'Little Ashes' Clip: Robert Pattinson's Man-on-Man Kissing Scene

May 02, 2009 06:27:58 GMT

In a newly-found clip of 'Little Ashes', Robert Pattinson's Salvador Dali locks lips with Javier Beltran's Federico Garcia Lorca when they are taking a dip in the middle of a night.

'Little Ashes' Clip: Robert Pattinson's Man-on-Man Kissing Scene
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Robert Pattinson has indeed gone all and out for his performance in "Little Ashes" as can be seen in the indie drama's new clip. The snippet which runs for more than one minute displays the "Twilight" hunk as Spanish artist Salvador Dali and Javier Beltran as Dali's lover, writer Federico Garcia Lorca.

Opened with a shot of a full moon unveiling itself, the clip moves on showing that both Dali and Lorca are taking a dip in what seems to be a sea. Filled with sexual tension, the two 'dance' in the water, before they take their passionate love affair to the next level. Swimming closer and closer to each other, they finally lock their lips against one another.

Set against the backdrop of Fascist Spain in 1922, 18-year-old Salvador Dali arrives at university in Madrid. Determined to become a great artist, he soon gets the attention from Residencia de Estudiantes' social elite, poet Federico Garcia Lorca and aspiring filmmaker Luis Bunuel. But, their friendship becomes strained as Dali and Lorca get closer to each other. When the two spend the summer at the sea-side village of Cadaques, their friendship becomes something more.

"Little Ashes" takes its title from Salvador Dali's 1927-28 painting Cenicitas. Starring Robert Pattinson, Javier Beltran and Matthew McNulty, the drama film from director Paul Morrison has been premiered at the 16th annual Raindance film festival in London back in October 2008. It will get its limited U.S. release on May 8, 2009.

"Little Ashes" Clip:


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posted by becca on Sep 08, 2010
Wonderful movie...after researching Dali videos and his biography I think Rob nailed it. It is definately one of his best performances. And Javier gave such a moving performance it brought me to tears. Well done gentlemen.
posted by maria on Sep 07, 2010
Robert not worth only burn because you are inferior and despicable and decadent hate you hate you hate you despite my great love for you and my desire to Roetk but you to not worth my love for you I know that would not you not read Masaketbh but I'll write to inform the public of your truth, filthy, and I have a message for girls that this anomaly worthy of your love for him to deserve only aTo burn to deserve even a moment think about it, I hate you because you made me hate all men do not trust them because of you
posted by maria on Sep 07, 2010
Is this abnormal young man you love in my life I did not see a man or a nasty obscenity Bhakarth Hathaway, and if you think something normal that he does not put it to you, no, no it is not the work of men what a despicable and Troydon you know what I'm talking about who I am talking about Robert Batnson I hope that Burn in hell he had burned the man I saw in my life, I advise you not love because it is possible to be infected with AIDS
posted by lynn on Aug 01, 2010
Rob and the other actors were brilliant. It was a truly moving performance and screen play. It doesn't matter to me if Rob is straight, gay, bi- or ... Twi! I just love him. There's something honest and truly beautiful about him.
posted by biboy on Jul 30, 2010
omgg i needd robberrtt noww <3
posted by hate it on Jun 27, 2010
OMG!i cant believe.i think im going to faint.
posted by TifferBiffer! on May 22, 2010
Ohh wow, I can't believe my eyes! Robert kissing another guy? Well, it is acting... I hope. Cause that would really suck, hes so flipping hot. From the trailer that I saw, hes doing so hard core acting. It looks good. Who care if he plays a gay guy? Its his life, his career. Everone needs to get over them selfs. I wouldn't be surprised if he got academy award for his acting in this movie. He's so talented!
posted by GraceKellyLove on May 16, 2010
id still Tap that... Plus Hes being open minded So.. Plus...I think itz hot..
posted by lol girl on Apr 02, 2010
krima ... protimo0sa tn robert se kapoia allh tainia oxi san auth po0 ein skata me to mo0staki kai paizei kai ton gay...dn t perimena kai apogohtefthka synexizw omws na eim fan!!! an kai afth tn tainia 8a skeftw pl g n tn dw....
posted by laughing on Mar 26, 2010
makes me laugh to see ignorant comments about a person's sexuality. makes me laugh harder when i see comments made by gay bashers. XD i'm straight and i thought this movie was his best work yet. he has to do something about that Twilight crap he's going to end up like Zac Effron not being abole to move on with his carrer because he'll be known for playing a certain character. plus if homophobic people know that this movie has gay scenes in it WHY DO THEY EVEN WATCH THE VIDEO/MOVIE?! the header on my internet says "ROBERT PATTINSON'S MAN-ON-MAN KISSING SCENE" homophobes make me sick. they just want the chance to critisize people. so SHUT THE F**K UP YOU HIPOCRITES!!!
posted by coolness on Feb 04, 2010
gay rob ,i always knew that there was something wrong with him.that dude is not fit to date kristen,what a loser and gaywad.i bet you they have sleepovers all the time.Uug he's so diccusting.
posted by little princess on Jan 31, 2010
ohh my god that would totally suck i wouldnt even attempt to kiss a girl i mean that is like the worst thing you would have to do grosss!!!!! well he had to its his jod hopefully he left not scared to life haha
posted by roxy 3468 on Dec 21, 2009
he was acting i bet it was really acward to kiss the guy but who cares he was acting and comon he is so fucking hot i dont care if hes he kissed a guy i mean he had the guts to do it . love u rob and dont worry i dont think ur gay.
posted by DamiCoco on Dec 10, 2009
iLove Rob.. IDC If He Kissed A Dude, He's Just Acting. iStill Love My MAN, I Know He Ain't Gay!!XOXO
posted by daddys girl on Dec 05, 2009
wow now that was hot ROB
posted by Nick Savoia on Nov 21, 2009
Why don´t you, freaking homophobes, come to a place like Brazil to learn about some of the simplest facts of life.People are people and free to do whatever they want to with their bodies.Love is love sexual attraction is true of everyone of us.What´s the use of "going to the moon" if you can´t even survive as "intelligen" human beings here? Come to your senses and look around yourself. How do you if your dad isn´t really gay? It´s not written on anyone´s forehead.So,if you´re naive enough to believe all the jibberish that actors put out after portraying gay characters on the screen, just to protect their finances, go on and suffer in silence.
posted by arthur on Nov 21, 2009
Get a grip!! Hey you american homophobes.You´re so backwards so I´ll lay down some of the facts for you. Men like men!Men kiss men!Girls like girls! Girls kiss girls!Did you know that?The rest, whether actors are this or that, is just for you,ignorant sexual robots, to cry and shout about while real people live it up.Get it?
posted by Meee on Oct 03, 2009
Its acting you freaking idiots, who gives a damn...bravo to robert for not playing a safe role..not a fan of twilight whatsoever and i saw this movie, good job ... Any movie of gay romance is risky for an actors career, he did well....any homophobes should go piss ignorant brats should be put down
posted by RobLuver on Aug 19, 2009
this cant be happening!!!! no that wasnt rob!! tell me this is a dream!! i couldnt imagine rob wud do such a thing!!
posted by Romantic Fool on Aug 19, 2009
At the risk of being attacked like I was on The Awful Truth, watch Rob in Harry Potter interviews and at the start of Twi on set interviews. He is a late bloomer or was anyway. He said on that when asked about being a method actor and if he believes in the Twilight message of abstinence and waiting for the right woman etc. ."absolutely, I completely believe in all that and I am a Catholic as well" then he said at UK Twi Premiere when asked about off screen chemistry with Kristen, "I don't know about that...I am completely asexual" (not engaged in sexual activity). He could have been trying to save Kristen's reputation, but it is not something that most guys would admit. He is way too candid and honest and I believe, telling the truth. He has been brought up by strict practicing religious parents...unless he is crazy in love and ready to get married, you don't have sex for fun. He is really funny and admitted that he "plays his own trumpet sometimes to keep up sexual tension". If he said he was gay,people would believe him. He says he has morals and religious convictions and this sexed up twisted, cynical world laughs that it is a lie or a joke. Rob is extremely sexy and interested in girls...he just thinks you don't have sex. You make love. People of faith believe that you join bodies, minds and souls when you are married. Try it sometime, you might enjoy not having meaningless sex with a stranger for a change.
posted by CAlori on Aug 19, 2009
The other actor is married and they both agreed that they have weird jobs. Rob got into the idea of portraying a real person NOT a character from a book. He said in interviews that it crossed lines he was comfortable with but it is hard once you get into a movie to then say oh you want me to make it look like I am being mounted, I am masturbating etc -forget this. He is a professional and did a great job. It is not acting when a gay guy acts gay. Rob should not have done the movie before he had established himself better. However, he was not getting parts and he said at a promo for 'How To Be' that he did every part he was offered as he wanted to try new characters and "teach himself to act". I think Rob is a sweet complex guy. I am a Rob fan first and Twi fan second. The movie was spectacularly beautiful. As far as gay bashing or bashing anti-gay people....we should all try to just be kind...that is what the Bible teaches.
posted by Tessa on Aug 11, 2009
hah lovvvvvvvvve it!!
posted by Jane on Aug 06, 2009
I think Rob was unaware of what it took for a sex scene with a man and had already committed to the film. I think this film is an embarrassment to him but he did not do anymore than Heath Ledger did. Shows what a good actor he is.
posted by yoyo on Jul 21, 2009
go to bed homophobes! yall r seriously lacking in tolerance,wtf,i mean,SO WAT,he kissed a guy,hello,have u actually thought of the fact that its not Pattinson n Beltran,but DALI n LORCA??? he got the job done, got paid, and as yall r hatin right now, he's laughing straight to the bank! get a grip. all this commotion is actually a good thing for him tho,it proves that he's a freakin brilliant actor if he's got so many people actually questioning his sexuality. GO PATTINSON,u cash those checks baby yeah!
posted by Random on Jun 27, 2009
So what if Javier Beltran and Rob Pattinson kissed in this film? they are both straight in real life and i think it takes guts to go over the boundaries of what they're comfortable with.
posted by spaceylacey78 on Jun 23, 2009
Umm he made this movie before he ever got twilight. He needed to work and this is what he got. Cut him some slack.
posted by Jewls on Jun 19, 2009
That was hotttttt!
posted by mpy96 on Jun 17, 2009
rob are you gay in real life because i think your not. by the way i think your hot & sexy
posted by imadorkfull on Jun 14, 2009
wow....leave the poor man alone...hes an actor....just cuz he kissed a dude doesnt mean he is gay or bi....hollyyyy crapp...there r soo many movie where dudes kiss dudes and girls kiss girls and they r straight...leave the poor man alone...p.s. love u rob...keep on rockin
posted by Ashley Greene Fan on Jun 12, 2009
holy frikin crap, not a big rob fan but still, holy frikin crap
posted by notforme on Jun 09, 2009
i know now that i was attracted to EDWARD not ROBERT, not so sexy anymore, but i do like his songs...and i still will see new moon (MAYBE)
posted by GIRLY555 on Jun 05, 2009
What the fu** Robert Pattinson was wonderful in Twilight and had me in love with him now hes in a kissing scene with a man this is discusting and i am dissapointed. EWWWW
posted by Kessi Corvin on Jun 04, 2009
WOW......why would he ever agree to do a movie like that? he was made for girls not guys!!!! i know he's not gay but its still scary to watch. he and kristen belong together. that was just....ew
posted by suburbancitygirl on May 26, 2009
I just love how these homophobes come out of the closet to announce how gays are sinners etc. according to the bible etc.. so funny.. I bet these people don't live up to the bible in any shape or form. They just love gay bashing because this is one sin they won't be committing. I saw 'Little Ashes'. Although it lacked depth, it was a beautiful movie and the acting was very convincing. For those who are open minded, go see it. It's good. I'm straight and Rob Pattinson said he was too in an interview. For those who aren't open minded or hate rob pattinson, don't see it. I assure you, no one cares.
posted by j-macLVR<3 on May 25, 2009
i don't see what the big deal is, he isnt gay he might be bisexual, we don't really know. But for him to do this seen took some guts because seariously doing something like that shows true owner ship, like it just shows he isnt afraid to try new things and for other directors to see hes willing to go the extra mile with his acting :D good job Robby! luvz ya! <3
posted by Sweet365365 on May 24, 2009
i love some gay action!! i want to kiss Robert pattinson wait no make out with him!!
posted by ZANDER on May 23, 2009
posted by hohmophobes on May 16, 2009
OUY! homophobes just coz this is a gay movie who cares! is rob wants 2 be gay then let him be gay or bisexual! there is nothing wrong with that! so get over yourselves!
posted by me on May 16, 2009
This is such a lovely seen, I don't care if Rob kissed a boy or a girl. He's hot!!
posted by Courtney R. on May 15, 2009
It's a matter of opinion when it comes to movies in which you have to kiss a man or a woman. Either way it goes people kiss and if you can't get over that then you seriously need to talk to someone. Small minds are the reason why people sucumb to the "I Can't Do It" Syndrome. I'm pretty sure that Robert is secure with his sexuallity the same way that Jake and Heath (R.I.P) were when they did Broke Back Mountain. You do whatever it takes to make yourself known to get your star to shine as brightly as possibly, to let people know that you can be casted as someone other than a mysterious sexy vampire with a bad case of blue balls. If you really feel that he is a good actor and you love him like you all say you do, then you would support him no matter what role he chooses down the line, because at the end of the day he'll still have more money than you or I.
posted by owwwwwwww on May 13, 2009
happpy birthday robert pattinson xoxoxoxoxox
posted by owwwwwwww on May 13, 2009
i wish i was that guy kissing robert pattinson
posted by coco on May 13, 2009
posted by Disagree on May 12, 2009
I don't think you have to be thaaat diverse to be a huge star. Look at Densel Washington, can you name a film that he kissed another man?
posted by OMG on May 11, 2009
This is BAD....I would never ever play a part in a movie that had gay kissing and sex in it...have yall ever heard of JESUS CHRIST?.....READ THE BIBLE!!!
posted by spunk ransome on May 08, 2009
i still love my rob
posted by Michelle on May 06, 2009
lvk1978 --Rob in an interview is the one that called the naked scene "hard core". I guess this phrase could be a matter of opinion. No, I personally, do not want to see Rob locking lips with a man. As far as I'm concerned, if someone wants to see gay and hard core, they can go to an adult book store. I prefer decency over perverse. I'm in no pageant-- so I don't have to be "politically" correct.
posted by grownup on May 06, 2009
Sometimes people just floor me! I bet all of you talking about how horrible the movie is because of these "gay "scenes watch.. what is that show "my name is earl" or whatever. Guess what people... there are gay people and bi and straight and geuss what.. WE ALL HAVE SEX!Just because even one of Those people probably wouldnt have you.......Don't Hate!!! You need to Grow Up!
posted by gin on May 05, 2009
I sorry but this was film before he really had a choice on what he got paid for. he is a very talent actor from what I have seen but I will not be seeing this movie it was before he had a choice of what roles to take and I will look forward to seeing what choices he makes in future now that he has the choice to do any movie of his choice. Not man on man I hope:(
posted by lvk1978 on May 04, 2009
Really, Michelle, hard core? OMG, I shudder to think what would happen if you saw down and dirty gay porn as opposed to this tastefully done and TAME "art house" movie. Grow up, I say. In order to have a lasting career, Mr. Pattinson is going to have to take a variety of roles so that the viewing public is able to see that he can handle any type of character. Diversity and variety is the spice of life and I intend to support Mr. Pattinson in anything he cares to endeavor. It's a long six months 'til November 21 and I intend to get my RPattz fix in a number of ways. I'm exceptionally and deliriously happy that "Little Ashes" will be showing in our little art house theater and will be purchasing many, many tickets in order to support RPattz and feed my addiction. See y'all in line!
posted by debie24 on May 04, 2009
robert is so sexy he is not gay.
posted by Lilypie on May 03, 2009
NO! I will not be seeing this movie. It just ruined the illusion for me.
posted by Bitchy Betchi on May 03, 2009
like it even matters who rob kisses he's sooooooooooo gorgeous and an awesome singer if he wnts to further his career and make it better for himself he has to be open to do anything xx
posted by Person on May 03, 2009
Why all the homophobic comments? It is just a movie and if you don't want to see it, then don't.
posted by Optimist on May 03, 2009
Well, that's sick and disgusting. Someone very sick wanted to make a movie about gay painter. Too sad. Everyone wants attention. Very, very, veeeeeeeeeeeeery sad.
posted by foolz on May 03, 2009
robert should kiss
posted by milka4chocolate on May 03, 2009
this looks so beautiful. :) the music is also great. rob is just awesome. I dunno if I would be able to do such a difficult role. oh, I know it. I wouldn't be. :P
posted by youknow on May 03, 2009
it's all about the money--selling out.
posted by awesome on May 03, 2009
a movie about salvador dali! can't wait! and since when does the gender of the person youlove determine what calibur of person you are? good for robpat for branching out past movies based on books for preteens! (harry potter and twilight i love you both) and no he is NOT made for kristan stewart. just because your in a romantic role with somebody in a movie does NOT mean that you have to be in love. ever heard of acting? ---Caitlin the Miller
posted by appleinhands on May 03, 2009
why is it that even a guy can kiss and do GAY scenes with rob, but i cant even get one kiss? *sigh* life is cruel. oh, and no, robert is SO not gay. he is...perfect. *swoons*
posted by Holly on May 03, 2009
Makes me want to see his performance even more. Beautiful clip, brilliant acting, I get sucked into his roles so easily. He is truly one of a kind!!!
posted by wondering1 on May 03, 2009
In some articles Mr.Pattinson has made a few statements that has me wondering.One,has said that"he takes jobs that he feels are things are taking place in his life"(or something to that effect,it was in the San Francisco Chronicle)Two,said that the man he was kissing was a "better kisser" is he trying to tell ladies everywhere something.If so I think you ladies have something to worry about.
posted by kdheeb117 on May 02, 2009
I say, "good for Rob!" for stepping outside his comfort level and challenging himself! This film looks beautifully done. From what I've seen, the cinematography is gorgeous. Although I don't think the only reason to see the film is for the sex scenes, I think it is an important part of the Dali story. I look forward to seeing it in its entirety.
posted by OMG! on May 02, 2009
First of all, this is the hottest thing I've ever seen, and it's going to be beautiful on the big screen. Rob did a really smart thing to step outside of the Twilight box with this, and his other recent movie, How To Be. I can't wait to see Little Ashes!
posted by .. on May 02, 2009
posted by melissa on May 02, 2009
the movie looks fantastically filmed, and duh, the only reason was to step out and try something new. no he's not really gay. He's an actor, and a good one at that. I say a good job.
posted by Michelle on May 02, 2009
I don't know why directors think the audience needs to see the hard core sex scenes. People are smart enough to know what is going on in a movie than to have the explicit detail. Rod even admits he was uncomfortable doing the nude shots. May be Rob needed the money back then as this flick was before "Twilight" came out? But, if your not comfortable doing a role, posing for playboy ect. DON'T DO IT! I will not be seeing this movie.
posted by lol on May 02, 2009
ewwww gay kissing thats gross Robert Pattison was made for Kristen Stewert!
posted by ilovehavinqfun22 on May 02, 2009
look people robert pattinson isnt really gay. he had to do that part so shut up k thanks !
posted by trulyxunique1 on May 02, 2009
is Robert Pattinson really gay????
posted by ChristieLove on May 02, 2009
Well, look what Brokeback Mountain did for Heath Ledger, may he rest in peace.Too bad Rob is obligated to his vampire role for another year but I'm glad he's doing controversial and odd (How To Be) movies to counteract being typecasted and not taken seriously. Besides girls and ladies, anyone notice all the other yummy guys in Twilight? Half the time Rob looks homeless anyway. HA! HA!
posted by disunflower on May 02, 2009
Get a grip people , it's only acting ! Congrats Rob...
posted by me =) on May 02, 2009
so not going to see the movie i don't care if they are acting that is so disgusting to like the same sex !
posted by HAA1990 on May 02, 2009
i think it's pretty cool that rob pat is doing stepping out of his comfort zone and be profesional about this. To bad the movie is based on crap and not actual historic relevance, I guess it's still a time kill
posted by girl on May 02, 2009
posted by ayyjayy. on May 02, 2009
i want a go ! =) robert has guts and so much self-confidence and is so secure with his sexuality. when the stupid rumours that he is gay might begin, he'll just move on with his life because they won't affect him. he is so strong, well done mr. pattinson =)

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