NBC Renews 'Medium' but Suspends Judgement on 'Chuck'

May 04, 2009 02:28:18 GMT

NBC was expected to lay down verdict on 'Chuck' this Monday, May 4 but will not give out its decision until later in the middle of the month.

NBC Renews 'Medium' but Suspends Judgement on 'Chuck'
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NBC has laid down the verdict to some of its shows including "Medium" but chosen to suspend judgment on "Chuck". While the former has been confirmed to return for another set of season, the latter is not going to find out for another week, whether to have a renewal or not.

A sixth season has been confirmed for "Medium" and the order is between 13 to 18 episodes range, according to THR. The decision was officially laid on Sunday, May 3 afternoon and it included also the announcement for the pick up of two young shows "Southland" and "Parks and Recreation". Meanwhile, talks were still ongoing for the renewal of half-hour show "My Name is Earl".

Bubble series "Chuck" was expected to be given an address on Monday, May 4 but apparently the network chooses to slam down the hammer only later. Additionally, Zachary Levi told E! Online, "I thought we were going to hear about it this Monday because NBC's announcing a bunch of its schedule, but I just got an email from (executive producer) Josh Schwartz, and he said stay positive, (but) we're not going to find out on Monday. It could be another week or two. They're making their final tallies and decisions."

Joining "Chuck" in the bubble is long-running series "Law & Order", which is vying to tie "Gunsmoke" to run for 20 years. NBC had promised to announce the full list of pick ups on May 19.


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posted by Rooster on May 15, 2009
posted by roger on May 14, 2009
Please keep Chuck. This is one great show!!!
posted by afonso on May 14, 2009
NBC is crazy to even consider cancelling 'Chuck'. im portuguese, live in spain, study in the uk and i know plenty of people that love the show out here. with so much crap thats been done recently to save 'Chuck' i dont understand why NBC are still, debating a solved case. for the a millionth time, SAVE CHUCK!!!
posted by Noel on May 14, 2009
Please don't cancel Chuck. It's a great TV series. The show already created loyal fans even here in the Philippines despite little or less teasers or trailers to promote the series. Back then, I just watched a single episode and I was hooked forever! NBC should put more money to promote this series and reach more audience.
posted by Astrid on May 10, 2009
I really really really hope that NBC doesn't cancel Chuck! It's a great show! I wish us foreign viewers could have a say :)
posted by aviewer on May 09, 2009
Chuck Season 3! Chuck Season 3! Chuck Season 3!
posted by Mike on May 09, 2009
Chuck has an amazing ability to bring together so many various genres of entertainment while at the same time not letting one dominate over the other, this is the epitome of a well rounded and complete show. Too often are shows cut down leaving their fans without a sense of closure from the previous season(s) and it would be a tragedy if it were to happen here with such a great show. To leave the dynamic between Sarah and Chuck in the balance as well as so many other unanswered questions does nothing short but cheat the loyal fans. I implore NBC to bring Chuck back for another season, itís an extraordinarily well written show with a phenomenal cast that has proven and will continue to prove that this show, unlike so many others out there today, has unlimited possibilities.
posted by fff on May 08, 2009
chuck is awesome!!! please give us a 3rd season!!!
posted by elysium on May 06, 2009
Chuck is the most balanced series in TV history... dosage of action, comedy, drama is very well combined... Turkish people hope NBC will renew Chuck...
posted by Don on May 06, 2009
@gmac: Amen! I'm glad someone else out there thinks the way I do about the American viewing public. For the love of all that is holy, don't pull an ABC and cancel your only good, original comedies! When ABC got rid of Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies, I damn near crapped my pants. For the love of God NBC, don't follow in their footsteps! Please!!
posted by sara on May 06, 2009
Chuck is the best show ever, please do not cancel it. i'm from Portugal and i really love to see it. they are great.
posted by No on May 05, 2009
C huck is a great show. Please renew it.
posted by gmac on May 05, 2009
If "Chuck" goes down it will leave room for Masturbating with the Stars! Give us more UN-reality crap, please. It sure makes the American public hamsters hit the food pedal. I'm ashamed to live in a country that watches "Dancing with the Stars" 3 to 1 over a well written comedy/drama/action many of those have there been in history? It seems that anyone with an IQ is getting shut out of the network TV market. A couple of years ago "Studio 60" went down because the average American viewer isn't smart enough to get it. Put on some more worm eating and sister screwing and the ratings will hit the roof I'm certain. Even if they renew "Chuck" they are saying it may only get on as a mid-season replacement in case of fall shows tanking. The fact that the show isn't being watched is just another symptom of the illiterate nature of our nation. Mike Judge's movie Idiocracy only has the timing won't take 500 years to reduce us to monosyllabic morons...we are close already.
posted by Chandler on May 04, 2009
keep Chuck!!!!
posted by Kelly on May 04, 2009
NBC has not made thier final decision yet, so be sure to srop a line to the fols at the network letting them know that you do not want it cancelled.
posted by johan(sweden) on May 04, 2009
please don´t cancel Chuck.The best f**king show ever...
posted by bjorn on May 04, 2009
I love chuck best show ever. Please renew this show!
posted by Jessi on May 04, 2009
Chuck is the best freaking show on television...they need to renew it! Please! I love the new twist from the finale and can't wait to watch a whole new season that develops it!
posted by angelvoice on May 04, 2009
Chuck is the best show to come along in a long time! Real entertainment, funny, uplifting, great stories!!! Let's keep Chuck going people!
posted by JD on May 04, 2009
I don't understand NBC first Scrubs and then Chuck what are they thinking. there's nothing on NBC i'm gonna watch now.
posted by Angie on May 04, 2009
Chuck is the best TV show in a long time. It has comedy, drama, action, romance. Please don't cancel Chuck.
posted by none on May 04, 2009
if u cancel chuck, ur crazy!
posted by telkiira on May 04, 2009
I rarely watch television, but, I make a point to sit down and watch Chuck every week because it is a good fun show. Canceling it makes one more reason for not to watch anything NBC has.
posted by Josh on May 04, 2009
If Chuck's gone, then there's nothing on NBC i'm gonna watch. Why don't they just change the time it's shown? That way it doesn't have to compete with all the big names on Mondays.
posted by Yen on May 04, 2009
I love Chuck, please don't canel.
posted by chris on May 04, 2009
Chuck is a really well written and fun show that needs to be renewed!!!! It's to bad NBC couldn't announce it's renewal right off the bat. Please renew this amazing show!
posted by Sherlock on May 04, 2009
Chuck is one of the best not maybe even the best show on tv, the mix of romance and spies has me on the edge of my seat in the uk!
posted by colin on May 04, 2009
Why would they even consider not renewing chuck, it is one of the best shows on tv. If all the good shows keep getting cancelled like this there won't be any reason to even watch tv. how much csi crap can anyone watch anyway!!!
posted by Wise on May 04, 2009
I Agree with all of you here, Chuck is one of the best series ever! The characters are so well performed and the script is awsome! All hale Buymoria!!
posted by Joshua on May 04, 2009
They better not cancel Chuck. This would be the worst decision ever made by NBC. (Even worse than HBO's decision to cancel Deadwood after only three seasons. Don't do it NBC.

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