'American Idol' Outcast Danny Gokey to Do Soulful Album

May 15, 2009 02:43:14 GMT

'American Idol' contestant who finished third, Danny Gokey, plans to do an R 'n' B album with a dash of Latin vibe in honor of his late Puerto Rican wife.

'American Idol' Outcast Danny Gokey to Do Soulful Album
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It is still a long way journey, Danny Gokey plans to do an album where his genre fits. "I really want to do a soulful album," he revealed, "but I want to mix it with nice beats, like nice R&B beats, beats that get people's heads moving, and mix it with a hint of a Latin vibe. I was with my wife for 12 years, she was Puerto Rican, and I'm so into salsa and merengue, and I want to mix it in one arena."

Gokey's departure from "American Idol" on Wednesday night, May 6 was somewhat in the back of his mind. The Milwaukee native finished third on the eight season of the talent show although he was never on the bottom three throughout the season. But he saw it coming. "I was very confident in the fact that it was it for me," Gokey said.

In a conference call with some reporters, Gokey has a possible theory why he is not in the top 2: his screaming rendition of Aerosmith's "Dream On". He said, "I was actually thinking about that this morning. I was like, 'Man, maybe that was the downfall.' Because the week before, I had a really good performance. I guess I just really wanted to have a big song that week, so I took a risk."

Simon Cowell was openly campaigning about Adam Lambert, and Gokey admitted to no jealousy. In fact, he was given a piece of advice by the judge upon his exit. "You are a phenomenal singer, but these things happen. You are one heck of a singer," Simon said as quoted by Gokey.

Asked about his view on the final between Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, Gokey answered "Kris, obviously he's really artistic. And Adam has a way of capturing the audience. ... Don't have your assumptions. If you want a certain person to win, you gotta vote. This competition is not over yet. This is gonna be a very tight race. "


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posted by patty on Mar 06, 2010
we followed you throughout idol. since your audition my daughter and i decided that we were going to vote for you, and WE DID! we love you. You are a strong person that will impact peoples lives throughout your career. God bless!
posted by jlongley on Feb 09, 2010
I love Danny's new song. I am so proud of him. Maybe there is something to say for not winning.
posted by Heidi on Nov 25, 2009
posted by beast on Aug 17, 2009
Cant wait until I can buy your CD. I have also lost my husband,it will be 7 years and just love to listen to your music
posted by Dominique<3Danny on Jul 30, 2009
posted by angels fan on May 29, 2009
Saw you on Regis and Kelly and on Mike and Juliet. Ever time I see you and read these blogs, I stil cry. I wouldn't say American Idol is rigged, but I voted for you when you were in the top three and could'nt get through. I'm not going to say American Idol is rigged, the judges told you all season you didn't come close to Adam. Wish it would have been you, but Happy Kris showed them, America makes up their own mind.
posted by Seanbeckum on May 25, 2009
Danny, I can tell you are a real man of God. I want to just say God Bless, and that I will be trying out for idol next season because you have inspired me you and Mandesia to let me see that there is hope for us Christians to make it on a show voted by America. thanks brother love you in the Lord and I look froward to singing with you next year and many other legends. I want to see you at the Christian Rallies I go to. Thanks for helping me when you didn't even know it. I will be sing with you as I will be in the Final 3 next year " Speak those things that aren't as though they were". Thanks man
posted by luvyahdan on May 24, 2009
cheers for our very own idol DANNY GOKEY!!!were here to support you all the way~~~~
posted by carolina de p.r. on May 17, 2009
Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny...if I write your name a million times, could it change the AI results? YOU are the one who should be the next American Idol with your amazing, awesome voice and your loveliness...I wish you could be my BFF cuz there is just so much good oozing out of you and I bet you'd be really fun to hang out with and sing and dance and do positive stuff that really means something in this world. Nobody else compares to you on the show this year. Hold your head high, Danny, cuz you are super gifted and meant for bigger and better things! Keep on keeping on, dear Danny! We love you!
posted by Troy on May 17, 2009
Wow. Guess I'm the only guy commenting, but just gotta say Danny Gokey is one great singer and should've been in top 2.
posted by Kristi in Minneapoli on May 17, 2009
Danny, your world is just beginning to open up. Get ready for amazing times ahead! I feel so happy and fortunate to have 'met' you via Idol and I've been entranced by your voice and your courage. You are the one and only American Idol for me.
posted by djg girl on May 17, 2009
BJ, and everyone who loves Danny: Check out his foundation: Sophia's Heart. There you can learn how to help support Danny's vision to help underprivileged kids through education, music, food, etc. If you don't have money, you can donate an unused musical instrument! It's so cool and so Danny! I love that man! Keep rockin' it, Danny. You've got legions behind you who love you!
posted by Elizabeth on May 17, 2009
Danny, you hot sweetie! I miss you so much - it kinda feels like someone broke up with me. I know that might sound weird, but I just LOVE you so MUCH. I WILL watch the finale cuz I'll get to see you again, thats the only reason! You should have been winner, but truthfully, you ALREADY ARE the biggest winner of this show and your fans are so proud of you! I'll see you in Milwaukee on Aug 28 on the tour!!!YAY!
posted by BJ on May 17, 2009
Karen, what a GREAT idea ! Right now I don't have all the money I would like to have to make a difference for Sophia's heart. But i do have a top notch '74 Martin I haven't touched in so many years, and always thought I might sell, if I needed some fast money. Why don't we all donate our unused in good condition instruments to help Danny help the kids ! Bravo for the idea !!!
posted by BJ on May 17, 2009
Danny Dear One, If only you had had all the votes, what a different world this would be. But then what need for your gift, talent and mission? Having said that, you are not my American Idol, because I feel that You represent what is best in the world, and should be our Whole World Idol, not just America. Looking forward to hearing more from you, after you get the last remaining tentacle of AI off.
posted by Ev on May 17, 2009
danny, you were robbed, we all know you should be in the finals, this is the biggest joke in A.I history..your voice is precious and i truly believe you will achieve greater success than those 2..very much looking forward to your album..rock on
posted by dawnn1978 on May 16, 2009
Danny your voice is a gift from god!! All Adam does is scream!! I won't watch the rest of the season now with you gone!! You deserve to be the last one standing!! You are the True American Idol!! We all Love you!!!
posted by Sweetness13 on May 16, 2009
Danny is the American Idol even though he isn't the last one standing. He is the best singer and his album is going to be hot. I love you Danny!!!! You're #1!
posted by Charli on May 16, 2009
Danny you are so amazing I love him. you should have been in the finals and i will not be watching american idol next week because it won't be the same without him. can't wait to buy your album. I loved your version of you are so beautiful and i thought that you would win after that performance because when i heard you sing it i cried all the way through it. hope you do well in the future. i have watched you from the moment you came onto american and i always thought you would win american idol. you have sang better that anyone else in this competition you should have been in the finals and won american idol and adam or kris should have gone home.
posted by Brianna on May 15, 2009
Danny, you always got people moving with your music on Idol and I'm sure your own unique sound will really take off. I love you! Take Care! Good luck with the foundation, too!
posted by grandma725 on May 15, 2009
You should be one of final two. Yea..Adam is good but so are you. Keep singing. Looking forward to your album. I know I will purchase it. Waiting to see you on the tv tube in the future. You've got a beautiful voice and seem very nice.
posted by Danny\'s #1 GIRL! on May 15, 2009
I miss you Danny! You were the only one I tuned in to see! But my friends and I just got tickets to see you on the idol tour, so take care until then!
posted by Jason M on May 15, 2009
Dude got robbed. Simon beggin America to vote for his little girl was just WRONG and all that other blatant favortism, gotta hand it to Danny for not getting hot about it. But comeon, this dude is the BEST in the whole season - waht happened there?
posted by trina on May 15, 2009
he's so dang cute! i'm really sad he's off the show, but i know he's gonna do great!
posted by Angelica R. on May 15, 2009
I'm expecting great things from Danny Gokey who has really taught me a lesson in how to keep moving on in the face of adversity, pain and loss...I don't know how he did it every week with the hurt in his heart for Sophia, but he was always truly amazing. I'm glad he never caved to the judges' idea of who he should be by changing his stage presence. I love him just the way he is, sweet and soulful, a little shy, but confident and that voice ...oh, that boy can SANG! I think America got it wrong, but Danny got it right! Go Danny! Can't wait to hear your album. I love salsa, bachata, merengue and any kind of soul. With your voice, it'll be hot!
posted by Julia on May 15, 2009
I LOVE DANNY GOKEY and I am soooo heartbroken he didn't get in the top 2, but I'm so looking forward to him putting out a cd. He's got the voice and soulful style I'm into. BEST OF LUCK, DANNY!
posted by Mariana on May 15, 2009
I miss mi corazon puro DANNY GOKEY!
posted by Yvonna on May 15, 2009
Danny, do you know how cool you are? I love you like CRAZY! Keep on keepin on! Can't wait for that CD - it's gonna be DA BOMB (like all your songs)!
posted by karen on May 15, 2009
There was no good reason for Danny to be out, but many for him to be in the finals. I'm convinced the show is rigged and I'm so sick of all the blatant favoritism to Adam by the judges (and Simon begging America to vote for Adam was really unprofessional and ridiculous). Danny was the only reason I watched the show and now I really don't care who wins. To me, Danny is the embodiment of a true American idol. Have you guys heard Ryan Seacrest's interview with him from yesterday? Just amazing. I fall in love with Danny Gokey more and more every time I hear what he's doing and how he sees the world. He's such a selfless person who's trying to do so much and still dealing with grief. How does he do it? It's so incredible. I'm with you Cindy, I'll vote by donating money to Danny's foundation (and my old guitar that I never play). All the best to you, Danny Wonderful Gokey!
posted by Dannyfan on May 15, 2009
You should have been in there, Danny!!! Period. End of story. The truth will come out when your album comes out.
posted by mrsj on May 15, 2009
Still can't get over his heartfelt rendition of "You Are So Beautiful". Danny's such a beautiful person with such a beautiful voice. He should have really won American Idol. Not watching the finals anymore coz he's the only reason I tune in every week. Good luck and God speed Danny! Your talent will take you places you've never imagined.
posted by Cindy on May 15, 2009
Danny you are my American Idol. I'm not voting in the Idol final. I'm donating money to Danny's foundation. Sophia's Heart Foundation-that's my vote!
posted by Sharfish on May 15, 2009
I can't wait to buy my first Danny Gokey CD. He is a huge talent and I predict a great career for him. I do feel that Danny should have been in the final. Adam is also very talented but Danny's voice is a gift from above. I only tuned in every week just to hear Danny. I thought that Kris' version of Apologize was horrific! Sometimes Adam is so over the top that I feel compelled to hit the mute button. The judges were so in the tank for Adam that it was embarrassing. Also the singer with the white cape with Adam's name on it, a flagrant advertisement which should not be allowed. I don't know if I can watch next week! It seems from season to season my favorite comes in second or third. Guess it comes down to a CUTENESS contest. Anyway, GO GO GOKEY! I'll be watching out for you!
posted by I <3 Danny on May 15, 2009
Danny, you are SO BEAUTIFUL TO ME!

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