Preview of 'Private Practice' 2nd Season Finale: Violet Attacked

April 24, 2009 08:49:44 GMT

In the April 30 finale of 'Private Practice', Violet is down after Katie comes by her doorstep and brings a weapon with her.

Preview of 'Private Practice' 2nd Season Finale: Violet Attacked
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Things will get complicated before "Private Practice" ends it second season run. Katie, the mentally unstable patient who lost her baby in few episodes back, returns to get a revenge on Violet. She brings a 'weapon' that instantly puts Violet to unconsciousness.

Katie blames Violet for her unsuccessful pregnancy and holds her hostage until she is given back her baby. Violet herself is pregnant with either Pete or Sheldon's baby but rumor has it, the finale still won't reveal the baby's father and will leave it for a cliff hanger.

Addison faces her feelings for Noah as Morgan goes into labor. Dell has concerns for his daughter when a drugged-out Heather returns to town and Naomi must decide if it's in her best interest to stay with Oceanside Wellness or start anew at Pacific Wellcare.

The medical case itself would jeopardize the clinic. A fatal mistake is made when two embryos are swapped and already inserted to the wrong wombs.

"Yours, Mine and Ours" airs as the second season finale on April 30. ABC has confirmed that the series is renewed for a third season.


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posted by Fan on Dec 10, 2010
I like Private Practice but not Grey's Anatomy so much. I don't like how grey's anatomy characters have special appearances on Private Practice. I know it's a spin-off but should have been it's own medical drama like a stand-alone.
posted by Fan on Nov 05, 2010
I've recently started getting into Private Practice because I like medical dramas and this is one of them. I didn't watch much of the first two seasons, but had read up on it online. I would like to see the season 2 finale. It looks interesting with the whole mentally unstabled girl named Katie attacking Violet. Yes, it is disturbing I have to admit, but to me, medical dramas are far more entertaining if there's a villain or badguy on the show after the doctors or nurses. I read novels like that as well. Anyway, I may have to buy the DVD of Private Practice and watch it.
posted by dutchy on Sep 21, 2009
Oh you Americans! The writers did great! I thought the finale was disturbing, but not because of the reasons you all give. No, because I want toe know what s going to happen. I really want to know. Will there be someone to save Violet or the baby? (I think there will, but how/who?) I just want to know. Is there someone at the other end of the ocean who knows? About Addisson, how could they know if they love each other? They actually don't even know each other. Maybe the sex is going to be very bad (oh no they already had that kind of story in grey's) And people, there what happens to Violet also happens in the real world, it is good to be aware. When I was pregnant, I was careful because of these psychos and I still am, don't want to lose my kids. When's the next season due in America?
posted by pwf on Aug 17, 2009
Please, don´t let Violet or the baby die!
posted by filifjonka on Jul 16, 2009
I love PP and am dying to see the new season. :))))
posted by Mel_NZ on Jul 12, 2009
Holy crap, it just screen in NZ tonight. I HATE CLIFFHANGERS. WE HAVE TO WAIT 'TILL NEXT YEAR TO SEE IT. Please tell me what happens!
posted by sm on Jul 07, 2009
LOVE IT!! but im sick worried about violet!
posted by NM on Jul 04, 2009
I LOVED the final. I cannot wait to see session three. Yes Addison does need a break in the life love dept but I soooo cant wait to see what happens with Violet. LOVING THE SHOW, its better than Greys !
posted by cm on Jul 02, 2009
i absolutely loved this ep so upset that it was the final i so cant wait for season 3! oh come on people its a tv show people expect drama if you dont like it change the damn channel everyone loves drama in these kinds of shows! so excited cant wait!!
posted by Aussie on Jul 02, 2009
im from australia, i watched that episode tonight WOW or what. i had to switch chanels i was that horrified. i hope violet lives and katie stabs herself. :P
posted by ang on Jul 02, 2009
Cool finale! Can't wait for season 3.
posted by bi on Jul 02, 2009
Awesome finale! The writers really captured how mental illness can affect the mind. The scene was not disturbing at all as it also captured how a mother cares for its child. Even knowing that she was going to die, Violets concern was the safety of her child.
posted by amy on Jul 02, 2009
OMG! great finale. cant wait for season 3.
posted by Beth on Jul 02, 2009
Yeah we know it's a cliffhanger and yeah we know it's only a Tv show which is meant to bring drama (Of course violet will survive), but for entertainment it was disgusting, unnecessary and a card the writers should not have played. I won't be watching the next season.
posted by whatonearth? on Jul 02, 2009
WHY? this sucks. addison has no integrity and only cares about immediate gratification. it is a wonder how her character has succeeded at all ( in the medical field). and why would they do that to Violet? what the heck? i hate it. and to think i was actually getting into this show. booo
posted by srs on Jun 24, 2009
I had bad dreams too. Very disturbing...and very real. 9 of the 300 or so yearly reported infant abductions are fetal...meaning they are abducted from the womb. It's real and although it was disturbing to watch the program, it is a true life event, sadly much more violent than Violet is facing.
posted by a on Jun 15, 2009
is violet gonna survive
posted by yx on May 29, 2009
pls, someone tell me, i really need to hear it, i am not american but i will be spenting my summer there, that not everyone there is acting so wierd , that they can be so upset because of a freaking tv show.. it scares the hell out of me seeing ppl taking seriously sg like this to a degree they cant sleep... there are so many things u can be upset about in real life ,if u take everything to ur heart go and do sg to stop that , if u feel disturbed every time u see a homeless person or a lost dog or i dont know sg real than! u can be complaining about the show
posted by xy on May 29, 2009
pls, someone tell me, i really need to hear it, i am not american but i will be spenting my summer there, that not everyone there is acting so wierd , that they can be so upset because of a freaking tv show.. it scares the hell out of me seeing ppl taking seriously sg like this to a degree they cant sleep... there are so many things u can be upset about in real life ,if u take everything to ur heart go and do sg to stop that , if u feel disturbed every time u see a homeless person or a lost dog or i dont know sg real than! u can be complaining about the show
posted by yikes! on May 16, 2009
I think PP lost alot of loyal viewers with the season finale. I too had a hard time sleeping - it just tugged at my heart to think of such a horrible thing happening. So much, in fact, that I have not watched anything but sports on tv since the PP season finale. Good Jpb writers - you may have thought you got your 'ultimate cliffhanger' - but once people find out what happens to violette (which I will be doing by looking up a review on the internet, and NOT by watching your show), you will have lost a lot of viewers. I can't imagine that the people who come up with this stuff are parents. I agree with those who say they watch tv to be entertained...not disturbed.
posted by lil on May 15, 2009
omg what a sad ending of the season i hope pete in the father.. and i hope violet lives
posted by lonely heart on May 12, 2009
Over the top! Really sick.
posted by New Mom on May 10, 2009
This finale episode was disgusting. I am a new mom and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to have my own baby without any help. I think about these types of crazies and to see it acted out on television was totally disturbing. This drama has taken a turn for the worst. Too many disturbing baby stories. I appreciate everyone else's thoughts and opinions. I am not by myself on this one.
posted by MT on May 08, 2009
Come on life is full of drama whether we like it or not. I'd rather know such things so that I'll be able to protect myself. You'll never know what's on someone else's mind. But this show gives what signs to watch out for. People are not always as normal as they look. As for the cliffhanger it made me think. I prefer knowing and preventing than look for cure. I can't wait for next season. Go PP!!
posted by Sickened by the endi on May 08, 2009
What was tragic about this storyline is that people who do this are not under medical care...they do this because they need to be under medical care. It gives mental health workers, mental health medication, and mental health experts a bad name. I HATED THIS STORY LINE AND IT LEFT ME WITHOUT SLEEP. In todays economy where thousands of people are losing their homes, their jobs, and can't put food on the table..this was the story the writers choose to end with...I am was a scary and tragic ending to a not so good season. I didn't like Addison's storyline as a doctor who is SUPPOSED TO DO NO HARM. As a medical professional...we do no harm...she needed to quit treating this woman if she was going to screw the husband. She was doing harm. Your writers have no heart for those of us that watch the show faithfully. That is the worst senario...we need to like the show and we didn't much care for the season and very few of us like the ending...I hope it is the ending for the writers. I watch to be entertained....not disturbed.
posted by Tanya on May 08, 2009
What really DISTURBED me was the fact that Pete has confessed his love to Violet. When did we see that coming on? They were buddies and colleagues who had a couple of hot nights and BAM! Now it´s love? Very contrived. There should have been a bit more of a story between Violet and Pete previously before they throw that left hook out there. The season finale was a bit of a streeeeetch... finally a little gore in the middle of all the serendipity and soul-searching. LOVED IT!!!!!!
posted by Gala on May 08, 2009
Come on, people. Violet is not going to die. Cooper will forget something and go back... or (more likely) Sheldon will show up at Violet´s in order to talk to her. Duuuuh. The baby is Sheldon´s... for sure. They would never have Violet die like that. Morgan will though, so that Addison and Noah do The Dirty without guilt. After a brief period of mourning!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It´s a show for god´s sake.
posted by brwnidgrl679 on May 08, 2009
This is a drama, hence the drama. Things like this happen everyday and many just don't want to except it. I think the writers did a good job at creating drama and suspense. I would hate to see anything happen to Violet or the baby where it completely changes the path the show is on next season. The whole cliff hanger thing is something I haven't seen this strong in years. It'll keep you watching because you want to know what's going to happen next, but it's going to drive me crazy in the mean time.
posted by Kris on May 08, 2009
Just when Violet was about to be happy, finally... along comes a sicko to cut out her baby. I was not disturbed at all, just thought it was dumb because we all know that Sheldon is going to save the day because he will go to her house to confront her and get there just in time. Voila! More doubts for Violet about Pete vs. Sheldon. Addison is a wonderful character. Noah seemed really hot at first, but, the more I see him, the more I realize that he isn´t all that great. Addison + Pete Violet + Sheldon Can´t wait for Season 3
posted by disappointed too! on May 07, 2009
I/m thinking about not watching PP next season. I was completely disturbed by watching the last scene and don't want to watch this with my teen-aged daughters anymore.
posted by dsw on May 07, 2009
I think she will make it, but violet will need MAJOR therapy after this! Maybe Sheldon could do it?
posted by momincananda on May 07, 2009
I was shocked to hear Katie tell violet how easy it was to get the surgical tools she needed to cut her baby out off the internet, I didn't sleep for 4 nights, this is disturbing....
posted by hormonal on May 07, 2009
as a pregnant woman i can tell you i was up all night asking my husband to check the doors. it freaked me out and yea ive seen stories on the news very similar. now im getting freaked anytime someone touches my belly and says awwww i want one. hands off crazy people!
posted by blah on May 07, 2009
you guys are all a bunch of bed wetters. Get over it already, it's a TV show and there is much worse then that on tv. Nothing has even happened yet, your all thinking the worst before it even happens (talk about discusting)
posted by Jade on May 07, 2009
Yeah, it's just a TV show, and I won't lose sleep over it, but I won't be shy in saying that this was a disgusting, disturbing, and downright stupid way to end the season. Kinda makes me want to not watch the next season, even though I'm almost positive Violet will be fine. My sis and I were pretty shocked at the way they chose to end it. Even if the actors and actresses did fairly well, the finale was a major turnoff.
posted by sharon on May 06, 2009
i loved this season finally!!! i do hate the fact that i can't find any promo of season 3, because i really want to know how this is gonna end.. Love private practice love that its more serious then grey (btw love grey as well) great twist!
posted by MA on May 06, 2009
I am DISTURBED! I LOVE PP, but not after last night. I must admit I have beengetting tired of Addison quite a bit lately. It's always about who's pants she wants in. It's getting old. The ending of last nights show was terrible. Yes, people, it IS just a show, but read the news! THIS HAPPENS and it's shameful that the writers would exploit something like this on national television! It is a disgrace and I could NOT sleep last night! What an awful way to end a season of a once loved show! YUCK!!
posted by md in Canada on May 06, 2009
yeah, i found the season finale too disturbing. I'll watch the next season, but it was too radical a departure from the enjoyable escapism that show normally provides.
posted by sh on May 06, 2009
I am sad to say that I am also a viewer he show has lost. Entertainment, dramas etc are one thing but we have to show Hollywood when to draw the line and this is was it. Very inappropriate and not needed to give a cliffhanger or to keep viewers.
posted by 1llyria on May 06, 2009
I think many are missing the point. They watched the show til the end on the edge of their seats (or they wouldn't have known that Cooper didn't walk in). It compelled people to watch! This is exactly what the writers wanted! Why not make it known that this happened/s to many women in the real world? Perhaps it will teach people to look after these women much more than we do, so we can help assure that this kind of thing WON'T happen. Perhaps it will also help people to know what warning signs to watch out for in regards to people who have the delusions like the character Katie. It made people sick to watch? Good! It should make people sick to know that women die like this and that more often than not, it could've been prevented. I was grossed out and hoping Violet would be saved; hoping that ANYONE would come to save her (still do by the way). Someone still might cuz Pete could still walk in or Cooper turn back. However, this is a show and writers can put in the script to save Violet, but writers cant write out the poor women that died in this manner. It's not exploitation, it's bringing issues like this to light and providing knowledge of how it could've been prevented. I'd hate to see this character go though.
posted by Ter on May 06, 2009
Being in law enforcement, I feel that this went a bit too far and now may cause some copycats to emerge from this. That is what happens when a show that is popular creates a storyline such as this. I have seen many of my share of upsetting things in life, but being that this was on a show such as this was not acceptable to many. I feel it was too upsetting, especially for it to end that way. ALso, I agree with everyone about Addisons involvements with so many men - extremely boring and repetitous. I feel the show is on its way out and it will be a wonder if it makes it one more whole season.
posted by jp on May 06, 2009
I am still upset about the finale, and its almost a week later. The writers went too far. It made me sick to my stomach. Any woman who has been pregnant should be outraged. I feel a public apology is needed to regain lost viewers
posted by lt on May 05, 2009
If I wanted to watch something as disturbing as what I watched last night (DVR) then I would have started with some show about killers. I could not sleep because it was so upsetting, the actors were too good I guess. I know it is just a tv show but since this crap happens in real life I would rather not see it on what has been just a silly drama show. But I guess this is a good thing because I was looking for a way to get unhooked to the characters and the show. Also, the Addison love affair junk is tired.
posted by niquithebeauty101 on May 05, 2009
Some of you are so immature. To take a television show to such an extreme as to say you won't watch it anymore is so young-minded. But I bet half of you wasted your time watching all the stupid reality shows, i.e. Flavor of Love, I Love New York, Super Nanny, Wife Swap, etc. TV is just that - TV! As far as I'm concerned, I'm VERY satisfied because the actors and actresses did their jobs. They made us mad and emotional - and that's what they do; it's their job to make us feel the part. I, personally, am with the few of you who are ready for next season. I can't believe the season ended like this. Even my fiance was like, "No! The season finale should be two hours!" Go, Private Practice - Season 3!! We're ready! (Although, next fall is a VERY long time to wait. And what's with Grey's Anatomy.
posted by Vanessa on May 05, 2009
As someone else said, "I was looking for a way to get unhooked from the show." I too am now officially "unhooked" the scene with Violet was Soooo unnecessary. It was completely inappropriate and it should have NEVER been part of the storyline. Well, that's one more hour I have a week to do something constructive with. ;-)
posted by jv on May 05, 2009
It's a tv show guys...I thought the season finale was EXCELLENT...I am on edge for season 3 - BRING IT ON!!!
posted by pc on May 04, 2009
posted by dwpp on May 04, 2009
PP lost a faithful viewer. Next!
posted by kllnm on May 04, 2009
sorry guys, i am with the u lost a viewer. addison always thinking with her crotch. and the stuff with violet SO unnesessary in a truly GOOD story line
posted by TT on May 04, 2009
As sick as it is, it happens more frequently than we want to believe. Most women that do this don't even give them drugs. they just stab them or shoot them and take the baby. I can say that alot of emotions were raging while I was watching it. I was angry and grossed out. It was kind of sick but then I realized that it is only portraying the sick world we live in today. I guess most people that watch this show don't keep up with national news on a daily basis. At least this is fake, unlike the news. I wish it wasn't the last episode of the season because next fall is definitely a long time to wait.
posted by taxcarte on May 04, 2009
I, too, was very distrubed by the finale. It was horrible and completly unrealistic!
posted by AW on May 03, 2009
I understand that this is only a television show and not real life, but as someone who relates to the characters that she watches on screen, I am physically sickened at this season finale. As unrealistic as a hero-rescue for Violet might have been, it is no more unrealistic than the whole scenario in the first place and would have been much better received and appreciated. I watch this show because it is about relationship drama and medical ethics, not because it is a gruesome horror show. As foolish as it sounds, I am angry at the writers and producers of this show.
posted by rf on May 03, 2009
when is season three starting?
posted by help on May 02, 2009
I hate cliffhangers but I will not go as far as many of you do, its entertainment but you all write like this is real life!
posted by upset on May 02, 2009
I had pp on tivo & just watched it. i'm so upset. I was so happy she and pete were getting together. I was waiting for pete to save her. I can handle the scene but the writers let it go too far. oh, and I like addison's romance with Noah.
posted by doc in training on May 02, 2009
First off, there is no drug you can inject intramuscularly that would cause one to be paralyzed form the neck down, be able to breath, and to talk. Secondly, I remember the real life version of this that unfolded not too long ago and there is really no need to relive this on our nice little evening drama. I love CSI and watch it but my wife never accompanies me. We use this soap to enjoy some screen time together. The producers of this show has ruined that nice popcorn TV hour for my wife and I; neither of us will be watching this show again, no matter how compelling the characters are. I guess I will just read in the Tabloids what ends up happening.
posted by Dragonlover on May 02, 2009
I was really on the edge of my seat last night (literally). I am so happy for Violet and Pete. I saw the crazy lady far away and just knew shw would try to steal V's baby but not in the aspect that was shown. These characters I have grown to care about and I do not want to see Violet dead orPete missing out on true love. Addison is so confused because of what happened with Derek. She wants to do the right thing,but sometimes things happen...As for V, I thought Coop would save her, but I was wrong. I know that in real life, even if I received a call from my lover, I would have checked on V first...I could not sleep last night because all I thought about was the episode and if Amy was leaving the show. This was a hell of a cliff hanger, brings back the JR Ewing thing again. What a long wait. I will continue to watch this show because of the characters I have grown to love, but if Violet or that baby dies, I will regrt continuing to watch.
posted by rob b on May 02, 2009
I don't find it at all entertaining to be left with such a depressing, grisly, awful storyline until the season resumes! It feels usurious and disrespectful to the show's audience. When PP first came out a bunch of my friends told me that it was horrible and I should quit watching it, but I championed it and stuck with it because I cared about the characters. I was glad to see that this season the writing was so much better and everything seemed to be gelling...but y'know this season finale/cliffhanger just left me with such a foul taste in my mouth I think I'm done with this show.
posted by xxena on May 02, 2009
OMG get a life it is a tv show!!!
posted by tt on May 02, 2009
I agree this was horrible and disturbing. I do not even want to watch next season. What were the writers thinking? It went too far and I do not like the way it left me feeling. I'm not going to continue watching a show that is so upsetting - real life is upsetting enough...
posted by cd on May 02, 2009
I thought the ending was amazing!!! Yes, sad and disturbing but if Coop came to "save the day" it woulda been so LAME. Violet is not going to die... NOWWW... for all of you who say you will never ever watch the show again, you are FULL OF IT!!! That finale left me so excited and curious to see what happens. Good for the writers, they took a fabulous risk. It is ONLY a TV SHOW!!! That's all... just TV!
posted by Ayala on May 02, 2009
I threw up after watching the finale. I am never watching the show again. I hope they fire the sick person who thought showing this on TV was a good idea.
posted by Michelle on May 02, 2009
Very disturbing. Can't stop thinking about it. Very sad. I watch all sorts of drama and serial killers shows but this was beyond anything.... No desire to keep watching a show that leaves me feeling anxious, sad and disturbed in the end, feelings that I'll have to carry for months. Life has it's own dramas. I like to watch TV to relax. Shows and novels are supposed to work on your imagination but not to leave you worse after you watch. Very bad taste!!!
posted by ppfan on May 02, 2009
I was terribly upset by the ending of season 2. I cannot believe they left the show this way. I was very disturbed that they ended with Violet being cut open by a crazy person! Very sick to my stomach! This went too far!
posted by patsy48 on May 02, 2009
it's 3 days after watching pp and i also have been having problems sleeping and was very disturbed with the finale. could the writers not have had cooper come & save her. that might be reality tv but it was more than disturbing!!!!!
posted by fair and balenced on May 02, 2009
Good cliffhanger, BUT... why must TV incessantly punish women for finding happiness. Guess what? While it's true that terrible things sometimes happen to good people, it would be refreshing if "drama" didn't equal gut-wrenching catastrophe. Maybe some peoples lives are so stress free that they need horror on TV, but I much prefer my escapism without sadistic misogynism.
posted by jm on May 01, 2009
I agree with zee. I feel terrible, too, and sickened. What were the writers thinking?
posted by yucked out on May 01, 2009
I am relieved to read that almost everyone was a disturbed and upset as I was from this episode. It was disgusting. Maybe if Cooper had busted through the door it would have been tolerable, but it went way too far. I was shocked and angry. Bloodied face? Cutting a baby out of her womb? Murdering Violet- who finally wants to be happy? Dear God- we all would have been thrilled with a happy ending with a hero busting down the door and Violet and Mr. Cutie sailing off into the sunset, happily ever after. That would have been great. But I think you lost a lot of your viewers tonight including me. Shame on you! We like soapy drama and happy endings, not psycho horror. This stuff has really happened! It is just too much for TV drama. Big mistake, writers. Yuck and disturbing. Lost us as viewers.
posted by Prince Lex on May 01, 2009
I love Violet's character and I love this show - I really hope she doesn't die. Get over it people - whether you want to believe it or not, this kind of thing does happen. Its a DRAMA - I was disturbed but that just means that it's had an effect on me - I'm TERRIFIED for Violet's character and thats what was meant to happen. You all need to get over yourselves. I say bravo for the writers and their bravery - its good television. If you're gonna complain about everything you don't like then piss off and watch a sitcom. It's supposed to be DRAMATIC! Fools.
posted by MMMMKKAAAYYY on May 01, 2009
FREAKING LOVED IT!!! i want to know what happeans next
posted by Dee on May 01, 2009
They may have been picked up for a third season, but I'm not sure I'll be watching. I agree with many other comments: HATED this episode. Violet's storyline in particular was disturbing and distasteful. But in truth I'm about at the end of any concern I had left about these characters. EVERYONE has behaved in such an inconsistent and duplicitous manner, I don't like any of them. Over it!
posted by LYNN on May 01, 2009
I felt happy for Violet and Pete as they expressed their love for each other; however, the part of the season finale reflecting the attack on Violet is disturbing... Some storylines are meant to remain in the imagination of the writers rather than potentially cause emotionally trauma to those genuinely concerned for Violet's well being... I wonder what delusional soul watched this episode and was motivated to cause harm to another because of the images imprinted in her psyche. I am not pleased with the manner in which this episode ended - it was not necessary; true and loyal fans would have been returned and excitedly present for the new succeeding episodes even in the absence of a cliffhanger...
posted by Ally on May 01, 2009
I am very dissapointed with the ending...Very disturbing. I wish Cooper would have just walked in to check on her. I hope in season 3 maybe someone will show up at the last min. Atleast that is what I am hoping...I have not heard anything about Violet leaving the show for any reason...?
posted by mistyTWILIGHT on May 01, 2009
oh and the Addison plot is getting old and it's just upsetting.
posted by mistyTWILIGHT on May 01, 2009
omg. Seriously - that went way too far. I hope the writers get a slap on the wrist from the network cause that just did not seem right to me. Bad bad clif hanger.... I'd rather have an exciting happy one. What I loved about this show was that there's drama but I find they never go too overboard (like Grey's Anatomy where it's plain riddiculous!)... but this was just too much.
posted by aw on May 01, 2009
I've never posted about a tv show before, but I was just so disturbed by last night's PP episode. I woke up many times during the night from the frightening images from Violet's attack. I won't be watching PP again.
posted by gmama on May 01, 2009
I am physically ill from the ending of the this show. I think it crossed a line of what I feel I want to see in a prime time soap. It was so disturbing on so many levels. I kept thinking someone is going to get to her in time. Has just totally messed with me.
posted by angered on May 01, 2009
i agree that that was sick and not the best way to end the season. I'm not sure why anyone thought that would be something any viewer would find exciting. Everyone wants Violet to happy - not cut up while we watch. And now what - she's going to be all mangled, live through it - and have her first baby experience be a disaster. That's disgusting.
posted by sw on May 01, 2009
What a horrible ending. I don't stay up to watch this show in order to feel disturbed before sleep! Blah, disturbing, violent. And what is up with Addison? Is she going thru perimenopause or something? Her decision making abilities/emotions are all over the place. Used to enjoy this show, now not sure. Have they hired new writers?
posted by ai on May 01, 2009
you people swear like the world is so innocent. so you see some disturbing images in this episode. it's not hard to imagine someone who in a mental state such as katie's to behave the way she did. a history of mental delusions and she just lost her baby. it all made sense to me, and for her to attack violet after (not because) she was off her meds made even more sense. so stop saying that the writers went over the edge. it's a drama, you're fine with seeing people get hit by cars but not remotely okay with seeing a mentally delusional person attack her doctor. yes, the ending was a huge huge cliffhanger but get over the graphic violence. you're adults.
posted by Violet\'s Attack on May 01, 2009
Violet has become one of the most important characters of this program, she is extremely inteligent with her ability to decyfer riddles in other peoples life and at the same staying real because she also has issues with her inability to express her feelings. I was litteraly off my chair unable to believe that this savage attack was going to occur. The episode was disturbing should have had Cooper entering and saving her. I agree that Addison's romance is pathetic and has gone on enough please drop Noah do not let Violet die or her baby!1
posted by offended on May 01, 2009
I am shocked with what happened with Katie and Violet. That was disturbing. I watch this show to connect with the characters and enjoy some drama and true to life difficult situations. This resembled a horror flick and I thought it inappropriate and regretful. I am not sure I will watch again.
posted by Mic on May 01, 2009
I am with you all who said that you had trouble sleeping last night! Ugh, me too! What a horrible and violent ending. Shame on the writers.
posted by 12 on May 01, 2009
I agree, it was a truly horrible cliffhanger. If the show is going to be so dark and disgusting, I'll watch something else. I don't watch TV to be disgusted.
posted by rs on May 01, 2009
I don't care if this storyline was ripped from the headlines. This was simply uncalled for and ridiculous. No, I won't be watching next season. In fact, I might be done watching anything on ABC.
posted by nr on May 01, 2009
I really was sickened by the ending of season 2, yes Violet being attacked in the worst way possible. I do not think that was necessary to put on television. Thing like that really happen out there, and I feel that the writers took it way too far. Sick and wrong...And very distaseful. You want to have a "victim" fine....But it shouldn't be a pregnant woman being cut into and her baby to be stolen. Too sensitive of a subject. This happened to a woman in our town last year and of course the Mom died and the baby almost died as well. The woman was proven to be mentally ill...duh! But the baby will never know his mother. I am appalled.
posted by Jessiepest on May 01, 2009
I never contribute to these things, but...I too was so distured with this season's finale. Just too violent. I will truly be turned off to this show if Violet actually dies or if the child is hurt. Too much violence in the world as it is.
posted by ir on May 01, 2009
I'm really hating Addison right now. Her behavior is pretty despicable. Noah too...he needs to leave.
posted by PP fan on May 01, 2009
Season finale was great! As you all might of forgot, its only television. The writers did a good job at portraying such a good cliff hanger that will leave fans wanting more. GOOD JOB writers of PP...can't wait to see what happens next season!!! YAYYYYYYYY...
posted by AN on May 01, 2009
I know this has happened before and it still does happen in real life, but it just makes my stomach sick! I knew exactly what was going to happen to Violet once that crazy lady was looking at her baby belly!!! I agree whole heartedly that this was the WORST ending to a season I've ever seen. Thanks writers, I bet this is what they were going for all along and now you have everyone disturbed and in suspense.
posted by uplate on May 01, 2009
Im up Late at Night Cant Sleep .. Wondering about Violet & her baby wtf??? Im SIckened .. What a horrible thing to do to someone.we have to wait HOW LONG to see what happens??? IM PISSED OFF!!! WHAT A BAD ENDING!!!
posted by hm on May 01, 2009
make it twins and have each be the dad of one. oh it can happen! bunch of crybabies.
posted by ast on May 01, 2009
I couldn't agree more with zee and the other posters. I literally had the television on mute and I covered my eyes through most of the last scene - I just parted my fingers enough to get the barest glimpse of what was going on. I can't stand Amy Brenneman, and at this point, I just hope Violet's character is killed off. My husband, who faithfully watches Grey's with me, can't watch PP, and now I think I agree. It's doubtful that I'll come back as a viewer in the fall.
posted by nicdsongwriter on May 01, 2009
I am so glad that I was not the only person disturbed by the ending last night. I literally woke out of my sleep with Violet on my mind. I realize this is art imitating life but geez. My husband admitted that he was little disturbed by it too...
posted by tc on May 01, 2009
Ok people enough with the rude comments get over it. this show is awesome and the reason that that happened to violet is because that actully happened to a women in real life. So no its not some distastful story line the writers made up.
posted by flerbie on May 01, 2009
i was so disturbed by this ending.
posted by MyRedSandals on May 01, 2009
Even my husband was disturbed watching the attack on Violet unfold. He said he was so sorry that he came back into the room to watch it. As a mother -- of triplets, no less -- I can't imagine what the writers were thinking when they crafted this over the top finale.
posted by qwerty on May 01, 2009
I can't believe that episode. I also feel sick to my stomach-- the first thought I had was, "Wow, the writers kind of went too far with that." I completely understand that Private Practice has at least one case of medical ethics in each episode, but this truly upset me. I'm not sure that's what abc would have wanted its viewers experiencing.
posted by suebeegrl on May 01, 2009
The cliff hanger finale of a whack job preparing to cut Violet's baby out was disturbing and perverted on many levels; way too hardcore for us sensitive viewers who have nightmares watching '24' or 'CSI'. This was totally uncharacteristic of the soft soap core drama which is the substance of this show. I'm not sure if six months is long enough to erase the baby extraction scene; every pregnant woman's worst nightmare. The writers screwed up big time on this. I will not watch this show ever again.
posted by pptce on May 01, 2009
Well, from what everyone said, I guess the writers got what they wanted: you sound terribly affected. And also, I am quite sure there will be a happy ending afterwards... I am not particularly keen on happy endings, I am fed up with them, but I guess the writers will fulfill your expectations... I was affected too, that is why I liked this episode.
posted by grrr on Apr 30, 2009
grrr....i have never yelled at the tv like i just did.
posted by zee on Apr 30, 2009
And for a entire 6 months! That's not a good way to end the season. There was enough with the paternity, changes in relationships, etc.
posted by zee on Apr 30, 2009
I'm really disturbed by the season finale. If they are going to write such a demented and cruel story line then don't leave us hanging about life and death outcomes. There's enough to look forward to for next season. This makes me want to stop watching the show because I feel so terrible after viewing it. Don't leave people feeling sickened and wondering if the baby and Violet will survive.
posted by whittneytexas on Apr 30, 2009
im so mad the way private practice ended the season. whats going to happen next
posted by aim on Apr 30, 2009
I can't wait to see what happens next!
posted by br on Apr 30, 2009
oh you'll care after the finale.. man I'm steamed.. I want to know what happens next season! that mental patient.. wow I was angry
posted by gy on Apr 29, 2009
Im so tired of all this violet storyline! I dont care! I hope the baby is Sheldons.

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