'Supernatural' 4th Season Finale Preview: Lucifer Rising

May 08, 2009 03:31:12 GMT

It all comes down to the final battle in 'Supernatural' May 14 finale, Sam goes with Ruby while Dean teams up with Castiel and Zac.

'Supernatural' 4th Season Finale Preview: Lucifer Rising
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The season finale of "Supernatural" will air next week, May 14 with the apocalypse finally arriving. Sam and Dean prepare for the fight in very different ways. Sam joins Ruby on a final run to kill Lilith (guest star Katherine Boecher), while Castiel and Zachariah (guest star Kurt Fuller) tell Dean it's time to play his part in stopping Lucifer.

Creator Eric Kripke who directs the episode, has shared some hints to TV Guide regarding the characters on the verge of Apocalypse. He said, "The Apocalypse is coming down to the wire, and it's time for Dean to play his part. While we're on the subject, besides Zach and Cass, a lot of the Angel gang are coming back. Anna makes an appearance, and even the Prophet Chuck pops in for a bit."

He also confirmed that there will be a "big cliffhanger" as well as major deaths that will affect the storyline of the fifth season.


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posted by song_smith on May 26, 2009
I would love to see more - this show is 1derful,tho it would be nice to see some women on there that aren't either good/dead, or alive/evil
posted by song_smith on May 26, 2009
Think about it, almost all the women in that show are complete idiots or complete B#@%!es... Remember the one female hunter they, she sucked so badly!
posted by CD on May 14, 2009
I absolutely love supernatural Jensen and Jared {Sam and Dean}are great actors can't wait until the next season.
posted by Aralius on May 14, 2009
Lucifer rising p###ed me off big time cutting it off like that. Like I'll remember the damn show after the summer anyway p.o.s.
posted by whitefox on May 11, 2009
ya there is a fifth season, it was renewed in february
posted by abc123 on May 10, 2009
will there be a season 5

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