Kris Allen Is the New 'American Idol' Winner!

May 21, 2009 02:23:15 GMT

'American Idol' season 8 has drawn a little less than 100 million votes, which in majority favor the victory of Arkansas native Kris Allen over Adam Lambert.

Kris Allen Is the New 'American Idol' Winner!
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The time has come to appoint the new winner of "American Idol". Slightly less than 100 million votes were cast for both Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, and according to, only a few votes separated the two that it is difficult to foresee who will be the winner.

The result show on Wednesday, May 20 was opened with Ryan Seacrest welcoming back Adam and Kris on the stage. Right after that, a video about the judges was played before the Top 13, all in white outfits, performed Pink's "So What". As previously reported, the show was to be visited by many guest performers and the first to take the stage was last season's "Idol" champion, David Cook. He sang "Permanent" that was dedicated to his late brother and can be purchased with benefits going to cancer research.

Before the ultimate title was given, "Idol" has prepared a Golden Idol Award that is granted to most eccentric auditions this year. Nick Mitchell won. The contestant who managed to be in the Top 36 round said that he didn't know he would get on stage, but then he ripped off his clothes to reveal his alter ego Norman Gentle. He sang "And I'm Telling You" and the crowd went wild. Queen Latifah took over the mic, making a duet with Lil Rounds for "Cue the Rain", and then Anoop Desai, Alexis Grace and Jason Mraz came as a piece backed up by the rest of the Top 13.

A montage of Kris' journey from the beginning to Tuesday's performance was played before he in person appeared on stage for a duet with Keith Urban on "Kiss a Girl". And now, the female contestants of Top 13 belted out "Glamorous", a song by Stacy Ferguson aka Fergie who later joined them in the middle. Fergie then sang a solo and later joined by Black Eyed Peas.

The Golden Idol Awards was back and Katrina Darrell aka Bikini Girl won the Best Attitude. She too, performed before judge Kara DioGuardi joined her in the middle. Allison Iraheta brought up "Time After Time" with the original singer, Cyndi Lauper. Kris and Adam's parents were then interviewed by Ryan. Danny Gokey sang "Hello" and predictably Lionel Richie popped up to sing a couple of his songs including "All Night Long".

Time to peek on Adam's journey from the audition to the finale. He then took the stage, singing "Beth" by KISS and joined by the band themselves on "Detroit Rock City" and "Party All Night". Next performance came from Carlos Santana and a few of the Top 13 on "Black Magic Woman" and "Smooth". And then there was Michael Sarver, Megan Joy, and Steve Martin doing bluegrass. Sarver once again took the stage for "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" with the men of Top 13 and Rod Stewart.

Another Golden award: Tatiana del Toro won Outstanding Female and she hopped on the stage trying to sing while Ryan said they were running out of time. There was a comic timing in the two of them before the commercial break took over. When the show was back, Kris and Adam joined forces in "We Are the Champion" and the actual Queen appeared along with the Top 36.

It was down to the business, Ryan Seacrest was about to announce the new winner of "American Idol". But first he talked to Simon Cowell who said that both finalists are great and incredible singers. And the winner of "American Idol" season 8 is Kris Allen. He said in awe, "Adam deserves this. I'm sorry," then cried on his wife's shoulder.


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posted by peen on Jun 01, 2009
I wasn't able to follow this Season's AI...just saw the finale. If only I could cast vote (i'm from Asia), I would have voted for Kris. There's no doubt about Adam's vocal prowess. He definitely rocks. But I prefer Kris style. I think a lot of Americans prefer Kris' style than that of Adam's. No unfair voting. Also, if those mentors had those amazing comments about Kris (see Jamie Foxx's interview on Ellen's), who are we to judge Kris' singing or his voice? Even Chris Daughtry and David Archuleta are Kris' fans :) I do not think America got it wrong.
posted by dogsandcats on May 29, 2009
To Sam And Shocked with America, if you don't like Americans don't watch our tv. Never would I insult your country,as you have mine. I love being an American, and am not stupid or however you put it, becaue I'm not an Adam Lambert fan. Wanted Danny, he was sent home, so voted for Kris.
posted by Heidi on May 25, 2009
Congratulations Kris! You so deserve to win! You're the one who has made me feel each week, I cried after listening to "Falling Slowly" and just thought how beautifully you sang that song. Kris sings his songs from his heart, and interprets them with care and understanding. Smokey Robinson was "blown away" by Kris, Jamie Foxx wants to do a record with him and Quentin Tarantino chose Kris as "my guy". And Kris just sang, no drama or special effects. Just his singing. What a guy, this Kris Allen.
posted by Canada \"A\" on May 25, 2009
I think American Idol is fix ,fix , and fix Adam was the best ever on the show good luck Adam
posted by Rafi on May 22, 2009
Im from Norway, and i have been following American Idol this season. I was so shocked to see that Kris won !! Adam has an amazing voice, is good-looking, charming and sexy. Im really looking forward to hearing more from him. Kris seems like a very nice person, has a good voice, but is to boring for me. So in my opinion America got it wrong this year !!
posted by shocked with america on May 22, 2009
Here in New Zealand we just saw the final and cant believe that the people of America are so blind that cant see a true artist. SHAME ON THEM to not see true talent when its right in front of them. Oh well, at least it will free Adam from comitments the winner has to take on and he will no doubt have far better offers and will soar to stardom as he is truely distined to do. American Idol was his debut
posted by Sam on May 22, 2009
Isn't it obvious? America is going down down,down... Adam please move to Europe-UK maybe? and be a frontman of QUEEN leave that stupid continent theay are going to sink!!!! Hurry up!!!Brian May is a clever one (has a degree and all) so you better listen to the wise man talk... Best of luck! Leave Kris to Americans- they deserve him...(don't know for anything better- very young continent eh?)..
posted by Lexy on May 22, 2009
Kris is a joke- he was not supposed to be among top three not to mentione winning... Is American nation on some kind of pills maybe pigs flew or some other mutant invaded their minds... stupidity in it's ultimate best... ADAM is a SUPERSTAR and he dosnt need the stupid titel...Very disapointing...
posted by #Adam fan on May 22, 2009
What the heck was America thinking!They definitely got this one wrong big time! I luv you Adam I think you are the greatest American Idol there ever was & you were ripped off, but I have no doubt in my mind that you will have a great career. I can't wait to buy your 1st album! Kris is ok but he is no comparison to you & he definetly cannot hit the high notes. You rock dude! Looking forward to buying your music soon. You are so multitalented & you even remind me a little of a young Elvis Presley. Don't ever change keep doing what your doing. Can't wait to see you on tour in September!
posted by baby on May 21, 2009
I agree with Ramone. I think that Kris's talent grew the most over the season. I liked Adam, but, he was so over the top at he was alway in a Musical.
posted by Lisa on May 21, 2009
I like Kris as a person but Adam ...SHOULD...have WON the thing. Even Kris ....KNEW that!!! 38 million votes from Kris home sate of 3 million people. PLEASE this was NOT about talent but operation KRISALLENATION Ding Dong group using Gizmo and Go phones. Some people from Kris camp text thousands of votes each. I broke in their blog several day's ago and stated their "RIGGED" voting practices were UNFAIR , camp Kris kicked me OFF their blog. They said" good with got rid of Lisa" did not sound Christian like.
posted by Alana on May 21, 2009
Well congratulations to Kris but the winner as he said it was clearly Adam Lambert. I liked them both but America is that stupid!
posted by Antonio Ortega on May 21, 2009
Kris is NOT that good, and He knows it. But people is voting no based on talent but for the looks.
posted by cher on May 21, 2009
Oh ADAM , what is with America! note; get ears.
posted by crazy8 on May 21, 2009
Everyone is wrong when they say that Kris is not good because he is great. Adam is great and America got it right. They chose who they wanted to win.
posted by Antonio Ortega on May 21, 2009
I am in awe! I thought Adam would win. Kris is not that good, even Allison and Danny are way better than him. I think Kris is good but not that good!
posted by husky on May 21, 2009
well guys time will tell who the real singer is.. david archuleta didnt get the tilte but he shines out there more than david cook does. or chris daughtry who didnt even get to the final. no worries, whoever won this competition, it wont affect anything in their carriers cause the real competition has just begun once they're out of american idol!
posted by dengori on May 21, 2009
adam's got too much publicity, which caused Ameroca to assume that he's already the winner. apart from that,his shrieking does not make his singing sound good. it's over the top. but in fairness to adam, he really has the better voice and style. kris won america over because he's very humble. no matter how you look at it, kris is the underdog. the media already established adam as a celebrity. i think that there's no right or wrong choice here. kris is extremely talented. the fact that they came out as top contenders in the show already made both of them winners. and it was never kris' fault that he got the title. don't punish the guy.
posted by sydney on May 21, 2009
Kris Allen who cares we all know Adam is going to make it big time I don't even think it bothered him. Could someone tell me what the prizes were that Kris won. Anyway Kris could not even reach his high notes when he sang the winning song. I thought Ryan Seacrest knew from the beginning that Kris was the winner when he walked up to his family. Great mistake America
posted by s28girlie on May 21, 2009
i agree with Gaby and Naich. but whatever. Adam doesnt need to win, if Kris was born to be a star, Adam was born a star. Kris needed the title anyway, Adam would still outshine him no matter what.
posted by Mustang on May 21, 2009
Stop with all this crap bout who should have won fact is that both of them deserved it and just one could take the title anyway both of them are going to be a huge success
posted by AMERICA on May 21, 2009
well whoever said that AI is plainly a singing contest??it is clearly a POPULARITY contest..if you want the best singer to win, then change the effing RULES..have some percentage allocated to judges the end of the day..the judges only sight their opinions but not to totally influence the result..GET OVER IT PEOPLE..if your saying AMERICA got it all wrong..well its hypocrisy through and through..maybe all this rambling about is better off if you just voted more to your IDOL..peace out
posted by Rachel08 on May 21, 2009
Let's quit fighting! Both are good and better than half the artists out there already! I'm happy for both of them! Although as much as you want to fight me on this, Kris has MORE charm, likableness, and sweetness... I think that is presumably why he won. He won me over by those reasons, also with his gracious voice. I can see Kris being an artist that will stay with me for a long time, unlike Adam. It's nice to let a different kind of performer win as well and not another rocker like last year. But anyhow BOTH are going to have huge careers, and the top "Idol" crown really doesn't mean much anyway, seeing as both get record contracts anyhow. I'm looking forward to some more sweet, gracious, moving music from Kris, and his adorable smile. He has stolen my heart. <3
posted by Malin on May 20, 2009
My name is Malin and I voted for Kris because I prefer his style of music. Oh, and Gaby, it's actually 2009.
posted by KISSFAN123 on May 20, 2009
posted by Gamblefan20 on May 20, 2009
I think Gamble20 is right!
posted by Gamblefan20 on May 20, 2009
I think Gamble20 is right!
posted by Gamblefan20 on May 20, 2009
I think Gamble20 is right!
posted by Gamblefan20 on May 20, 2009
I think Gamble20 is right!
posted by Gamblefan20 on May 20, 2009
I think Gamble20 is right!
posted by Ramone on May 20, 2009
Iíve heard many say that Adam was more talented and should have won. That is very subjective, so not as clear-cut as you are espousing. They had two very different styles. No one can definitively state which one is better for anyone other than themselves. Or it has been said that it was homophobia that was Adamís downfall. Iím sure there was some of that, but not all of American Idolís viewers. Both of these excuses are not honest, but rather, quite biased to bolster your own beliefs. The show HAD to be fixed, or the majority of Idolís viewers HAVE to be homophobic. But in the end for me, Adam was too much of an over-the-top performer for my tastes. His shrill shrieking was intolerable to listen to. When he sang quiet, I thought he was great, but that was only rarely. In the end, I believe Chris received the Danny vote. Most people preferred Chrisís singing over Adamís shrieking.
posted by adamfan7890 on May 20, 2009
kris sucks! I think that Adam should've won! my fav part I hav to say was wen the 2 bakini grls came out! LOL JK!
posted by americanidolfan7890 on May 20, 2009
I was so suprized bcuz I normally don't watch American Idol but I was really shocked that Kris won cuz I love both of them!
posted by Gamble20 on May 20, 2009
THis is f-cking stupid! No offense, but stupid crap like "Kris should have won because he was himself all season". wtf?! Its about who can SINNNNGGGG!!! And Adam is one of the best singers in the history of the show. Morons. Adam was better, you can't even argue it.
posted by naich on May 20, 2009
Jesus! What a very wrong move America! Adam deserves to win I admit that Kris had a great talent but it's not enough for him to hit the spot. Adam is really way to cool and very hottie talented man! He really really deserve the SPOT! jeez.
posted by Paco on May 20, 2009
Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa..... Kris is the winer....:)
posted by livgym24 on May 20, 2009
I love you Kris! You totally deserve it! You are so amazingly talented!
posted by gaby on May 20, 2009
Boooooo!!! The most unjust result in the history of this show. This country is so messed up! Grow up America--Let's put your homophobia in the closet and grow up. It's 2008 my disgraceful fellows.
posted by l stone on May 20, 2009
yah, kris, you are such a nice guy but you were right ADAM DESERVED TO WIN!
posted by malcontent1 on May 20, 2009
What can I say - I think that the choice was a great one - Kris was himself throughout the competition and did a great job with his growth and song choices. I've never heard a better version of "Ain't No Sunshine." I actually thought that Adam would win - he's amazingly talented. But I also think that some of the over-gushing by the judges hurt Adam, as did the gushing last year with Archuleta. So some backlash there. Also, I think Kris benefitted more from Danny's fans than Adam. And the 1 million votes separating Adam and Kris last week to get them into the finals was apparently a really close "finish." So, congrats to Kris, who is a talented man and who deserves the title.
posted by Idolfan on May 20, 2009
Yea Kris!! He was so gracious. He really thought he was going to lose. What a sweetie, good for him!! I like Adam too, they really could'nt go wrong. Love it!!

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