Bravo TV May Evict One of 'Real Housewives of NYC'

May 22, 2009 06:34:10 GMT

A casting call is held for the new season of 'The Real Housewives of New York City', which can mean the dropping of one of the six housewives.

Bravo TV May Evict One of 'Real Housewives of NYC'
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Instead of introducing the new season of "The Real Housewives of New York City", it looks like Bravo TV is going to make some changes to the current line-up first. A casting call is issued while the negotiation with the six women in the second season is underway. This could only mean two things, either an additional cast or a replacement.

"Are you a woman living in one of the most exclusive areas of New York who has to juggle their career, home life, and a jam-packed social calendar full of charity fund-raising galas, Hampton parties and nights on the New York social scene?" the notice is read. "Casting producers are interested in meeting immediately!"

Bethenny Frankel, LuAnn de Lesseps, Alex McCord, Ramona Singer and Jill Zarin have been regulars on the unscripted series since the beginning while Kelly Killoren Bensimon joined in the second season as the sixth housewife. Rumor has it, she is in the dangerous position from being evicted from the show due to her unpopularity among fans, and the fact that she doesn't get along with the other cast.

Before the season 2 finale, Jill suggested that Kelly is out of the show. "It's not that I think we should throw anybody off, it's just that I think if I were her, I would not do the show again," Jill told E! "I would go back to anonymity and spend the next year trying to repair my reputation. What's more important to her: her reputation or fame?"

Meanwhile, Bravo TV reps would not confirm the casting rumor but said that there could be changes in the 3rd season which may start shooting this summer. "We are always looking for new and interesting characters, and to keep the show fresh," a Bravo spokeswoman said. "There are so many stories to tell and we want to keep topping ourselves every season."

On related news, the network is also pushing the idea of another franchise possibly called "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and has released a casting call for socialites living near the neighborhood.


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posted by truefan on Jun 26, 2010
Jill & Bethenny were true best friends who had a falling out and would have made up if miss goody two shoes Luann had not interfered and followed her own holier-than-thou-advice and told Jill she should not play Bethenny's phone call. The countess did everything she could to keep them apart. She needed Jill all to herself following her divorce. If she had been a true, unselfish friend to Jill she would have known how important Bethenny was to Jill. I truly hope Jill and Bethenny get back together. I love the display of real friendship. I forgive you Jill.
posted by Rndemac onMay26 on Jun 26, 2010
Kelly is a nut, no one can converse with her-others are refreshing in their own way--Ramona is very entertaining
posted by dee on Jun 23, 2010
kelly should be off the favorite h/wife is betheeny next is alex,then next ramona.. you wouldn't need enemies if b/stabbing jii and luanne were friends
posted by l2joseph on Jun 14, 2010
get Kelly off, Most of the time she does not even know what shwe says..
posted by Annie on Jun 08, 2010
I am in total agreement - Psycho Kelly must go. She obviously requires medical attention and rehab for whatever drugs she is having an affair with during her "time outs". In addition, I look forward to the absence of the voiceless, countless LuAnn. However, should LuAnn level out the amount of testosterone in her body and finally come out of the closet... I believe that would be one hell of an episode. Bethenny and Alex are great. Ramona needs a wake up call; Sonjia is a breath of fresh air; and Jill,well she finally showed her true colors and hit rock bottom.
posted by Sherri on May 21, 2010
GET KELLY OFF the show; She is physco big time, when shes on I put the remote on mute. She needs some help big time. Her poor kids.
posted by carmelina t on May 21, 2010
Please Kelly,Your Daughters need someone who is able to give your children a safe and stable enviroment! Are you really that desperate for any all the attention! Your Children now will never ever be able to live down your disgusting low class, and no manners, none ,zip,nada!!!! Why Is She ON THE SHOW,THIS IS ALL THE PROOF CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICE ANGENCY NEEDS TO USE TO HELP THOSE GIRLS OF "KELLY'S"!?!?!?!?!?!? display?????
posted by lwf99408 on May 13, 2010
Dump Kelly. I think she's psychotic. Normal woman do not attack other women - esp. when they are guests on a luxury liner - and their "victim" is pregnant. A few months in a padded cell would do her wonders.
posted by VICKI on Dec 27, 2009
posted by rlynn220 on Aug 27, 2009
I didn't like Kelly at all. She was condesending to Bethanny. And pretended not to understand the issue. I won't support anything i see her name on.
posted by txmom.1961 on Jul 11, 2009
I love Jill and Bethanny, they are exactly what I had always imagined a sucessful New York woman would be. But Kelly???? Who the heck is she anyway?? She's a famous model?? Says who? I've never seen her or heard of her until she joined the cast. She is so into herself and is completely clueless about how her superior attitude comes across. I quit watching the show after she started getting on my nerves!! I hope she is the cast member to leave the show and that they cancel her contract. I'm thrilled to discover that there will be a season 3 and looking forward to seeing more of Jill and Bethanny (and alright, Ramona the freaky, hippocritical, clueless alcoholic...if only for the ability to make fun of her stupidity!!)
posted by Pickles on Jun 28, 2009
Kelly leaves parties after 5 min. because if she stayed any longer, everyone will find out she can't keep up the conversation. She uases her children as excuse to exit. How convenient. In general, people care about sincerity more than keeping up with the current events.
posted by judy on Jun 26, 2009
kelly is so boring everyone else works do not like the new jersey hswfs cant wait for the nxt season
posted by CiCi on Jun 24, 2009
PLEASE dump Kelly, what a complete amd utter fool she is. She brought absolutely nothing to the show. I actually had a hard time watching it with her on it!!!!! Luann, Bethanny and Jill are definite keepers!! Signed, A loyal fan P.S. Ramona is a hard one to watch as well.
posted by maryannsavannah on Jun 22, 2009
I love real housewives my favorite is Bethenny n Jill real down to earth people,Ramona is a washed up psycho who looks like a recovering crack addict. Please bravo tell Ramona her body is no 10 nore like a 5.
posted by maryannsavannah on Jun 22, 2009
I love real housewives my favorite is Bethenny n Jill real down to earth people,Ramona is a washed up psycho who looks like a recovering crack addict. Please bravo tell Ramona her body is no 10 nore like a 5.
posted by maryannsavannah on Jun 22, 2009
I love real housewives my favorite is Bethenny n Jill real down to earth people,Ramona is a washed up psycho who looks like a recovering crack addict. Please bravo tell Ramona her body is no 10 nore like a 5.
posted by Kelly on Jun 07, 2009
DUMP KELLY NOW!! SHE IS SO SHALLOW AND QUITE HONESTLY...STUPID (cute??? to describe adolescent arthritis???) oh please...and what a phony voice (bye bye) (yuck!)
posted by Barklee1 on Jun 05, 2009
Keep them all on for next season. They are ALL OBNOXIOUS, SUPERFICIAL AND SELF INVOLVED! I never appreciated my life until I saw this crew in action. I love watching them brag about how great their lives are while they tear each other to bits. For me, this is a feel good series. It's fun watching a group of silly old farts acting like dumb high school kids. Bravo to Bravo, you've got a winner here. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
posted by Pickles on Jun 04, 2009
Ramona,Mario,Kelley, Simon and Alex Gotta Go!Whenever they are on, I fast forward.I'm so glad,glad, glad we have TIVO.
posted by Suzanne on May 31, 2009
Keep them all on the show. Annoying obnoxious people keep the drama in and drama is what's entertaining. Kelly, Ramona, Mario and Alex & Simon fit that bill perfectly. Bethenny, Jill and Luann (of late) are my favorites but the show works because of the entire crew. Who in the hell wants to watched perfectly behaved people??? Not me. If I want that, I'll rent a documentary of Ghandi and Mother Teresa.
posted by Lorrie on May 22, 2009
I love the shows and enjoy most of the characters. I find Kelly obnoxious as she thinks she is so very important she can be late for every event. She did say to Bethenney on being late "oh,too bad". She has no class and is rude to all of the other women. She thinks way too much of herself. I would like to see her evicted from the show. She does not make the show interesting. She is a 40 ish has-been with a 20 something attitude. I find Ramona also rude and dresses far to young for her age. Her daughter Avery is the only one in the family with class.Love Bethenny/Jill and her dauther Allison very much. Jill's mother Gloria is adorable. Love Bobby, can't stand Simon or Mario. Alex is ok but is a wannabe without the income needed to live the rich NYC lifestyle. Alex's kids are horrible and should be read Luann's book on manners. LuAnn thinks the marriage title of countess impresses people, NOT! How many French ex-Countess wives will France allow Count Alex allowed to have anyway. Isn't LuAnn ex #4?? Sad to think LuAnn also seems to think she is "higher class" than she is. I hope Bethenney's Chef and cooking business keeps growing, she is awesome and very sweet and funny as well. Bravo, please consier ditching Kelly for her miserable attitude.
posted by Marie C on May 22, 2009
I love the show and nearly everyone in it except Ramona,Mario and Kelley. They are obnoxious.I love everone else, and I can't wait for #3
posted by adiG on May 22, 2009
Kelly needs to leave.. she did not understand the premise of the show obviously.

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