Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner Snapped Enjoying Another Date

May 07, 2009 07:46:54 GMT

Spotted getting cozy in Vancouver, Canada, earlier this week, Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner have added fuel to the speculation of them dating.

Selena Gomez
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Photo credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos

Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner have added fuel to the persistent rumors of them dating after several photos of them enjoying what seems to be a date for two are made public on the Internet. The photos, according to reports, are shot on Monday, May 4 in Vancouver, Canada.

As seen in the pictures, Selena wore full black outfits combined with matching tote bag and a white-colored coat. Taylor, meanwhile, sported a black hoodie on top of his white t-shirt. He matched them with a black leather jacket.

Judging from the pics, both Selena and Taylor acted just like dating couple. At one point, she even gave him a hug. During the outing, they also took time to take pics with some fans. Pictures of the rumored lovers' alleged date outing are available for peek at Radar Online.

Selena Gomez and Taylor Lauter sparked dating rumors after they were seen having lunch together at Caffe Artigiano in Vancouver, Canada back on April 23. Few days later, they were snapped spending some quality time at The Cactus Club in Coquitlam, BC.

Despite evidence to the contrary, Selena's "Wizards of Waverly Place" co-star Jennifer Stone has said Selena and Taylor are not romantically linked. Selena and Taylor themselves haven't made any confirmation on the nature of their relationship.


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posted by Happy on Aug 04, 2011
They broke up happy im not going to say i was not mad but she was very lucky to have taylor & they did go out for one reason but only they know y
posted by lautnersbabe on Jan 27, 2011
@selenahater , selena ain't a slut ! i love taylor lautner but i think that him and selena are amazing toghether xo
posted by Bitch on Jan 09, 2011
Selena is a fucking slut! I HATE HER!
posted by rear on Jan 07, 2010
selena never had sex.she said until marriage then.don't judge people cuz u knw u aint better than.u hate her cuz she's better than u.
posted by guess on Aug 12, 2009
my honest opinion... Selena is to good 4 HIM!!!
posted by guess on Aug 12, 2009
Selena is so kool i don't know why you all hate her. My friend and i are like 2 of her biggest fans.
posted by Cynthia on Aug 02, 2009
All of you guys are just jelous. Selena is a pretty girl and is probably better than all of you so stop hating just cause she can date the guy you will never have.
posted by jojo on Jul 23, 2009
selena is a slut! i hate her i hope she dies! taylor can do so much better. how can someone so sexy like a hoe!
posted by Neci on Jul 07, 2009
Taylor is WAAAAAY to good for selena. in my opinion he can do WAAAAAY better. im just sayin though. ~SEXY~>(Taylor Lautner)<-
posted by Haters are LOSERS! on Jun 22, 2009
Stupid haters!You haters are crazy,jealous,looney and idiots! Just because you hate Selena but like Taylor doesn't mean you guys can stop them from loving each other! Different people have different opinions but you guys don't have to be so mean! Imagine you're Selena or Taylor and you hear these comments! How would you feel when people are asking you to break up with someone you love?????? WHERES YOUR LOGIC, PEOPLE??????? No brains people!
posted by SelenaHater on Jun 16, 2009
i hate her. She's a slut. My friend who is so fricken ugly is better looking than her. She's soo fuckin ugly.
posted by Taylor\'s lover on Jun 16, 2009
i think that taylor is too good for selena and she should go and date some other hobo like her. I love u Taylor. Mwa!
posted by Anonymous on Jun 14, 2009
i think that they make an adorable couple and 4 all you haters out there she is talented because she is wayyy funnier than miley and im not saying i hate miley but selenas show is wayyyyy better
posted by jauntellle on Jun 14, 2009
that sonds nice to laught with your bofriends brothers girlfriend so you guys are friends ooohhhhhh
posted by MELISSA on Jun 13, 2009
posted by Chez on Jun 08, 2009
taylor is way to good for selena he is sooo HOT!
posted by The truthful truth. on Jun 01, 2009
Taylor does not deserve Selena.
posted by becca on May 30, 2009
i screamed when i saw pictures of these two together. they are absolutely my favorite hollywood couple, ever. they have similar looks,which i think makes them even cuter. plus theyre both funloving. i think theyre great:)
posted by Diana on May 27, 2009
Ok well first of all idk how i got on this page but i wana dat although i dont really no much bout Selena .. i do no dat she is a very pretty girl and Taylor is so hot.. Dey make a great couple.. we all dont have d same opinion but all ya haters out there neda relax .. it aint like taylor can hear you n if they are going out good for them and just because you are jelous and mad ..well hahaha they are not going to break up for some haters.. wat d hell .. please dont say she ugly especially wen jelously binds ur eyes .. Taylor is not urs and i Believe they make a Great Couple .. otha actors hardly luk cute 2getha . but this is none of my buisness the same goes 4 ya 2. (n 2 my friend Guerly lol be happ.e girl kk)and dat girl named Megan(idc how u spell it) stay off Selena iight cuz i bet u aint all dat to actin like a lil white girl..
posted by christine on May 25, 2009
EVERYONE needs to calm down. i know, i'm really mad too. but the people who are trying to find peace in this comment box needs to relax too. because the majority of people on here who say they hate selena, are obviously upset, and this is like venting. so leave it alone! geez.
posted by Diamond ^-^ on May 25, 2009
ok now this realy needs to stop...this ima jealous of selena n i hate hr guts thing..its realy pitiful.taylor wont listen to u(n i dont think he evn knos u).im not sayin i do kno him but realy get ovr hurts tha he is goin out wit a girl i hate but deep down inside me i want to say they look awsom togethr n they look hapy..yall want to c taylor hapy so...leave it b.
posted by mercy258258 on May 24, 2009
im Bangin
posted by vans159 on May 23, 2009
STOP THE HATIN!!!!!!!!!!1 how do i guyz no whos his type and whos not!!!!!!! DATS SO STUPID!! talkin bout selena wont make taylor break up w/ her (if there goin out)so get over it!!!! talkin shit bout her is so stupid
posted by ???????? on May 23, 2009
posted by nadina on May 22, 2009
im mad jealous. i think they shouldnt go out cuz selens aint hiz type no way so fuck it
posted by selina on May 21, 2009
hi my name is selina to i love to see you on t.v all of the time and you are hot and sweet and cool and i love you love selina xxxooo bye
posted by Diamond ^-^ on May 21, 2009
even tho i realy dont like selena tha much.i think they realy do make a nice couple.taylor is stil gona b awsom.i think selena should slow down a lil bit but thas just me opinion..lov hr style hate hr voice othr than tha they look prety awsom..shes sooo luck^-^.n jessica yea u realy need to make betr since wit ur sentences.n u cant judge ppl's opinions like tha.if u dont like them u eithr do somethin bout it or just shut the hel up.u n al the ppl tha is mad bout ppl tlkin about selena in a bad way just needs to get ovr it n move on wit ur lives.not evrybody hav the same freakin flik off
posted by jessica on May 21, 2009
all of you are so stupid righting these coments saying course words about salena and them your just a wanna be k losers so get that in your brain you to shut up with your big mouth cause salena is my fav actor and i love taylor locker and nick joanas but am i comlaning no so hush ok and rainbow is so right she smart unlike you guys and all i have to say you are jelousie little brates so shut your mouth and you guys haters k and selena if you go on this web sight just to tell you your my fav actor and rainbow your smart and good your stiking up for selena but i like her more and talor and nick so girls out there that rght these mean coments stpo it cause selena is way better than you guys and youguts are unconsiterit loser dorcks so get that thourghthat brian of yours and i know it is hard couse you have a little brain with nothing inside but just fit that in cause your ganna go through life real gard if your hatters like that so by love jessica
posted by rainbowx33 on May 20, 2009
i love all of these hate comments towards selena. it's so obvious that you are all jealous of her. wow , big deal. taylor & her hang out. and what the hell? people are claiming taylor to be their boyfriend. srsly? are you guys that sad that you guys have your own little fantasies about him being your boyfriend? i'm happy for taylor and selena if they are going out. selena is my role model & taylor is my celeberty crush , but i'm not saying stuff like, "ew. selena and taylor? taylor is mine." it's stupid. it won't reach any of them.
posted by gabby on May 19, 2009
ok watev he is mine im his gf
posted by gabby on May 19, 2009
no it aint being jelos its just selena aint his tipe
posted by yure on May 15, 2009
I don't think they should go out because there is so many girls that look so much better than her. Plus she looks like she is 12 years old
posted by Smilleey on May 15, 2009
i dont think they should i thik taylor should stay single for a while selena is pretty but shes such a copy cat from Rachel Bilson and im SOO JEALOUS hes MINE (: ( I WISH )
posted by AHURA III on May 13, 2009
posted by erika on May 13, 2009
Selena and Taylor are sooooooooooo Cute together! im so happy for them!
posted by Jc on May 13, 2009
Selena gomez is a very beaufiful talented actress and i think she and Taylor are adorable together! not like other celebrity couples, they actually look good together!!!!!1
posted by Anastacia on May 11, 2009
I tink dey r swit 2getha,bt al i no is selena isnt that talented n taylor is. Bt hey who am i 2 judge am just a wana b actres. N we don no 4 sure if dey r datin!
posted by bobo the clown on May 11, 2009
yea; meagen yhur an idiot. by the way itsz spelt whore** yhu probably have sex all the time! bye :]
posted by Umbrella :D on May 10, 2009
Selena has perfectly normal eyes, nose, mouth, ears and whatever NORMAL human being have so why the heck do you think she is ugly? I think her voice is okayy, though. Shoo off, you jealous peepo out there who thinks that Taylor shouldn't date her. What he sees in her is none of our business so mind yours only. They made sucha cute couple, if ever of course :D *someone* do you have some hearing problems I assume? Since when does she *MOOOOOOs*, huh? Fuck off.
posted by ?? on May 10, 2009
You guys r just jealous. Selena is a talented, beautiful teenage girl who didn't do anything to ur sorry little asses. So just back off.
posted by ?? on May 10, 2009
You guys r just jealous. Selena is a talented, beautiful teenage girl who didn't do anything to ur sorry little asses. So just back off.
posted by drew seeley on May 09, 2009
selenaaaaaa I love youuuuu baby
posted by someone on May 09, 2009
i agree w/ J3ssica wth would taylor got out with her? she sings like a cow!!!! and ugly cow too.
posted by crazygirl on May 08, 2009
i think they would make a cute couple but once i win american idol taylor is mine i had a crush on him since sharkboy and lavagirl
posted by JacobLuver12 on May 08, 2009
i am sooooo jealous but I think that they would make a really cute couple.. Even though I am going to have to hate her now, jk they are really cute together!!!
posted by j3ssica on May 08, 2009
eww....y the fuck would anyone date that ugly ass selena gomez.Wht taylor watch shes going to cheat on you with nick jonas. Selena is an uglyass troll looking thing that i have ever seen and shes such a bitch
posted by dee on May 08, 2009
selena and taylor make a cute couple. i think they could last a while.
posted by kisel on May 08, 2009
can someone expalin y iz she sooo lucky? lol
posted by alison on May 08, 2009
i think taylor should go with taylor swift i don't like selena gomez she can't sing and act so this wont last long!!!
posted by amy on May 07, 2009
who are you talking about selena
posted by meagen on May 07, 2009
like your hair and style butyou are a fuckin hoer all you ever do is have sex and then break up what a loser!
posted by YOYO123 on May 07, 2009
posted by Katie on May 07, 2009
well maybe she is what? I know I am! Seriously though I don't like selena Gomez(she's not talented and she only got famous because of her looks)
posted by Katie on May 07, 2009
Well maybe she is jealous... whatever... I know I am! Seriously though I don't like Selena Gomez (she's not talented and she only got famouse for looks)
posted by iwannabachef2 on May 07, 2009
Meagen, you're an idiot.
posted by kristen on May 07, 2009
Aww, she's prettier than him, but he seems like a sweet kid. And personality > looks, imo. I really love selena. I honestly think she's got a good career ahead of her. I find Taylor more endearing now that he's with her, for some reason. They're really cute together.
posted by jen on May 07, 2009
They seem like a normal highscoohly couple. I like them. And she only had one other famous bf... and that has never even been confirmed. Get over it. They have a choice too, if they thought her intentions were bad they wouldn't date her, as simple as that.
posted by nasser on May 07, 2009
whoever says bad things about someone is jealous so fuck off meagen

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