Kim Kardashian Shocked by Adam Lambert's 'American Idol' Loss

May 22, 2009 09:24:42 GMT

Kim Kardashian frankly admits that she is "shocked" by Adam Lambert's "American Idol" loss, claiming he "just has IT!" to be the champion.

Kim Kardashian
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Reality TV star and socialite Kim Kardashian expresses her disappointment that Adam Lambert didn't win at "American Idol" result show on Wednesday, May 20. She says, "I am not gonna lie, I am shocked Adam did not win American Idol!", she says in a statement.

"I think Kris (Allen) is talented, has an amazing voice and is adorable but Adam just has IT! Regardless, I think Adam will go on to make many albums and be really successful, as Kris will be too," she continues. "I dont know, maybe Kris is the safer choice..."

Kim Kardashian isn't the one and only celeb who reacts toward the result show of "American Idol" season 8. Previously, the likes of Emmy Rossum, Adrianne Curry, and Kirstie Alley also expressed their surprise after learning that it was Kris Allen who won the crown and not Adam as they had expected.

"Adam Lambert seriously did not win? Such a let down. Kid's gonna be a massive star regardless. Go Lambert!!!", Emmy wrote on her Twitter. Adrianne, meanwhile, tweeted, "It's ok, Adam didn't win because Americans hate gays. That's ok, you f--king homophobes, u can have ur cute mediocre singer." Kirstie chimed in, "The peeps I have chosen have had huge careers. Adam will have an enormous career!!"

Unlike them all, "American Idol" season 1 runner-up, Justin Guarini, has kind words for Kris. He writes, "Just sat down for a one on one interview with Kris Allen. One of the most genuine and humble people I've ever met. Gr8 time tonight..."


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posted by gabi on May 27, 2009
ANSWER TO BLOGGER GETOVERIT:I was there! Adam's homecoming:at least 5000 people on Mount Carmel highschool,he felt the love,it was incredible!Why don't you get over the fact that Kris is the little guy with the little voice,with the little personality who won because his fans cheated usng power texting and computer dialing.
posted by dee dee on May 27, 2009
AI will never be the same.Where there is no Adam there is no shine.cheaters never win AI so you will fall very soon.I wont watch again unless Adam is there as a guest,I know, why dont you try and have Adam as a guest every night.That way you will have a better chance to survive.I bet Adam will be very busy so good luck.Adam gave credit to others who he believed deserved it,he is sweet classy and a beautiful person as is kris.The fact remains,wE have not seen this high standard of talent in many many yrs.Simon has not been this excited about talent in yrs.Gee AI you blow.Hey Adam HUG MOM for me and take DAD for a beer.We love the three of ya here in Oklahoma.
posted by MW on May 27, 2009
Adam already has millions more google hits than Kris. So Kris is "nice" - so what? Adam is very very very very very nice. I do think Kris is a total victim here, he just kinda got voted in, even against his beliefs. But still, in the end Adam shoulda won. I agree with the international people who are writing in. It's Adam worldwide and Kris only in America- go figure.
posted by Iol on May 27, 2009
This from Kim Kardasian. She is just a fame whore.
posted by Stop Cheating! on May 27, 2009
I guess Arkansas does not understand the word CHEATERS, Adam Canada watched and you won our hearts, the whole you, the soul you! World Idol says it all!
posted by Adamazzing on May 26, 2009
Next season of The American Idol should change the name to The New Ripley's Believe It or Not American Idol.
posted by Devis on May 23, 2009
I'm from asia where adam is the buzz all over my place. its as if he WON! but seriously, Adam has been a true inspiration to me regardless what americans think of him. I think he's diff, edgy and he was comfortable being himself! he was really talented and should have won but past is past! ADAM would have a lucrative and sensational career ahead. can't wait for his albums and world tour. he's the true WORLDWIDE star!let's support adam on itunes.i purchased a couple already. rock on adam!
posted by Adam fan from Cyprus on May 23, 2009
What is wrong with the American public dont they know talent when they hear it. From start to finish Adam stole the show,best contestant ever.
posted by megz on May 22, 2009
WE're in saudi! and once again..the wrong choice..kris is indeed a gentleman and a great guy..but this is a SINGING competition..and obviously joyful 3454 whatever..did not see the finals..where Kris sang a pathetic song as if he "was in a bedroom with three drunk buddies"-simon..while Adam wiped the floor with him..but i suppose Kris is the "pretty-boy"..ADAM IS STILL THE STAR! THE UNIVERSAL IDOL!
posted by CHUCK on May 22, 2009
Adam is hands down the American Idol even though he wasn`t presented with the award. Everyone knows he`s the best and will go all the way with his career. I would like to know how Kris feels about the contraversy about his win because even he has to know that Adam was way better than him.
posted by gd 2 b gay on May 22, 2009
Boy oh boy you people have issues . So Kris won. MY boy in the white house won the same way.Sometimes you win by cheating sometimes you don't. But Kris won by the popular vote. Leave us gays out of it!!!
posted by stopthehysteria on May 22, 2009
Sorry, sounds like whining because you didn't get your way. Have you ever noticed that there is different music genres & that many people have different musical taste. You many have loved Adam & think he is the greatest, it doesnt mean everyone thought the same. There is no facts involved in your musical taste , its what moves you. One fact is that some people preferred Kris & those people were more motivated to vote or there were more of them who voted, whatever. I really don't see how anyones cheated here. You people need to grow up & purchase Adam's music if you like him so much & stop trying to put down the people who dont share your musical taste.
posted by bali guy on May 22, 2009
Relax guys.I'm sure that Adam will Have a bright career ahead of him.I Too think that he is robbed from the AI Title. Kris maybe won,but I won't be too Proud if I were him.Because he must know that his contender is actually better than him. Me and my friends here in Indonesia are Rooting for Adam. Simply because he's the best.
posted by janrd01 on May 22, 2009
Adam did win! He is not contracted to AI. He was the better singer, no doubt. He gave me "goosebumps" when he sang." I knew he would'nt win, he was to flamboyant and confident, he put on a show every performance, he has so much vocal range, it's sic. Every song Kris sang was the same, no excitement! But he is an all-american boy, Adam was gay, simple as that, but he is a beautiful person inside and out, Adam will go farrrrrrrrrr in his career, over the moon!
posted by Australian on May 22, 2009
Well, America you have really shown your true colours - pedjudice wins over talent. Your voting system is a sham and you have no credibility. Anyone could see that Adam Lambert was the outstanding performer with the most exquisite vocals. Quite frankly, it's an outrage that Adam did not win. Also I would like to add that when Ryan Seacrest introduced Adam & Kris during the Finale and stated "The boy next door v. the Guyliner" - what he was saying was that the good christian V. the gay...and that sums it up. I cringed when he said that. SHAME on you America.
posted by Wxyz on May 22, 2009
I think the whole episode of the recent american idol was a scam. Adam was purposely there to boost the show. As we all know Adam was way-way-wayyyyyy over qualified. He wasnt there to compete. He was there to attract viewers. That was why he looks unaffected when the result was annouced. Dont you think so? Think about it.
posted by LAMR on May 22, 2009
To Joyful: I totally agree with "Adam Fan from Kansas". Joyful, I'm sorry, but you're ovbiously "tone death". To say that Kris hit all his notes head on? You couldn't be more WRONG. Were you even listening to the Program? Seriously, Adam Lambert is a natural born Super Star and HE will outshine all previous and current Idols - and there's NO doubt about that. AI is obviously a popularity contest NOT a talent contest. I personally am disgusted and will no longer watch this show, along with countless many other people. As soon as his new album is out - which will be in a matter of DAYS - I will definitely be one of the first to purchase an Adam Lambert album. ADAM RULES!!!!! Kris, is mediocre at best. Sorry. Truth hurts some times. Peace out. {;-)
posted by Graciouslady on May 22, 2009
Let's face it everybody, Adam was cheated not because he does not have the better voice. His voice is just beautiful. This had nothing to do with his good looks or his voice. Adam lost because of the crap the Gay Community gave Ms. California. It's called PAY BACK. The Judges had no say so in this matter --we did not pay any attention to them: the Public Spoke. It was not the Am. Idol show that chose the Winner, it was the Public. Adam can be who he is without reservation, but he should have considered the final voting audience: US. It is called "Know your deciding Audience".He forgot that. You tone it down until you get what you auditioned for to Win, you win, then you go back to the "flaming" behavior. He was competing against a married, young, wholesome Christian man. Put it together, people!!
posted by cjenni on May 22, 2009
Kris is the Arkansas idol.
posted by queenrosered on May 22, 2009
That "Justin" guy that said he talked to Kris and he "is a gentle and humble person" does NOT get it!! This wasn't a contest about "gentle and humble people", sheesh! It was SUPPOSSED to be for the BEST singer!Hands DOWN, that was Adam! He can sing circles around ANYONE, especially the people on AI. Adam Lambert will be the next Elvis, Plant and Mercury all rolled into one gorgeous, mega-talented package. An ICON. Yes folks....once again, America got it WRONG! Kris is a sweet little guy with his cute little guitar who could sit in his bedroom with friends (like Simon said) and strum some good tunes, but get REAL! Seriously America? Seriously? So far there are 8 "titles" of "American Idol" but there is only ONE Adam Lambert! Go conquer the world Adam, I know you will!(we already have our tickets to the AI tour, it's gonna be rich seeing Kris have to perform as the "Idol" after Adam performs, lmao) Glambert #2516!
posted by GerryinNJ on May 22, 2009
If you watch all the video performances of Adam and Kris on the American Idol site, there is a rating system for viewers (up to 5 stars). Adam received 4.8 on all performances (including Ring of Fire), while Kris got a maximum of 4.7 on ONE performance, while most were rated 3.5 to 4.5. This is a more legitimate vote of success.
posted by christine on May 22, 2009
I agree with you T,Adam is simply the best...can't believe americans' I wish they could revote
posted by tulla on May 22, 2009
kris is good but not good enough.very forgettable,listening to his songs is like having ice for lunch..qoute simon cowell.his voice is wet..
posted by Adam Fan from Kansas on May 22, 2009
To joyful 3645, you talk about everyone is bashing Kris. Look at what you just wrote. You are doing the same thing. Also, were you even listoning to the songs that were performed by Kris. He was off on alot of notes and couldn't even sing the new song that was written by one of the judges. He cannot hit any high notes. Adam had the same amount of time to sing the song "Bounds" and he nailed it. He has just a range in his voice. Obviously you are not musically inclined. Adam should have won this hand down. I agree with everyone else, that he will have more record and album sales all over the world. This was strickly a popularity contest. Kris even said that Adam should have won. What do you say about that Joyful?
posted by mexican idle on May 22, 2009
Well, at least we know what Kim Kardashian thinks about this. I can finally sleep peacefully now.
posted by dan526 on May 22, 2009
well kris goodluck.. your a nice guy i know you do not desreves this hates from everyone.. ADAM i will always be your fan cat wait tosee you rocking the charts soon hope youll do a record with queen
posted by BOO HOO on May 22, 2009
Kris's family are pathetic. Cry babies! Go HOME, Kris included. Bring on A-D-A-M, the best ever, says Simon Cowell!
posted by OH NO! on May 22, 2009
ADAM should have won! Watch him sell millions more CD's than Kris the woes!
posted by claire on May 22, 2009
I cannot believe he did not win, some small minded voters out there. he was by far the best. Viva Adam
posted by GRANNY on May 22, 2009
I am 58, and wanted ADAM to win! Chris is insipid and a joke! Adam has it ALL. We in South Africa love him!
posted by Mae in South Africa on May 22, 2009
We love Adam here in SA & still can't get over the shock of him not winning! Adam rocks!
posted by rrv on May 22, 2009
Take away the guitar and piano and what is left of Kris? Not much really cept he seems to be a really nice fella. But with Adam well he has everything. Its ok that Kris is the AI but its no surprise that Adam is the World Idol. Hope to see Adam perform with Queen or have his own band soon! Adam you ROCK!
posted by Wxyz on May 22, 2009
Kris maybe the american idol, but adam is The World Idol.
posted by Wxyz on May 22, 2009
I think the whole episode of the recent american idol was a scam. Adam was purposely there to boost the show. As we all know Adam was way-way-wayyyyyy over qualified. He wasnt there to compete. He was there to attract viewers. That was why he looks unaffected when the result was annouced. Dont you think so? Think about it.
posted by Wxyz on May 22, 2009
Kris maybe the american idol, but adam is The World Idol.
posted by BB on May 22, 2009
I am a huge Adam fan from Great Britain. I cannot believe he did not win. He is an Artist already. I hope he has a sucessful career. fingers crossed for Adam.
posted by TonyOzFan on May 22, 2009
From Australia you're our honorary Idol alongside those who have won Australian Idol. You're an absolute star.
posted by joyful3645 on May 22, 2009
I think all of you who are criticizing Kris Allen for winning American Idol are acting like 3-4 year olds who don't get the toy they want to play with, or whose mother won't buy them what they are wanting in the store. I think it is out- rageous to read some of these messages from grown people who are saying such terrible things about a wonderfully talented young man who is as sweet and kind as can be. Give it up. He won hands down,and there is nothing you all can do about it. Kris doesn't scream and yell throughout his songs the way Adam does. His voice is pure and right on. He never hits a sour note, which is something I can't say for the runner-up. If the truth be known, Kris was leading from day one. I think he had several million votes more than Adam all season. One week Adam was even next to last. Kris is the new American Idol. So give it up and stop all the whining from you kids there in Hollywood. Go back to your play acting and pretending to be actors. The only reason some of you wanted Adam to win was because he was gay, and that is as bad as, or worse than,not voting for someone because they are gay. I think Kris Allen outsang Adam by a mile. He will sell millions and be at the top when it comes to record sells. HE will be up there with Carrie Underwood. Adam will end up on Broadway or on stage in Vegas, but he won't sell as many records. He is a showman, but not so hot with the vocals when it comes right down to it. Please, Please, don't compare him to Elvis. He couldn't touch Elvis' talent with a ten foot pole. He is talented, and a sweet person, and he would be ashamed by what some of you are saying about Kris.
posted by sandy c on May 22, 2009
I just knew that Kiss would want Adam to perform with them. Does Keith Urban want Kris!!! Adam you are the World idol.
posted by gd 2 b gay on May 22, 2009
Boy oh boy you people have issues . So Kris won. MY boy in the white house won the same way.Sometimes you win by cheating sometimes you don't. But Kris won by the popular vote. Leave us gays out of it!!!
posted by antonia547 on May 22, 2009
You say we are bashing chris,but you are bashing adam. I have never heard adam be anything but humble gracious and kind,and yet you say otherwise? If you are talking talent adam out sang chris and not by screaming,not to say that chris isnt a nice man he is but talent adam had more hands down from the begining even with the johnny cash song i didnt like much but is voice is great at anything he sang he was consistant and chris was not. Ignorance is bliss, as for whinning because adam didnt win im sure you would be talking smack if chris did not win? I have always loved idol and i will never watch it again it stopped being about talent that is the pain truth.Good luck to chris i have no ill feelings towards him but even he knew he should not have won.
posted by DownUnder on May 22, 2009
Adam has talent. From fans in New Zealand. He should of won, can't believe Americans voting. Foolish. The other guy was still cool, but Adam had everything.
posted by sandy c on May 22, 2009
That is right. Adam is the WORLD IDOL!!!! He is just amazing. I wish he would STOP praising Kris. Hey ADAM praise yourself. It is a cutthroat business out there. You are just AMAZING! I am still in shock that you did not win. America is behind the times. Kris is a no personality. Adam you rock and you are a ROCK GOD!!!!
posted by Roxie on May 22, 2009
Nobody is whining just telling the truth ADAM has more talent that Chris. Nothing anyone can do now but just know that ADAM should have won. Even Chris said so. Queen would be making a big mistake by not working with ADAM. He would bring them his fans and together they would be great. I am sure AI will have ADAM doing AI things because they know the voters let their money maker lose.
posted by NewZelander on May 22, 2009
So what if adam is gay? think about all the gay celebraties that america loves, ellen, Freddie Mercury. so why cant america get over the pictures and vote for the person is clearly a billion times better. I love you adam !
posted by marathonH on May 22, 2009
Adam did not lose this contest it was stolen from him by an orchestrated voting agenda in Arkansas that allowed one person to vote as many as 450,000 times. Arkansas voters also used computers to bypass time zone limitations. The number of votes generated from Arkansas exceeded 38 million, when the population is less then 3 million. That does not include the votes that entered through other time zone of about 2 million more. On top of that the radio station in Kris's hometown gave instructions on how to cheat. So if effect the fan club and other groups generated thousands of votes that could have been excluded under the rules. In Many states Adam's phone line were constantly busy as if they were jammed.
posted by NewZelander on May 22, 2009
Adam is a million times better. Americans are so judgement. it doesnt matter how you dress or what you look like etc. its how you SING. Adam will go on to be more famous anyway and i am still amazed that adam didnt win, because he is clearly the best.
posted by Jannah on May 22, 2009
Come one Queen - ask Adam to be your new lead singer, he is the new Feddy Mercury.
posted by Wxyz on May 22, 2009
Kris maybe the american idol, but adam is The World Idol.
posted by Alienzone on May 22, 2009
From NZ, Adam Lambert is the new Freddy Mercury, go Adam, love you...simply the Best!
posted by Wxyz on May 22, 2009
Please revote.
posted by pt on May 22, 2009
Just watched the final in England can't believe that Adam did not win.Maybe the voting should be worldwide to get the result.Adam will be on top long after people are saying "Kris who?"
posted by ... on May 22, 2009
stop whining like a little kid.nothing can happen if you say bad things about kris.neither AI could cancel Kris Allen's title nor Adam Lambert can posses it.
posted by getoverit on May 22, 2009
and to the people comparing adam to freddie mercury... are you INSANE? do you even know who freddie mercury is?! adam can't hold a candle to freddie mercury, he's more like the next meatloaf.
posted by getoverit on May 22, 2009
first of all, i'm glad kris won. he deserved it. he was the true underdog and was by far more talented than adam. did he have a better voice? huge range? no. but he can sing and he can play at least two instruments. his performances were solid, and i actually downloaded several of his songs afterward, despite the crappy music arrangements provided by whoever is in charge of recording those songs. i, for one, found adam to be smug, indulgent and arrogant (especially towards the end) and every week i loathed hearing him caterwaul through his songs. his arrangements weren't original, he simply would take songs other people have covered and use their arrangements - ring of fire was jeff buckley, mad world was gary jules, feeling good was muse, etc. not to mention the judges constantly fawning over him made him even more unlikeable. and i wish people would stop making this a gay thing, because it's ridiculous. where there some people who probably didn't want to vote for a gay guy? sure. but i doubt it was enough to change the vote that much, because i heard that kris crushed adam when it came to the voting. the bottom line is kris's fans rallied harder than adam's did, so all of you glamberts that are whining and hating on kris (when he has done NOTHING WRONG) only have yourselves to blame. did you notice when they aired the hometown heroes episode, thousands of people should up to see kris and danny, yet maybe a few hundred, tops, came to see adam? NO ONE cares about him but his die-hard fans. and, i'm sure that kris picked up a lot of danny's fans when he was kicked off due to a matter of TASTE. i love rock music but every time adam would start screeching i would LAUGH at how ridiculous he was. i'll probably buy kris's album when it comes out (as long as it doesn't sound like that horrible "no boundaries" song), but there's no way in hell i'd ever be interested in hearing anything adam has done, unless i'm in new york and want to see a musical on broadway. that's where he belongs and i'm sure that's where he'll end up.
posted by dlvsuadam on May 22, 2009
one more thing simon cowell paula, randy, kara, they all would have chosen adam to win so obviusely the judges now talent
posted by dlvsuadam on May 22, 2009
adam is the most talented singer american idol has ever crossed.he should have won.. kris was a dark horse even gokey was better than kris.i will never see american idol again that show sucks underdogs always win.david cook was more talented than kris though.i think there was some cheating in votes. some one should write to producers of the show to do a recount.
posted by Tasha on May 22, 2009
I'm from malaysia and ive been watching adam perform every week giving it 100 billion percent all the time!!! He really shouldve won.. Everyone here in malaysia has MAD LOVE for him. Cant wait for his album to come out!!! Adam can be named world idol. Hes like the obama in the music industry. ; )
posted by Media on May 22, 2009
Adam will be the final star of the contest!!!!
posted by ???? on May 22, 2009
We are not whining. We are just simply stating the "truth." Not only Adam was cheated, but also all of us who honestly saw and heard, believed, applauded and love, not only the great talent of Adam Lambert, who aside from being a brilliant performer, is also a fun, humble and always gracious contestant (not to mention his good looks and fantastic outfits!) - but all of the people who honestly voted and thought that AI was a great talent show. I'm very disappointed with AI and with American people for allowing this hoopla to happen. I really thought American's were better than others, but I guess not. -From Adam Lambert's Fan/Philippines

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