Lil Wayne's New Album 'REBIRTH' Pushed Back Once Again

April 28, 2009 02:45:15 GMT

Lil Wayne's rock-themed album reportedly has been held back one week from its previous release date, June 16.

Lil Wayne's New Album 'REBIRTH' Pushed Back Once Again
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Lil Wayne's rock-inspired album "REBIRTH" once again has been delayed. After being pushed back from June 9 to June 16, the record is now targeted to hit U.S. market on June 23, according to Rap-Up.

With the new release date, Weezy's new effort will no longer face off Ashley Tisdale's sophomore set "Guilty Pleasure". Instead, it will go head-to-head with LeToya Luckett's next installment "Lady Love".

However, the newest date is yet to be confirmed by the rapper's label. And, rumor swirls that another pushback may be set again for the record.

In related news, Cool & Dre, who is in charge to produce some tracks in Lil Wayne's new effort, comes out with details of the album's materials during an interview with MTV. "It's almost like where OutKast was when they made 'Aquemini'," Cool says. "It's still a rap album, but was it really a rap album compared to all the other rap albums at that time? Andre Benjamin was evolving artistically to where he's at now - Wayne is doing the same thing, and he's not afraid to show you his growth."

"Anthemic records," the producer adds. "We wanted to create music for him that could stand beside his performance, which is tough. The way he was performing, I can only compare him to Freddie Mercury or Jim Morrison, guys that put it all out onstage. We felt like, 'Yo, we feel we could provide you with music.'"


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posted by Obiorah warbank on Oct 28, 2009
Wanna be a gangsta
posted by IC-J on Oct 16, 2009
let NO one be jealous of my man MR Carter
posted by IC-J on Oct 16, 2009
let NO one be jealous of my man MR Carter
posted by NevrshoutMollY on Oct 09, 2009
WaYnE iS tHa BeSt RaPa AlIvE. dOnT hAtE a HoMiE cAuSe He KilLiN tHa Game;)
posted by on Jul 24, 2009
Weezie if Rap was like a catholic church u the Pope! i Wish i could do a song with you but its all good, keep it tight...U digg
posted by The Shit on Jul 17, 2009
Yo Lil'Wayne U roxx U Mak the The Best songs Like See Right Thru
posted by weezyluver on Jul 08, 2009
lil wayne u tha shizznitts i love youuu u rok ma soxxx
posted by wildromeo on Jun 22, 2009
hi love u ganster wayne
posted by Bill FROM DA VILLE on Jun 18, 2009
Yo Weezy I Ain't Going 2 Say U Are Sexy Or Anything Nigga But 4real Boi U Is Da Hott Shit Right Now U Have Out Done Alot Of Rappers That Been In The Rap Game Since The Early 90's and to some ppl u be the best rapper ever. I wish u luck nigga and I pray everything works out 4 u and ur family and music. Yo Hit Me Up on Myspace Sometime My Name Is Trump King I live In Louisville KY. Dueces
posted by ms . carterrr :) on Jun 03, 2009
weezy youu is the BEST RAPPER ALIVE brahh , and don't let hatas get in your wayy of doin wat youu do best baby (:
posted by messymarv on May 27, 2009
ayye mke dis cd hela rwh cuzz bklood killer
posted by nicole.milly on May 26, 2009
evrytin z weezy baby....ure the man fuck those who hate him fo no reason
posted by junior on May 16, 2009
go ahead and rule the world
posted by young soo whoopa on May 08, 2009
wat it do daddy fuck weezy baby its young sooo whooopa red on my head like a fuckin pirurooster
posted by Nikguh Tohn on May 04, 2009
U my nigga wayne
posted by tabbysmith16@yahooco on May 01, 2009
ur r soooooooooo sexyyyyy............. hit me up on my space aite
posted by tabbysmith16@yahooco on May 01, 2009
hey lil wayne u r so fine i love that song mrs officer and cuddy buddy
posted by rpbtwisteddj on Apr 28, 2009
hey lil wayne screw those who hate. you know not to let them get to you man. if you got a lil rock in you then let out.
posted by reek/s.phill on Apr 28, 2009
weezy iz dat bull 4get who hatten
posted by lil wayne on Apr 28, 2009
tis your girl jasontinae jolly. you is faf yo me baby.

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