over. Danny's voice is what counts. I already miss hearing him each week. His voice is so suited to recorded music (much more than Kris, Adam or Allyson-though they are all amazingly talented). Danny's voice gets under your skin and finger nails and moves you emotionally.
posted by Lauren on May 27, 2009
Danny was the one idol I really connected with this season. Absolutely STUNNING vocals, heaps of soul, and that sweet nose crinkle he does just won me over completely. His CD will be a huge hit!
posted by crisstina on May 27, 2009
Maybe he thinks it would be hard to work with Danny since he doesn't produce the R&B, soulful stuff that Danny loves. Lots of people hated and still hate Daughtry, but that didn't stop him and this jackass's comments won't stop Danny from making a molten hot album! I'll be first in line to buy it!
posted by J.C. on May 27, 2009
Though no one can tell what their careers will be its pretty obvious that Allison really has the potential to be huge if given the right producers. I can't tell the same about Danny because he didn't define what kind of artist he would like to be on the show.
posted by Tim Billings on May 27, 2009
Danny's HOT. This washed up former producer is NOT! End of story.
posted by Jared on May 27, 2009
Sounds like jealousy to me. Danny probably turned down this has-been to be his producer! HA! Who the hell is this Howard Benson anyway? Someone who USED to work with Daughtry? What happened there? Didn't he dress well enough?
posted by Shelly on May 27, 2009
I couldn't care less what Danny wears..I actually think he always looks really cute anyway. My point is that it's his voice, his music and his character that people dig and that's why he's got MILLIONS of fans who are waiting for his CD! Americans (and people in general) are not shallow and small-minded and we don't need to be told who is hot - we already know it. Danny Gokey is BLAZING!
posted by rachel on May 27, 2009
This "producer" is a total idiot! You can easily buy great clothes to look the part, but nobody can BUY A HOT VOICE like Danny's got! And, why on earth would anyone care what a "rock" producer would say about someone in another genre anyway? Esaecialy someone who thinks the crow girl (caw caw) would make a good album. If he had any cred, he just lost it there. Danny is AMAZING and I can't wait to get his CD. Go DANNY GOKEY!
posted by Eleni on May 27, 2009
Has this producer lost his mind? Was he not watching the show? Danny has a great voice and is a great talent. He is also a great looking guy with so much potential. Millions of people seemed to like his image and talent since he was never in the bottom three until the end. Nomad609, you might not buy Danny's album but I am sure millions of other people will. I would never buy the other two finalist's albums.
posted by diggindanny on May 27, 2009
This guy Benson, who only knows rock, should not have even been allowed to comment on an R&B performer like Danny. Danny oozes heat and sexiness. I play his performances over and over and over because I can't get enough of his voice. I can't wait until he drops his first album.
posted by CDUB on May 27, 2009
Danny has the kind of raw talent that musicians dream of having. His soulful, sexy voice makes women weep (I know for a fact I am not the only one who cried during his performances). Danny's fan base was huge and very devoted. I guarantee that Danny will produce a record and his fans can't wait to buy it. What is he talking about when he says Danny doesn't look the part? Justin Timberlake (Mickey Mouse Club anyone?) and Robin Thicke didn't exactly look the part until they actually becam R&B artists. I personally think a lot of guys are jealous of Danny because they don't understand why women love him so much. He is hot, hot, hot.
posted by CDUB on May 27, 2009
Howard Benson has never produced an R&B record. He is the last person anyone should listen to when it comes to knowing who has potential as an R&B artist. Howard Benson may know rock and if you look up a list of records he has produced they are all rock (and 80% of the songs and the musicians I've never even heard of). Also, MTV's history with R&B music is equally as poor as Benson's. The writer who interviewed Benson for MTV, Eric Ditzian, claims he talked to a number of producers about the Idols prospects and then goes on to quote only Benson. Eric Ditzian has been a Danny Gokey hater from the beginning of the competition, so I am sure he specifically looked for a producer who would agree with him about Danny Gokey, so he could once again trash Danny. I guess Benson my not want to produce Danny Gokey's record, because he is too busy salivating over the 9th place finisher - Megan. Is he for real?
posted by JustMe on May 27, 2009
Benson is full of balloon juice. He knows only rock. With Danny's talent, he can go in any direction he wants with his music. He'll do just fine. Without Benson!
posted by evelyn on May 27, 2009
Ridiculous. Danny will do a great CD and we are all waiting to buy it. What a shallow person this producer is - the MUSIC is what is important.
posted by julie on May 27, 2009
I agree with Benson that Gokey's outward expression of his artistic identity stopped at his glasses. Why was there never any hint of those musical influences quoted: latin vibe? His jazz performance on the show was his best (and studio version even better), but that sudden musical sophistication seemed to come from and lead nowhere. And he never made it look easy. There has been much complaining about the favoritism shown him by the judges, but in the end he was the one hurt by that. They normally don't hesitate to admonish contestants on their wardrobe, song choice or image identity, and they did Danny no favors by laying off him. I never was able to understand where they were coming from.
posted by nomad609 on May 27, 2009
I AGREE with daughtry's producer 100%... I will never even THINK of buying Danny's Album!
posted by illien on May 27, 2009
Danny will make afine cd.
posted by Swicked girl ;) on May 27, 2009
posted by SWicked girl ;) on May 27, 2009
I think Daughtry may have a point here, I mean , he DOES have more experience with singing and albums then Danny. Maybe some ADVICE would be nice.
posted by julie on May 27, 2009
I agree with Benson that Gokey's outward expression of his artistic identity stopped at his glasses. Why was there never any hint of those musical influences quoted: latin vibe? His jazz performance on the show was his best (and studio version even better), but that sudden musical sophistication seemed to come from and lead nowhere. And he never made it look easy. There has been much complaining about the favoritism shown him by the judges, but in the end he was the one hurt by that. They normally don't hesitate to admonish contestants on their wardrobe, song choice or image identity, and they did Danny no favors by laying off him. I never was able to understand where they were coming from.

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