'The Amazing Race' Recap: Mark and Michael Eliminated

'The Amazing Race' Recap: Mark and Michael Eliminated

In the ninth leg of 'The Amazing Race', tension occurred between team Margie and Luke and team Kisha and Jen, but the latter managed to finish first by hair.

Mark and Michael could only survive until the ninth leg of "The Amazing Race" 14. The stunt men brothers were almost out last week but were saved by the non-elimination round which took impact on this week's leg of the race. Performing a speed bump, they were not able to catch up with the rest and again checked in last.

First to depart from Bangkok, Thailand to Guilin, China were Margie and Luke who got into the first flight by themselves. Tammy and Victor got into the same flight with Jamie and Cara a couple of hours later but the connecting flight was delayed, causing Kisha and Jen to be able to overtake all of the teams. Mark and Michael meanwhile, left late in the afternoon.

In Guilin, the first clue required the teams to find a barber shop. Kisha and Jen were lost while Tammy and Victor had the privilege of speaking Mandarin. Both Jen and Luke found the place first, and soon the war between the two teams occurred. Jen called Luke 'bitch' because he shoved her aside when reaching for the clue.

Road Block. The teams must take a boat to the middle of a river and one member would train Cormorants birds to dive and retrieve ten fishes for them. Arriving at the road block, Jen shoved Luke the way he pushed her earlier and war of words happened again. While the team members trained their birds, Mark and Michael had to clean and dry two customers' hair for the speed bump task.

Jamie finished the bird challenge first followed by Jen. They then had to race to Ancient South Gate where they performed a detour. It's between Choreography or Calligraphy. In the former, teams will learn a native dance and perform it while in the latter, they must copy four Chinese characters. Jen and Kisha did the Calligraphy while Jamie and Cara did the dance. Margie and Luke as well as Tammy and Victor opted for Calligraphy. Mark and Michael, had just arrived on the Road Block.

Turned out, the dance was not an easy one. Jamie and Cara were denied twice by the judges but when they were about to give up and do the Calligraphy, they decided to give it one more shot. First to finish the Road Block were Tammy and Victor, tailed by Margie and Luke and Jen and Kisha. However, first team to arrive at the pit stop at Banyan Lake were Jen and Kisha. And they won a trip for two to Barbados.

Close behind them were Tammy and Victor who finished second and Margie and Luke who took the third position. Phil Keoghan asked Margie and Jen about the rift and they defended their own sides. Margie was particularly pissed when Jen and Kisha laughed, thinking that they were laughing at her deaf son while in fact they did not.

Jamie and Cara checked in fourth and therefore, Mark and Michael were gone from the competition. There will be three more leg of races, and next week, the remaining four teams will go to the country's capital city Beijing.

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