Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey and Kris Allen's Homecoming Schedule

May 09, 2009 05:30:27 GMT

The top three of 'American Idol' this season go back to their respective hometowns to gain support and show a little bit of their history.

Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey and Kris Allen's Homecoming Schedule
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In tradition of the semi-final round in "American Idol", the top three finalists go home to their respective hometown to garner supports from the people there. On Friday, May 8 Adam Lambert who resides in Los Angeles goes back to San Diego, Danny Gokey visits Milwaukee while Kris Allen returns to Conway, Arkansas.

The camera will follow them as they campaign for votes and some of their personal lives are exposed. The hometowns, meanwhile, have prepared a set of celebration that include parades, concerts and public appearances. These footage will be played during the Tuesday live cast of "American Idol".

Adam will do a number of TV, radio and printed media interviews in addition to visiting AT&T store which will give him a customized phone. His parade will be kicked off outside his high school, Mount Carmel High, where he will also greet the students of drama and choir. And then after that, more stops at his two other schools, before going to San Diego Sea World. He will perform two songs at Sun Devil stadium and greet Marines at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.

Danny, being a devoted Christian, will sing in his church, Faith Builders International Ministries and follows it with a visit to some of Milwaukee's attractions such as the bronze statue of Fonz, Harley-Davidson Museum, and Milwaukee Art Museum and Discovery World. He will also throw the first pitch and sing the national anthem for the Friday night's Brewers-Cubs game.

Similarly, Kris will do plenty of interviews in the morning before heading to Arkansas Queen riverboat for a photo shoot session. He will perform at Little Rock's Riverfest Amphitheater and visit University of Central Arkansas where he used to study. Another performance is scheduled at Donald W. Reynolds Performance Hall and a parade plus another concert at Simon Park will follow in the afternoon.


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posted by adamlover22 on May 13, 2009
Adam is a lot like Elvis! I completely agree!
posted by daveluver on May 11, 2009
hey dave luv yah
posted by QuietStorm on May 11, 2009
Vote like crazy the full 2 hours for Adam! Call your radio stations and request the studio cut of Mad World. We can make it happen for Adam.
posted by acm on May 10, 2009
Arkansas LOVES Kris!! Thats for sure!! Go Hogs GO!!
posted by IDOLwatcher on May 10, 2009
You know...I am surprised...does Adam remind anyone of Elvis Presley? I have been waiting to hear someone say that. Adam is so very talented....but I have to say from the moment I saw him..he reminded me of Elvis. The way he dresses, some of his face expressions, his hair color...his stage!
posted by sandyeggo on May 10, 2009
The LA Times' Wednesday paper had printed Adam's homecoming to be in the LA area. By the end of the day it was rescheduled to San Diego. The SD school district was taking their STARS testing so could not be removed from school. There was no Padre game for him to appear. ADAM wanted to visit his high school. If the PA system was so bad perhaps someone can donate one to the school. It was HIS idea for an appearance at the Marine's air station MIRAMAR to visit the troops and their families. THAT in itself shows what kind of class Adam has. Adam spent time in the crowds, including the beach and so was more hands on for his fans.
posted by PhDude on May 10, 2009
Adam is Amazing@!
posted by Sophie on May 10, 2009
Adam Lambert is going to be a huge world star...Oh wait, he already IS! Most downloaded on iTunes, millions of hits on his YouTube videos, show hosts talking about him each day, every betting house and online poll showing him as people's favorite, standing ovations by all judges (Simon!), standing ovation by Smokey Robinson, Gary Jules praising him as the "most interesting contestant ever", Quentin Tarantino calling him "the real deal", cover of EW with 2 more weeks to go etc. etc...Yah, Adam haters, the WORLD cares.
posted by IDOLS... on May 10, 2009
No matter who it is. From LA area you will get screwed for homecomings. Middle East USA have less celeb status stars local and thats why Bigger turnouts would happen. Plus San Diego screwed up
posted by AdamLuver on May 09, 2009
They like Adam.
posted by Sylvia on May 09, 2009
Lots of people DO like Adam & lots of them care!
posted by arizonagirl on May 09, 2009
it's not surprising that san diego didn't do much for adam ...the sad reality is that outside of the idol bubble, who the hell is adam lambert anyway?
posted by biteme on May 09, 2009
Well, if San Diego didn't do Adam right, maybe Adam should have visited Fire Island instead where the would have had a GAY OLD TIME LOL!!
posted by trina on May 09, 2009
Milwaukee pulled out all the plugs for their IDOL, DANNY GOKEY! Love him!
posted by APOAI on May 09, 2009
San Diego should be ashamed to be so unprepared and pathetic in welcoming Adam. Even the newspapers did not put effort to blast some information on the front page beforehand. Most people did not know what is going on, fans had no information, sound system was unchecked and sucked, and many more really messed up issues. Is this city so lame that it cannot put together some decent event? Ugly!. Short notice is not excuse! Shame of you people of San Diego!!!!!
posted by poet on May 09, 2009
Maybe they dont like Adam, so they didnt care!

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