'Thor' Finds Villain in Tom Hiddleston

'Thor' Finds Villain in Tom Hiddleston

Joining Chris Hemsworth in Marvel's upcoming project 'Thor', Tom Hiddleston will be portraying the hammer-wielding superhero's nemesis known as Loki.

The cast of "Thor" is finally filling up with the tapping in of Tom Hiddleston. On Monday, May 18, Marvel Studios announced that the award-winning British actor has been cast to portray Loki, Thor's half-brother and archenemy. This unveiling of Hiddleston came out soon after "Star Trek" actor Chris Hemsworth was revealed as the depicter of the god of thunder.

His appointment furthermore shot down speculation of a bigger name, in this case Josh Hartnett, being considered for the part. Variety reported that the studio leaned towards this relatively unknown actor because their idea is "to help auds ease into the property and get to know the character", stressing that, "an established actor would be a distraction".

An adaptation of the comic book franchise launched in 1962, "Thor" will be set in modern time. It tells the story of disabled medical student Donald Blake, whose alter ego is a hammer-wielding Norse god Thor. Paramount Pictures will distribute this Kenneth Branagh-directed film in theaters across the U.S. on May 20, 2011.

Tom Hiddleston is an English-born actor whose big screen credits include playing as Randolph Churchill in "The Gathering Storm", and tackling the leading role in Joanna Hogg's "Unrelated". He has starred alongside Kenneth Branagh in BBC miniseries "Wallander" and appeared together in a London stage production of "Ivanov".

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    tom hiddleston
    Jun 01, 2009

    im argee with andries price and chris hemsworth i like andries as my friend too. so andries you said you like me as loki on thor movie so see thor in theatres 2011 see you andries my friend see you man.

    chris hemsworth
    Jun 01, 2009

    im argee with andries price i like andries he my friend now im glad im the thor i verus my brother loki played by tom hiddleston i will see thor in theatres 2011 see you andries my friend see ya bye.

    andries price
    Jun 01, 2009

    i will see thor in theatres i like chris hemsworth as thor i like tom hiddleston as loki i will see thor in theatres 2011 see ya.

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