Linkin Park's Song for 'Transformers 2' Soundtrack Gets Release Date

May 08, 2009 06:35:41 GMT

Linkin Park's never-before-heard song 'New Divide', which is recorded for 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' soundtrack, is going to be released on radios around mid May.

Linkin Park's Song for 'Transformers 2' Soundtrack Gets Release Date
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As previously reported, Linkin Park were working on "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen theme song, and it was recently confirmed that the track will be released on radios worldwide on May 18. Titled "New Divide", it will also be available for download on iTunes on the particular day.

In regard of their involvement in scoring music for the film, the band's member Mike Shinoda wrote on their MySpace, "The opportunity to be creatively involved with one of the most anticipated films of the summer is pretty exciting." He elaborated more, "It's one thing to shoot a video that matches sound and vision, but making music that's built for the big screen is a completely different challenge and we ran with it."

As for the movie's director Michael Bay, he said, "I love Linkin Park." He noted, "This is the second film we've worked on together and the fact that they're huge 'Transformers' fans makes it all the better. They really delivered with 'New Divide' - it's a great song that perfectly matches the film's intensity."

Linkin Park had indeed contributed to the soundtrack of the first "Transformers" movie back in 2007. At the time, they crafted "What I've Done" for the film.

"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" itself is slated to be outed in U.S. on June 24. It features the likes of Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, John Turturro, Isabel Lucas and Rainn Wilson.


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posted by Rasel on Jun 03, 2010
I Fuck This SOngs
posted by Xochi on Jan 07, 2010
love this movie!
posted by langi on Jan 01, 2010
nice movie and songs you rock
posted by 951753852456 on Aug 02, 2009
shia lebouef is not match with megan fox, megan fox is too hot for him. honesty, i was masturbating with imagining that i was playing sex with megan fox. oh.... yes oh........ yes i can not stand ! megan fox will you marry with me?
posted by mike on Jul 01, 2009
megan fox is so hot shia lebouef is noy a good match with her but i am!! good movie
posted by morgan*(: on Jun 30, 2009
wow, this was an ammaaziing movie. I loved it, wayy better than the 1st one. I was really good. Shia Lebouf is really hott to,*(:
posted by narutofury on Jun 22, 2009
i cant wait for the movie, and only 1 day left, i got the tickets for the very first show on june 23rd at midnight like 2 weeks ago i think, im gonna be there 3 hours early so i can try and be the first one to watch it... linkin park is the best, they rock!
posted by pin on Jun 04, 2009
really nice i love this movie
posted by Lordzelement on May 27, 2009
Love lp for life and transformers too can't wait for movie. Lp 4ever
posted by Valtteri on May 22, 2009
Very nice, love them, Transformers are Legendary :-) The Score in the First One was awesome (great Steve Jablonsky), i hope Hans and the LP Crew will do the best for making that Score as good like the First one.
posted by Ted on May 11, 2009
This film is going to be AWESOME. can't wait for the madness to begin June 24th.
posted by sam-i-am on May 09, 2009
i cant wait for the 2nd transformers!!! this is going to be a crazy & cool movie!!! i love bumblebee!!

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