'Jon and Kate Plus 8' Begins Season 5 With 'Anger'

May 26, 2009 06:38:04 GMT

On the heels of Jon's cheating accusation, the reality show puts the couple first hand to address the status of their marriage.

'Jon and Kate Plus 8' Begins Season 5 With 'Anger'
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It was another year for "Jon & Kate Plus 8" as the fifth season began Monday, May 25 for an extra long premiere. However, things are not as sweet as the last season after all the drama surrounding Jon's cheating scandal that has been going on off-screen while the reality show was having a break. For the first time in the show's history, there are times the parents of two older twin girls and a sixtuplet, Jon and Kate, did not sit together on the interview chair.

Kate, sitting solo, mentioned, "This could be our last family picture," when asked whether the fifth birthday of the sixtuplet was bittersweet. Kate revealed that the rumor of Jon cheating on her last month "kills" her, saying further "I have a lot of anger." On a separate interview, Jon said "I'd like to apologize to my family for my actions," adding "Everybody knows what I'm talking about."

During the birthday party, the couple who was married in 1999, was rarely seen sharing the same frame or speaking to each other. Kate took the kids to pick the stuff for their birthday while Jon "decided he needed a weekend off." When finally the two are sat together, and asked about the "status", Kate said "I can only speak for myself. I am here" while Jon emphasized "I'm here for my kids."

"Jon & Kate Plus 8" airs every Monday on TLC. It was not clear when the fifth season was shot but Kate's brother Kevin Kreider said that the couple was in the marriage only because of the TV show. Kreider told Radar Online, "And we are not interested in furthering this charade at the children's expense. Our only concern is the kids."


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posted by Ms Meg on Jun 08, 2009
First of all they need to put GOD first not there marriage. That is the entire problem between them. You cannot have a marriage and it work properly without God in your life. Thats the way God intended it.
posted by Nikki on Jun 03, 2009
Leave Kate and Jon alone as they will work it out. I had two ids and thought it was way, it was so easy and I wished that I enjoyed it more. I envy Jon and Kate as I own a Montessori and Traditional Prsechool an Kindergaten and I wish MORE of my parents would watch their show and take some parent hints,...they are firm yet such loving parents. Easy to be loving...HARD to set those liits with your own kids...Jon and Kate do that an I admire them.
posted by sarah on Jun 02, 2009
Time for TLC to pull the plug on this "sham" of a programme...i can`t imagine there is anyone out there ,who truly believes this programme is reality anymore. And ,for all those "followers" of you honestly think her best interests STILL lie in her (money making) 8 kids?? Just ask ANY mum/wife ,what they would do in her circumstances....husband disturbed at the life they are no leading..FAR from normal....and 8 ,beautiful little miracles ,who ,right now really need their mummy....WHO honestly would ignore what is staring them in the stay away from the home they claim to love so favour of traipsing about thee country ,like some z rated "celeb" ,signing copies of books ,she claimed were purely "for the benefit of my kids"..yeah ,right! If you care so much about them..GO HOME..ACT like a mum..not some spolied diva...the public WILL survive without you kate....shocking tho` that may seem... oh ,and for anyone thinking i`m jealous of this fiasco..forget it!Not one pound or dollar ,would EVER entice me to sell my soul ,(Or KIDS!) to the devil..or ,as in their case..the highest bidder! Did everybody catch what she said at the end?TLC are looking for more multiple families....seems the novelty...or sham..could be wearing thin down at ground control too...and not before time!!!
posted by Kid on May 28, 2009
Kate and Jon are just in a rough spot, all marriages have rough spots because no one is perfect. I do not believe Kate is in just for the money, and Jon did not cheat on Kate, but what he did was wrong, and he knows that his choices were poor. The rumors are putting them in this spot. People just need to leave them alone and stop saying all this stuff about them and just let them have a TV show. I love this show, they are like personally a family. Kate is doing her best, even if it doesn't seem like it and Jon is too, although his actions weren't good. Just give the family a break, seriously. No family is perfect, mine is not. The kids don't seem to really be effected by it except for in the season permire with them telling Jon not to leave again. Jon was leaving on his on choice. Not all of this is Kates fault. So just let the family be at peace and deal with it themseleves.
posted by abby on May 27, 2009
I cannot believe people think that Jon should stay with Kate - she is an emotionally abusive monster - she has totally destroyed him psychologically through the years - the poor man can't even say one sentence without her mocking either his word choice or subject matter. It's not good for children to see that kind of abuse on a daily basis -they end up either identifying with the abused spouse or the abuser and carry that with them into the future. I hope Jon's new friends are treating him a lot better than Kate did. If they do divorce, Jon should get the kids - Kate's too unstable to be alone with them - if Jon's not there to abuse, she'll probably start directing her anger at the kids - I've already noticed that she is putting down her sons a lot. Jon is much more relaxed with the kids - he seems like a good Dad.
posted by Not Such a Big Deal on May 27, 2009
To "She is a fool", consider this: Jon has been off of work for two years now. Kate has her book revenue, but no full-time job. If they were to completely cancel the show, how do you propose they take care of their 8 kids? They have spent a lot of their money from previous seasons on a bigger house, new cars, ect. They need some sort of income, don't you agree? And it's too late for Jon to "go back". They knew that from the beginning. AND that comment about the "authorities" is absolutely ridiculous! Those kids are well loved, happy, and taken care of. There is always someone there with them, they aren't neglected, they aren't abused. There are more children that are FAR worse off than the Gosselin kids! You're blowing this WAY out of proportion!
posted by natoya on May 27, 2009
is it true he cheated on your kids are so ctie my sister little girls just act like your run around the house \
posted by WHAT EVER! on May 27, 2009
This is for She is a fool . I hate the way your talking aboute them, do you even know what your talking aboute!!! I conpletaly agree with Not Such a Big Deal!!
posted by Socialworker925 on May 26, 2009
to 'kidscomefirst': Most professionals in the social work and counseling field will tell you that your marriage should come first. That does not mean that you don't protect yourself and children in an abusive situation or other circumstance. The ideas of putting your marriage is so that you and your spouse maintain a healthy relationship and work together as a team to parent the children and avoid the unfortunate event of divorce.
posted by Julie on May 26, 2009
Kate loves her kids and I believe loves Jon. However Kate is a perfectionist and needs control at all times. She reminds me of my mother who is a perfectionist and needs to be control at all times and at all costs that she has alienated herself from most of the family. She acts as though she is better than other so people just stay away from her including me. Unfortunately Kate seems that she is also doing them thing. She treats Jon like a child and I think she feels that she knows better than Jon about taking care of the kids and other things in their life. She has demonstrated that over the past 5 seasons of that show. Don't get me wrong Jon can sometimes be immature. I am commenting on what I have seen on the show. Of course, it goes without saying, there are things we do not know...
posted by mary12345 on May 26, 2009
I am usually annoyed by Kate and her obsessiveness over perfection and her control freak ways. But last night's show made me feel actually a little bad for her. She is used to being in control and it was obvious she isn't anymore. She cannot control how Jon is obviously out of love with her and how that affects her perfect world.
posted by Cassie on May 26, 2009
I have watched the show from the beginning, and after re-watching each episode over the 3 day weekend, it became very apparent that Kate has always believed Jon would end up leaving her and the kids one day. It's like she says, that the kids birthday is a sign of how far they've made it, and not just about another age. Kate is overbearing at times, and she does harass Jon...alot. But just the same, he married her, knowing this was Kate, she is controlling, she is a perfectionist, and she wants things done now and done right. I think that without the kind of mom Kate is, the family would have been in shambles a long time ago. She keeps things running she gets things done, which is the exact opposite of Jon's personality. It looks like things headed south when Jon quit his job. He was shot tempered, didn't know how to properly discipline his children, and snapping at Kate more than usual. To Jon work was his getaway, his sanctuary. Well newsflash, when you're married, when you have kids, you can't just check out. You don't get days off, and bar hopping, hanging out with random "girlfriends" is a thing of the past. You try harder to be a better dad, and you put all that stuff aside for your kids, and for your marriage. If Jon is so great and Kate got what was coming, Jon should have been the bigger person. No one deserves to be cheated on, because those who are saying "that's what she gets..." it not only affects her it affects the 8 children. Whose side do you think they'll take, "yes mommy was mean, but daddy is the one that left us". That's what they'll be thinking. Only to affirm what Kate thought would always happen. In the end Jon would quit, he would give up and leave. I for one am hoping the pull through that they get past all this, that they come out of it a stronger happier family. I also hope that people will stop judging them as much, stop acting like they have any idea what they go through, and be more supportive, instead of trying to drag them down with their insults and negativity. How would one feel if it was your family, and you think of yourself as normal, as a good parent. And that every fight you go through with your spouse, there's millions of people putting their two-cents in, like they have any idea what is really going on. At the end of the day, Kate being verbally abusive, Jon cheating, they are doing something so right with those kids. They are so loved, so bright, and intelligent, each have their own personalities, and so eager to learn and love on anyone in contact with them. They all love each of their siblings, their parents, and their crew, their healthy and energetic. Those parents have raised them better than most of the people I know with kids.
posted by LeeAnn on May 26, 2009
Marriage has it's ups and downs. Jon and Kate both made if very clear last night that they wanted the best for the children and they would do whatever that was. The best thing for those children is to see their parents work through this difficult time and become even closer. The children need to have 2 parents living together under one roof. THAT is what's best for them. Yes, Kate has her over-controlling issues, and Jon screwed up, but things can be worked through with the right mind set and determination. I don't think their marriage is "down the drain". It's just a matter of how determined they are for THEIR children.
posted by LeeAnn on May 26, 2009
Marriage has it's ups and downs. Jon and Kate both made if very clear last night that they wanted the best for the children and they would do whatever that was. The best thing for those children is to see their parents work through this difficult time and become even closer. The children need to have 2 parents living together under one roof. THAT is what's best for them. Yes, Kate has her over-controlling issues, and Jon screwed up, but things can be worked through with the right mind set and determination. I don't think their marriage is "down the drain". It's just a matter of how determined they are for THEIR children.
posted by lam on May 26, 2009
It's really easy for people to sit back and judge other people's lives and tell them what they should or shouldn't do. I guess we'd all be perfect if someone else told us how to live our lives.
posted by Arden on May 26, 2009
I can not stand how season after season Kate puts Jon down in such demeaning ways. If Jon did step out on their marriage it doesn't surprise me. In my eyes Jon is a victim of verbal & emotional abuse at the hands of Kate.
posted by Kidscomefirst on May 26, 2009
to "spouse first" I am sorry but I have NEVER heard someone say that they would put the spouse BEFORE the kids. So you are saying people in a abusive relationship or with someone harming there kids should forget the kids as long as the marriage is fine? GET A CLUE
posted by J&K Fan on May 26, 2009
Can we just cut Kate a little slack here. Has anyone ever heard the term "editing". You mean to tell me that no wife here has been rude or nasty to their husband. And then 2 seconds later it is fine. Well, unfortunately because it is realty tv, we don't see the 2 seconds later. And I would have just liked to hear Jon say "I love Kate". Just once. I found the episode depressing and sad. It's funny that Kate wasn't portrayed as the bad guy in this episode. Again, I say editing! Jon actually looked more like the jerk last night. Again, I say editing! I wish them the best. I truly enjoyed the show and didn't judge either of them because I knew that it was realty tv. Anyone who is thinking otherwise, is sadly mistaken. The future is unclear for the Gosslin's. As long as the show continues to air, I will watch it. But I won't be sad once the show ends, because then everyone can get back to just living their own lives with the occasional television camera. Unfortunately, the papparazzi will probably be around forever.
posted by brucefan1128 on May 26, 2009
It's sad how Kate is obsessed with the freebies handed to her. Her children do not come first when you teach them the value of life is fame and material things handed to you. Look how Maddy is such a spoiled,rude ,brat, she's acting out because Kate is her role model. Tons of people in this world have a lot of children, holding your hand out for everything you can get is simply because you selfishly went overboard with fidelity drugs!
posted by Sandy on May 26, 2009
Also a long time viewer of this show I was deeply saddened by the Season Premiere. You have a marriage in trouble and the kids well being hanging in the balance. If as Kate says that her kids are number one, she needs to end this show and work on putting their family back together out of the public glare. I think it is obvious both Jon and Kate love their children however if Kate goes back and looks at how she treats people in these episodes year after year, maybe she will see that she needs some time for self reflection. We all make mistakes but she needs to begin by trying to rectify her family relationships with other family members including with her brother and his wife as it is obvious they love the children and would be there for her. My prayer is that this couple will make it through this rough patch and work out their differences for the sake of the children. Remember it is not money but the love of money that is the root of all evil.
posted by marilyn on May 26, 2009
This is for she is a fool. JON DOSE NOT WANT HIS FAMILY BACK!!! But he dose want his life before kate back, and like i seid he picked this himself!
posted by marilyn on May 26, 2009
I have watched this show forever and feel it has changed them all including the kids. when jon says "I can't be jon I have to be jon and kate plus 8" I'm just thinking, get a grip buddy! I mean REALY, you picked this for yourself, and the show... uh! I mean kate is like an injued animal getting ready to cry, and jon ready to leave her and thr kids so he can go clubing with his one night stand. When they seid he was "away" they might as well say "jon needs a weekend to play teenager". The kids seem OK at this point, still as sweet as ever but Mady is a little bratty but what else is new. If you think aboute it this has been progressing over the years, but started when the media got in on it. Sure kate's a little bitchy but every on is sometimes.
posted by KJ on May 26, 2009
If Kate truely cared about the children as she says she does, she would end the show immediately. But it is obvious she would rather have the fame and money rather than save her marriage and/or protect her children.
posted by She is a fool on May 26, 2009
Kate is in the this for the fame and money period! Jon wants his life and family back.... Authorities should get those kids out of that house!!!
posted by Glenn on May 26, 2009
When you sell your soul to the devil you eventually have to pay. TLC is great at wrecking families, look at Paul Sr and Paul Jr on OCC, look out Duggers, your next!
posted by Dave on May 26, 2009
I predicted this last year. I want to know if they claim all the free stuff to the IRS as income. The IRS will bring them down faster than their ratings!
posted by granny on May 26, 2009
I have watched the show for years and its quite obvious to me that if the problem were just Jon as Kate says then why is Kate not having anything to do with her brother Kevin and her sister-in-law Jody? Kate says Jon and her are not in the same place right now, does she not get that she is the one who has changed. I am a viewer who has watched ever episode and have never enjoyed how she treats Jon. It became so evident that it was about the fame and money with Kate. The kids want their daddy and mommy together if that was important to Kate she would be working on her marriage instead of doing book tours. On the 5th episode Kate was being so nice to everyone except Jon when he first got there ,did she not watch the episode and hear her daugter tell Jon, don't leave anymore. Kate- the kids want to be a family not rich and famous.
posted by Spouse first on May 26, 2009
Both Kate and Jon should change their language to "my marriage is first" and the kids come second. That is the way marriage is intended. It is obvious that they need to take time for each other. Kids should never be #1 in a marriage.
posted by dbi on May 26, 2009
Kate makes me sick always saying the kid's come first and she's always there for the kid's. LIAR! If she was, she would end the show and be with them like a good mommy should! How could she stand to be away from them for so long! It's just unnatural. She wasn't even a good mom (IMO) before all this mess started! Jon may have his faults, but at least he's at home with the the kid's trying to keep everything normal for them. TLC doesn't care about what's best for the multiples either! Everybody wants money!!!!!

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