Preview of 'Smallville' Season 8 Finale: Doomsday

May 08, 2009 06:43:30 GMT

The fight between Clark and Doomsday brings back a couple of Justice Leaguers and a Legionnaire, in the season finale of 'Smallville'.

Preview of 'Smallville' Season 8 Finale: Doomsday
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Through the just-released preview, Clark finally comes to knowledge of what he has to do in the final battle against Doomsday. The season finale of "Smallville" airs May 14, bringing back one of the Legionnaires as well as other Justice Leaguers.

Oliver tells Clark he must kill Davis, as Doomsday is a serious threat and must be stopped at all costs. However, Clark struggles with taking a human life, so the Green Arrow and his team decide to take matters into their own hands. Lois takes on Tess, but the fight takes a shocking turn. Meanwhile, Chloe gets caught in the middle of Oliver and Clark's battle over killing Davis.

Based on some scoops released in prior weeks, the members of Justice League that will assist Clark in defeating Doomsday are Bart Allen aka Impulse, and Dinah Lance aka Black Canary. While the Legionnaire that returns is reportedly Rokk Krinn aka Cosmic Boy.

"Smallville" has been picked up for a ninth season. Co-executive producer Brian W. Peterson said that they have had some preparations on who will be back in the new season. He said, "We introduced several this year that we'll probably bring back next year. We loved Zatanna. We looked at a few others that we want to introduce, but we're going to wait for Comic-Con to release all that."


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posted by kandi on Nov 10, 2009
Clark must tell lois he loves her and his secrect
posted by Kandi on Nov 10, 2009
Well i havnt seen the finale yet since i live in South Africa but im sure im not going to be dissapointed smallville rocks and tom welling is so gorgeuos!!!!and him and lois are so cute
posted by Madame M on Jun 02, 2009
I just watched the finale as I am behind in my country. Despite the fact that Oliver actually cried over somebody for once, handsome looking Davis is now out of the picture, Lois has vanished, Zod is back (newer and meaner), it also looks like Chloe maybe preganant. At the end where Clark leaves we see her hugging her stomach. I am wondering who is the daddy???? Interesting plot twists for season 9........
posted by Sun-tan Superman on May 24, 2009
Well i'll be damn ya boy Zod is back. And you know what else Clark may about to become that Superman from the alternate universe from the justice league unlimited cartoon series there he was more of a dictator than a hero but there instead of it being Jimmy that was killed it was the flash. But remember it could all change when the season starts back Lois did mistakenly activate the Legionare time travel ring so that does leave the opportunity for Jimmy to be alive again and Lex Luthor also, but i think its time for the red and blue blur to fly and go by his rightful name Superman!But i'm not a writer or a producer for the show but i would really love to be. But n.e.-ways bring on season 9 because i can hardly wait to see what they do to twist things up.
posted by JusticeLeaguefan on May 19, 2009
As much as I like Smallville, I would so drop it to see them make a Justice League series. (not that that will ever happen) I have SO many friends that would LOVE for them to make a The Justice League (Green Arrow, Aquaman, Cyborg and Impulse) series. (They can leave out the Black Canary no one likes her anyway and she sucked in the season finale) They would have to use all the same actors tho. Especially Justin Hartly and Kyle Gallner. With lots of Appearances by Clark Kent/Superman/boy scout.
posted by twisted sacs on May 19, 2009
whoa, no way, totally awesome, wicked outrageous, gnarley my nig, bombdizzle, hootie hoo, swagnificent. *sigh*. i missed season 8.
posted by fadil on May 19, 2009
hi there.. i like to know,how about season 9??when it gona show on TV??
posted by JJ on May 17, 2009
Wow, can I have my 42 minutes & 20 seconds back? that was the worst season finale ever, and likely because the original producers left. and now the executive producers are leaving, so the show can only get worse. i debated even tuning in to this season because of all the production changes. i wish i hadn't because the whole season has led up to nothing. the preview before the episode began was great! i was all hyped up for an exciting conclusion to the season. but the episode was confusing and full of holes and plot blanks in every scene. tess & lois had a longer fight scene than the main contenders, and then lois is gone in an instant and there was no follow up. and as frank has said below this post, the main fight scene was mia. wtf mate? the orb angle is stupid and only because we don't know anything about it. it seems to be something brought out of left field to carry the show over to another season. clark's character has done a 180 after he supposedly kills Doomsday... why didn't we see him die? i just feel that the next season will be another drawn out junk fest that will mimic that of TSCC's past season. i've been watching 8 seasons now and i'm fed up with all this sentimental nonsense. most of the loyal viewers are in their early or late 20's now. we have grown and the show should too. bring out some better action scenes for pete's sake. imo, this episode should have been the last. period. all this constant speak about destiny led me to believe this would be the episode to end all. i mean all of the good actors/actresses are long gone.
posted by Frank OZ. on May 16, 2009
To the writers and producers of Smallville and to the studio. Well, having seen the season finale I have to say, wow what a complete waist of time! I think the writers and the producers must have had some kind of brain snap and thought a mediocre plodding plot that went nowhere, satisfied noone and insulted the viewer would be totally acceptable. The doomsday fight with Clark went for 30 seconds and showed nothing of any use. Why cant all these flying aliens from the future help Clark defeat the bad guys and why can't Clark fly? The "Clark cant take a life" arc was stupid and should have only taken one or two episodes. Clark should have been flying in season 7. For a smart man why do the writers insult Clark's charachter by letting him leave importand rings and orbs and stuff lying around. Jimmy's death was pointless. They have already done Dark Clark, why waste another season on it. Everyone could see the Miles charachter was evil even if he got spilt, you should have done more with it, where was the fight scene that was promised. The episode even for Smallville low rent was "Smallville Lite" I was really hoping for some brilliance here because every now and then it happens in this series but for a hyped ender, what happened? Can we please see the REAL season finale please? Honestly what has happened to Smallville? It looks like the fate of Rick Berman's team from Star Trek might be awaiting the team running Smallville. To Tom Welling - Man how could let this happen to your charachter? You own it but this is stupid. Sorry about this but come on!
posted by melody on May 16, 2009
hope the new show's gonna be better than the last, epidsod. I will miss jimmy .
posted by JR on May 15, 2009
I've been watching this show since the very 1st episode and every year they keep me hanging on to the next. It's like an addiction and they keep you wanting for more. Give us something good here. We need to have finally see Clark fulfull his destiny and become the superhero he is supposed to be.
posted by Mel on May 09, 2009
I can't wait!!! I have been watching for a while, and have to say this season is one of the better ones. I think Supergirl will come back as well for some reason. All I know is that every season it has not ended the way I thought it would, which is why I am reallly looking forward to it!!

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