Hoobastank Debut Music Video for Single 'The Letter'

May 04, 2009 06:52:27 GMT

Hoobastank's music video promoting their single 'The Letter' has arrived, having a cameo appearance from their collaborator Vanessa Amorosi.

Hoobastank Debut Music Video for Single 'The Letter'
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A music video aimed to support Hoobastank's single "The Letter" has made its round. Directed by Paul Brown and filmed at Lacy Street Studio in Los Angeles, the video shows the band performing the song in a bedroom with bits of paper scattered all over the floor.

"The Letter" is the third single off Hoobastank's latest installment "FOR(N)EVER", which has been outed since January. The track features Australian singer Vanessa Amorosi.

In regard of making a duet with Vanessa, the band's lead singer Doug Robb said in an interview that they are thrilled of having her as a featured guest. "She brought a haunting yet powerful quality to the song that we think sounds great," he stated.

"The video was a blast to make as well," Doug continued sharing his thought, commenting on the song's music video which is also guest starring Vanessa. "She rounded out the story perfectly and I finally got to trash a room. This is one of my favorite videos of ours so far. It looks amazing."

Hoobastank's "The Letter" music video


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posted by Joel on May 28, 2009
As an Aussie, and a HUGE fan of Vanessa Amorosi i want you all to check out her recent album "SOMEWHERE IN THE REAL WORLD" released through Universal Music Australia. If you ever get the chance to see her live, she is even better!!!
posted by cam on May 12, 2009
I love the song keep up the good work Hoobastank.check out vanessaamorosi
posted by leonie on May 12, 2009
love the song
posted by jim on May 12, 2009
she is out of your reach love the song
posted by jackie on May 12, 2009
great song I love the video can I get the phone number to that girl with the great voice and looks fab to boy does she look good.
posted by natasha on May 12, 2009
love the song letter by Hoobastank and vanessa amorosi she make the song even best. love it good work to you boths.
posted by Amber on May 12, 2009
As an Aussie I say GO VANESSA! She's fantastic as always... I'd heard of Hoobastank before, but never really listened to them. Both great voices and they work together well too.
posted by Chelle on May 12, 2009
I think this is great! You wouldn't think it when you heard Vanessa and Hoobastank, but it WORKS! Well done guys, love your work :)
posted by Derek on May 12, 2009
Who is Vanessa Amorosi?? She is f@cking amazing!!!
posted by pete on May 11, 2009
vanessa amorosi is huge in germary and Australia love her songs of the power album and Perfect Kiss your mama. she is the best singer I have heard. and love the letter and the boys too
posted by flowerdrum on May 11, 2009
Love the song love the girl vanessa amorosi she has a great voice. Love Hoobastank they should work again togetter that would be fine.
posted by Lisa on May 11, 2009
posted by Jarrod on May 11, 2009
I love the song. But who is Vanessa Amorosi? Her voice gives me chills such a killer rock voice. Hoobastank you guys are my idol!!!
posted by Regina on May 11, 2009
I agree who is this Vanessa Amorosi? She has an incredible voice. Might look her up i haven't heard a solid rock voice like this in years.
posted by Jennifer on May 11, 2009
This song is fantastic. Hoobastank you guys keep getting better. As for Vanessa Amorosi i looked her up on youtube and watched her video to 'Perfect' apparently it was massive in Australia.
posted by Morgan from CANADA on May 05, 2009
Vanessa has been around for over 10+ years! BEST FEMALE ARTIST EVER! I cannot wait till she comes to Canada! I first heard her at the 2000 Olympics opening ceremonies! Go on Youtube and have a look! She's brilliant! :)
posted by Pen on May 04, 2009
You don't know who Vanessa Amorosi is? Where have you been? She is only one of the best voices in Oz - ever!
posted by Ryan on May 04, 2009
Great song. And great music clip. Wow who is this vanessa amorosi? She has an amazing voice!!!! Anyone know?
posted by Heather on May 04, 2009
Vanessa Amorosi rocks!

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