'The Celebrity Apprentice 2' Finale Clips: Joan Rivers Vs. Annie Duke

May 09, 2009 02:04:03 GMT

In the three-hour season finale of 'The Celebrity Apprentice', Joan Rivers and Annie Duke must bring back some of the old players to aid them in creating a VIP party.

'The Celebrity Apprentice 2' Finale Clips: Joan Rivers Vs. Annie Duke
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"The Apprentice" second celebrity edition is finally down to two, and this could be an interesting showdown since both are arch enemies. Comedienne Joan Rivers will fight against poker champion Annie Duke in the final that airs for three-hour special on Sunday, May 10 starting at 8/7c.

In this final challenge, project managers Joan and Annie will compete to create a pre-theatre VIP party experience, sponsored by Kodak, for patrons attending Cirque du Soleil's hit show "Wintuk." The two finalists must choose among former contestants to fill out their new teams.

Last season's finalists, winner Piers Morgan and the runner up Trace Adkins will make a special appearance. "This season's final boardroom showdown is guaranteed to be the most astonishing we've ever had, a fitting finale to a fantastic season," said executive producer Donald Trump. "Joan Rivers and Annie Duke have done a tremendous job. Congratulations to them both - and may the best woman win!"

Several clips from the finale have been released, showing among others the return of Tom Green and Clint Black, Annie calling Joan b***h, and the visit from Ivanka and Donald Jr.


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posted by Pris27cilla on May 11, 2009
Annie deserved to win. She's a strong woman and she deserves the right to relish in it. Annie carried herself like a lady, and guess what... she played the game as it should be played... with hard work. I have respect for Annie. Whereas Joan and Melissa represent all that is unattractive in a woman. Joan doesn't tell it like it is, Joan says whatever she has to say to make her awful daughter look better. I must admit I didn't like Joan and Melissa before the celebrity apprentice and I certainly do not like them now. Melissa, keep riding your mother's coat tail. I never saw a more childish reaction to being voted off. Really!!! What did you expect? You're not easy to like and you constantly play the victim. Stand up, be strong and do something for yourself. Joan, WOW, now I know why I've never enjoyed your comedy or your face. If it weren't for charity the entire show would be a JOKE. Trump, next time keep your friendship out of the way and fire the real loser. If Annie is so hard to like than why did the event planner quit on Joan and why did Joan have to higher guests for the party? That's the last time I'll ever watch TRUMP... Thank goodness I was able to fast forward through it.
posted by Sirius on May 11, 2009
There's the charity connection in that Joan's charity has a board member named Trump, Donald's sister-in-law. Another strong point is that the exec producer of Celebrity Apprentice is the same producer for Joan Rivers' new show "How'd You Get So Rich?" Mark Burnett. That show will air late summer. Sheesh, do you think they cold-decked Duke?
posted by cagney on May 11, 2009
Joan rivers face shows the fact she is completly out of her mind. Joan was caught in a lie, so she tried to twist things around. I hate Joan and melissa. Annie Duke is ten time the person of both of these witches. Mr. Trump what were you thinking. If i ever see either of the river witches on tv or any other media I will no longer watch,buy anything connected to the most hideous Witches I have ever seen. ANNIE DUKE FOR PRESIDENT.......
posted by Anonymous on May 10, 2009
Joan=Good, Annie=Bad
posted by lucia on May 10, 2009
Joan Rivers lost any admiration I had for her with her despicable, crude display of her true personality. This woman is a horrid bitch.. Her personal attacks on Annie Duke revealed what a truly UGKY human being she is. She is also a LIAR.
posted by Lovelylynn on May 10, 2009
I really cannot stand "The Apprentice" but the Celebrity edition is actually decent....although I cannot stand either Annie or Joan. If I had to choose the winner tonight I would pick Joan. I think she's not talented but yet clever and smart. Annie is a snot and a kiss up!!!. She threw everyone under the buse and brags about herself way toooooooooooooooo much. I loved Brande, Tionne, Claudia and Khloe. I thought they were all amazing.
posted by SoCooLBob on May 09, 2009
It's potentially true, if understandable, that Annie Duke might be thinking too much about Joan Rivers ... and might be thinking too negatively when you are doing so. That's "probably" thinking in a way that doesn't benefit Annie Duke. I hope that Annie does find forgiveness in advance for Joan Rivers, yourself and others. (And Joan For Annie Duke, et. al) Thou shall not Tilt even though none of us can "probably" be "perfect." I'm still rooting for Annie Duke!

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