Preview of 'House M.D.' 5th Season Finale: Both Sides Now

May 05, 2009 04:52:06 GMT

House recalls his sex with Cuddy while taking care of a patient's hand which acts on its own will, on the May 11 episode of 'House M.D.'

Preview of 'House M.D.' 5th Season Finale: Both Sides Now
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"You will definitely be talking about this ending," FOX said on its promo for "House M.D." season finale. On May 11, House and the team are intrigued by Scott (guest star Ashton Holmes), a man whose left brain and right brain operate independently, leaving him with two distinct personalities and no control over some of his actions.

As the two sides of Scott's brain struggle for dominance, his warring personalities make it increasingly difficult for the team to figure out what is causing the unique problem. The team is forced to use some unusual methods to get him to cooperate with their necessary testing.

Meanwhile, when House refuses to make an appearance in the clinic, Cuddy takes an unconventional approach to force House to make up the time with a very particular patient (guest star Carl Reiner).

After the talked-about sex scene between House and Cuddy, there will still be more into their complicated relationship. Lisa Edelstein who plays Cuddy gave a nod in a press conference over the weekend on the question whether the relationship will change in the finale.


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posted by John Juanete on May 24, 2009
What's wrong with puddy's house?
posted by MaryOofa on May 21, 2009
Oh and, in my opinion, the finale was supposed to be a juxtaposition- the real patient's double-brain issue was actually House's real problem but the only people who knew were dead- Amber & Kutner. House's foray into the world of the dead should have been his first tip-off he was going insane. His night of passion turned out to be the night he yelled at Cuddy. He wants to be in love with her, to live with her, to be "the man with Cuddy"- but instead he's in love with Vicodin, he lives with pain, and he's "the man with the pill addiction."
posted by MaryOofa on May 21, 2009
I hate Amber. I wish she would just go away. She reminds me of the "Private Investigator dude" they had last season.
posted by Yuyan on May 19, 2009
It's "Cuddy," not "Huddy" wtf?? Why do I see "Huddy" everywhere?
posted by I heart Cuddy on May 18, 2009
I love Cuddy, and her love of House. The curious twists and turns keep me coming back for more. Foreman needs to go bye bye.
posted by panamahat on May 18, 2009
I HATED THE ENDING! This was worse than the dream season crap on Dallas. House and Cuddy should get together, it would cause MORE trouble at work. GET RID OF AMBER FOREVER. DUMP CHASE AND CAMERON.
posted by TeaWii on May 18, 2009
@your common sense: LOL - so true!
posted by Cuddy Over Thirteen on May 13, 2009
I'm just glad Cuddy and House did not actually have sex. That's a "jump the shark" moment right there.
posted by Mellow on May 12, 2009
this is end or wait 6 season?
posted by your common sense on May 12, 2009
You all fucking suck. The awesomeness is going to be when House is forced to treat House. HOW WILL THAT HAPPEN? OH YEAH, IT MIGHT HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH NEUROSCIENCE. Who gives a fuck if some doctors got married, or Cuddy didn't take it in the pooper. Check the name of the series you're watching. Retards.
posted by Mallos31 on May 12, 2009
When It comes to House and his mind, memory, whatever, My thoughts turn to Final Fantasy 7 when Cloud was realizing he was creating his own fake reality. House was doing the same thing and Kutner actually told him this. House actually changed what really happened in his mind to make a reality he liked. House admitted himself into the hospital because he knows that he's insane. House realized that he was crazy / skitso whatever and wants to fix it. Don't worry guys, House is still awesome and still a genious.
posted by They on May 11, 2009
We are outraged! This was the most horrible episode EVER!!! Did Fox change the director, or did he just lose all skill? The cinematography was atrocious! And how can they just send House to an insane asylum, have Cameron and Chase get married, Cameron raise an issue over sperm, and make House into a sappy, melodramatic, passive and boring loser? What the HELL? What is wrong with House now? Where did the awesomeness go?
posted by Travis on May 11, 2009
that was insane, I would of never thought house would end up in a physicatric hospital. What I really don't understand was at the end when he started to recall the night with cuddy I know he slept with her, but what was with the codine pills an the lipstick kinda threw me off lol. Gonna be honest after all these season's it was pretty moving to see that. If you followed the show all the way that is,
posted by ashley on May 11, 2009
Although i do agree with the person below. I love the show house but it's turning more and more into a drama show....i liked it better when it had more Medical Information instead of the relationships between the doctors!
posted by ashley on May 11, 2009
Although i do agree with the person below. I love the show house but it's turning more and more into a drama show....i liked it better when it had more Medical Information instead of the relationships between the doctors!
posted by ashley on May 11, 2009
I deff. don't agree. I missed Cameron she was one of my fave. characters. Oh, and i'm still confused on why House went to the psychriatric hospital? I missed a few weeks and now im absolutely lost. Anyone care to fill me in?
posted by Liona on May 11, 2009
Get rid of Amber. Cameron's being dumb. And pleaaase more more more Chase!! :D I love Huddy :D
posted by HouseisLove on May 10, 2009
What is with Cameron? Seriously, her dead husbands sperm?!?! Just give it up already! If things with Chase dont work out, that's what sperm banks are for. Why would you want someone's sperm that has potential genetic markers for cancer anyways? Especially when you can get perfectly healthy sperm? Cameron is just strange and her character is really starting to annoy. I feel bad for Chase. Also, everyone who is pro Hameron. It's not happening, ok?! There is no sexual tension between the two, and that would completely ruin the show! One last thing, I agree with everyone who says Amber needs to go for good. She's dead and it's just enough already. I would love to see more Wilson and Cuddy. They are truly the only two people that House likes and can tolerate him. Oh one more thing, Taub and 13 are there to stay. Getting a new team for one season is just stupid! They can't kill everyone off! So shouldn't go anywhere. The new team is a good thing! Although I don't really like Taub. 13 is funny and I love how House always makes jokes about her being bisexual. And I do have to say that I don't like the Foreman/13 thing. I mean Chase and Cameron were ok, we all saw it coming. House and Cuddy will never last. But another match? It's just too much drama that is not really important to the plot. Break them up! This is turning into a drama show that is starting to shy away from the medicine. We like the medical aspect! It's why we watch House and not Grey's Anatomy!
posted by Houseissexxy on May 10, 2009
Huddy is great! They obviously both want each other, but can never really be together. I love how their relationship changes, but is actually still the same. They are sexually drawn to each other but both know it would never really work out. Still it is definitely time for some real Huddy action! And who started the pregnancy rumor? Twins, really? That would just kill the show. This is NOT grey's anatomy. Also, everyone pro Hameron... SHUT IT!!! It's not going to happen!! She's like half his age and he never liked her in that way. Also, last time I checked, she was with chase. Get over it! Now, it is obvious that the directors and writers like Amber.. her character as well as the actress. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop bringing her back!!! First she's fired, which was good. Then she was Wilson's girlfriend, which was amazing! Then she died and House starts hallucinating. OK Fox, she's dead!! Enough is enough and we're over it.
posted by House M.D on May 10, 2009
More Cuddy,please.She is absolutely gorgeous and hot!I am not sure whether she's gonna leave after season6.Cause she almost finished her 6-year-contract.Did anybody know whether she got a new contract with House?I love her.I hope she can stay as long as possible!
posted by Insanity =S on May 08, 2009
i agree with EVIL WORLD DOMINATOR. Everyone, KNOCK IT OFF, huddys AND hamerons (especially hamerons), stop causing wars over a TV show! the huddys have won, anyway!
posted by EVIL WORLD DOMINATOR on May 08, 2009
I have a rant. I need people to read it, then pass it on. It's important: HUDDYS- Stop whining everytime Cameron's in a scene with House, it's true she doesn't get much screentime. Just because House and Cameron are in the same scene, it doesn't necessarily mean anything's going to happen!! HAMERONS- Shut up with your whining and criticizing about Huddy! You're idiots for getting so worked up over this and FYI, Hamerons, Cameron's like half House's age, and she's with CHASE! Don't get your hopes up about Hameron everytime you see cameron in a scene! And all the characters, the actors AND the writers don't think Hameron's meant to be. It's not even a real pairing. All the Hamerons did was put together their favourite female character with the main character of the show! They have no chemistry, and at least Huddy have evidencce (and lots of it) to back up their theory! AND ALL OF YOU, STOP BASHING THIRTEEN!!(and olivia wilde)
posted by partypantz on May 08, 2009
To all the Huddy-haters: ...SHOVE IT!
posted by EVIL WORLD DOMINATOR on May 08, 2009
"Your lips say no, your hormones say OMG yes!" ROFL!!!!!!!! this episode is gonna be fantastic, and i'm still waiting for Under my Skin to air! (yeah, i'm Australian) And who the hell said Cuddy was pregnant? With TWINS?!?
posted by dsafgsda on May 07, 2009
have an orgy with the full cast and kutner's corpse.
posted by perfect on May 07, 2009
only huddy. nothing else has depth except the medical stories - which have been sacrificed to too much personal stuff. the only real relationships house has are with wilson and cuddy and that is perfect.
posted by MarySue on May 07, 2009
If the biggest shocking has to do with Huddy, not only won't I be discussing it, I won't be tuning into the juvenile trash for S6.
posted by Jamie on May 06, 2009
Huddy is hot! More Huddy please! cameron is annoying in under the skin. finally she gets the guy and she still has to tell him she wants to use her dead husband's sperm? omg. like at least give chase's an opportunity!
posted by Lolly65 on May 06, 2009
I was glad to see Amber go with the bus accident, I couldn't stand her. Make her go away again! This thing with Cuddy makes me and my husband want to barf. We love House, but there is no sexual tension between House and Cuddy. I wish they would go back and look at the first season and see it was working.So why add all this kissy face stuff? Get back to the basics of the show, curing strange diseases. We don't need another Grey's Anatomy. It was a smart intertaining show in the beginning and it can be again,please!
posted by Definitely Abnormal on May 06, 2009
Can't wait to see what happens with Cuddy, but please more Amber... and Wilson, love Wilson.
posted by Jane Doe on May 06, 2009
i agree with more cuddy!
posted by huddy on May 06, 2009
get rid of amber. get rid of 13 and taub, too. they all suck. get huddy going on. twins are very unlikely, but if its true than it is very cool :D
posted by ttlyhousefan on May 06, 2009
posted by DJ on May 06, 2009
Get rid of cut throat bitch. Taub, 13, and Foreman are getting boring. Cameron and House have unfinished business that could complicate the House\Cuddy affair. Let's get this sizzlin again!!!!
posted by vivee on May 06, 2009
Love HOUSE love Cuddy Hate CTB-get rid of her for good PLEASE Cameron is OK -better than 13 but frozen sperm?????
posted by Tari on May 06, 2009
I wonder what will happen between Chase and Cameron? what do you guys think will happen?
posted by LMAO on May 06, 2009
Do any of you have Huddy photo for the Season Finale?..i can't find one!..i really wonder whats with the UNCONVENTIONAL APPROACH they're talking about...and yes!!..MORE CUDDY!..LESS TAUB, 13, FOREMAN, WILSON AND AMBER!!!..HAHA!!
posted by justen on May 06, 2009
cuddy is pregnant with twins i heard. something will happen with wilson. someone will die i bet. 13's huntintons needs to be addressed.
posted by Jane on May 05, 2009
Yeah, get rid of cut throat bitch! Keep up the spice with Cuddy and House, and get Wilson jealous!
posted by donna on May 05, 2009
I hope they go back to the original team and get rid of Amber the Ghost! I love House but don't like the way it's going lately!
posted by Jamie Lee on May 05, 2009
I can't wait to see the next weeks episode. I think it is just starting to get good finally with House and Cuddy.
posted by dominicanyork989 on May 05, 2009
less amber more cuddy
posted by WOW on May 05, 2009
House M.D. is going to be the best season finale of the year!
posted by nor on May 05, 2009
how sweet!
posted by Tim on May 05, 2009
I. Cant. Wait.
posted by Everybody Lies on May 05, 2009
More Amber! One more little hallucination? Please?
posted by Lola on May 05, 2009

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