Rihanna Writing Songs About 'Different Situations in Her Life'


Stating that Rihanna is 'someone ... who has something to say,' producer Brian Kennedy Seals reveals she has written songs about 'different situations in her life, just things that inspire her.'

Details on what Rihanna will be crafting for her upcoming new album have been revealed, and according to producer Brian Kennedy Seals, she has penned tracks about "different situations in her life, just things that inspire her." Brian also added he and Rihanna have cooked up three songs, including an up-tempo jam and a ballad song.

Talking to People at ASCAP Pop Awards in Hollywood, Brian furthermore said that Rihanna indeed is "ready, ready to make hits." The producer continued explaining, "She's someone ... who has something to say, so I will let her lead whatever she wants to say."

In another news related to Rihanna, the Barbadian singer will shoot a music video for Kanye West's single "Paranoid". Kanye himself told Fashion Week Daily, "Yep, she's my Paranoid girl in the video, She's an amazing talent though. Collaborating with her is always a pleasure!"

Previously, Rihanna was said to work on North American tour dates with Ciara and Keyshia Cole as her possible tourmates. However, a source close to Rihanna was quoted by US Weekly as saying the rumor is "not true."

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    Apr 28, 2009

    she's so NOT talented. She's a beauty, sure. And there's where her qualities end. Considering her poor education, and the clear fact she's got no brain (Chris Brown take-back, anyone?) the only things she can "write" in a song are moanings and "ahahaha" lines. And she can't sing a note for real, darn. This is talent? Kanye... wake up after she blows you some jobs, please.

    rihanna second
    Apr 28, 2009

    rihanna i love your song rehab by the way i love all your songs and you ohhh...

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