'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Melissa Rivers Storms Out of Board Room

April 27, 2009 09:32:01 GMT

In the most controversial exit of 'The Celebrity Apprentice', Melissa Rivers yells at her team mates and screams while she gets out of the room.

Melissa Rivers
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This week on "The Apprentice" Celebrity edition, the teams create a magazine 4-page spread to promote Right Guard deodorant featuring New York Knicks star center David Lee. Melissa Rivers was devastated when Jesse James is taken out of Athena to work on KOTU.

Brande Roderick steps up as the project manager of Athena while Clint Black leads for KOTU. Melissa in particular feels left out when she proposes the idea and Brande and Annie Duke answer her with silence. On the other side, Jesse is also pissed when Clint starts to take everything over without group discussion.

Melissa thinks that Brande maybe the project manager but Annie is clearly directing her in a manipulative way. Meanwhile, Jesse is even madder when Clint disagrees with his idea of getting back to Lee's root but has none of his own.

Fed up by the situation, Melissa tells Brande that both she and Annie are trying to take her out of the group. Brande says that she never has such intention but later says that she gets annoyed by Melissa's sensitivity. Ivanka Trump meanwhile, checks on KOTU where things aren't so good either. Jesse is sent away to take pics of New York for the background and the actor says that the team is doomed.

Meanwhile, Melissa tries to get everything done during the photo shoot in a nightclub scene. This is when Brande tells Annie that Melissa thinks they are conspiring against her. Jesse and Joan Rivers in the mean time, ignores Clint rejects all ideas but his.

Lee does the photo shoot with Brande who decides that she should be in the ad too. The player later heads to KOTU where he is shot wearing Right Guard jersey. Annie then pops her head out at KOTU to see things over and Joan is not very pleased. "I thought she was Hitler," Joan says of Annie.

Guest judge Jim Kramer visits Athena and asks whether they will win. Annie dominates the explanation, saying that she comes up with everything. But Melissa cuts her and says that they were all doing equally.

Clint does the presentation for KOTU while Annie for Athena. The execs from Right Guard say they like both ads but think that KOTU got the order of the page wrong, which is putting Lee's feature in the very end.

In the board room, Jesse and Joan attack Clint who refuses almost all of their ideas. Clint defends that he just didn't want to use a hundred percent of Jesse's idea. Annie meanwhile, stands up for herself that she does a lot in the project and this is backed up by Brande.

KOTU wins the ad challenge and so Athena is judged. Brande defends that she raises the highest amount of money apart from Annie and that she has more than her beauty. The playboy mate suggests that Melissa is fired because she inserts personal problems into the work. The women then argue among themselves, before finally Joan gets out of the room screaming "You have a Nazi and a follower", Melissa follows and storms out without exit interview.

Melissa is out of the picture, but Joan who is in the winning team, may or may not come back next week.


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posted by MAD AS HELL on May 11, 2009
posted by judi on May 03, 2009
I truely can not stand the Donald. He think's he's perfect,I feel sorry for his kid's, having a father like him. I'd rather stay middle class,and enjoy life then be like him.Annie is a bitch
posted by BJ on Apr 30, 2009
those who oddly defend melissa and/or joan, and comment that melissa had nothing to do on the last project. that's simply not true- please go rewatch the show on hulu - in 2 specific places she comments on how much work she did 1) "we should all be seen as equal" she said to cramer, then 2) later in a private interview she whined how much work she had done on the project. she can't have it both ways.. she's 43 going on 12, she needs to stop whining and get out from under her mother's apron strings.
posted by Stardock7 on Apr 30, 2009
I'm sure a lot was edited out, but I'm frankly surprised that the note passing between Trump and Kramer was left in - I knew it from the beginning that Trump would not get rid of Brande, because let's face it, she's beautiful. He also wasn't going to get rid of Annie because she represents the Omarosa factor, which makes for good TV - not to mention that she's a snake and he likes that - but I can assure you that she will not be the winner. The last two apprentices will be Annie and Jesse, who by the way had an attitude problem this time - Clint did try to get along and Jesse made it very difficult; there was no need for the kind of language he used towards Clint. I wasn't impressed with Melissa and Joan's exit, the language was, to use Joan's favorite word, deplorable. Do have to agree that had I been in the board room and seen the turning of the tides after the passing of the notes, I would probably have behaved the same way - it was obvious that Trump asked Kramer to vote Melissa out. I feel bad for Melissa because it's very difficult to be in such position, to know that the boss wants you out regardless of anything you do. Melissa has been a team player throughout the series, contributing some excellent ideas. Also, although I'm not too crazy about her, I have to admit that although I and many others would like to think that she's nothing without Joan, she is very good at producing, so let's not take that away from her. It's very hard to come from under the shadow of a mother like Joan Rivers. And let's not pretend that the Donald doesn't have control of who stays and who goes - he has been getting rid of lesser name players little by little; the firing of Chloe was just stupid, and who was the other one he fired because she volunteered to come back to the board room? Jesse will win this game, mark my words.
posted by marion on Apr 29, 2009
Melissa & Joan have huge egos and really think they're the best at everything. Can't accept the fact that they're not going to win. Both are nasty as hell. Like Mother like Daughter, Joan is a great roll model, NOT!!
posted by M. Pickens on Apr 29, 2009
I'd rather have someone have the balls to confront me than deal with a passive aggressive manipulator like Annie Duke. The Rivers' were not graceful. That said the behaviour of Annie & Brande were not exactly what I would call classy either.
posted by Buddha on Apr 28, 2009
Awful Rivers girls! Shameful behavior of both of them with their nasty personal attacks on Annie and Brandi. It is only a TV show for charity, they are treating it like it's for their own life or death! I used to think Joan was a good entertainer, but boy, did she turn me off her! No one deserves to be called, "Hitler". I think anyone would be pretty pissed off if some was called that and also if a team mate's mother called you that. Melissa who clearly suffers from "spoilt brat syndrome", could have easily appeased the tension that was boiling up last week, by apologizing to Annie for her mother's unjustified name calling. Yet she is not a smart enough or caring enough person to have done that. It's all about me, me, me with them! No amount of therapy or plastic surgery can ever change the fact that these 2 Rivers women are truly horrible people deep down inside. Sadly they are both bigots who think that they are right all the time and that everyone's wrong. I feel sorry for them as they've both committed professional suicide (we hope)!
posted by legolas on Apr 28, 2009
I think the Rivers girls are awful. Joan threw a fit every time Melissa got taken into the board room and threatened to quit if she got fired!Melissa has absolutely no business being on t.v. anyway! She has no talent and looks horrible! I used to like Joan until last night! Her tantrum was BAD! There was no need for her to yell at Brandee and Annie! They are all playing a game. Melissa didn't play the game as well as the others! I think we all got to see why Johnny Carson snubbed her all those years ago!
posted by johnj on Apr 28, 2009
It's almost better that she was fired, unfortunately Annie is manipulative and two-faced but no one else seems to call her on it
posted by PG on Apr 28, 2009
...And please to all you people talkin shit about the Rivers ladies, honestly they made for great TV and this show would NOT have been the same without them! I used to hate them and think they were annoying but now I like them, specially Joan Rivers. She's sweet caring and funny and I feel both of them saved each of their team's asses in many different occasions. And in any situation Melissa might've seemed to be a little annoying but honestly most people wouldve bitched the same way if Brande and Annie acted the way they did. They were also gettin annoying. Annie is soooo two faced and I LOVED Brande, but WHY did she have to be friends with the ugly manipulative reject. Its like high schoool gone wrong! hahaha
posted by PG on Apr 28, 2009
Please they acted the way they should've it was always ALWAYS clear that Donald had a thing for Brande and honestly I loved her till she was stupid enough to fuckin align herself with that annoying and manipulative Annie. If I were Melissa I sooo would've called Donald Trump out on leaving Brande in the game just cuz she was pretty. Firings are about each particular task and in this task Brande clearly dropped the ball and Annie and Brande probaby wouldn't have been able to get the chance to raise that much money if it weren't for Melissa working her ass off in previous tasks. Point made, Donald was completely unfair and that note was a little too suspicious! How did that other old white guy out of nowhere turn and change his mind and put Melissa under fire. PLEASE that was so BS.
posted by shank on Apr 28, 2009
the River girls certainly showed that 1) they have no class, and 2) are incapable of taking the high road. Joan is a washed-up has-been who stopped being relevant 25yrs ago, and Melissa is a washed up never-was who gained notoriety by being a loud mouth.
posted by jjnyc79 on Apr 27, 2009
OH, and by the way, Melissa is not in her 50's....she is 41 this year. Just wanted to clarify :)
posted by jjnyc79 on Apr 27, 2009
I think Joan and Melissa made for good TV. Without them, this show will not be the same, and I don't think I'll care to watch the next episode.
posted by Iheartrivers on Apr 27, 2009
Joan and Melissa were the best and besides Dennis and Jesse the only reason to watch this now stupid show. Melissa got fired for no reason--bottom line.
posted by Dan on Apr 27, 2009
If this show had been produced during the 'Cold War', it would have made pretty decent Soviet propaganda
posted by Dan on Apr 27, 2009
Does Trump ever consider what this human horror show of degradation does for his brand? I would never want to be a 'guest' in any of his hotels no matter how much you got for the money
posted by nptinhighschool on Apr 27, 2009
Both of the Rivers' women seemed to behave as if they were hormonal (like teenagers). Also, it appeared that they were guaranteed a certain amount of shows--that number with "This is it" might have been written on the note from D.Trump. The continuous slams were not humorous to me, but that is the comedy of names like Joan Rivers and Don Rickles. Our society's approach to people and humor has matured over the last several decades, and perhaps the celebrities will grow as well.
posted by spanky on Apr 27, 2009
Melissa was a total embarrasment, seeing her mother it's no wonder why. She was always calling Brande a dumb blonde. I didn't hear anyone say anything about her and her daughters horrible plastic surgey, they are scary ugly. Anyone who thinks Melissa would had a career in show business without mommy has their head in the sand.
posted by Rubbermaid on Apr 27, 2009
Shame...shame...things didnt' go their way so they play the "nazi" card. I guess she was fired because of her Jewish heritage and Trump is a neo-nazi. Damn those two women are shallow and plastic.
posted by rwayneh on Apr 27, 2009
Hopefully Mellissa and mother are both gone what babies they are. Its just a game. Everyone else who has been fired has taken it and left with class. Speaking of big babies Jesse James acted like one also by not voicing his opinions more strongly than he did. He was hanging Clint out to dry. I lost a lot of respect for him last night as well. Even after they won he was reluctant to give Clint any credit. The way James talks is so measly mouthed anyway he reminds me of Garth on Waynes World. Weenie to the Max. Get some gonads Jesse and speak up next time instead of being a big baby!!
posted by Kat on Apr 27, 2009
Yes, Annie & Brandi were not very nice to Melissa, But the way she reacted last night...when she was fired, was worse than high school! Very unprofessional, shame on you Melissa! Joan you have a spoiled daughter and you feed in to the whole name calling and ran off with Melissa...either one of you should have been on the show! You both left me with a bad taste in my mouth.
posted by janeausten726 on Apr 27, 2009
I heard Trump say at this point of the game [with only six left] that it had become more about the money that could be brought in for the charites and he had to look at that, so I think he clarified his thinking. Also, he has to fire someone and why not the weakest link on the team? After the vicious personal attacks by the Rivers girls I got to thinking that it could be they burned a few too many bridges in the past and that was the reason the people they were counting on said no to them. I think that is why Joan and Melissa were so angry and also because it was sadly dawning on them that this is the best they can do for themselves in the entertainment world - not a high paying gig I'm sure, nonetheless, does anyone not think that the Rivers girls had a contract to appear on x number of shows for Trump and could not be fired before then? There is no more Joan Rivers can do to help her daughter carve out a career in showbiz that involves an on screen presence. Melissa is too old to grow up, but maybe she will learn from this experience that when you act alike a child in the workplace, no matter how famous your mother, your boss is probably going to fire you.
posted by lol on Apr 27, 2009
Fire both of the Rivers! I wonder what was on the paper Donald Trump slipped to Jim Cramer? Probably "watch this", LOL.
posted by KARMA on Apr 27, 2009
I think Melissa and Annie both should have been fired. Annie is a control freak that manipulates everyone, I feel sorry for her kids. Melissa needs to grow up and not depend on Mommy. Brandi is being manipulated by a professional manipulator. I dislike Annie and her tactics. It is for charity but what about integritym something she knows nothing about. Joans fault is being an over protective mother that I can understand.
posted by GimmeABreak... on Apr 27, 2009
I think it's funny that people think Brandie is a follower and NOT Melissa? My god, were it not for her mother she'd be lucky to be flipping burgers at McD's... you think she found success in the industry through her own merit? And Joan - no matter how the editors made her look - she still said what she said - there is no way to take what she said as 'out of context' or 'humour'... I mean those Hitler comments (2 that I heard) and the poker player comments - I was deeply offended and I am NOT a poker player.... I think I'll take it up though so I can't be associated with Joan Rivers and her self-righteous BS.
posted by MWP on Apr 27, 2009
Brandie should have been fired. She is a follower and not a leader. I think that Melissa got fired b/c she talked over Trump and his ego just can't take that. I also thought that Joan's personal attacks on Duke were ok to think, but in business, you don't say that stuff. It's not professional.
posted by Shae on Apr 27, 2009
I think it is pathetic the way that Melissa and Joan acted. They have continued to name call and act childish. This is a game and it is for charity...Melissa needs to grow up and stop hanging on to her mommy's apron strings. Joan is a 76 year old immature, bigot! It is shameful the way that they both behaved. I for one, am glad that Melissa is gone and hope that Joan stays home too!
posted by GimmeABreak... on Apr 27, 2009
C'mon people - I don't care who you are - that kind of behaviour is simply not acceptable - and Melissa is in her 50's - and been on TV (thanks to Mommy) all her life - she either staged that for publicity or forgot to take her meds (of which there must be a big pile) because it was simply pathetic - If there is justice in this world, neither one of the Rivers women will ever be able to live that one down - they deserve to be ostracized from the circus they choose to live in for behaviour not even befitting clowns. Good riddance to them both. And for the sake of all - let's hope they find another plastic surgeon.
posted by Jesuslovesyou on Apr 27, 2009
Melissa did have friends in High School and still has many friends! She was feeling completely snubbed by Brandi and Annie, I think most girls have experienced that catty behavior in High School at some point. Don't judge someone unless you've walked in their shoes. The over reaction you saw may stem from some major past hurts. They have been through a ton!! I still love both River's women even though I felt embarrassed for them last night. Melissa made it far in the game and should feel good about the accomplishment.
posted by large-marge on Apr 27, 2009
What a spoiled brat! Just who the heck does she think she is - Joan Rivers daughter? I have never liked Melissa (mouthy, bratty, stuck up,egotistic) but I did like Joan but to hear those invectives come out of her (frozen) mouth also just spoiled it for me. Sorry, Donald but you have two losers on your teams - don't cry a "river" of tears over them.
posted by bthirteen on Apr 27, 2009
Hershal was fired last week because he was the project manager, but he was the one who brought the most money on his team. Brandy was the project manager this week and she used all of Annie's ideas and they lost. Trump had no right to fire Melissa based on raising money. Melissa has been steady with her work ethics and I can understand why she was angry at the end of the show. The bottom line is, for this task, Donald Trump did not fire the right person. Melissa is not the reason why they lost.
posted by Anita on Apr 27, 2009
When drump fired Chloe because of a dui and claimed he knew nothing about it, i thought this show is getting pathetic but i still liked Joan so wanted to keep watching - last night when him and the other guy talked about making the most money, I was watching thinking WTF - is this show about how you perform or all about the money - THANKS Trump for clearing things up for me - now i don't need to watch celebirty apprentice anymore once we see which celebrity can raise the most - Congrats Annie on winning the whole thing!........with no suspense - this show is too boring for me to waste 2 hours on anymore!!!
posted by bigtime on Apr 27, 2009
Calling all poker players white trash was horrible. Hey, Joan, how many poker players bought a ticket to one of your shows? Sounds like you are bitting the hand that feeds you. And Melissa, what a potty mouth brat. Grow up!!
posted by Adios! on Apr 27, 2009
You know the old Hollywood saying, "You will never work in this town again." Well, from the antics and behavior of Melissa Rivers, she doesn't deserve to work in any town again. What a baby! What a temper tantrum! I haven't seen such classless, immature, unprofessional behavior since - well, since the last time I saw the Rivers twins attempt to critique fashion and to insult real stars on the nameless, endless schedule station that had the good sense to fire them, too. Good for you, Donald! Perhaps you will be lucky and get two "Rivers" gone for the screen meltdown time of one! This isn't worthy TV - this is annoying TV.
posted by missb on Apr 27, 2009
Had it not been for Trumps executive basically telling Brandi to defend herself, she would have been fired. She didn't speak up for herself until she was advised to. If it is all about how much money you can raise then everyone else should be fired to and just let Annie and Brandi be the final two. Melissa is smart, but was played by Annie. Brandi should have been fired because she let too much control go to Annie AND lost the task. Melissa lost her self control, but should not have been the one fired. Brandi didn't give enough responsibility to Melissa. Melissa stepped up where she could. I think Trumps exec. was a little infatuated w/ Brandi.
posted by travis on Apr 27, 2009
I've read a few of these articles and I love the Joan/Mellisa Rosenberg "Rivers" fanbase comming to the fore! LOL! It's hilarious, saying things like, "she did nothing wrong." Wow I hope you don't truly believe that because you must also have the emotional immaturity of a 14 year old girl. I hope you're all not that unstable. lol!
posted by omarosafan on Apr 27, 2009
Bring Back Omarosa. The original "B" who created this runaway train and heightend the ratings of what otherwise would have been a lack luster show. Lets see who can match her tempestous ways.
posted by levangelista on Apr 27, 2009
What do you mean no one was officially fired? Trump said "melissa, you're fired?" Clean your ears. This was such an embarrasing meltdown for both Joan and Melissa. So childish. They better hope they never loose their money or it will be Grey Gardens all over again.
posted by HOLLER on Apr 27, 2009
well, i think she was fired because trump has something for brande, i also think that something else went down that we didn't get to see, and that's why there was so much anger. i think annie is someone like joan sd who would ditch her very own blood to come out on top, i think brande thinks she has resources but really she has ppl who want to sleep with her, and i think melissa unfortuntely chose the wrong time to blow up (in front of the cameras) but it happend and it obviously happend for a's editing ppl..obviously something else went down to make her so agry!!
posted by DJ on Apr 27, 2009
We are very sorry for the treatment Melissa got on the show. We feel Donald and his peons gave her the shaft when they appeared dead set to get rid of the air head or the dragon lady. We hope her Mama stays at home and tells Donald that he is a jerk.
posted by Rick22 on Apr 27, 2009
Melissa has used the same dfense every time her team has lost. " I wasn't used as I should have been" Well put down your coffee cup when responsibilty is being determined and step up then. She's not so assertive when the team is looking for a project manager to lead, and doesn't offer a lot of ideas. She should have been fired weeks ago. Annie is the brightest person on the show. In the short time they have to get things done she always contributes good ideas, work, and even money. Go win it Annie!!
posted by Melissa the 40 year on Apr 27, 2009
Wow what an episode! After last week seeing Melissa constantly making cameos about the friendship of Annie and Brandi I almost puked. But that was nothing until seeing Mellisa's tirade after being fired. Seeing her hobble around on her cast spewing out obscenities and screaming for someone to get her purse was absolutely the most hilarious thing ever on reality TV. She continued to scream at people off set to get her clothes "all of them" like someone else would wear one of her hideous outfits. Mellisa you are like 40 years old and you still throw temper tantrums? Then Joan starts calling Annie and Brandie every name in the book, and gets up and quits the show! Both Rivers are spoiled brats who were only left on the show this long to keep ratings up. Mellisa crying and refusing to do an exit interview, just proves to America what everyone thought, you are a spoiled baby. WAH WAH I can't get my way! I love how Annie told the cameras she could manipulate Melissa to think her way, and then did exactly that. Annie is by far the smartest contestant and clearly deserves to win the whole game.
posted by Noladoll on Apr 27, 2009
Sorry, That is just crazy talk. Melissa is none of those things. She was right - they were stacking the deck against her. Where she went wrong - she got outplayed by a master poker player with a dumb sidekick. She did not defend herself properly. It was all Annie's idea and the team lost and Melissa had NOTHING to do with it. She should have drummed this into him at the board room - but, she played it wrong. She let her emotions take over instead of her head. She allowed Annie to lose and still win. Not having fake blonde hair and fake boobs didn't help Melissa either. Watch her team fall apart now that Melissa is gone.
posted by Dude on Apr 27, 2009
Melissa and Joan showed their true colors last night. What a couple of pukes! Hopefully, Melissa just shot whatever's left of her career!
posted by Ten on Apr 27, 2009
The Apprentice wanted Joan to the show. Joan agreed, but only if the show also included her daughter. This is how Melissa gets all of her work. The Apprentice hired both, and guaranteed a minimum-show appearance contract. Once fulfilled, they wasted little time in dumping the non-celebrity Melissa.
posted by Jbird on Apr 27, 2009
Does anyone think Joan and Melissa will be back for the finale??!! Bet they will!! Lots of cash for both of them!!!
posted by dolnalod on Apr 27, 2009
i think mellisa ddnt deserve to get fired she ddnt do anything wrong and the show was never bt who can bring in the most money from outside sources.....who knws wat brandi has had to do to get that money.
posted by johnj on Apr 27, 2009
It's almost better that she was fired, unfortunately Annie is manipulative and two-faced but no one else seems to call her on it
posted by marilyn on Apr 27, 2009
This is a 41y/0 spoiled brat. What a gutter-mouth. Talk about trash,and to think she is a mother to boot. We can only hope she's a better mother than her mother was because look at the way she turned out. A 5 y/o in a 41 y/o body. disgracful and downright tacky.
posted by Radiosonde on Apr 27, 2009
It's TV. It's Trump. Whaddya Expect?
posted by empoweredheart on Apr 27, 2009
I understand why Melissa had no friends in high school - she reminds me of the wicked step-sister in cinderella - jealous, petty, ugly as all hell, and annoying to listen to! At least Joan is funny. Thank god we dont have to watch Melissa sit in her own puddle of misery anymore.
posted by looneytunes on Apr 27, 2009
I don't care what the Rivers have been through in the past, no excuse for their mean, classless behavior. I think Donald made the absolute right decision. Go Annie, Go Brande and Go Clint!!!
posted by dumped on Apr 27, 2009
Try saying something derrogatory about The Donalds precious daughter Ivanka. Remember Gene Simmons slighted remark against Ivanka in season 2008? The Donald called him on it and it was cause enough to fire him.
posted by TristonV on Apr 27, 2009
please remember that Hollywood is a very nasty place to make a living, and since Joan lost her husband years ago all they have is each other, so they must support each other no matter what to keep from getting run over like a door mat.
posted by renee on Apr 27, 2009
To understand the show and the contestants, it helps to know the history. My boyfriend watched for the first time this week and was surprised to see JJames behave so petulantly. I, a regular viewer this year thanks to the interesting casting, thought Jesse and Joan were just dealing with the control freak Clint the way he deserved to be treated. When you know that someone is going to do things his way, no matter how illadvised the way is -ie the cringe inducing detergent ad, you have limited options and patience. On the other hand, the Melissa situation was obvious to even the newcomers. Annie with the easily-beaten-by-anyone with a brain Brande in the finale, were angling Melissa out from the beginning. She was right,it was high school all over again for most of us. I hope Joan returns, she is the only one who has a chance at all of beating sad Annie. By the way, betcha Trump wrote "Keep the blonde and dump Melissa". The man is an idiot, but he knows his good TV.
posted by Lynn on Apr 27, 2009
OMG I cannot believe how Melissa and Joan acted. It was so embarrasing it's almost funny. Are they GROWN woman? Because I teach Kindergarten and it really reminded me of my day job! Also the white trash comment? Unbelievably pompous!
posted by vinyl78s on Apr 27, 2009
don't forget that someone said "that was brutal" as the girls left the boardroom. obviously, something had happened that incited melissa. no, i don't think she was being a brat, i think that she consistantly showed integrity and work ethic throughout all work projects and i feel that she would have deserved the win. both rivers acted with style and class UNTIL last night, like i said, SOMETHING very unsavory must have happened in the boardroom. joan and melissa, you will be sorely missed by your teams and viewers.
posted by Stumped on Apr 27, 2009
I was under the impression that the celebrities on this show were professionals. Obviously, I was wrong. Melissa Rivers' tirade showed everyone not only how classless and vulgar she is, but also how she is not intelligent enough to express herself without sounding like "trash". All her "experience and education" was obviously wasted. Now I know why she had "friends" turn her down when she called. Who would want to be associated with someone like this?
posted by Mizzy on Apr 27, 2009
Melissa is a talented woman with actual real-world skills, yet she was fired because the other two women possess a more important talent, which is being very good at begging for money from rich men.
posted by Momma knows on Apr 27, 2009
Let’s not get to literal here folks, reality TV is no reality, if you don’t think that this was planned then you are as stupid as Brandi. This has everyone talking and has given Melissa a DESPERATE push in her none existent career, and lets face it, this show was canceled, and now because of spoiled no talent celebrities’ desperate for work, it has now a place in trash TV. I hope all parties involved in this show really take stock at how they are coming across.... Has no one any pride anymore? Trump you are teaching your own children to be asses like their old man. I think Joan and Melissa called it right, everyone on that show and associated with that show are WHORES, including them. What I wouldn’t give for a Jackie Gleason, Lucy, or Jack Benny today…….
posted by sweetgem on Apr 27, 2009
I thought Brande and Annie were horrible, rude and mean to Melissa. They ganged up on her during the last two projects. I felt Trump fired Melissa because Annie and Brande brought in more money. I thought Khloe's firing was cruel too. It's obvious that Trump favors Annie who is a snake in the grass. I'm not going to watch Celebrity Apprentice anymore.The most effective workers are not be rewarded== the crown goes to the biggest liar!
posted by Loony Rivers on Apr 27, 2009
Wow what an episode! After last week seeing Melissa constantly making cameos about the friendship of Annie and Brandi I almost puked. Seriously the last few weeks the Rivers turned this show into a personal attack show, first Clint then Anne. But that was nothing until seeing Mellisa's tirade after being fired. Seeing her hobble around on her cast spewing out obscenities and screaming for someone to get her purse was absolutely the most hilarious thing ever on reality TV. She continued to scream at people off set to get her clothes "all of them" like someone else would wear one of her hideous outfits. Mellisa you are like 40 years old and you still throw temper tantrums? At 40 years old you still need mommy to protect you? Then Joan starts calling Annie and Brandie every name in the book, and refers to "Blood Money" gets up and quits the show! Joan who is funny at times needs to go to a loony bin or check out her Depends. Both Rivers are spoiled brats who were only left on the show this long to keep ratings up. Melissa crying and refusing to do an exit interview, just proves to America what everyone thought, you are a spoiled baby. WAH WAH I can't get my way! I love how Annie told the cameras she could manipulate Mellisa to think her way, and then did exactly that. Annie is by far the smartest contestant and clearly deserves to win the whole game.
posted by Trumped on Apr 27, 2009
I'm very disappointed in Joan's and Melissa's behaviour, respectively. They should have exited with grace and dignity. All that we'll remember is their vulgarity.
posted by Didi on Apr 27, 2009
Hey, I'm sure Melissa and Joan were on the show initially because of who they are, but they over stayed their welcome quite early on. I'm sure Trump kept those two on the show well after they should have been given the boot due to sheer entertainment reasons. Hell I tuned in weekly to see what new fight would arise from the mother daugther team...I can't wait to watch next week and see if Joan resurfaces!

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