Ashley Greene Says Fans Chase Robert Pattinson Down the Street

May 02, 2009 03:10:51 GMT

Becoming famous after starring as Edward Cullen in "Twilight", Robert Pattinson is often chased down the street by his legion of fans that makes it hard for him to hang out with his friends.

Ashley Greene
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"People are chasing him down the street," Ashley Greene says about the fanatic fans of her "Twilight" co-star Robert Pattinson. The Alice Cullen depicter then goes on revealing that once those fans even made it difficult for the British heartthrob to just meet and hang out with his friends.

"Me and Rachelle [Lefevre] were sitting at a bar waiting for Rob and we're texting him 'We're gonna leave. You're taking too long,'" the actress recalls. "And he comes in with his hood on and his eyes ... he just looked so terrified! We were like 'Do you need a drink or something, are you OK?' And he was like 'They were at every entrance of my hotel and they chased me down alleyways'".

Speaking further about Robert, Ashley confirms the hunk currently is dating no one. She, furthermore, pours cold water on rumors of him dating on-screen lover Kristen Stewart. "Does nobody know that Kristen has a boyfriend? She has a boyfriend. They have such amazing chemistry on film that everyone wants it to be real in real life. Kristen is madly in love with her boyfriend Michael [Angarano]," Ashley insists.

Most recently, Robert Pattinson himself was also quoted as telling Moviefone in an interview that he sometimes finds his fame "quite stressful", adding now that he becomes famous he often finds it difficult to even leave a hotel.


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posted by mina!!!! on Jun 08, 2010
sorry robert . . . i shouldnt have chaced you that day . . .
posted by maneli swan on May 13, 2009
is there anyway to tell everyone just leave him alone?
posted by killermoth28 on May 05, 2009
people really need to just chill just cause you see rob in person does not mean that you need to act like a bunch of crazies who just escaped from the phychiactric ward. he really is just a normal guy and thats all he wants to be treated as.
posted by fan on May 05, 2009
sorry robert people shouldn't chase you like that...I wouldn't people should just give you some space I'm your biggest fan!!!!!!
posted by twilightfan on May 04, 2009
Maybe Rob needs to adopt a little "no more Mr. Nice Guy" mentality. At least on the street when faced with ridiculous demands. I believe he is genuinely a nice guy who happens to be creative and gorgeous at the same time but he doesn't have to be so generous and open with fans. They can go see him in his movies.
posted by Lalalalala on May 04, 2009
Sorry, but that's the price of fame! Being famous means losing your privacy, and the ability to walk around in peace like the rest of us. Unfortunately, I really don't think it's possible to have your cake and eat it too! He's rich and famous, so he gets chased down the street. Sorry, but I can't seem to pity him.
posted by Lorelei on May 04, 2009
See, that just makes me mad. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Just because someone decides to share their TALENT with people, it does NOT mean that tey have suddenly given up the rights to every other aspect of their lives: their privacy, sense of self, sense of well being, etc. It is ignorant and imbicilic to think that. It just shows the person's selfishness. Being famous does NOT mean that people suddenly own you and can photograph, scream at, chase, and basically treat you like an animal that they have full rights and access to. Shameful to even believe that in any respect. They are not asking for it, they don't deserve it, and the rest of you who believe they do need to grow up, get some manners, and a sense of decency! Ridiculous harpies!
posted by Darla of Tennessee on May 04, 2009
I really do feel bad for Robert. However, in time a new prey will come along and he will be able to live normally again. This sorta thing have me reminencing over old new reels with the "Beatles" being chased down by stampede of screaming girls. And Rob should stay away from dressing like the Uni-Rob-bomber ( the hoodie and dark shades)..lmao..that look certainly attracts more attention.
posted by lethe on May 03, 2009
Unfortunately, Rob Pattinson is a relative newcomer to the world that people like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise and the like live in 24/7. Since he doesn't have the bank accounts those people do, he hasn't got the wherewithal to finance protection (bodyguards, court fights, etc) from these nuts. The studio isn't obligated to protect him when he isn't on set, he's on his own when he's on his own, if you know what I mean. I'll say it again, these crazies are going to drive a promising young actor away from acting. Shame on them.
posted by Shouldn\'t tolerate on May 03, 2009
Where are Rob's managers/agents/bodyguards?! I would call the police if I were being stalked and chased outside my house or hotel room or whatever location. I don't care how much of a celebrity he is, stalking - at least in the US - is illegal. These girls or the paparazzi - whoever is doing the chasing - should be arrested. Wake up people!
posted by Nina on May 03, 2009
That's just horrible that he has absolutely very little privacy! No wonder he's becoming very paranoid! I'm worried that these crazies are driving him to insanity. Poor Robert. He deserves to have a life and be able to get outside his hotel without being mobbed. What are these girls/women thinking? Don't they have jobs/school/family to attend to? I'm a big fan but by golly I'm gonna give the man some space. Rob I wish I had powers and I could magically make everything normal for you again. Know that we love and appreciate you and we are not all stalkers.
posted by ashlee on May 03, 2009
I think chasing someone down an alley is beyond pathetic and sad. Obviously, the obsession over him runs deeper then being a lunatic. I feel sorry for him, because he is such a great actor and can inspire alot of people, but this feeling wont go away he has another two twilight films after new moon and i think it's going to get to the point where he wont even bother going outside his hotel. Which is a shame. It is quite easy for other people to say 'this is ridiculous you crazy friggin' lunatics, stop chasing him, give him some room, some space.' His a celebrity, he new what he was getting himself into, and you can not possibly tell me that if you saw him walking down a street, you wouldnt scream 'BITE ME'? I feel sorry for him i do, invading someones life is so rude i just wish people would think if they saw him i wouldn't like this to happen to me, so why on earth am i doing it to him.
posted by Minna_DFW on May 03, 2009
I was so upset the last time I commented about the chasing in alleyways that I forgot to mention how pretty Ashley looks in her picture above. I think all the cast simply beautiful and handsome. Keep up the good work. Blessings and stay safe. Minna
posted by ktanner32 on May 03, 2009
Isn't this the same reason Johnny Depp left the country. It's sad and Pathetic he's a character in a movie for christ's sake, and if people want to continue to enjoy his work, they need to back off if you want an autograph the studio's set up PR functions just for that -Get a Friggin Clue- Seriously (and for the young and delusional -Do you really think he's going to want to be with you when your screaming and stalking him HELLO He's Running Away you've officially Scared the shit out him Honestly WAKE UP
posted by Rocio on May 03, 2009
Rob is a very giving person to his fan, but we need to respect his personal space and let him have a life off the movie set. Let him enjoy hanging out with is cast members and enjoying a real meal, not room service !!!! I hope will learn to appreciate his talents and his personal space!!!!
posted by abigail on May 03, 2009
i agree with sympatheticbut still i get the fans who chased him i mean he is cute but i think they should give him freedom
posted by The Grim on May 02, 2009
What in the frack is wrong with girls who would chase a guy, any guy, down the street?!?! Ladies, you are suppose to get the guys to chase you! Other wise you just look desperate and sad. Leave the guy alone! He is just a person like you are. Would you like groups of crazies waiting for you every time you went out? Back off!! Rob is not property for you all to jocky for bragging right over. Get a fracking grip and leave him alone! You should all be arrested for your rude behavor! Have a little respect, for yourselves as well as Rob!
posted by LionLuver on May 02, 2009
I think it is totally not right about these fans following Rob all over the place and being everywhere he is.He is just like anyone else he has a life and how is he supposed to live with love crazed girls up his butt twentyfour seven. If I met Rob I would be very excited I wouldnt be one of those love crazed girls that would probally jump him as soon as they saw him. I love him but Im not that kind of person. He needs his space to hang out with his friends and do his own thing. I just hope he doesnt get to the point of ending his acting career because he cant walk down the street without being hoorded by girls.I would just want him to know that I think he is the most beautiful and dazzling guy I have ever saw. The greatest actor ever I love you.
posted by kdheeb117 on May 02, 2009
The fact that Rob has been so open and genuine in earlier interviews has given people the impression that they "know" him. Unfortunately, that seems to have partially created these monstrous onslaughts on his privacy. Personally, I could NOT stand to have complete strangers staring, pawing and drooling on me! He IS talented and what concerns me is that the behavior of people who can't control themselves will, in turn, make him more cynical and we won't see "genuine" Rob anymore. It's a vicious circle. As it has been reported, these mob scenes make him extremely anxious. It worries me that he could end up like Heath Ledger (having to take meds to deal with the pressures). Dear Rob, I'm sorry for your troubles. Please take care and know that not ALL of us are crazy! Some of us just want to see/hear more of your excellent work.
posted by leew778 on May 02, 2009
If I saw Rob I would treat him like anyone else in the world. I'm a big fan but I wouldn't approach him at all. He's human just like the rest of us. He's no better or worse than anyone else. People need to leave him alone and let him enjoy his life.
posted by riikolatennessee on May 02, 2009
We have some serious society problems here in the states. Robert goes from having a life a year ago and no one making a fuss to having no privacy, no freedom, no life. It is really sad and I feel very sorry for him. The local police should get involved or he may need security (that is crazy)!
posted by Suzan on May 02, 2009
posted by Lorelei on May 02, 2009
This goes beyond insanity. Do these lunatic girls have no sense of self-respect, decency, or morality? Where are these girls' mothers? Oh, that's right, they're right next to them making fools of themselves over a 22 year old. Shameful, simply shameful. They're teaching their daughters to be criminals. Yes, criminals. Last time I checked, stalking, harassing, and sexually harassing a person, NO MATTER WHAT SEX, was a CRIME! Just because he is a man, everyone lets this madness continue. They say he loves it, he's asking for it, he knew what he was getting into when he became a movie star, etc. NO ONE asks to have every scrap of privacy, sanity, time, everything about who they are ripped from them by crazy, lustful, insane people. Just think for a second. If he was a 22 year old girl who was being stalked, hunted, and chased by grown men and young teenage boys, what would everyone say then? RIGHT. They would label the men and teenage boys as perverts and sex offenders. Am I wrong? I don't think so. This has gone beyond the bounds of decency. Shouldn't these teenagers be in bed for school the next day, or have a curfew? Don't these women have jobs, or families at home? It's just plain sick. His acting abilities are out of this world, his is handsome, but he is just a man people. There are millions of them around. Open your eyes. He does a zillion interviews and photoshoots for you to go crazy over. That's a GIFT, he doesn't need to do that for you. Take that gift and stay the heck home! Don't be greedy harpies and succubus'. Get a life, and let him have his back! Do you really think he would go for a woman who was so shameless and insane as to hunt him down and stalk him? Ridiculous!
posted by Jen on May 02, 2009
You are absolutely right, Carolyn. I saw that interview too and I've never seen him that unhappy. It really wasn't like him at all. I have a very sad feeling that interviews we see in the future will be showing us a lot more reserved Rob. He seems to have hit a level of frustration that has changed him. It makes me sad and I sincerely hope I'm wrong.
posted by Beautiful on May 02, 2009
CRAZY AND OBSESSED FANS NEED TO STOP WHAT THERE DOING...other wise he would end up taking drugs to deal with all of this crap...if you really like him...than you would stop.
posted by Rhonda on May 02, 2009
Holy crap, when I read this, my jaw dropped. It's amazing how teens love him so much, but they love him just a little but TOO much. I wish that they would think how they'd like to be chased by a mob of people that they wouldn't know.. I'm a teen myself but I wouldn't go running after him. This just blows my mind, hopefully this will go away and Rob can be normal again.
posted by shortyyy on May 02, 2009
my poor babyyy ! i feel soo bad for him he's just soo hoott
posted by sexyscorpio3084 on May 02, 2009
Who of course happens to be a great actor...
posted by sexyscorpio3084 on May 02, 2009
Poor guy, I feel bad that he can't even leave a freaking hotel. If I saw him, sure I would be excited but I wouldn't chase him down. I may just approach him and say hi how are you? Its so great to meet you. Want to grab a drink? I think fans sometimes lose site that Rob is just a human being he isn't some special gifted person. He is just a normal Joe trying to make a living and deal with everyday stresses in life.
posted by Rob\'s \"stalkers\" on May 02, 2009
Whether they're crazed fans or clothed as "paparazzi" these people have no right to stalk and chase. What if they were coming out of the local store with shopping bags in their hands and were literally chased to their car? What would the average American do? Call the police! Maybe it's time for extreme measures to control such extreme behavior.
posted by J on May 02, 2009
I feel SO bad for him. I would never have the nerve to chase him down that. People can take things a bit to far. Like many have posters said he is still just a Human Being. I could never survive in this world. I too fear he could end up like Heath Ledger. So sad!
posted by melissa on May 02, 2009
i laughed a bit when i found out he was chased down the streets by crazed fans but people should just leave him alone
posted by hello on May 02, 2009
WoW..(laughs)poor a big fan but i have neva seen him but its to much fans chasing him is like giving him the wrong idea he does need some space and room if i was there i would him escape
posted by hello on May 02, 2009
WoW..(laughs)poor a big fan but i have neva seen him but its to much fans chasing him is like giving him the wrong idea he does need some space and room if i was there i would him escape
posted by Minna_DFW on May 02, 2009
You know if these young ladies bump into him by accident, then it's understandable that they want to see him up close. Now, if you're staying up all night guarding his hotel entrance like a guard dog, then that's another story. Please give the young man a break to relax with his friends..If he wants to be close to the fans, he'll be the one making the move. I wouldn't be surprised if puts in for a restraining order for every woman to keep their distance to more than 200' feet away from him. I feel bad for him, he has every right to move around freely like everyone else. Everyone needs to give him the space to breathe, you know, everyone can love him from a distance. There is absolute no need to crowd him. I do apologize for being a little ugly but I'm not one to lie on how disgusting women look chasing a man in dark alleyways.
posted by Gema...again on May 02, 2009
i think he should call the police on your arses haha suckers!!
posted by Gema... on May 02, 2009
Really......who would run after someone down an ally i mean its really sad...sorry no ofence to the people who chase famous people down and shizz....(take ofence) sad sad people.....ohhhh im a fan but i dont do that kinda thing i mean urgh. obv your making him scared and then he will stop doing movies because its to much stress and then who would you chase down them pesky allys....but im serious here why do people do it??
posted by Sarafina on May 02, 2009
wow, someone needs to learn how to spell (MeLiSsa)!!!!!
posted by Carolyn on May 02, 2009
I agree. If we want Robert to continue to do the work in films and music that we want to see, he needs to be treated with more respect. Masses of women literally converging on him is crazy. It would be scary for anybody. He could actually get hurt in a stampede. He is also in danger of losing his hearing with multiple appearances into rooms of screaming fans. There are you tube videos of it and he is not kidding when he said that it sounds like the gates of hell opening up. It is deafening and non-stop. He is only 22 years old. Women, especially in great numbers, should not be physically hounding him. He does not like it. I think it is beginning to affect him emotionally. In the recent interview he gave on his film 'How to Be', he was the most serious and sort of depressed I had ever seen in an interview. Please let's not drive this young man to isolation and depression.
posted by runcible on May 02, 2009
Time to get body guards or body doubles I think! Maybe his stunt guy could walk around in a hoodie and distract people so he can go home. Fame sounds like fun.
posted by Star on May 02, 2009
Poor Rob :( Reading this really upsets me to know that he has to deal with these kinda things on a daily basis. Im a huge fan but I wouldnt do something like that at all. I hope he doesnt go to drugs to help him cope. Love you Rob <3
posted by sweethang on May 02, 2009
wow..these people need to chill and give him some space seriously..Sorry Robert..I guess you have reached the level of stardom now that you gained plenty of crazy stalking fans on you at all times. :)
posted by summer seasons on May 02, 2009
sorry Rob seams like you were in a bad situation at the time. hope it gets better p.s. love you in twilight. But Ashley is right Kristen has a boyfriend and just because you have good chemistery does not mean you have to go out in REAL LIFE because thats what it is when you leave the set it becomes REAL LIFE and you have the right to date or not date who ever you want to and so does Kristen Stewart.
posted by MeLiSsA on May 02, 2009
omg thats sad ... i mean that ppl have to chase him down the street yeah i no he is extremlyy hott but thats to far really he needs a life too and so does every person so dont wast urs by chasing celebs down streets and dont wast his by making him running away from obsessed fanss gezz leave himA . L . O . N
posted by getyourownlife on May 02, 2009
I wonder what is or isn't going on in the lives of the girls and women who "love" RP to the point of insanity. He seems to be a decent kid who is just trying to make a living. Are their own lives so empty of any substantial relationships that they feel the compulsion to idolize an actor portraying a character from a book? RP is not that ridiculous Edward character. Buying a movie ticket or dvd doesn't entitle you to the right to invade the object of your affection's privacy. You don't own him and he doesn't "owe" his fans anything but his best acting in a movie, other than that I would tell them all to **** up a rope.
posted by ThePoorGuy! on May 02, 2009
No doubt, everyone needs to leave him alone and give him the space to breathe. He's gorgeous, and a great actor, but let him live his life in peace.
posted by Teen fans are the wo on May 02, 2009
Rob is so generous with his fans and yet they still chase him down. I saw some pictures last week with him at a club and this girl the size of a sumu wrestler had Rob in a head lock. He is too kind. Pretty soon these teen fans are going to drive him to drugs so he can deal with their screams and obsessions. They are ruining it for all the other fans that just want to appreciate his work and beauty! People leave him alone and give the guy some space.
posted by Sympathetic on May 02, 2009
Ok everybody, it's time to let Rob Pattinson have the freedom to move about the way the rest of us do. I completely understand the attraction to the guy, but he's human. He needs space. He needs to have a life. Stop acting like undignified lunatics and give the poor guy room to breathe and the energy to be the creative soul we appreciate him for.

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