Tracklisting of Eminem's New Album 'Relapse' Revealed

April 29, 2009 02:27:44 GMT

It is revealed from the album's tracklisting that Eminem's next installment 'Relapse' will contain 20 songs, some of which are skits.

Tracklisting of Eminem's New Album 'Relapse' Revealed
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Songs to be included in Eminem's highly-anticipated sixth studio album "Relapse", due to be outed on May 19, have been unveiled through the effort's tracklisting. RapRadar, which is co-owned by the Slim Shady's manager Paul Rosenberg, has confirmed the news.

"Crack a Bottle", which features 50 Cent and Dr. Dre, and "We Made You", which has a music video coming out in early April, are among the 20 tracks in the list. In addition to those songs, "3 A.M.", which was leaked last week, and several skits, one of which is titled "Dr. West", will also be included in the record.

Beside the three tracks, which all have been available on iTunes, other songs in the new album are scheduled to be released soon. "Old Time's Sake", which also has Dr. Dre lending his vocal, is expected to be put forward for digital download on May 5, and "Beautiful" will be able for purchase on May 12.

Tracklisting of Eminem's "Relapse":

  1. "Dr. West" (Skit)
  2. "3 A.M."
  3. "My Mom"
  4. "Insane"
  5. "Bagpipes From Baghdad"
  6. "Hello"
  7. "Tonya" (Skit)
  8. "Same Song & Dance"
  9. "We Made You"
  10. "Medicine Ball"
  11. "Paul" (Skit)
  12. "Stay Wide Awake"
  13. "Old Time's Sake" feat. Dr. Dre
  14. "Must Be the Ganja"
  15. "Mr. Mathers"
  16. "Deja Vu"
  17. "Beautiful"
  18. "Crack A Bottle" feat. Dr. Dre and 50 Cent
  19. "Steve Berman" (Skit)
  20. "Underground/Ken Kaniff"


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posted by Mery on Oct 09, 2012
It is true that Eminem on stage when he collected the award thanked the audience and said all Serbs are dogs, It's his personal ignorance and contempt of millions of people from that and a huge number of his fans and listeners from Serbia, and all this is an act of eminem ignorance of geography and manipulation of various media against Serbia
posted by Sone on Oct 09, 2012
ja sam licno video snimak bila je dodela nekih nagrada i eminem je preuzeo nagradu zahvalio se publici i rekao svi srbi su kerovi, to je jedna seljacina koja nezna ni sta je srbija ni koliko stotina hiljada svojih fanova iz srbije ima i kako im se pokenjao u usta, a usto me jako nervira kao pojava nije nikakav reper
posted by ftnkh on May 04, 2012
posted by Fuck_eminem on May 26, 2011
im from serbia and all i can say is FUCK YOU YOU MUTHAFUCKIN BASTARD!!!SUCK MA DICK!!2paaaccc is king and you are pussy!!!!!!SUCK MA DICK PICKO USRANA!!!!:D
posted by Serbia-->Eminem fan on Nov 23, 2010
Well,who don't like Eminem don't have to put comments here...this os something like a fan page :S Eminem is the best rapper in the u understand? Eminem come to Serbia..u have many fans here...Em u have to know that we love u and that we believe in u...we want u in Serbia! :) Good bye :)
posted by CLJ 4ever on Nov 10, 2010
all of you people that are serbs i dont get you''niko nas nevoli''(nobody loves us)and why shoud he loves us? ...
posted by yo on Aug 18, 2010
posted by yo on Aug 18, 2010
It's written on Mirvana covery because it is demanded their drummer who was a Croat and after people started talking that it was the wrote on eminem covery
posted by eminem on Aug 18, 2010
This one is actually a copy cat of the Nirvana legend Ė supposedly Slim Shady as well has the same inscription of one of his albums. Nobody knows which one, which is strange because you would think things like this are easy to check. This is a rumor that I canít figure out, because Eminem never really mentions anything even remotely connected to Serbia in his songs. This is write on Nirvana covery!!! TAKE IT!
posted by Serbia_<3_Eminem on Aug 18, 2010
Everyone knows that Albanians hate Serbs, and see just how much clips on youtube associated on Eminem with Albanians, like this ''My Albanian brother'' lol! This means that there are many Albanians who like Eminem, and they made that to people thought to eminem hate Serbs. Marshall Serbia loves you so much!
posted by Dana the \"jayyzee\" on Aug 10, 2010
Marshall mahn iloveyuu and all tht shit but yhou really downed yhoursell in yhour new album i only liked like 4 songs outta it mahn.... sought yhou could of done way betteer to please all yhour fans mahn cause i only liked like 3 songs outta it (N) yhour still a fucking legand though just fought yhou were better back in the day when yhou ahd good shit to rap about !!!.....xx
posted by sarah x on Jun 28, 2010
eminem is awsome his life was hard right enough lala x leae him alone (L)
posted by lala x on Jun 28, 2010
Eminem is Awsome he sings his heart and sole if u liste 2 the words u wud undrstand his life for him and his kids was hard love u ur awsome ignore all the losers out there thinking ur shite beause ur not keep going please make oads of songs got all ur and posters xx
posted by Tamara on Jun 23, 2010
ja u to ne werujem,jer mi njemu nismo nishta zgreshili.....!!!! I zato cu narawno nastawiti da ga slusham
posted by by:ME on Jun 12, 2010
Cula sam to od par ljudi,...ali neki su mi to demantovali...Neznam zasto bi on to rekao,ali vama vise verujem jer ste vi takodje fanovi Eminema...i nadam se da negresaite...jer nezelim da slusam nekog ko nas vredja...
posted by Mitke on Jun 08, 2010
ne verujem da bi eminem tako nesto rekao, iz vise razloga, a ako jeste onda stvarno nije normalan mada neverujem.
posted by Ric on Jun 03, 2010
Eminem is a king of rapp no dispute
posted by ApolloMP on May 15, 2010
by: ME gde si cula da vredja Srbiju i Srbe. Da vidim snimak ili intervju. To je devojko obicna albanska laz. Neka budala lupi takvu glupost i ostali poveruju. To su zvake za seljake. . .
posted by Illusive Serb on May 13, 2010
Like I sad, he doesn't hate Serbs. Nirvana guy does. Where did he say he hate us? That is just an albanian propaganda...
posted by by: ME on May 06, 2010
eminem je bio moj omiljeni reper,pevac, kad sam cula da nas vredja.....neneneen izvini molim te,nezasluzujes da te slusamo........Jebem mu mater,jednostavno moram :D
posted by Illusive Serb on May 02, 2010
I think you people confused him for Kurt Cobine. The nirvana juncky who killed himself. Becouse Kurt was the one who had a croat in his band. Eminem would never say anything about Serbs. Oh Mr. Marshal, I hope you come in Serbia and make a concert and pruve them wrong. Serbia ROCKS! And Em knows that.
posted by Illusive Serb on May 02, 2010
I love my people more than anything and IF he ever sad anything about us I think I would stop listening his song even thou he's the best rap artist in the world. But one thing is for sure, people don't know anything about Serbia and things that happened through history. It's all just propaganda....
posted by SRBIN on Apr 24, 2010
posted by SRBIN on Apr 17, 2010
posted by SRBIN on Apr 17, 2010
Eminem you filthy whore! You dare to inslut my people...You dont know what we have been through,hell nobody does...Your just a fucking moron with nothing better to do then to insult other nations,fuck off you stinking cock-licker! Your music sucks,ROCK RULES and rap can kiss my white orthodox ass...I feel sorry for people that are retard like you,you sing of pain,suffering,well come over here asshole,see whats pain and suffering...Fucking moron learn to sing,PICKO USRANA!
posted by bosnian_man995 on Apr 03, 2010
hay eminem im your big fan and congratulations for sentence -not allowed for dogs and serbs-
posted by serbia-zorana on Mar 12, 2010
em,i was love you very,about you i think ,,just,, that ,you are the best rapper ever and forever...because you don't like Serbs now i'm not your big fan...and that's your foll...but i know that,you don't caree for me becaus i'm Serbian...and one fan - for you is nothing...and i want that you know that you are realy the best rapper and that it's no merro what people think about you you just be you and go the end!!!!!!!! you'r ,,big,, fan in serbia...
posted by formerEMfan on Mar 11, 2010
Dude I used to listen your songs for days and days...I was hurt and surprised when my friends told me that you hate SERBS,and that you said in one of your albums "not allowed for dogs & serbs"...Why,you don't know our fuckin' history!!!Asc arund what kind of people are serbs,ask someone who is actually been in Serbia...Man I love you,but you're dead for me now...
posted by vasic on Jan 30, 2010
hi. i live in serbia. i'm your big fan. you are the best
posted by rubalboy indian rapp on Jan 28, 2010
yo eminem im also big fan of yours i live in india and do rapping in punjabi
posted by serbia-zorana on Jan 16, 2010
marshall SERBIA love YOU. i think aboute em that he is one man and great rapper. i hear that he hate SERBIA and people like SERBIAN... i don't like that!!!!!!!!! EM you have so many fans in most pespect SERBIAN like a PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by oneFanEM-a on Jan 16, 2010
eminem je strava reper. obozavam njegove pesme-lose yourshelf,beautiful,my mom,mocking bird.... pozz for all fans EM !!!!!!
posted by zoranna on Jan 14, 2010
eminem is cool rapper.Em was my favourite singer but now he is just one man for me
posted by bubbble bopp on Jan 12, 2010
elevator is the shizz
posted by crazy in love[no em] on Jan 02, 2010
hey people,come on!!!!!1
posted by alex on Jan 02, 2010
HE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!! 4EVER..... i love his song BEAUTIFUL>>>>WOW
posted by emineeeeem on Dec 31, 2009
he's the bomb. enuf said. leave him alone please.
posted by eminem lover on Dec 17, 2009
posted by zox on Dec 12, 2009
eminem shit? oh men!! you are mother fucker !!! i am with shadyZV, hi is the king and the best and NO MORE!!!!
posted by shadyZV on Dec 12, 2009
his new album relapse is great and no more! he is the best and somebody is jeles of him....EMINEM,you are the best and stay that forever!!!
posted by shadyZV on Dec 12, 2009
his new album relapse is great and no more! he is the best and somebody is jeles of him....EMINEM,you are the best and stay that forever!!!
posted by shadyZV on Dec 12, 2009
he is the best rapper in the world. his new album is great! EMINEM!!!!!!!!!you are the king!!!!!
posted by 123 on Dec 11, 2009
i love u eminem
posted by emel on Dec 11, 2009
i love u eminem
posted by kalilo on Dec 09, 2009
eminem,,da best musician,,shut da fuck up mother fuckers,u just a piece of shit random nigga,,its not about race black!!!
posted by The One on Nov 23, 2009
Eminem is one of the top rappers out there. How can you noy put him in the top 10 on that MYV list. I mean come on. He's way better than Rick Ross and Gucci. This is some BULLSHIT!
posted by john ....... on Nov 20, 2009
I'm a big fan of enimin he is my most favorite singer could you send me his albums.
posted by brick on Nov 03, 2009
eminem is the shit
posted by what the fuk who car on Oct 30, 2009
i meen reeding
posted by poo on Oct 30, 2009
posted by what the fuk who car on Oct 30, 2009
i hate poeple like u u piss peeple of if u even listen to his songs he ses he wants to kill poeple who sit on computers complaining about ther fans and not doing any thing about ur no eminem fans ur all just a waste of space
posted by rahiss on Oct 28, 2009
EMINEM is awsome!! hes the man!!! no.1 It must be the Ganja, it's the marijuana That's creepin' upon me, why I'm so high Maybe it's the henny, that has gotten in me Whatever's got into me I don't mind...
posted by killer on Sep 28, 2009
eminem is the shit
posted by Carter on Sep 17, 2009
That reply to marias obsesd is ill..
posted by random nigga on Aug 17, 2009
shady be da shit and if u think otherwise den f.u.c.k all ya
posted by sunshinnnee on Aug 15, 2009
fuckk all ya'll sayin eminem's is shittt cause he is the shitt you can't fuckin rap so jump off his dickkk mother fuckers
posted by devourAll on Aug 07, 2009
Em's lyrics to lil wayne, like the earth and the moon two totally different things but I got my money on Em. Em will devour his ass!
posted by k dogg on Aug 05, 2009
eminem is the shit
posted by samnatha-jayde on Jul 22, 2009
omg he is gorjuss and mintige an all ma famlie like his songs ave got all his albums :D
posted by amina on Jul 20, 2009
u rockkk eminem!!! love uuuuu!!
posted by mathers fan on Jul 18, 2009
Eminem is SICK!
posted by jamielynn on Jul 15, 2009
my faves would be beautiful, we made you, must be the ganja. they pimpin
posted by jamielynn on Jul 15, 2009
eminem is bomb! he doesn't get enough credit for what he's been through.
posted by tj on Jul 13, 2009
try 2 haer is1song when im gone
posted by dumbass on Jul 09, 2009
em and tech 9 did do something if u were a real fan u would know that
posted by HMMMMMM on Jul 08, 2009
lol m is good but far from the best if you guys want to hear some real hard core ishh check out immortal technique, diabolic, jedi mind tricks, anywho this is one of ms better albums
posted by elfoc on Jul 02, 2009
you all sound like a bunch of bitches get off his knee
posted by ahlana on Jul 01, 2009
caitlin ennis raps it the best ! eminem is sickk ..
posted by lickem on Jun 27, 2009
hes losin it i think man crack a bottle and we made you are good shit but the other stuffs decent or just different whatever
posted by leanna on Jun 21, 2009
eminem is the fucking shit, and all you negative people need to shut the fuck up, and chill the fuck out, he still has his voice, he still raps the same, he is still the shit, so be jealous. im a die hard eminem fan, and that wont change. so dont hate on him. k? thanks.
posted by hoi on Jun 18, 2009
posted by twon on Jun 18, 2009
im gay!!!!!!!
posted by tricia on Jun 16, 2009
posted by your best fan! on Jun 11, 2009
maaann i think that eminem is the best rapper alife i wish i can get a chance to get to meet him and i also hope i dont get a hard attack of joy maaann i think hes fantastic and i respect his disions about what he wants to do its ok whith me so your safe with me and god bless you eminem!
posted by music on Jun 10, 2009
eminem is the greatest rapper alive
posted by what duh on Jun 09, 2009
posted by Miss B Haven on Jun 03, 2009
Justin Hall is better then Emimem!!!!!!!!!
posted by zumprez on Jun 02, 2009
gues em is just em his out done himself once more got 2 respect the bra
posted by just me on May 30, 2009
go wank yourself? who the fuck says that
posted by fucku2 on May 25, 2009
na na go wank urself
posted by superman7231989 on May 22, 2009
Eminem isn't the same he lost his voice I felth he could of done a better job I've bought all his albums but this relpase I heard it over you tube an I gotta say I've only liked 3 songs out of it
posted by mr poo on May 22, 2009
u suk jakass
posted by t-Bone on May 20, 2009
Em could have done better he's got about 4 songs that are good the rest are a waste of time. wish you did better man. where is the passion the fire for your music. o well gotta burn out some how...
posted by Thats The Question on May 12, 2009
posted by Lil Wayne on May 12, 2009
You know man i'm kind of high, but ever since i did my Carter III i realized that i am a good rapper now i'm not better than nobody, but i think me and eminem are the 2 quote on quote BEST RAPPERES ALIVE white and black.
posted by Pimp Daddy on May 12, 2009
Eminem is really under rated he is way better than people say he is,he's better then LIL WAYNE
posted by shady on May 05, 2009
posted by tank on May 05, 2009
mad just a mental song. I still love it though. Also check out for old times sake its awesome!
posted by scobercat on Apr 30, 2009
yeah a bad-ass album at that
posted by chaa on Apr 29, 2009
maaann when is eminem and tech n9ne gonna collab together man!!
posted by only1kene on Apr 28, 2009
as expected a bunch of album fillers....this is so an eminem album!

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